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冒名之肤 Passing(2021)中英字幕

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 ‎够热吗 - Hot enough for you?,‎她什么都试过了- She's tried everything.,‎那别人看她的那种眼神怎么说…What about the looks she was getting…,‎老实说 我们全都热衷…We were all, frankly, keen on…,‎不 就是不适合她No, it's not right for a girl.,‎…再给你钱……giving you any more money to…,‎我必须远离…I must stay away from…,‎感觉今天全城都出动了Feels like the whole city is out today.,‎夏季甩卖啊 ‎纽约人可不会错过这种机会Summer sales. Can't keep a New Yorker from a bargain.,‎谁说不是呢 Ain't that the truth?,‎咱们去玩具店避避暑吧Let's get to the toy store and out of this heat.,‎我要是不给我侄女买个娃娃 ‎她可不会消停I'll never hear the end of it if I don't get my niece a doll.,‎她说了要哪种吗 ‎店里有可以编辫子的娃娃She asking for some special sort? They have those ones with darling hair you can braid.,‎-嗯 她可能会喜欢这种 说不准 ‎-出租车 - Yes, maybe she'd like that. - Taxi!,‎终于到了 凉快些了There now, that's better.,‎你瞧这个黑仔娃娃 好可爱Look at that precious little pickaninny one.,‎-她肯定喜欢 ‎-不会-That, she'll love. -No.,‎肯定会 她都还没见过 ‎除了我们家帮工之外的黑人呢She's never even met a colored who didn't work for us. Thank heavens.,‎没关系 女士 意外常常有No, never mind, ladies. Accidents will happen.,‎-还有这个 ‎-给你- My goodness. - Here you are.,‎-给 ‎-谢谢- Here. - Oh! Thank you.,‎这位女士真好What a nice lady.,‎给您 非常感谢There you go, miss. Thank you so much.,‎妈妈 我要那个Mama, I want that one.,‎你们有《鹅妈妈》描摹绘本吗 Do you have the Mother Goose Drawing and Tracing Book?,‎已经卖完了All sold out.,‎就知道是这样 我已经找遍了全市 ‎我儿子除了这个别的都不要Figures. I've tried all over town. My son won't settle for anything but.,‎过几周再来吧 到时可能有货Try again in a couple weeks. Might get lucky.,‎-他的生日是明天 ‎-那就只能祝您下次好运了- His birthday's tomorrow. - Well, better luck next time.,‎谢谢Thank you.,‎先生 你没事吧 Mister? Hey, are you all right, sir?,‎谁能帮我一下吗 我…Please, somebody, help me. I… I… Help me out.,‎先生 你能听见我说话吗 He's fallen down. Sir, can you hear me?,‎先生 你没事吧 Sir. Sir, you all right?,‎-怎么回事 ‎-我不知道- What's happened? - I don't know.,‎他没事吧 He all right?,‎天太热了 我自己都快中暑了This heat. Feels like I'm about to pass out myself.,‎是啊Yes.,‎我可能得喝点茶 有点头晕I guess it's tea I need. I'm a little faint.,‎去德雷顿吗 夫人 ‎有人说那边有风 凉快些The Drayton, ma'am? They do say as how there's always a breeze up there.,‎好的 就去德雷顿The Drayton would be lovely.,‎出租车 Oh! Taxi!,‎快送他去医院Take him to a hospital.,‎(德雷顿酒店),‎谢谢Thank you.,‎下午好-Good afternoon. -Good afternoon.,‎服务员马上过来The waiter will be with you.,‎别这样Stop it.,‎-现在吗 ‎-是 