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大师 The Virtuoso(2021)英文字幕

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 You prefer corporateor government jobs.,There's usually a complete dossier.,They allow time for planning.,Planning because typicallythey prefer low profile.,Low profile is safer.,Low profile makes almost no ripple.,Low profile is unspectacular.,Time can become an issue.,You may have to hasten things along.,Your training lets youslow your breathing,,lets you calm your heart.,Two pounds of pressure and...,But organized crimelikes a visible statement.,Let them know you were there.Send a message written in blood.,With this employer, you rarelyget more than a name,,sometimes not even that.,It adds to the risk,and it adds to the fee.,But you know there's a risk in that too.,The other risk with organized crime:,it creates enemies.,Experience has taught youshe won't call for help,until she's vacuumed up his cash,and has at least slipped on her panties.,It's vital that you show no urgency.,You trust your planning, your accuracy.,Two minutes until she callsthe front desk.,Fifteen to 30 seconds to getthe manager on duty,,some low-level schlumpworking the graveyard shift.,He'll call either his bossor the head of security.,Both will be home sleeping.,The phone rings once every six seconds.,Typically it will ring four timesbefore they're conscious enough to answer.,That's another 18 seconds.,Another minute before policeare dispatched.,In this part of the city, police shouldarrive in under three minutes.,You're a professional...,an expert devoted to timing and precision.,A virtuoso.,,You keep your tools in pristine condition.,Perfection demands precision.,Precision demands perseverance.,You live off the grid as much as possible.,You leave no trace of your real self.,You're a shadow.,You keep your true identity protected.,You avoid the US Postal Service,and open a mailbox run byan independent company.,No names.,No trail.,You make surethe process to engage you,is complex enoughto preserve your anonymity.,You might miss out on some assignments.,You see it as the cost of doing business.,However, you set your feecompensate.,You recognize the code.,Go.,You're outside established protocol.,This is a one-off.,And afterwards, we'll return to procedure.,It's a short time frame.,- How short?- Forty-eight hours.,Not much time to plan.,It's an accident.,Is it worth it?,I'm seeing double.,Let me be clear. Crystal clear.,For this fee...,it is delicate.,Special outcome demanded by client.,- Understood.- Good.,I knew you would.We go back a long way.,Do not put me in a bad position.,Call me when it's done.,Details?,You can inquire discretely today...,at 6:32.,Six, three, two.,,You need to make it looklike an accident.,You don't mindthe added complexity in general.,But to do it right,you need more time to plan.,And to add to it, no headlines.,,Quiet.,A plan forms in your head.,You have to hit a two-inch moving target,on a car going 60-plus miles per hourfrom 50 yards away.,And you only get one shot.,The blown tire shouldpull him sharply to the right.,He'll overcorrect, which should cause himto hit this very building.,It's rushed. You know that.,You wish you had more time.,But it's a plan. It'll have to do.,You know the rules.,Do not rush.,Do not hesitate.,Hey, Mom..
    Mom! Here, pass!,Okay, kick it over.,Nice one, Mom.,Do not get distracted.,Careful.,I got it.Don't worry. I got it.,Do not question.,Look out!,Mom!,Mom! Mom!,- Call the police!- Oh, my God!,Somebody call 911!,Relax.,It's only me.,Your father was a good soldier.,- So you've said.- It's a fact.,And you too.,So the medals say.,It's a family business.,I figured that I might find you heresince you don't answer the phone.,- I needed some time.- I understand.,Till now, you were perfect, on point.,I rushed you, I know.Couldn't be helped.,It's on me, not you.,Yeah.,Collateral damage. It happens.,You know that.,This is not Amarijah.,I know what happened there.,You shouldn't let this stuffget to you, kid.,I'm not.,It's not your fault.,Did your father ever tell youabout Pinkville?,No. Never spoke of it.,Ah, that's not surprising.,That's where we met, you know... Pinkville.Me and your old man.,We were just young kids,fresh out of boot camp.,One night, the officers told us,,"Tomorrow you'll meet the enemy,a whole battalion of gooks,,Viet Cong, who killed your...,friends, your relatives,who'd kill your, uh, family,and rape your sister if they could.",So, we kids, we toked it up,and the officers, they just drank it up,,because, you know, they were...,they were preparing us, as they say.,So we were prepared and...,we woke at 3:00 a.m.,jumped on those choppers and...,we took off...,to kill or be killed.,It's really simplewhen you think about it.,Only, finally, when we got there,,already the intelligence was bad,because usually it was.,Because there was no hostile fire.There was no fire at all, really.,There were just old men,,women and children,,sitting around fires, heating their rice,ready for breakfast.,So, the officers, they justgathered up all these...,the old men and the womenand the children,,even their pigs and their dogsand their cats and, uh...,pushed them into ditches.,And, uh, they ordered us,me and your old man,,to, um, plug them.,So we did. Clip after clip after clip.,Like a couple of automatsstaring at each other, just firing and...,So we couldn't see the target,,the blood and the... carnage.,Until we stopped firing.,And then, as bad as that was,,when it was over, we started to have lunchright there near the ditches.,And, you know, maybe 10, 15 feet awayfrom the bodies,,from the stench and the groaning.,Anyway, suddenly we hear this noise.It was a whine or a squeal or something.,Maybe it was one of their pigs.,So, we all go to the top of the ditchand we look in for the first time.,And it's, um...,This ain't no pig. No, sir.,It's a little boy,,two, maybe three, tough to say.,But his mother must've sheltered himwith her own body.,And he was too young to know that heshould've just played dead, stupid kid.,So the whole squad is watching him now,,uh, crawling on tiny handsand feet over dead bodies,,probably his whole family.,And then, uh, none of us is moving.,We're just watching.,Maybe just rooting for the kid.,Till he gets to the top and he startsrunning away towards the jungle.,The jungle.,And still none of us moves.,And then this little guy, this officer,this lieutenant,,he comes running up to usand he's still finishing his K rations.,And he sees all of usstaring at the tree line,,and then he sees the kid,maybe 30 yards away, still going.,And he looks at me, and he looksat your old man, and he says, "Plug him.",Pointing at the kid. "Plug him.,Shoot him.",So, I look at your old manand he looks at me, and...,I can see clear as dayin his eyes, he can't, he's done.,So I look back to this lieutenant,,this heartless little motherfucking prickof a human fucking being...,and he looks at me and he smiles.,He points at the kid, he said,"Plug him, Goddamn it.......

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