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 我马上来,-给你-谢谢,需要什么?May I help you?,麻烦了Please.,坐下,坐[woman] Sit down. Sit.,50块Fifty.,- 要收据吗? - 不用-Receipt? -No.,谢谢Thank you.,再会。走咯Goodbye. Come on., 这四年以来[woman] There was a time,,直到三天前four straight years, until three days ago,,等你的时候,我就看看影片、读读书when I waited for you while I watched a DVD or read.,你总会回到我身边And you always came back.,这是属于我们的夜晚和早晨The night was ours, and some entire mornings.,还有如魔法般渐渐转入黑夜的...There were also afternoons which, as if by magic,,傍晚turned into nights.,你总会回到我身边You always came back.,直到三天前Until three days ago.,-干!-Fuck! [grunting],闭嘴!Shut up!,各种精神类药物,靠Shit.,你好Hello?,哦,是你啊Oh, it's you.,噢,你被转接到语音信箱了Oh, you're turning into a robot.,是的,好多了,我能听清你说话了Yes, that's better. I hear you now.,我...我在街上I-I was in the street.,在街上没听见电话响I can't hear the phone in the street.,谢谢你再打回来Thank you for calling back.,我忙的不可开交Oh, I haven't stopped.,我和马莎连续两晚去了剧院I went to the theater the last two nights with Marta,,额,还吃了一些药and, uh, I took some drugs.,还见了我的经纪人法比安And, uh-- Oh, also I saw Fabian, my agent.,勉强吃了点东西Compulsively I've taken to eating.,但有一件事比较顺心,那便是我的新陈代谢了Well, if there's one thing I don't have to complain about, it's my metabolism.,什么都能代谢掉It burns everything.,是越南的还是意大利的,我不清楚名字I, uh-- Vietnamese and Italian. I don't know the name.,坦白说,这三天我可没闲着Well, to be honest, the last three days, I haven't stopped.,我不知道我是否过得开心I don't know if I'm amused, exactly.,你说的对,我是心事重重Yeah, you're right. My mind is very occupied, yes.,却不能休息And I don't stop.,我在逃避I'm escaping.,你叫我出去走走Well, you told me to go out.,但出去走走不也是逃避吗?Escape, go out. What does it matter? They're the same thing.,昨晚吗?Last night?,额,我...我很早就上床睡觉了Uh, I-- I went to bed. Very early.,我很疲惫,很快就睡着了I was very tired, and I went to sleep quickly, and, um--,索菲亚来过,我们一起吃了午餐,逛了街And then Sofia came, and we had lunch, and then we went shopping.,嗯,琐碎之事Mmm. Silly stuff.,公寓用品,实用之物Things for the apartment. Practical things.,将来,我要把自己变成一个务实的女人In the future, I'm going to be a practical woman for a change.,我的治疗师说,我得忙起来And, uh-- And I have to keep occupied. That's what my therapist said.,我也去他那了I went to see him too.,我必须去Well, I had to go.,为了拯救你,也为拯救我To save you and to save me.,我是如此爱你I've loved you so much.,我怕伤害你I've been afraid of hurting you.,你知道吗?Didn't you realize that I'd get nervous,当我在厨房里看到一把刀时whenever we were in the kitchen and I'd see a knife,我就会很紧张,我得马上把它收起来and I'd have to put it away immediately.,想到我拿刀子捅进你的胸口,我都害怕了It scared me to imagine I might be sticking a knife in your chest.,杀了你?不不不怎么会Kill you? No, no, no, no, never.,相反The opposite.,就像...It's like, uh...,玛尔塔和她的恐高症一样It's like Marta with her vertigo.,恐高症最糟糕的影响就是And-And-And the worse thing about heights,面对空虚时,并非高度使她头晕目眩isn't that she becomes light-headed when faced with the void.,而是空虚如幽灵般穷追不舍It's that the void attracts her, like a magnet.,你明白吗?Do you understand?,就像她对坠落的恐惧,促使她跳了下去It's like her fear of falling pushes her to jump.,我和刀的感觉正是如此And then-then the same thing happened to me with the knives.,这种恐惧或不幸的事情发生在你身上The fear of something bad happening to you.,它让我觉得我的手上焊接了一把刀子It made me imagine my hand was wielding a knife,并刺向了你and I was sticking it into you.,我...