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 艾迪Edee?,艾迪Edee?,咋了Yes?,你为什么决定来这里Why did you decide to come here?,我妹妹艾玛说你有魔力Emma, my sister, said you were magic.,你想要点魔力吗Oh, so you'd like a little magic?,所以真的是因为你妹妹而来这吗So it's-it's really because of your sister?,说实话是的If I'm being honest, yes.,你现在感受如何 总的来说How are you feeling right now, in general?,你有什么感受What are you feeling?,我觉得很难I'm feeling, um, that it's really difficult,和人相处to be around people...,因为他们只想让我变得更好...because they just want me to be better.,所以你不能So, you're not able to share,和别人分享你的感受吗what you're feeling with other people?,是的 我意识到我为什么要分享I did, and then I just realized, "Why would I want to share it?",我为什么要Why would I want...,同他人分享anyone to share in that?,反正他们也不明白They can't anyway.,但这意味着你独自承受痛苦But that means you're alone with your pain.,你要露营吗You, uh, doing some camping?,忙碌的夏天Busy summer.,和你合作很愉快 霍尔泽女士It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Ms. Holzer.,谢谢Thank you.,你最好跟我来You best follow me.,上去可不容易It's not easy getting up there.,见鬼 自从那老头一年半前去世后Hell, I haven't done anything to it,我什么都没动since the old man died over about a year and a half ago.,他的东西都留在里面了Left all his stuff in there.,天知道里面有什么There's no telling what's in there.,我有时间Well, I've got some time.,这很有乡村风情不是吗It's pretty country, though, ain't it?,这一大片都是狩猎场This is all hunting land here.,你的Yours.,那条路直通肖松尼国家森林That way butts up to the Shoshone National Forest,和部落领地and tribal lands.,你应该不会遭遇非法侵入者You shouldn't have any problem with trespassers.,你能不能帮我个忙Um, I was wondering if you could help me out with something.,说吧Shoot.,你能帮我找个人Would you mind finding someone to pick up the rental car,把租来的车和移动拖车开到搬家公司吗and the trailer and drop it at U-Haul for me?,在这没有车It's not a good idea for anybody,可不是个好主意to be out here without a vehicle.,我会没事的Oh, I'll be fine.,你以前住过这样的地方吗You ever been living in parts like these before?,你说你家里人都是城里人You said your family was from the city.,谢谢你载我来这里科特I appreciate you guiding me up here, Colt.,如果你能帮我And if you feel that you can help me...,我会把车钥匙和钱放在长椅上I'll leave the keys and the money right here on the bench.,我为什么还活着Why am I here anymore?,也许你不该来这里Maybe you shouldn't be here.,我一直在想我们应该离开这里I've been thinking we should get out of here.,不 我们应该去我家住- No. - We should go live at my house...,不 我不是问为什么我在这里No, not why am I here.,而是问我为什么还活着Why am I here anymore?,不No.,我不会让你这么做的 住手- I'm not letting you do this. - Stop.,我们走吧 艾玛 别这样 把手- We're leaving. - Emma, stop it. Get your hand...,你不让我干什么 不- You're not gonna let me what? - No.,放开我 艾玛Get your hands off of me, Emma!,你知道的You know this.,别伤害自己Don't hurt yourself.,为了我For me.,看谁先到来啊Race ya. Come on.,快点Come on!,快点Come on!,快点Come on.,我的天哪Oh, my God.,不No.,不No.,不No.,我的天哪Oh, my God.,这样不行This isn't working.,这样不行This isn't working.,这样不行It isn't working.,什么都没用Nothing's working.,没用It's not working!,白痴Idiot!,你个白痴You idiot!,真是个白痴What an idiot!,别伤害自己Don't hurt yourself.,为了我For me.,吸一口Just try and suck on it.,嘿Hey.,嗯Huh?,我是米格尔博拉斯I'm Miguel Borras.,这是阿拉瓦克罗This is Alawa Crow.,坐起来一点Sit up a little bit.,你是医生吗 护士- Are you a doctor? - Nurse.,我们应该带你去医院看医生We should take you to a hospital to see a doctor.,不No.,你还没脱离危险 你需要检查下We're not out of the woods yet. You need tests.,不 不 别带我去No. No, don't move me.,拜托Please.,我不能 我不能离开这里 我不能I can't, I can't leave here. I can't.,不管怎样我们都得带她去We should take her anyway.,我觉得她撑不过去了I don't think she's gonna make it.,我们必须尊重她的意愿We have to honor her wishes..
