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 在最初,在六个奇异点和创世黎明之前,天神族至尊阿里瑟姆便已出现,创造了第一个太阳 将光带入宇宙,生命开始蓬勃发展 万物处于平衡,直到一种不自然的掠食物种出现,以智慧生命为食,它们叫变异族 宇宙因而陷入浑沌,为了恢复自然秩序,阿里瑟姆派出永恒族,来自奥林匹亚星的不死英雄,歼灭变异族,永恒族原本对阿里瑟姆深信不疑,直到永恒族至尊艾贾克,所领导的一项任务改变了一切,双语合并:风吹来的那片云,时候到了It is time.,很美吧 It's beautiful, isn't it?,我是伊卡利斯I'm Ikaris.,我是瑟希I'm Sersi.,(公元前5000年),(美索不达米亚),它来了 快跑It's coming! Run!,父亲Father!,快跑Run!,好身手Good fight.,彼此彼此You, too.,谢谢你 艾贾克Thank you, Ajak.,(今日 伦敦),(形塑人类历史的文物),(提醒 上午9点),惨了Shit.,借过…Excuse me. Excuse me.,我知道我迟到了 查理I know I'm late, Charlie.,(查尔斯达尔文),「在我们广阔的地球上"In this broad Earth of ours,,在无数的污秽与火山渣之间"Amid the measureless grossness and the slag,,安定尘封于地心之中"Enclosed and safe within its central heart,,完美的种子静静窝藏」"Nestles the seed Perfection.",这位诗人对人性的希望和乐观The poet's hope and optimism in humanity,呼应我们最近的胜利 一半人口回归echoes our recent universal victory, the return of half our population...,感谢老天 她来了And, thank God, there she is.,我们杰出的博物馆科学家 瑟希小姐Our brilliant museum scientist, Ms. Sersi, the person who will be,她今天应该为各位同学上课and was always supposed to be giving you your presentation today.,谢谢惠特曼先生 抱歉我迟到了Thank you, Mr. Whitman. Sorry I'm late, everyone.,今天我们要学顶级掠食者Today, we'll be learning about the importance,在平衡生态系中的重要性of apex predators in a balanced ecosystem.,念诗 Poetry?,我不知该说什么 这些孩子让我紧张I completely ran out of things to say, and these kids make me nervous.,我觉得你很迷人 教授Well, I thought you were very charming, Professor.,晚上见See you tonight.,唷 晚上见Ooh! "See you tonight.",好了 安静All right, settle down.,所以…So...,谁能告诉我什么是顶级掠食者 who can tell me what an apex predator is?,追捕猎物为食的动物Animals that hunt their prey for food.,非常好Very good.,顶级掠食者像其他掠食者一样猎食Apex predators do hunt their prey for food, like all predators.,但它们有一点与众不同But one thing that sets them apart,栖地中没有其他动物强到能猎杀它们is that there are no other animals in their habitat strong enough to hunt them.,谁能给我举个例子 Who can give me an example?,狮子Lions.,狼 -没错- Wolves. - Correct.,地震Earthquake.,蹲下…Get down. Get down!,是地震 蹲在桌子底下It's an earthquake, everyone. Get down!,躲在桌子底下Under the tables!,我帮你 放心 很快就过去了Let me help you. Don't worry, it'll pass soon.,没关系 过来It's all right. Come here.,没事了…You're all right. You're all right.,我喜欢这首歌I like this song.,我也是Me, too.,想跳舞吗 Do you wanna dance?,怎么搞的 Wait, what the hell?,你的手Your hand!,你喝太多了 我该走了You've had too much to drink. I gotta go.,祝你生日快乐Happy birthday to you,祝你生日快乐 亲爱的戴恩Happy birthday, dear Dane,祝你生日快乐Happy birthday to you,恭喜 -哦耶- Hip, hip! - Hooray!,这是中世纪的吗 Is this from the Middle Ages?,有你的家族徽章It has your family crest.,一定很贵吧It must have cost a fortune.,我是网络下标高手I'm a good eBay bidder.,谢谢Thank you.,生日快乐Happy birthday.,所以你有考虑过同居的事吗 So, have you given any more thought to us moving in together?,有 我考虑过了Yeah, I... I thought about it.,我不能搬去和你住I can't move in with you.,我也觉得你会这么说Yeah. Thought you'd say that.,对不起I'm sorry.,我想我知道为什么And I think I know why.,你是巫师吗 Are you a wizard?,什么 What?,对 就像奇异博士Yeah, like Doctor Strange.,不 我…No. I'm...,我发现在你身边时会发生不寻常的事I've noticed some unusual things happen when I'm around you.,例如服务生不理我们 水就变成咖啡Like our water always turns to coffee whenever the waiter ignores us..
