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办公室圣诞派对 Office Christmas Party中英字幕

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电影:办公室圣诞派对(Office Christmas Party)




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 开玩笑吧Are you kidding me?,哦,乔希,抱歉我来晚了 Oh, Josh! Sorry I'm late.,没关系That's all right.,办公室圣诞早餐Office holiday breakfast.,你们早上10点半就开派对You guys have parties at 10:30 in the morning?,这样不但责任Less liability.,显然,大家不要在中午前喝醉Apparently, people don't get drunk before noon.,恩 都是胡说的- Mmm.,但是合伙人要求我们在这,所以But the partners want us there, so...,没问题Sure.,总之,经过一年的谈判,你的离婚官司总算结束了Anyways, after a year of negotiation,your divorce is finalised.,这是确认过的条款These are the terms we agreed to.,很抱歉,你要付赡养费,房产The alimony, the house. Sorry.,不用担心,不就是钱嘛Don't worry about it.It's only money.,全都是为了钱It is only all of the money.,就当我是圣诞节大酬宾了But it's the season for giving, right?,我明白你的感受I know how you feel.,是吗 我不知道你也离婚了Oh, yeah? I didn't know you were divorced.,我可没有,那对我是可是毁灭性的 Oh, God, no.That'd be crushing.,恩,但是我懂的- Hmm.,这就像是On one level, it must seem like, uh,,我放弃了我人生中最大的一部分的"I'm signing away a huge chunk of my life,永远也无法回头了"that I'm never getting back.",恩Mmm-hmm.,就这样 没有其它的That's it? No other level?,没了 在这里签字- No, that's it. Uh, initials.,嗨,还有更美好的事情在等着你那Hey. There are good things ahead for you, okay?,是的,拥抱下- Yeah. Oh.,谢谢你 伙计 圣诞快乐- Thank you. Thanks, buddy.,这是什么 最后的账单费用- Hey, what's this?,是吗 还有一个圣诞卡- Is it?,我妻子让我和孩子们一起拍的换装照片The wife had me and the kids dress up,搞得像是单向乐队成员,很有趣Iike members of One Direction.,效果不错Mmm. Dynamite.,39,你应该告诉爸爸Well, you should tell Dad,她不会来过圣诞了that she is not coming over for Christmas.,为什么 因为我们已经离婚了Why?,妈妈 不要担心Well... Oh, Mum,don't worry about that.,我还是会快乐的I'm still gonna be fun.,我依旧是那个快乐的乔希叔叔I'm still gonna be fun Uncle Josh, you know?,好的,不用做那个了Well, without doing that.,不,用不上在阁楼的圣诞老人装束了No, you can leave the Santa suit in the attic.,因为我已经成年了Why? Because I'm an adult,穿上那衣服装圣诞老人太尴尬了and dressing up as Santa Claus would be embarrassing.,嗨,除非,你是为了做慈善用Hi. Unless, you know, you're doing it for charity.,那Then it's... Then it's, um...,对不起Sorry.,告诉父亲我爱Tell Dad that I love... Oh!,好运That's lucky.,刷五美元行吗Just put me down for five bucks, okay?,别挂Hanging up, Mum.,,嗨,凯拉,早上好Hey, Carla, good morning.,那边有什么好东西值得看You see something over there?What do you got?,我觉得那家星巴克I think that Starbucks,- attracts a bad element, Josh.- Oh, yeah.,看着吧,只要给我权利Listen.Give me the green light...,我就会让它关门- Mmm-hmm.,我喜欢这个创意,很棒Oh, I love that initiative.It's awesome.,你能快点登记让我进去吗Could you sign me in real quick, please?,我希望可以,但是现在你只要能过闸机就行了I wish I could, but they got us sending you through these machines now.,这样我不用一直坐着了Gonna replace my ass, matter of time.,不会吧That's never gonna happen.,这些机器没你可爱 凯拉These machines don't have your smile, Carla.,- Make that money!,72,玛丽,你怎么总是在这个时间点出现Mary!How do you always just appear?,你就像个弹出式广告You're like a human pop-up ad.,你看了我最新的关于适当的工作着装的工作备忘录吗Did you read my latest memo on appropriate work