    我得回去I need to go back.,我来照顾她I'll take care of her.,你知道该怎么做吗 怎么静脉注射吗And you know what to do? How to handle the IVs?,她每天都需要帮助She'll need help every day.,我会和你联系的I'll check in with you.,如果不能转移她 我需要采集血样I'll need to take blood samples if we can't move her.,你是个好人 米格尔You're a good heart, Miguel.,谢谢你Thank you.,我来帮你Let me help you.,嗨 嘿- Hi. - Hey.,那是什么What's that?,肉汤 不是 我闻到了培根的味道- Broth. - No, I smelled bacon.,我要吃的That's for me.,我不该给你吃这些I'm not supposed to give you any of that.,阿拉瓦一同意我就给你煮I'll make you some as soon as Alawa says you can have it.,你怎么发现我的How did you find me?,我当时在打猎I was on a hunt,,我路过这里的时候and, uh, I noticed on my way by here,发现这里烟囱冒烟there was chimney smoke,,一年中的这个时节很常见like any cabin would have this time of year.,我回来的路上发现没有冒烟了And then, on my way back, there was no smoke.,你为什么要救我Why are you helping me?,你挡了我的路You were in my path.,阿拉瓦说你可以吃面条Alawa says you can have noodles.,我叫艾迪我跟你说过吗My name is Edee. Did I say that?,没有你好艾迪No. Hi, Edee.,如果你肯去医院You know I would be more comfortable,我会好办些if you came into the hospital.,你知道你有多幸运吗Do you know how lucky you've been?,要不是米格尔你早就死了You would have died if it weren't for Miguel.,如果他没发现你If he hadn't found you...,没给我打电话...didn't call me.,米格尔会把血检结果带给你Miguel will bring you your results,,我猜你不会进城去拿as I assume you won't be coming into town to get them.,拿着这部手机以防你需要帮助Here, take this cell phone, in case you need help.,不No, it's...,我们很有礼貌地没有问你You know, we've been polite enough not to ask you,如果他们找到了像你这样的人all the questions one might want to ask,可能会问的问题if they found someone like you.,没有手机No phone.,人们可能会开始好奇 你是怎么来到这里的One might begin to wonder how she came to be in this place.,也许会怀疑你是不是在躲什么人Might wonder if she's hiding from someone.,我理解你的好奇心I understand your curiosity.,我没有躲什么人I'm not running from anyone.,我没有躲 我不是罪犯I'm not hiding. I'm not a criminal.,我来这里是因为我自己选择的I'm here because I choose to be.,血检结果Blood test results.,一切正常All good.,你的指标恢复正常了Your levels are back normal.,要我给你泡杯咖啡吗Can I make you a cup of coffee?,我要感谢你的好意I want to thank you for your kindness.,但我But I, um...,没这个必要Well, it-it's not necessary.,我很好I'm fine.,还有And, um...,你带了很多物资you've brought plenty of supplies.,我很快就能自己钓鱼 种吃的了I can fish soon, grow food.,我来这里I'm here in this place,是因为我不想和人在一起because I don't want to be around people.,你明白吗Do you understand?,是啊Yeah.,这是买日用品和静脉注射的钱This is for the groceries and the IVs.,我认真的我想给你钱No, really, I want to pay.,肯定至少有几百美元It must've been at least a few hundred dollars.,不不用了没关系No, it wasn't, and it's all right.,做对的事不能收钱Can't take money for doing the right thing.,我们能认同我的行为是我的个人私事吗Can we agree that my actions are my business?,当然可以Yes, we can.,如果我最后饿死了 那也是我自己的责任And if I end up starving, well, that's on me.,我觉得我必须得说出来I feel that I have to say this.,只有从未挨饿过的人Only a person who has never been hungry...,才会认为饿死是一种死法...would think starving is a way to die.,还有更好的死法There are better ways to die.,还有更好的死法吗There are better ways to die?,我知道在这里对你来说可能有点困难I understand it might be a little rough for you here,,但如果你觉得你不属于这里那么but if you feel you don't belong here, then...,如果我不属于这里 那我就不属于任何地方If I don't belong here, I don't belong anywhere.,你杀过什么东西吗Have you ever killed anything?,没有No.,就杀过鱼A fish.,如果可以的话我会回来If it's all right, I-I will come back here,教你怎么设陷阱and teach you how to trap.,秋天去打猎In the fall, to hunt.,然后我就不会再来找你了And then you won't see me anymore.,可以Okay.,谢谢Thank you.,你要来这里教我吗You're gonna be coming here to teach me?,你能不能别把其他地方的消息带来Would you mind not bringing any news of life elsewhere?,没问题I can do that.,谢谢Thank you.,如果外星人降落在这里怎么办What if aliens land here?,你很安静很好You're quiet. That's good.,能够接近动物Being able to get close to animals,而不惊扰它们without disturbing them.,看起来Seems that...,这地方不错this is a good spot.,这比你现在用的东西管用多了This will work way better than whatever you're using now.,所以兔子或松鼠就穿过它So the rabbit or the squirrel just go through it.,松鼠 是啊- Squirrel? - Yeah.,抓到什么就吃什么You got to eat what you catch.,或者抓只鹿Or get a deer.,先抓到松鼠是抓到鹿的动力Getting squirrel is motivation to get a deer.......