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太空异旅 Voyagers(2021)中英字幕

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 地球持续高温As the Earth continues to heat up,可怕的干旱和饥荒在全球蔓延and devastating droughts and famine plague the population,,科学家一直在寻找 可供人类繁衍生息的新星球science is looking for a new planet on which human life can thrive.,并在2063年找到了它And it finds that in year 2063.,蓝色表示水The blue indicates water.,红色表示氧气The red is oxygen.,它是最有可能适宜人类居住的星球This is our best chance to find a habitable planet.,一个可以让我们移民One we can colonize,并保存我们物种的星球and so ensure the survival of our species.,由于地球环境不断恶化With the deteriorating situation here on Earth,,尽快执行侦察任务至关重要it's essential we send a scouting mission as soon as possible.,飞行到该星球需要86年The voyage there will take 86 years.,所以队员必须在太空船上繁衍So, the crew will reproduce onboard the ship,,他们的孙辈将会抵达该星球and their grandchildren will be the ones who reach the planet.,诺贝尔物理学奖得主Nobel laureate in physics,,给麻省理工学院的生物工程师打个招呼吧say hello to MIT bio-engineer.,我们的第一个挑战是找到30名合格队员Our first challenge was finding 30 qualified crew members,他们必须能够应对长期幽闭的生活able to cope with the stress of prolonged confinement.,还要能够接受自己再也无法返回地球That and the knowledge that they won't be coming back.,解决办法是 我们自己繁育并培养队员Our solution, breed and raise our own crew.,在隔离的状态下训练他们 这样他们就不会怀念地球了Train them in isolation so they won't miss Earth.,下一步是进行评估Then the next step is to assess,看他们什么时候可以出发when they'll be ready to go.,他们的年龄越小 资源能支撑的时间就越长The younger they are, the longer we can conserve resources,行动的时间线也就可以越长and extend the timeline of the mission.,但他们将要独自在飞船上生活But they will be on the ship alone.,虽然我对我们的教育管理体系很有信心And while I have every confidence in our education and management system,,但我非常担心I'm most concerned that they,他们是否能应付一路上的各种问题be able to combat the dangers they may face along the way.,很多问题连我们也不了解Some we're just beginning to understand.,净化完成Decontamination complete.,-理查德! -理查德!- Richard! - Richard!,理查德!Richard.,这个要怎么解决?How would you solve that one?,很好Good.,晚安 克里斯托弗Sleep well, Christopher.,晚安 希拉Sleep well, Sela.,晚安 扎克Sleep well, Zac.,我害怕I'm scared.,怕什么?Of what?,我不知道I don't know.,这里没什么好怕的There's nothing to be scared of.,你很安全You're safe.,我想跟他们一起去I want to go with them.,这是单程旅行 理查德It's a one-way trip, Richard.,有去无回There is no coming back.,你会死在那里的You'll die up there.,我在这里最后也会死I'll die down here eventually.,对我来说没有区别Seems the same to me.,我们这样养育他们The whole reason we're raising them this way,是为了让他们保持心理健康is for their mental health.,他们不会想念开阔空间、阳光和人类So they don't miss wide open spaces, sunlight, people.,但换成你就会很难…Now you, on the other hand, are going to have a hard time dealing with...,我也不会想念那些I wouldn't miss a thing.,计划不是这样的It's not part of the plan.,我知道 但是想想看I know, I know, but think of it like this.,如果我跟他们一起去You'll be able to launch sooner,就能提前出发if I go with them.,再等四年就可以 不用等七年Four years instead of seven.,应该有人在那里养育他们Someone should be there to raise them.,保护他们To protect them.,你知道我是对的You know I'm right.,升空倒计时 15秒T-minus 15 seconds.,13 12 11We are go for launch. 13, 12, 11...,从GLC模式转为OBC模式Switch from GLC to OBC.,6 5...6, 5...,启动主引擎Go main engines.,3 2 1...3, 2, 1...,(人类文明号),-好了 -一切都好?- All right. - You good?,对Yeah.,-祝你好运 -谢谢- Good luck. - Thank you.,舱门关闭Hatch closing.,(十年后),你们是桥梁You are the link between past,连接了过去和未来的世代and future generations,被所有幸存的种族寄予厚望and have been entrusted with the survival of our species.,你们将在飞船上繁衍后代You will have children onboard the ship,,你们的孙辈将会抵达星球and your grandchildren will be the ones to reach the planet.,飞船上的繁衍On-ship reproduction will occur,将通过人工授精和人工孕育的方式进行via artificial fertilization and incubation,为了最大化利用资源 将在每一代人24岁时进行during each generation's 24th year in order to maximize resources.,我们是第一代人 所以我们见不到星球Well, we're the first generation, so we won't ever see the planet.,也永远不会知道他们会发现什么We'll never know what they discover.,是的That's true.,所以我们的人生根本不重要Our lives are unimportant.,不 你的人生No, your life,,还有我的人生 跟所有人的一样重要my life is as important as anyone's.,不管是在这里还是地球上Here or on Earth.,让我给你看样东西Let me show you something.,其实不该给任何人看的Not supposed to let anyone see these.,这是我父亲和他的父母That is my father and his parents.,也就是我祖父母My grandparents.,我没见过他们 但我知道他们一生正直勤恳I never knew them, but I know they lived an honest life.,他们照料家庭 抚育后代You know, they took care of their family, they provided for the future.,我们也可以这样做That's all any of us can do.,(检测到毒素 重新过滤人类废水),(检查T56J综合毒素 毒性等级2).
