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 骨膜分离器PE (Periosteal elevator).,牵引器Retractor.,水Water.,用力一点More pressure.,关灯 开显微镜Lights out, microscope in.,你好 你好 早上好Hi. Hi, good morning.,这位是钟伯 73岁Uncle Chung, 73 years old.,他是精神病院的病人A psychiatry inpatient.,他在医院里的时候摔倒了He fell down,失去了知觉 头部受伤and suffered from syncope, head injury.,所以给他做了个紧急的脑扫描We did a CT scan,看见左脑硬膜内有个大血块and found intradural hematoma in the left brain,颅内压增大 还有明显的中线移位with mass effects and a mid-line shift.,我们帮他做了紧急开颅手术We did a craniotomy.,现在是手术后第五天Today is day 5 of post-op.,四肢力量正常 生命迹象稳定Limbs are functional,vital signs stable.,没发烧 走动正常Afebrile, walking well.,等拆了线就可以出院He will be discharged after the stitches come off.,对Yes.,好Good.,谢谢Thank you very much.,手术以后有没有再做脑扫描Did we do a post-op CT scan?,第一天就已经做过Yes, on day 1.,左颞叶附近有一些淤血Contusion in the left temporal lobe.,出院之前再照一次 看看有没有变化Scan him again before he leaves.,好OK.,A, B, C, D!,1 2 3 4 慢慢吃 再见1, 2, 3, 4... Enjoy the food. Goodbye.,开心Happy!,圣诞快乐Merry Christmas!,病人仍处于植物人的状态The patient remains in a vegetative state.,生命迹象稳定 没发烧Vital signs normal, afebrile.,疗养院有位子吗Can we move him to Recovery?,护士长 他排第几How far along on the waiting list?,第四 应该还要等No. 4. He still has to wait.,洪先生 27岁Mr. Hung, 27 years old.,五个星期前 因为双腿无力来求医5 weeks ago, his legs were weak,双手也有轻微的麻痹现象and his hands exhibited signs of paralysis.,从磁力共振看到The MRI shows,,是大范围的颈椎内神经肿瘤an extensive cervical spinal cord tumor.,做了开锥板的手术 替他切除We did a laminectomy for subtotal excision...,你 你不是很有把握的吗You were so confident,你骗我做手术的时候 说我会没事的when you coaxed me into having the surgery.,手术总有风险Surgery involves risk.,医生也是长时间了解你的情况The doctor studied your condition,才作专业的决定and made a call.,继续Shall we?,当时手术中 急冻抹片的结果是什么What did the intra-op frozen section show?,星形细胞瘤Astrocytoma.,界面清不清晰Was the section clear?,虽然不是很清晰 但也不算模糊Somewhat, but inconclusive.,我觉得可以做手术I felt it was operable.,你有没有想过活检完就结束Have you considered closing after the biopsy,,之后再用电疗控制and use radiotherapy afterwards?,电疗只可能减缓肿瘤的生长Radiotherapy can only slow down the tumor's development.,他的症状已经浮现But the symptoms have popped up.,不可避免影响到他现在的生活His quality of life is compromised.,情况只可能越来越差It will only get worse.,他还年轻He's young-,手术至少有机会Surgery gives him a better chance for normal life.,给他换来更多的时间去过正常的生活Surgery gives him a better chance for normal life.,正常Normal life?,我现在动不了I can't move!,瘫了 瘫了呀Rm Paralyzed!,现在只是手术结束三个星期It has only been 3 weeks.,有一些手术In some cases,,可能需要三个月 四个月it takes 3-4 months,,甚至半年才会好转or even up to 6 months to see improvements.,他的物理治疗进度怎么样What about physiotherapy?,现阶段是帮助他强化躯干肌肉We want to build up his trunk muscle,,让他坐得好一点to help him sit better.,不过他斗志很差But his morale is poor.,去了还是不肯做He won't even try.,有希望的There's still hope.,前面的路是不容易走It won't be easy.,我们很明白你的心情We know how you feel.,麻烦你尊重点But please show some respect.,垃圾医生Rubbish doctor!,害死人It's all your fault!,冷静点Calm down!,医生也不想你这样She doesn't want to see you like this either.,她也很不开心 你知吗She's equally upset.,切一点就走 很容易I could have played it safe.,但解决不了你根本的问题But that wouldn't have solved the problem.,我冒险是为了帮你I took a chance,for your own good.,看下一个Next.,对不起 请让一下Excuse me!,有多少个匪徒逃脱了How many thugs getaway?,今次行动是否失败了Did the operation fail?,请让一下Excuse me!,不要阻差办公Police! Get out of the way!,A 228A 228,第二优先Category 2,石医生Dr. Shek.,师兄 解手铐Officer, please remove the handcuffs.,过床Transfer him.,一 二 三 过1, 2, 3, go!,先生 你叫什么名字Sir, what's your name?.