现在就要- Now? - Yes, now.,‎满意了吧 You satisfied?,‎再来一个Come here.,‎回见See you later.,‎别去太久 我一个人挺孤单的Don't be long. I'll get another one.,‎不会去很久 应该不会I won't. I hope.,‎-你一个人没关系吧 ‎-没关系- You'll be all right? - I'll be just fine.,‎我打算坐在这里 享受清凉I'm going to sit here and enjoy this cool room.,‎-好的 ‎-嗯- All right. - All right.,‎-看来我应该… ‎-我想是的- I suppose I should… - I suppose you should.,‎抱歉 我不是故意盯着你看的 ‎不过我好像认识你Pardon me. I don't mean to stare, but I think I know you.,‎你怕是搞错了I'm afraid you're mistaken.,‎不 我绝对认识你 你是瑞妮No, of course I know you, Rene.,‎你一点都没变 ‎快说说 你现在还是叫瑞妮吗 You look just the same. Tell me, do they still call you Rene?,‎对 只是很久没人这么叫过我了Yes, though no one's called me that for a long time.,‎你难道不认得我吗 Don't you know me?,‎不是真的吧 瑞妮 Not really, Rene?,‎我确实想不起你是…I'm afraid I can't seem to place…,‎克莱尔 Clare?,‎没错That's right.,‎你是克莱尔肯德里 Not Clare Kendry?,‎你可别跑噢Now, don't run away.,‎你得留下来 咱们得聊聊You simply must stay and talk.,‎想不到竟然能在这里碰见你 ‎真是撞大运了Fancy meeting you here. It's simply too lucky.,‎确实出乎意料It's awfully surprising, yes.,‎你要不笑 我还真认不出你I'd never have known you if you hadn't laughed.,‎-你的变化好大啊 ‎-毕竟咱们至少有12年没见了You've changed so. Well, it's been 12 years at least.,‎你都不知道 前阵子 ‎我差点就去你爸家找你了You know, I almost dropped by your father's house not so long ago.,‎我经常想起你I've thought of you so often.,‎-是吗 ‎-是啊- You have? - Of course.,‎我来这里之后 ‎一直祈祷能撞见哪位故人呢You know, since I've been here, I've hoped I might run into someone.,‎最好是能撞见你 果然愿望成真了Preferably you, though. And now you're here.,‎我打赌你从来没想起过我I'll wager you haven't given me a thought.,‎好了So…,‎快说说你的情况Tell me.,‎我什么都想了解 ‎你结婚了吗 有孩子了吗 I want to know everything. Married? Children?,‎我结了 有两个儿子 你呢 Yes. Two boys. You?,‎我有一个女儿 ‎叫玛洁莉 她是我的天使One girl. Margery. She's my angel.,‎我丈夫约翰来这里出差My husband John's here on business.,‎他搞银行业 ‎你想想 这么大热天还到处跑 Banking business. In this heat! Can you imagine?,‎刚才那是你丈夫 That was your husband?,‎我们来这里整整一星期了 ‎从芝加哥过来的 我们的家在那边We've been here a whole week from Chicago. That's home.,‎不过我来这里之后 ‎才想起真正的家是什么样Although I come here and remember what home really is.,‎我在这里的这段时间 ‎咱们可以好好叙叙旧了 对不对 Well, we can see lots of one another these days that I'm here, can't we?,‎我说不准…我的意思是…我…I don't know… I mean… I'm just…,‎我还是住在哈莱姆I live in Harlem, still.,‎这个地方我并不常来I don't come to this part of town a whole lot.,‎那有点可惜Oh, that's sad.,‎或许改天我可以去哈莱姆找你玩Perhaps I can come visit with you another time in Harlem?,‎顺便见见你的孩子Meet your boys?.