dress?,基本看过,要严格执行Uh, almost done.Don't ruin the end.,有些人可没看,就是梅根Well, some people didn't.And those people are Meghan.,没人听人事经理的Nobody listens to H.R.,嗨,梅根Hey, Meghan?,我想我已经声明过了I thought that I have been clear about,关于衬衣上能有几颗纽扣可以解开the number of buttons that can be unbuttoned on a shirt.,你是认真的吗,现在是冬季- You were serious about that?,我们可以不用这么暴露吗put Dancer and Prancer back in their stable?,你现在是对她进行人身攻击吗Are you body-shaming her right now?,办公室其他人Some people here,或许会觉得你的服装有挑逗性might find your outfit offensive.,好吧,有人觉得你的服装也有问题Well, some people might find your outfit offensive.,而且让人十分疑惑And really confusing.,我觉得我没问题Oh, I thought it was clear.,这是件教派的假日毛衣This is a multi-denominational holiday sweater.,上面有圣诞标志It has Christmas,,还有光明节,宽扎节Hanukkah, Kwanzaa,,佛教启蒙的日子the Buddhist day of enlightenment,,还有节礼日,所有都包括了and Boxing Day on it. Everyone's included!,都包括了吗Is everyone included?,上面怎么没有撒旦What about, um, what about something for the Satanists?,杰瑞米 拜托 我赞赏你刚才说的话Jeremy, come on. I... I admire the stand that you're taking,,但是让我们计划下工作日后的抗议集会好吗but let's schedule the protest rally for after the workday, shall we?,玛丽,就先这样吧And, Mary, let's let it slide.,谢谢Thank you.,早上好 各位Good morning, everybody.,你不能让我们所有人都沉默You can't silence us all.,我知道你啥原因休病假了I know why you took a medical leave..
    她太漂亮了把她带出去有点不安全 It's hard for me to bring her out in public because she's so beautiful.,嗨,伙计们Hey, guys.,人们把模特们都看的难以平易近人People put models on this crazy pedestal, but,但是我想贝嘉爱上我的原因I think that's why, you know,Becca fell for me,,就是我对她就像一个平常一样because I just treat her Iike a normal person.,好样的 你会邀请 Good for you, man.Hey, so, um, are you gonna be,你的假女友来参加圣诞派对吗inviting your fake girlfriend to the holiday party later?,你得确保有时间I mean, I just want to make sure you have time,先给你的假女友充气- to inflate her.,贝卡是真实的Okay, Becca's real.,我们不准备把工作与娱乐混为一体And we're not gonna mix business with pleasure.,听起来他没有邀请她Sounds like he didn't invite her, dude.,上帝,你真的没有Oh, my God, did you not...,我希望你的假女友没有生气Oh, no! I mean, I hope she's not imaginary pissed.,否则你的假女友不帮你口活了You won't get any moreimaginary blow jobs.,对吗- Right?,蒂姆,德鲁Tim. Drew.,嗨,离圣诞节没几天了Hey, it's a couple days before Christmas.,在放假前我们还是保持正常的工作状态行吗Let's just try to keep it positive till then, okay?,我们都很阳光向上- We're totally positive.,只有他一脑子的浆糊Totally positive that he is full of shit.,嗨- Hey...,纳特你要亲自带她来You bring it on yourself, Nate.,我有女朋友的You know, I do have a girlfriend.,我明白I know.,她是真实存在的She's a human woman, and we've done it.,或许工作期间还是不要过多讨论她Maybe just don't talk about her so much at work.,这只会让那些家伙妒忌你It's just gonna make those guys jealous.,你知道,你不仅是他们的领导,而且你还有个辣妹女友You know, not only are you their boss,but you also have a hot girlfriend.,你明白了- You know?,太完美了,我都恨你 是啊- It's too much. I hate you.- Yeah.,一天愉快 你也是- Have a good day.