    你叫什么名字What's your name?,怎么受伤的How did you get hurt?,穿透性受伤Penetrating injury.,中枪He was shot.,急救病房Send him to Resuscitation.,痛不痛Does it hurt?,痛不痛Does it hurt?,前面正常 血压脉搏多少Legs are fine. BP and pulse?,血压136/80 脉搏76BP 136/80, pulse 76.,一小时点滴 阿珊 吊盐水NSQ1 (1 hour drip). Shan, set up a drip.,准备转身Get ready to turn him over.,脑外科Neurosurgery,头部枪伤Gunshot wound to the head.,GCS 10分GCS10.,深切治疗科ICU,我们准备转身 你检查头好不好We're ready. Check his head.,好OK.,准备好没 好Ready? OK.,一 二 三1,2,3.,右颞叶位置有一个伤口Wound in the right temporal lobe.,没有穿出伤口No exit wound.,眼眶 耳后没有血斑No raccoon eye. No battle sign.,先照脑扫描Do a CT scan.,撤板Move.,有个大肥婆想减肥A fat woman asks a doctor how to lose weight.,她问医生 死鬼医生就叫她去骑马The doctor suggests horseback riding.,骑了一个礼拜 瘦了一百磅A week later, 100lb is gone...,是那匹马from the horse.,我没事I'm fine.,谢谢Thank you.,你已经很棒You're very capable.,这么年轻就做了副顾问医生You're the associate consultant at such a young age.,只是这个病人不太顺而已It was just bad luck with this patient.,没有什么顺不顺I don't believe in luck!,我从17岁来香港I came to Hong Kong at 17.,学广东话 学英文 考进医学院I learned Cantonese and English,got into medical school,成为一个脑科医生 做到我今天这个位置and became a neurosurgeon.,我从来不是靠运气None of it is luck.,我知道 我知道你很努力I know you work hard.,放松一下Just take it easy.,病人的命在我们手里Lives are in our hands.,关乎生死It's a matter of life and death.,医生是专业We're professionals,但有的事我们控制不了but not everything is within our control.,尽了力就好We can only do our best.,很多人都会说尽力 尽力 尽力People say that all the time.,其实根本不知道什么才是尽力But they don't even know what it means.,我还有事I have patients waiting.,生命迹象稳定Vital signs and,昏迷指数没跌 瞳孔正常GCS stable, pupils normal.,把片子调出来看一下Show me the scan.,好OK.,从脑扫描可见The CT scan shows,左额叶的位置有个外来物a foreign body in the left frontal lobe.,根据刚刚周医生给的资料According to Dr. Chow's notes,还有片子里这么多干扰and what the scan reveals,,这个应该就是子弹this is probably a bullet.,看看这里 进口的附近有点骨折There are fractures near the entry site,还有这里的组织有轻微发炎and soft tissue swelling here.,再看这里And over here...,在子弹路径上有一点出血和发肿hemorrhaging and edema along the bullet path.,他很幸运 没什么水肿和中线移位Lucky him. No significant hydrocephalus or mid-line shift.,这都死不了 命真大Lucky devil!,上午十一点 警方在观塘展开围捕行动At 11 am, the police rounded up the suspects in Kwun Tong,期间曾经开枪and shots were fired.,画面看到 相信是开枪的探员离开现场The image shows the inspector who shot leaving the scene.,行动中 一名疑犯中枪受伤During the operation,a suspect was injured,被送到维多利亚医院接受治疗and sent to Victoria Hospital for treatment.,消息指 疑犯与上月一宗持械行劫案有关It is believed that the suspect is connected to an armed robbery last month.,小姐 你不要拍照Miss, no photo please.,公众有知情权的The public has the right to know.,香港没有新闻自由吗No more freedom of the press in Hong Kong?,不要这么多人Too crowded.,坐另一部Take the next one.,医院号码 157399034HN 157399034,病人号码 UJ8742387ID UJ8742387,手术是What kind of surgery?,开颅手术 移除外来物清除伤口腐肉Craniotomy to remove foreign body and debridement.,由两位医生同意We have consent from 2 medical officers.,他们已经签了字They signed off on it.,好OK.,谢谢Thank you.,C5病房的病人到了The Ward C5 patient is here.,好 麻烦让一让OK.Excuse me.,1号房的姑娘 出来接收病人Ward 1, come get the patient.,现在帮你麻醉We're putting you under now.,放松点 大口呼气 不用紧张Try to relax.,先生 大口呼气 深呼吸Take a deep breath.,为什么让他们进来Why did you let them in?,他们说要看着They insist on watching.,没有人可以影响我做手术I don't want anyone to interfere.,大口呼气 深呼吸Take a deep breath.,把他手铐解开 你们出去Remove his handcuffs and get out.,我必须在这看着他I must keep an eye on him.,他杀了人的He's a killer.,已经在麻醉He's under anesthesia.,解开手铐 出去Remove the handcuffs. Get out.,你干什么Sir, you can't do this.,你不能这样Sir, you can't do this.,这样我们很难做的Don't give us a hard time.,你不要入去啊Sir, you can't go in.,请你出来Sir, please come out.......