正义协会:二战 Justice Society: World War II(2021)中英字幕 下载 SRT ASS_高清电影™

正义协会:二战 Justice Society: World War II(2021)中英字幕

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电影:正义协会:二战(Justice Society: World War II)




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正义协会:二战 Justice Society: World War II(2021)中英字幕预览

 总统先生 Mr. President.,我们必须采取行动了 We have to act now.,敌军进军波兰了 我们却毫无作为 They marched on Poland,敌军持续进军 And they kept marching.,掌控了大部分欧洲和俄罗斯 They've taken control of most of Europe. And Russia.,-等于是… -侵略 - It's... - An invasion.,不止如此,总统先生 That's not all,他从1933年起 就在寻找一些古文物 He's been searching for ancient artifacts since 1933.,你是指有神奇力量的文物 You mean magical artifacts.,老天 Merciful heaven.,真是个疯子 What a maniac.,除非…他是对的 Unless,所以这促使你发起这个计划 I take it that's where your big idea comes in?,让我向您介绍这个团队 Let me introduce you to the team.,“时侠”,雷克斯泰勒 Rex Tyler,他是美国最杰出的科学家之一 He's one of the best scientists America has to offer.,他研发出一个 叫“神奇素”的化学物质 Now,能够强化速度,力量 无所不能 to enhance speed,力量能够维持一个小时 An hour at a time.,接着是黛娜兰斯 Then there's Dinah Lance.,令警方头痛的人物 她能发出声波… A bit of a fire brand with sonic sound abilities...,导致她在住的地方被排挤 ...that have gotten her shunned by her community.,再来是杰伊盖瑞克 Next,他自从获得神奇的速度 便专心打击犯罪 Jay Garrick has been a full-time crime fighter.,他也愿意为国效力 And he's willing to serve his country.,最后是卡特霍尔 Finally,一个古埃及人转世的埃及人 an ancient Egyptian in a modern Egyptian's body.,他有一对翅膀 Oh,古埃及人?你在开玩笑吧 Ancient Egyptian? You can't be serious.,据他说这是 Claims this is his,他第四次转世 fourth reincarnation.,-他是我们阵营的人? -是的,总统先生 - He's one of ours? - Yes,我明白了,开灯吧 I see. Lights.,所以你认为他们足以 And you think they're enough,抵抗纳粹和文物的神奇力量? to fight back the Nazis and magical artifacts?,我知道他们可以的 I know they are.,但谁来领导这群奇人? But,我已经想到一个人选 I think I've got someone in mind.,您觉得如何,总统先生? What do you say,您准备好结束这场战争了吗? Are you ready to end this war?,我想不起来我有没有锁车 I can't remember if I locked the car.,还是锁公寓门 Or the apartment.,或是关掉咖啡机 Or turned off the coffee pot.,说真的,贝瑞 我真不懂你怎么活到现在的 Honestly Barry,嘿 这是我们第一次去大都会市 Hey,我希望能很完美 I want it to be perfect.,根据太阳轨迹 According to the trajectory of the sun,我们应该能照到最多阳光 we should have the max amount of light,如果我们把毯子铺在…这里 if we set the blanket... here.,你觉得我们能看到超人吗? Think we'll see Superman?,你今天不是休假吗? I thought you were taking a day off.,好吧好吧,你说得对 Right,早知道就带防晒油来了 I should have brought sunscreen.,-要我帮你抹在背上吗? -贝瑞… - Can I get your back? - Barry...,肉片,面包,美乃滋 噢,我忘了干酪 Cold cuts,不,贝瑞 No,你觉得会下雨吗? Do you think it might rain?,-以防万一,我可以拿把雨伞 -贝瑞,你… - I can grab an umbrella,专心点 focus.,没事吧? Everything okay?,我们在干嘛? What are we doing?,我们在野餐啊 We're having a picnic.,你想离开城里,远离… You wanted to get out of town,我的另一份工作 my other job.,但我们从没真正 远离你的那份工作 But,这不公平 That's not fair.,那是你的一部分 也是我喜欢你的原因 It's who you are,可是贝瑞 这样已经…好多年了 But,你想要我怎么做? What do you want from me?,我们不算在交往吗?因为我… Is this just a fling? Because I...,不不,艾莉丝… No,如果是也没关系 但我没兴趣… It's okay if it is,我爱你 I love you.,只是… It's just...,让你安全最好的方式 就是确保没人发现这个秘密 the best way to keep you safe is by making sure no one finds out.,如果你真的那么想 那就分手吧,贝瑞艾伦 If you really believe that,艾莉丝… Iris...,生活充满危险 Life is dangerous.,但我们不该因此放弃生活 It shouldn't stop us from living it.,去吧,你还有工作要做 Go. You have work to do.,我…我会补偿你的 I... I'll make it up to you.,明天,我保证 Tomorrow. I promise.,抵抗…是…没有用的 Resistance... is... illogical.,你成为我的手下败将了,超人 I have you now,超人!我能做什么? Superman! What can I do?,也许帮我挣脱这些触手? Maybe help with the tentacles?,好,没问题 Right. Sure.,你没事吧? Are you all right?,解决掉魔神脑就没事了 I will be after we take care of Brainiac.,怎么样? 有兴趣跟我并肩作战吗? What do you say? Interested in a team-up?,就等你这句呢 I thought you'd never ask.,另一个超人类 Another meta.,成功率降至百分之95 重新校准 Chance of success down to 95%. Recalibrating.,加速发射程序 Accelerating projectile.,超人! Superman!,重新校准,成功率百分之99 Recalibration. Success at 99%.,你没事吧? Are you okay?,那个宝石…是氪石 That gem... it's Kryptonite..