- You, too!,你能相信公司又提高了自动售卖机商品的价格吗Can you believe corporate raised the price in the vending machine again?,姜汁汽水要2美元了$2 for ginger ale?,他们这是要小刀切肉啊They're trying to crush us like ants!,这间办公室有太多的负能量No, there's a lot of bad energy in this office.,这他妈的怎么回事 乔希Yo, Josh, what the fuck?,这他妈的怎么回事 崔西What the fuck, Tracey?,你换了安全码没告诉我You changed the security code without telling me?,对,我很敏感不喜欢被人偷学Yeah, I'm working on sensitive shit,and I don't want prying eyes.,我会偷学吗 我可是你的主管I'm prying eyes?,首席技术官 系统工程师Chief technical officer,Iead systems engineer.,好吧,我还是唯一能黑进安全频道的人Yeah, well, I'm the only one who knows how to hack the security panel, so,所以,你没我厉害suck my dick.,说的好Nice. Okay.,你现在正做什么工作What are you working on?,哦,这个解释起来太复杂了Oh, it's too complicated to explain.,那是什么,双动压缩机的子程序What is that, subroutine for duplex compression?,别告诉我我说对了Don't tell me that's what I think it is.,这可是未来的尖端技术This is the future of Zenotek.,嗨,我们应该把它定位在数字城市那里Hey, we should pitch this to Data City!,那可是个理念That's a theory.,你想让公司使用这个理念吗You want to peg the company to a theory?,伙计,你过去经常会被这种创意所振奋Man, you used to get excited by big ideas.,可你现在不会了 只会一遍遍的重复询问同一件事Now you just bunt, and ask for the same thing over and over.,我必须试下I swing for the fences.,我要让他们接受这个理念And I'm going to change the fucking game.,好吧,我需要数字城市的具体参数Okay. I need the specs for the Data City pitch, please.,已经好了Already done. Here.,够快的Great. That was fast.,谢谢,不客气- Thank you.,你还好吗 还行- Hey, are you okay?,真的吗 你今天看起来有点奇怪 Really? Because you seem a little off today.You seem a little weird.,还行,哦我的天- Well...,今天是离婚的日子,是吗Today is the day, right? Hey!,恭喜你自由了Congratulations, you're free!,你应该去纹身再去买点紧身的牛仔裤You gonna get a back tattoo and some skinny jeans?,可惜资金有点紧张啊,但是Funds are a little tight,but... ,自由的感觉真是好It feels good to be free.,是啊Yeah.,谢谢你的数据All right. Thank you for this.,嗨,乔希 怎么 Hey, J.,我又给你准备了圣诞礼物了I got you for Secret Santa again.,我给你也准备了I know. I got you, too.,哦,亲爱的,太棒了,妈妈为你自豪Oh, sweetie, that is so great! so proud of you.,嗨,能让爸爸过来Hey, could you put your daddy back,接电话吗on the phone for a second?,嗨,奥尔森,他有空吗 去你妈的- Hey, Allison. Is he ready?,如果再让我知道一次你让你的脱衣服女友If I hear you let your stripper girlfriend,带我的孩子坐她的摩托put my children on her motorcycle one more time,我会让你再次失去女友的I will Gone Girl you so hard!,你可以进去了 好的,谢谢- You can go in.,不,不要试图出售 No, no, no.Don't try and sell this,这是双赢的局面as some win-win situation.,我不是第一次比赛,行吗This is not my first rodeo, okay?,是数字城市吗 不是- Is that Data City?,不 No.,瑞克,你到底想不想要交易了Rick, do you want this deal or not?,因为如果你需要他Because if you want him,,你就要为他付钱you're gonna have to pay for him.,现在差不多到了季后赛It's almost the playoffs,,可不是常规赛 not the second week of the regular season.,完美的选择Perfect.It's the right choice.,这个联赛里我是老大I am running a train on this league.,我不认为这意味着I... I don't think that that means,你想要什么意思what you want it to mean.,我愿意今天中午晚点I'd love to talk to you about the Data City pitch,,时候和你谈下数据城市部分for later on this afternoon?,好的,但首先我需要你的一些意见Yes, but first I want your opinion on something.,我们有危机了We've got kind of a crisis.,这是公司给每个人的This is what corporate wants us to give,圣诞礼物 就只有这了everyone for Christmas.Just this.......

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