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  江边的习俗是There's a custom along the river.,父亲去世以后When a father passes away,, 孝子必须亲手在河里捞一条黑鱼his son must pull a black fish from the river, 供在香炉里and keep it in an incense urn.,不能喂它任何食物He feeds it nothing., 当它自然死亡那一天When it has died a natural death,父亲的灵魂就安息了the father's spirit will be at peace.,"CROSSCURRENT",Happy Chinese New Year!,你去哪呀Where are you off to?,睡不着觉 随便走走I can't sleep. Going for a walk.,姓罗的来电话了 说改在江阴接货Luo called. He changed the pickup to Jiangyin.,明天下午三点之前就得到We must be there tomorrow by 3pm.,咱们得赶紧走了 祥叔说很快就涨潮了Let's go! Uncle Xiang says the tide's rising.,知道了Fine.,走之前明明检修过Just overhauled before we left.,大姐都好好的Main engine is fine.,小妹也太不听话了This auxiliary's nothing but trouble.,我从未体验过由衷的快乐I never felt any happiness,心满意足如在母亲怀中as true as mother's arms.,但我仍然渴望毫无保留的痛苦But I long for the sheer agony,,哭得心无杂念 脑海清明to weep till the mind runs clear.,"I hate when people shout,"glorifying themselves.","I loathe worshiping life.Sorrow's greater than happiness.","Purity is greater than daily life.","--Shanghai, Wuxiang","GUANG DE 039","Crosscurrent",武胜 这批货你知道就行了Wu sheng, keep quiet about this cargo.,千万不要让外人看见Make sure nobody sees.,尤其是海事和公安Especially the marine police.,罗总 您放心Don't worry, director Luo.,一路上就拜托你了I'll leave it in your hands, then.,都应该的That's my job.,罗定Luo Ding!,祥叔Uncle Xiang!,淳哥呢Where is Chun?,淳哥呢Where is Chun?,"The new ship rides the water for 7000 km","its old motor coughing.","My passage through the warm county townis muted.","I fear they will hear my despair.","--Jiangyin",坐吧Have a seat.,-冷吗-还好,待会儿就热了It'll warm up soon.,这是我妈妈的It was my mother's.,她以前是个医生She was a doctor.,你先躺会儿吧You can lie down.,怎么了Anything wrong?,我在上海见过你I've seen you in Shanghai.,那我什么样子How did I look?,很美Very beautiful.,一定有很多人爱你There must be many who love you.,我也爱很多人I love many too.,好 十吨鱼苗OK. Ten tons of baby fish.,那咱们就宜宾见了See you in Yibin.,按照协议 一手交货 一手尾款As agreed, balance on delivery.,高老板 拜托了Captain Gao, it's in your hands.,罗总Director Luo.,我们有个想法We were thinking.,您这批鱼These fish of yours...,也不知道是什么鱼We don't know what kind they are,,当然我们也不想知道and we don't really want to know.,不过从操作上看But the way you're handling things,好像有些 风险seems sort of... risky.,高老板的意思是想要点儿So you want something...,风险抵押金 是吧like a risk premium?,我们的船小Our boat's all we have.,有些风险 承受不了We could lose everything.,高老板订协议时不提You should've said before.,-现在货装好了提这个是不是有点儿-罗总 您应该知道,有些风险 是不能写在协议里的some risks can't be put in a contract.,要靠我们之间的担当We have to share the risk.,好OK.,有担当I'll take you at your word.,那高老板你觉得这个担当值多少Well Captain, what's it worth?,三个点Thirty percent more.,这 这些都好商量啊 罗总We can discuss it, Director Luo.,预付Up front.,"The hatred between buyer and seller of fish.","They embrace.","The struggle of all against all.","--Nanjing",可是我看得见他们的善良But I can see their kindness.,那么小So small,,但是那么美and yet so beautiful.,告诉我Tell me,,未来是什么样的how does the future look?,告诉我Tell me,,我就不用再活一遍了so I don't have to endure it again.,安陆An Lu!,荻港"Digang",上海"- Shanghai",江阴"- Jangyin",南京"- Nanjing",荻港"- Digang".