    ‎我们经常来这里 约翰说 ‎这趟出差要是顺利 我们铁定会搬家We're here quite often. And if this trip goes well, well, John's quite sure we'll move.,‎我做梦都想回来 瑞妮It's my dream to come back, Rene.,‎想必是I'm sure.,‎克莱尔Clare…,‎你丈夫…does he…,‎知不知道那事 Know?,‎咱们去楼上我住的套房吧 ‎在那里可以好好聊Let's go up to my suite, where we can talk properly.,‎服务员 Waiter!,‎热死了 我得换身衣服Ugh. I can't bear this heat! I have to change.,‎约翰等下就会回来John'll be back soon.,‎我现在全身冒汗And here I am, sweatin' up a storm.,‎好啊That's nice.,‎我通过电话簿找到了葛楚约翰逊 ‎她现在改了姓 叫葛楚马丁I found Gert Johnson in the phone book. Well, Gertrude Martin now.,‎她和弗雷德结的婚 记得吗 She married Fred. Remember?,‎记得 我都不知道 ‎有多久没见过弗雷德了Yes. I haven't seen Fred for an unmentionable time.,‎他们生的是一对双胞胎 真有福气Well, they have twins. Isn't that wonderful?,‎是两个男孩 我很想要儿子Boys. Oh, I'd love boys.,‎但我肯定不会冒险再生了I'd never risk it again, though.,‎我怀玛洁莉的时候都担心死了 ‎生怕孩子生出来肤色是黑的I went through hell those nine months for fear Margery might turn out dark.,‎我孩子的肤色就是黑的Mine are dark.,‎-那你丈夫 他… ‎-他…Oh. And your husband, he…,‎冒充不了白人 如果你想问的是这个He… couldn't exactly "pass," if that's what you mean.,‎我还以为…Oh, I thought…,‎那好吧Oh, well, then.,‎能帮我拉一下吗 Would you?,‎帮我拉一下 Would you?,‎总之 我女儿现在就算作白人了Well, anyway, she goes as white.,‎-你从没考虑过那事吗 ‎-考虑什么 -So, you haven't ever thought to? -What?,‎考虑要不要冒充啊I'm asking if you ever thought of passing, Rene.,‎没考虑过 干吗要这样 No, why should I?,‎为了便利 我偶尔会冒充一下 ‎但没想过一直冒充I mean, for convenience, occasionally, I suppose. But no.,‎我的意思是我很心满意足 ‎想要的都有了I just mean I have everything I've ever wanted.,‎只稍微缺点钱Except perhaps a little more money.,‎那是当然 人人都希望能多有点钱Of course. That's all anybody ever wants, a little more money.,‎钱可是样好东西Money's an awfully nice thing to have.,‎其实全盘考虑的话 ‎我觉得这个代价完全值得In fact, all things considered, I think it's entirely worth the price.,‎我得走了 克莱尔I should go, Clare.,‎我待在这里恐怕不好 ‎要是约翰看见…I'm not sure it's such a good idea if John…,‎别 瑞妮 你待在这里挺好的Oh, no, Rene, it is.,‎你一定要多坐一会儿 ‎答应我好不好 Oh, you must stay a little while longer. Oh, please say you'll stay.,‎哎呀 都怪我Hang it! I've made a mess.,‎你等我一下 ‎我叫人送点吃的上来Give me a second, and I'll order us some food up here.,‎好的All right.,‎你在想什么 瑞妮 Whatcha thinking, Rene?,‎你心里肯定有很多问号吧 You're curious, is that it?,‎你想问我什么尽管问You can ask me anything. Anything you want.,‎你家人的事 ‎你跟你丈夫是怎么交代的 What have you told him… of your family?,‎这方面我其实不用太担心You know, I haven't had to worry as much as you'd think.,‎我有几个姑姑 我爸死之后 ‎姑姑们收留了我 把我当家里人There were my aunts, you see. They took me in after Father died and gave me a home of sorts.,‎她们都是白人 受人敬重 笃信宗教Very white, very respectable, very religious.,‎不久之后我就遇到了约翰I met John not long after,,‎等我一满18岁 达到法定婚龄 ‎我们就结了婚 然后…and as soon as I turned 18 and legal, we got married and…,‎搬走了 永远离开了well, went