    只有氪石能伤到我 It's the only thing that can hurt me.,可是你就像上帝啊 But,那现在怎么办? So,别被打中,避开光束 Don't get hit. Avoid the beam.,使出全力揍他 Punch really hard.,拯救世界 Save the day.,我喜欢 I like it.,继续跑! Keep running!,听我的声音 Follow my voice.,有找到他吗? Any sign of him?,还没 Not yet.,我们应该跟他一起出动的 We should have gone with him.,我们有自己的任务 We had our own mission.,快没时间了 We're running out of time.,雷克斯的一小时快到了 Rex's hour is almost up.,如果我们不快点离开 百姓会丧命的 If we don't leave soon,继续等 We wait.,史蒂夫不会让我们失望的 Steve won't let us down.,去左侧看看,回报状况给我 Go check on the left flank and report back.,那把枪是什么东西啊? What kind of crazy gun was that?,就算你有荷米斯的速度 It will take more than the speed of Hermes,也阻止不了亚马逊人,恶棍 to stop an Amazon,你是谁? Who are you?,所以他们也有一个超人类了 So,等等,什么? Wait,神力女超人,现在怎么办? Wonder Woman,和其他人会合 Regroup with the others.,叫卡特对付那几架飞机 Tell Carter to take care of the planes.,我们必须争取更多时间 We need to buy more time.,是罗斯福总统派你来的吗? Did President Roosevelt send you?,罗斯福总统? President Roosevelt?,什么?怎么回事? What? What's happening?,盯好这个… Keep an eye on...,总之盯好他 whatever this is.,交给我,老大 I got him,我挂了吗? Am I dead?,有时在法国会有这种感觉 Sometimes feels like it in France.,法国? France?,有人遇到麻烦了 Someone's in trouble.,每个人现在都有麻烦 Everyone's in trouble right now.,你哪里都…别想去 You're not going any... where.,纳粹? Nazis?,什么…这是… What... what is...,我从没喘不过气过 I've never been out of breath before.,别又抓我! Not again!,那个人是谁,神力女超人? Who've you got there,他是敌军吗? Is he one of theirs?,他不可能是德军的人 It's unlikely he'd be working for the Germans.,没错 Right.,我想我知道这是怎么回事了 So,我不能…呼吸了 I can't... breathe.,我…来自未来世界 I'm... I'm from the future.,杰伊,回报状况 Jay,这并非不可能 Uh,我是说,用神速力就办得到 I mean,听起来更像是纳粹会说的话 Sounds more like something a Nazi would say.,我们有很多不明白的东西 像是各种力量… There are things that we don't understand,我不想听转世的话题,卡特 I don't want to hear about reincarnation,让他老实交代 Make him talk.,用你的套索怎么样? What about your lasso?,我能让他开口 I'll get him to talk.,我们没时间讨论这个了 We don't have time to discuss this.,我们得完成战斗 而且我剩不到十分钟了 We've got a fight to finish and I have less than ten minutes left.,找掩护! Take cover!,等等! Wait!,是史蒂夫! It's Steve!,鹰侠! Hawkman!,根据轨迹和速率 和鹰侠的展翅幅度… Based on the trajectory,他赶不上的 he won't make it.,快点!快点! Come on! Come on!,最后拚一次吧,崔佛 Let's try for one piece,哇!我的速度怎么了? Whoa! What's going on with my speed?,你可以的,加油 You got this. Come on.,你打算怎么做,小红? What now,闪电侠经典招式 A Flash classic.,我也很高兴见到你,公主 It's good to see you,看来你多了一位伙伴? I see you picked up another playmate?,看来我之前误会你了 It seems I misjudged you.,谢谢 Thank you.,嗨 Heh.,-回到撤离点 -等等 - Retreat back to our extraction. - Wait.,他们会毁了这座村的 They're gonna tear this village apart.,听着,我看到另一师往这边来 Look,他们在找我 They're looking for me.,我们不能丢下他们不管 We can't leave them.,分头行动 Spread out.,时侠 你和杰伊跟我在地面行动 Hourman,卡特,你和黛娜负责空中 Carter,-我可以负责… -你什么都不用管 - And I can do... - Nothing.,听着,如果你真的来自未来 我们不能把时间线复杂化 Look,好吧,我看过那部电影 Oh,把史蒂夫安全送到撤离点 Get Steve to the extraction point in one piece.,他会带路 He'll lead the way.,真是太夸张了 This is crazy.,我从没看过那么多英雄合作 I've never seen this many heroes working together.,小子,你看到的还不是全部呢 Kid,我怎么从没听说过他们? 还有这个组织? How come I've never heard about them? About this?,JSA吗? The JSA?,“美国正义协会” Justice Society of America.,我知道,很俗 Yeah I know. Corny.,我们属于最高机密 We're top secret.,最高层级的那种 Real high-level stuff.......