    "I detest hard, cruel faith.","The picturesque Yangtze","and all certain love.","--Digang",-师父-要请佛珠吗,我想问您三个问题I have three questions.,我也只能回答三个Three is all I will answer.,第一个问题First one:,什么是罪What is sin?,阿弥陀佛Buddha be praised.,我觉得活着就是罪I think just living is a sin.,因为只要你活着Living means,就要跟别人争夺生存的空间和资源competing for space and objects.,对吗Right?,不对 佛说No. Buddha says,,恒河沙数空间有无限大,不需要争夺No need to compete.,活着是一种福报To live is a fortune...,-唉-空间不是无限大吗,-阿弥陀佛- Buddha be praised.,第二个问题Second question:,有没有可能一个罪人 却有着高贵的信仰Can a sinner practice pure faith?,可能Yes.,-放下屠刀立地-手握屠刀就不能成佛吗,能You can.,第三个问题Third question:,你能展现神迹吗Can you perform miracles?,如果你能让这塔内下起雪If you make it snow in this pagoda,,我就信佛then I believe in Buddha.,我不能I can't.,佛能吗Can Buddha?,能He can.,但神迹并不重要But miracles are not important.,神迹改变不了因果 也改变不了Miracles don't change karma and don't...,不能No.,佛也不能展现神迹Even Buddha can't perform miracles.,-阿弥陀佛-阿弥陀佛也不能,因为神迹是信仰的死敌Because miracles are the arch enemies of death.,如果神迹是信仰的前提If faith depends on miracles...,那种无需外部证明The mystic and the exalted,纯粹从内心迸发的that need no outer proof,,属于人的神秘和伟大but burst from the inner heart,那种不可思议的尊严和勇敢in reverence and courage,,就完全失去了意义would be quite meaningless.,看见诸神显现To see the deities reveal themselves,,看见飞龙在天to behold the dragon in the sky,看见三维世界物理定律彻底地崩溃然后开始信仰,不嫌太迟了吗Wouldn't that be too late?,因为那个时候你不信也信了By then, even non-believers will believe.,所以信仰只在严酷的时刻Faith only reveals itself in hardship,,在没有神迹的时刻呈现It only reveals itself when miracle doesn't.,或者说信仰本身就是个神迹Or faith itself is the miracle.,它不需要其他任何的神迹来证明自己It needs no other miracles as proof.,信仰是对无常Faith is,对不确定性的完全的无惧地接受the fearless acceptance of uncertainty.,所以Hence...,罪就是冷漠sin is indifference.,罪 就是没有信仰Sin is faithlessness.,师父Master.,师父Master.,-要请佛珠吗-我想问您点事情,最多三个问题Three questions. No more.,刚才是不是您跟一个女孩在这儿辩难Was a girl here just now, consulting you?,是Yes.,那这个女孩现在去哪了Where'd she go?,-不知道-这个不算,我想请教您Please tell me,,为什么刚才我听到你们的声音是从上面传下来的,这座塔就是这样That's how the pagoda works.,除了顶层Wherever you are,,无论你在哪儿说话except on the top floor,,声音都像是从上面传下来the sound seems to come from above.,这叫“如是我闻”We call this "Thus I heard Buddha say".,你知道我心脏什么颜色吗Do you know what's the color of my heart?,是粉红色的It's pink,,不是所有人心脏都是粉红色的not everyone has the pink heart.,谁在乎你的心灵美不美Who cares if your soul is beautiful?,我在乎的是肉好吃不好吃I only care if the meat is tasty.,这么聊有意思吗What's the point of just chatting?,也见不着面You can't even see each other.,当然有意思了 见面才没意思呢It's fun. It's more fun than meeting.,这怎么说What do you mean?,你想啊 用这东西Look. This way,她说一句话我有足够时间想怎么回答她I have time to think of what to say.,而见面的话她说完我马上就得回Otherwise I'd have to answer at once.,万一回不好怎么办And if I'm no good at that?,高兴了呢 就她一句我一句的If I like her, I keep the chat going.,不高兴了 她说了我不回不就得了If I don't, I just let it drop.,多方便呢Easy.,你想什么呢 真讨厌What did you say? You're disgusting.,那要是你高兴了What if you like her,,人家不理你了呢but she doesn't respond?,再换一个呗Then I try another one.,我这有一百多号人呢I have over a hundred contacts.,总有高兴的 召之即来There's always someone. I only need to call.,-我说的不是那个肉-广德,-是那个肉 明白吗-交钱,祥叔Uncle Xiang,,-没事儿吧-没事儿- are you all right?,比你爸我差远了你看看Your dad was much better at this.,准备出发了Get ready to set sail.,-到铜陵再让姐妹俩歇一下吧-好......