我变得很害怕自己I-- I became terrified of myself.,我似乎都能看到你的身体受伤流血I mean, for a second, I was visualizing your wounded, bleeding body.,你不会明白我的感受You can't even imagine how I felt.,我...我被自己吓坏了I-- I was afraid of myself.,我需要专家的帮助And I needed expert help.,所以我去看了治疗师So I went to a therapist.,我需要养成新习惯That I need to invent new habits.,来代替和你在一起的所有习惯Replace all the ones I acquired with you.,尽管我什么都不想做Even though I don't want to do anything.,尽管我做什么都像个机器人Even though I do everything like an automaton.,是的,不过你放心,我没提过你的名字Yes, but don't worry, I never mention your name.,是的,我会全身心的投入工作Yes, I'll throw myself into my work.,你可能不相信,但我的经纪人法比安说You won't believe it, but Fabian, my agent, says that,我这个年纪的女人又变得炙手可热了women of my age are fashionable again.,他说这是芳华,客户们喜欢我...Timeless beauty, he calls it. The clients love my pallor.,混杂着疯狂和忧郁的苍白That mixture of madness and melancholy.,真是荒唐可笑I think it's a fucking joke.,我是个废人,我已经毁掉了曾经的一切I'm a waste. I'm a ruin of what I once was.,如果这是现在的卖点But if that's what sells now.,能做成点事也是好的And it'll be good to work on something.,是的,你的箱子已经收拾好了Yes, your cases are packed.,已经三天了They have been for three days.,他们在这里等你,等得不耐烦了They're here, fed up of waiting for you.,幽默感?Sense of humor?.
    好吧,可我从未对你幽默过Well, I never really managed to use it with you.,当我疯狂爱上一个人,还有什么幽默感呢When I'm crazy about someone, I lose my sense of humor.,不能和喜欢的人一起逗乐,欢笑It's very inconvenient, not being able to be funny,真令人困扰with the one person you'd most like to be funny with.,和你在一起,我确实不有趣No, I wasn't funny with you.,我...自成一格I was... special.,胆大无畏Daring.,百依百顺Submissive.,身材苗条Thin. [scoffs],满怀热忱Passionate.,又如此幸运And fortunate.,当你想尝试新事物的时候,我走进了你的生活I came into your life at a time when you wanted to try new things,,新的体验new feelings.,内心想着他可别是个大老土As if desiring someone wasn't the oldest feeling in the world.,我是个与众不同的女人And I was a different woman.,不同到令你,有时忘了我也是个女人So different that at times, I think you forgot that I was also a woman.,对,我接受这个局面Yes, and I accepted the situation.,并不是说我喜欢讨好你I'm not saying that I enjoyed sharing you,,可是在这种情况下,我只能咽下这份委屈but given the circumstances, I accepted the humiliation.,尽管我像一头受伤的动物Even though I suffered like an animal.,我知道这不是你的本意,我不是在怪你No, I know it wasn't your intention. I'm not reproaching you.,我看透了这一切,可我没有因此而放弃享受它I was aware of it, but I didn't enjoy any the less because of it.,我像动物一样受伤,但我也像动物一样享受I suffered like an animal, but I enjoyed like an animal.,我沉醉其中,无法自拔I was so drunk, so intoxicated.,我将现实与时间抛在脑后I forgot about reality and time.,但现实总让我清醒But reality always prevails.,我们的爱与很多事情背道而驰Our love was going against a lot of things,,但我不怕and I accepted the risks.,换来的是,和你在一起的四年幸福生活And what I got in exchange was four years of happiness with you.,我从未想过生活会如我所愿I never thought life would adapt to my desires.,为此,我付出了很大的代价I paid a very high price.,这一切都来之不易But what I got in exchange is beyond measure.,我不是在指责你,亲爱的,我也不是在自欺欺人I'm not accusing you, my love, and I'm not fooling myself.,游戏规则、欲望法则如此These are the rules of the game, the law of desire.,和你四年的幸福时光. . .And four years of happiness with you...,是无价的it's priceless.,我接受这一切I accept everything.,你可以怪我冒失,但我也付出了代价You can blame me for being an adventuress but I always pay my price.,不,你说得对,张口闭口代价确实不得体。