off and left for good.,‎那你感觉幸福 And you're happy?,‎当然幸福啊 瑞妮Of course, Rene.,‎我和你一样 我也心满意足 ‎想要的都有了As you say, I have everything I ever wanted.,‎对不起 克莱尔 我不该问这种问题I'm sorry, Clare, that was rude of me.,‎你当然幸福了Of course you're happy.,‎看看现在的你Look at you.,‎-那你女儿呢 ‎-玛洁莉 她好得不得了-And your daughter? -Margery? Oh, she's divine.,‎约翰打算到了秋季时 ‎送她去瑞士的寄宿学校John wants to put her in one of those Swiss boarding schools in the fall.,‎那里的教育水平可不是盖的 ‎不像咱们当年接受的教育I dare say she'll get quite the education. Not like anything we had.,‎喂 是客房服务吗 Room service, hello?,‎我们需要蛋糕 ‎麻烦送你们最好的蛋糕过来We want cakes. The most beautiful cakes you have.,‎还有 你们这边有什么茶 ‎要能充当法国香槟的Tell me, what tea you got passes for French champagne?,‎开玩笑的啦 Oh, I'm messing!,‎对 我们要一壶冰茶 用香槟酒杯装着Yes, we'll take a pitcher of iced tea in champagne flutes.,‎我们要搞庆祝We're celebrating.,‎-够了 谢谢 ‎-再喝点 你还没喝多少呢- That's enough, thank you. - Have a drop more. You've hardly had any.,‎-黑黑 ‎-约翰 亲爱的 - Nig? - John, dear!,‎我碰到了我读书时候的一位老朋友I ran into an old, old friend of mine from school.,‎她叫艾琳韦斯特弗 ‎艾琳 这是我丈夫约翰贝柳Irene Westover. Irene, this is my husband, John Bellew.,‎幸会 韦斯特弗夫人Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Westover.,‎其实我现在改姓雷德菲尔德了Actually, it's Mrs. Redfield.,‎是噢 我都没想过要问你一声Oh, of course, I… I didn't even think to ask.,‎很抱歉打扰你们聊天了I am sorry if I've interrupted.,‎帮我倒杯喝的好吗 亲爱的 - Will you get me a drink, honey? - Here.,‎-给 ‎-谢谢Thank you.,‎该怎么说敬酒辞呢 敬老友 So, what do you say, then? To old friends?,‎-敬老友 ‎-敬老友-To old friends! -To old friends.,‎-你听到约翰是怎么称呼我的了吗 ‎-别说了 克莱尔-Did you hear what John called me, Rene? -Oh, Clare, please.,‎不行 要说 快告诉她No, go on, tell her why.,‎很傻的Oh, it's silly.,‎我们刚结婚时 ‎这女人白得像朵百合花When we were first married, this woman was as white as a lily.,‎可是后来她的肤色变得越来越深But as the years go by, she seems to be getting darker and darker.,‎我就跟她说:“你要是不当心 ‎等哪天早晨你睡醒So I told her, "If you don't look out, you'll wake up one morning,‎会发现自己变成了黑鬼”and find that you've turned into a nigger.",‎从那以后 我就一直喊她“黑黑”Yeah. She's been Nig ever since.,‎太好笑了 That's good!,‎很傻Well, it's silly.,‎没有 太…No, that's… That's…,‎太好笑了That's good.,‎我的天啊 约翰 My goodness, John!,‎咱们在一起这么多年了After all these years, what would it matter,‎假如哪天你发现我有1%或2%的 ‎黑人血统 你不会在意吧 if you found out that I was 1 or 2% colored, hmm?,‎反正对我来说 你变多黑都没关系Well, you can turn as black as you please, as far as I'm concerned.,‎我知道你不是黑人I know you're not colored.,‎这么说来 ‎你不喜欢黑人是吗 贝柳先生 So, you dislike Negroes, Mr. Bellew?,‎岂止不喜欢 我厌恶黑人No, no, no, not at all. I hate them.,‎但黑黑自己都快黑成那样了 ‎却比我还要厌恶他们But not as much as Nig does, for all she's trying to turn into one.,‎她不让任何黑人靠近她 ‎连佣人也不行Why, she won't have them near her, not even as a maid.,‎是这么回事吧 Isn't that true?......