    怎么了?What's up?,灌溉水里面有毒素There's a toxin in the irrigation water.,换一下滤芯 再测一遍Well, replace the filter and test it again.,毒素来自我们的尿液It's coming from us, it's in our urine.,对 来自我们的食物Yeah, it's from something we've eaten.,我们吃了有毒的东西吗?Are we eating something toxic?,也许对植物有毒 它们只靠水存活Maybe toxic for a plant that relies solely on water,,我们可没那么脆弱but you're stronger than that.,具体是什么化学成分?What is it? What's the chemical?,我不知道 把滤芯换了就行I don't know. Just change that filter.,(食品供应),(信息不可用 请查看管理员权限),嘿Hey.,你怎么看?What do you make of this?,这是我们食物里的某种成分It's an ingredient in something we eat.,这个为什么不能查看?Why would that be unavailable?,我们走Let's go.,你要怎么通过防火墙?How'd you get past the firewall?,直接连接中央处理器By connecting directly to the processor.,我也是这样看到设计图的It's the same way I got into the design plans.,(无匹配结果),去“营养”里查一下- Hmm. - Try "Nutrition.",不在这里It's not there.,是某种维生素吗?Is it some kind of vitamin?,有可能Maybe,药物medication.,(药物类 查找结果:),找到了Here we go.,(概述 仅限IEC人员阅览),“是日常饮品A.O2中的有效成分"...the active ingredient in daily beverage A.02.",与蓝色碱性糖浆结合"Combine with blue alkaline syrup,消除肠胃不适”"to counter stomach irritation.",蓝色Blue.,是蓝液It's the blue.,“与食物一起服用可增强效果”"...effect is enhanced when consuming it with food.",什么效果?What effect?,我还以为只是某种消化酶I thought it was just an enzyme for digestion.,“个性变得迟钝、温顺”"...personality becomes dull and docile...",“消除性欲望和性感知”"...eliminates sexual desire and sensation...",“降低愉悦感”"...decreased pleasure response...",降低愉悦感?Decreased pleasure response?,我想要提高愉悦感I want increased pleasure.,他们一直给我们下毒They're drugging us.,这样他们就能控制我们So they can control us.,安抚我们Pacify us.,他们不想让我们自然繁衍They don't want us to reproduce naturally.,不想让我们有性关系They don't want us to have sexual relations.,所以我们就不知道那是什么感觉So we don't feel what that feels like.,也就不会让飞船人口过多And so we don't overpopulate the ship.,可以节约食物To conserve food.,我不管I don't care.,反正我不喝I'm not drinking it.,所以理查德对你撒谎了So, Richard lied to you.,是这项任务在撒谎The mission lies.,他们还有什么没告诉我们?What else aren't they telling us?,克里斯托弗在飞船的设计图上Well, Christopher found a hidden compartment.,发现了要给隐藏隔间In the ship's plans.,在哪里?Where is it?,在23号舱里In Pod-23.,在墙壁后面 无标记Unmarked behind a wall.,里面有什么?What's inside?,我还不知道I don't know yet.,别告诉理查德你不喝蓝液了Don't tell Richard you went off the blue.,他肯定会强迫他们继续喝的He's going to force them back on it anyway.,也许吧 但至少我们能知道那是什么感觉Yeah, maybe. By then, we'll know what it feels like.,什么的感觉?What does it feel like?,你们停掉它之后有什么变化么?Has anything changed since you stopped?,-有 但是… -我的快乐在哪?- Yes, but... - Where's my pleasure?,来Here.,一点电流A little jolt.,-电一下 -咬一口- A bolt. - A bite.,你们知道这是浪费电力You know that's a waste of electricity.,走开Go away.,那么…So...,自从我们上次谈话之后 你有什么想法?What have you been thinking about since our last session?,什么也没有Nothing.,不会吧 什么也没有?Come on, nothing?,我有点好奇Well, I guess I was wondering,你为什么对我们撒谎why do you lie to us?,我撒了什么谎?What do you think I lied about?,我发现了…Well, I found out that...,什么?What?,这里有未标记的隔间There's an unmarked compartment.,在23号舱Pod-23.,出于不同原因 任务有很多隐藏信息Well, mission withholds certain information for various reasons.,很多我也不知道You know, even from me.,这算不上是谎言It's not quite lying,,但是我理解你的意思but I get what you mean.,你是怎么发现的?How'd you find it?,就这么发现了 里面有什么?I just did. What's inside?,我不知道I don't know.,也许是给第三代人的东西I don't know. It must be for the third generation.,那为什么要藏起来?你不好奇吗?But why's it hidden? Aren't you curious?,好奇I am...,可能是为他们保留的It's probably reserved for them.,为你的孙辈们It's for your grandchildren.,这是个很深远的想法That's a profound thought.,我是说 你们会有孩子I mean, you're going to have children,,然后还会有孙辈and you're going to have grandchildren.,关于这点你有什么看法?What do you think about that?,对 他们就是正常的孩子Yeah, they're normal kids.,敏感又聪明They're sensitive and smart......