我很抱歉No, you're right, it's not good taste to talk about price. I'm sorry.,啊,狗狗来了-[whining] -Ah, here comes the dog.,他都知道是你来的电话He always knows when it's you on the phone.,你必须带他走You have to take him.,他一副魂不守舍的样子He's like a lost soul.,他在公寓里整天整天的找你He-He spends his whole day looking for you around the apartment,,我们走遍了整个社区and when we go out, through the whole neighborhood.,我收拾你东西的时候,他拼命用爪子抓我And when I was packing your things, he was hitting me with his paws.,他知道发生了什么,但他只是不理解I mean, he knows what's going on but he does not understand it.,他怎么能理解呢?How can he understand it?,不,你必须带走他No, you must take him.,他会很痛苦的,他已经够惨了He's going to be miserable. He already is miserable.,他太想你了He misses you so much.,他的心不在我身上He's not interested in me.,他可是你的狗啊He's your dog.,不...No, you--,他...你是他想要的那个人He-- You're the one he wants.,你的信? 我怎么舍得烧掉呢?Your letters? How could I burn them?,不,我把它们放在香奈儿的小盒子里No, I put them in a little Chanel case.,你想烧就烧吧You burn them if you want to.,我把所有的东西都寄给你I'm sending you everything.,你我的回信和所有便签Your letters and mine and... all notes.,我保留了所有的便签I kept all the notes.,它们美极了The notes are beautiful.,你给我写的每句话...You know, every word you ever wrote me.,我都会寄给你,所以你放心You have them there, so you don't need to worry,我不会勒索你,也不会寄给八卦小报that I'll try to blackmail you or sell them to a tabloid.,不,我不会做这种事,这样一来,你就可以更放心了Well, no, I would never do it, but this way, you can be even surer.,我唯一保留的就是 .. .The only words I'm keeping are...,你当面对我说的话the ones you spoke to me in person.,它们已经铭刻在我心底They're engraved on my heart.,我正在尽力消除它们I'm doing my best to erase them,因为他们不能和信件一起寄给你since I can't send them with the correspondence.,总之,你的行李箱和鞋子都打包好了So, anyway, your, um, suitcases are packed, and your leather shoe bags,,我可以随时来拿so you can come and get them whenever you want.,黑色西装?The black suit?,是的,我从洗衣店拿回来了Yes. I collected it from the cleaners.,我把它装在西装袋里,分开装的I put it in a suit carrier. Separate.,什么?José?,不!你一定要来No! You have to come.,我们刚才说好的,你说要来的That's what we agreed on. That you would come.,你怎么可以用一通电话You don't say goodbye to a woman you've loved for more than four years,跟爱了你四年多的女人告别with a telephone call!,我足足等了你三天I've been waiting for you for three days,,几乎天天黏在床上practically tied to the leg of the bed, waiting for you,,足不出户,就为等你without going anywhere.,剧院?The theater?,我现在这种状况怎么去剧院?How could I go to the theater in this state?,我没和玛尔塔出门!I didn't go out with Marta!,我没有和她或任何人一起吃过饭, 我已经三天没吃东西了!I haven't eaten with her or anyone. I haven't eaten a bite in three days!,我不是刚从街上回来,其实我都没有出去过I haven't just come in from the street. I haven't left the house.,你说过你会来的You said you would come.,玛尔塔确实有恐高症Well, it's true that Marta has vertigo.,我并没有去看心理医生It is not true that I went to the therapist.,我那么说是想让你放心I told you that to reassure you.,刀的事也是真的,别逼逼了,我又没有攻击过你It is true about the knives. And don't complain. I never attacked you.,我经纪人法比安,打电话说有一两支广告找上门...And it is also true that my agent, Fabian, called, and one or two ads have come up,,这也是真的,一些客户喜欢这个年龄和状态下的我and at my age and in my current state, some clients like me.,不,我出去买过一次东西No, I went out once to buy something.,但别问我买了什么,因为我不会告诉你的But don't ask me what, because I'm not gonna tell you.,我还好吗?Am I all right?,你居然问我好不好Are you really asking me that?,不,我不好!No, I am not all right!,这三天,我不止一次失控!These last three days, I've lost control more than once!......

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