    因为你对咖啡因上瘾了That's your caffeine addiction talking.,丝派克也会透露口风And Sprite says things...,像你和前男友在一世纪前分手...like you and your ex-boyfriend broke up a century ago.,她说的 She said that?,而且他会飞And he can fly.,他是飞行员He's a pilot.,去开房间啦Get a room, you two.,能走了吗 我睡觉时间过了Can we go now? It's past my bedtime.,你真的恋爱了吗 Are you really in love?,如果是呢 What if I am?,那你最好跟他说实话You better tell him the truth, then.,我会找机会I'm working on it.,你们想吃披萨吗 You guys wanna get pizza?,不了 谢谢No, thank you!,他不会长生不老 和他同居吧He won't live forever, you know. Move in with him.,我跟你一起住啊I live with you.,戴恩Dane.,靠 那是变异族吗 Shit! Is that a Deviant?,戴恩 快跑Dane, run!,瑟希  -我们走Sersi? Let's go.,那是什么东西  -变异族What is that thing? A Deviant!,你说你们杀光它们了You said you killed them all!,你跟他说的 You told him that?,你相信我  -现在信了You believed me? I do now!,你想干嘛 What are you doing?,保护戴恩Keep Dane safe!,瑟希 等等 什么 Sersi, wait! What?,你没事You're fine, dude.,丝派克Sprite!,不行 爬楼梯No. Stairs.,快跑 快…Run! Go! Go!,快 -快点- Go! - Come on!,它知道我们在哪It knows where we are!,怎么会 How?,我不知道I don't know!,丝派克Sprite!,丝派克Sprite!,伊卡利斯Ikaris!,晚安 两位小姐Evening, ladies.,小心Watch out!,巫师Wizard.,我以为死定了,对不起Sorry.,它自愈了吗 Did it just heal itself?,伊卡利斯Ikaris.,好高兴见到你It's good to see you.,我也很高兴见到你 丝派克It's good to see you, too, Sprite.,我是戴恩I'm Dane.,你好 戴恩Hello, Dane.,我猜你就是那个飞行员Well, I guess you must be the pilot.,我们是永恒族 来自奥林匹亚星We're Eternals, from a planet called Olympia.,七千年前搭多摩号星舰前来We came here 7,000 years ago on the Domo,,保护人类免于变异族侵害our starship, to protect humans from the Deviants.,我们以为在五世纪前杀光了它们We thought we killed them all five centuries ago,,如今它们又回来了but now they're back.,如果你不想搬来跟我住 可以直说Look, if you don't want to move in with me, you could just say.,戴恩 我是认真的Dane, this is serious.,我知道 我还不能接受你不是巫师Oh, I know. I'm just still getting over the fact you're not a wizard.,本来希望你能把我变成长颈鹿I was hoping you could change me into a giraffe.,小时候我想当长颈鹿I always wanted to be a giraffe when I was a kid.,可惜我不能改变有感情的动物It's too bad I can't change sentient beings.,你会是很可爱的长颈鹿You would have made a very cute giraffe.,你们怎么不帮忙对抗萨诺斯 Why didn't you guys help fight Thanos?,阻止战争 或史上其他可怕的事 Or any war? Or all the other terrible things throughout history?,我们接获指示 不能介入人类冲突We were instructed not to interfere in any human conflicts,除非有变异族出现unless Deviants were involved.,为什么 Why?,如果七千年来我们一直保护人类If we'd protected humanity from everything for 7,000 years,,你们永远没机会以自己的方式发展you'd never have had the chance to develop in the way you were meant to.,如果变异族很久以前就消灭了But if the Deviants were eradicated a long time ago,,你们为何还在这里 why are you still here?,我们一直在等待We've been waiting...,可以回家的通知to be told we can go home.,所以…So...,伊卡利斯Ikaris.,飞得离太阳太近的男孩The boy who flew too close to the sun.,我们住雅典时 丝派克编了这故事Sprite made that story up when we lived in Athens.,公元前5世纪 In the fifth century BC?,你们俩在一起多久了 How long were you two together?,五千年5,000 years.,那算长期交往了I guess you can call that long-term.,发生了什么事 What happened?,他离开了He left.,我一直以为他会回来 可是…I always thought he'd come back, but...,从来没有he never did.,所以我放下了So, I moved on.,很高兴你放下了I'm glad you did.,对不起I'm sorry.,我该走了I have to go.,今天早上 一场史无前例的全球地震This morning, an unprecedented global earthquake,席卷世界各国swept nation-states across the world,,造成损害和恐慌causing damage and panic.,许多人猜测它与弹指事件有关Many have speculated its connection with the Blip.,联合国呼吁召开紧急会议…The UN has called for an emergency meeting...,那个变异族有办法自愈That Deviant healed itself.,它们以前根本做不到They could never do that before.,它不找人类却冲着我们来 怎么了 And it was coming after us instead of humans. What's going on?,我是因为地震才来看你们I came to check on you because of the earthquake.,没听说过那个变异族That Deviant is news to me.,地球出事了Something's happening to Earth.,这不可能是巧合Can't be a coincidence.,我们需要找到其他族人We need to find the others.......

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