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 过去永不消失,过去永不消失 甚至从未过去,威廉·福克纳,小艾 亲爱的Em? Darlin'?,走Get.,杀了我 杀了我Kill me. Kill me.,别担心 姑娘Now, don't you worry, girl.,我会宽恕你的I will accommodate you.,不No!,内,战前夕,我经常思考你有多忠诚I often ponder the depths of your loyalty.,证明我错了Prove me wrong.,说你叫什么 丫头Say your name, girl.,说你叫什么名字Say your name.,这么做不会让我感到愉快It brings me no joy to do this.,闭嘴Silence!,我叫你说话时你才能开口You will speak only when I instruct you to speak.,现在你归我管 我会驯服你的野蛮习性I am responsible for you now, and I will tame your savage ways.,-起来 快点 -不 不- Now, get up. Come on. - No, no!,说你叫什么 丫头Say your name, girl.,说啊Comply!,是你逼我的You've given me no choice.,麻烦你站起来Now, please stand up for me.,不 不不No, no, no!,不 不 不要No, no, no, no, no!,你的朋友们是被你害死的Your friends are dead because of you.,你心里清楚 对吧You know that, right?,你再试图逃走Try to escape again,,我就亲自把你拖进焚烧棚I'll drag you to the burn shed myself.,好了 我们再来一遍Now, let's try this again.,说你叫什么 丫头Say your name, girl.,伊登Eden.,伊登Eden.,语气要自豪和坚定Say your name with pride and conviction!,伊登 我叫伊登Eden. My name is Eden.,很好 伊登 非常好That's good, Eden. Real good.,你会没事的 还有Everything will be all right now, and, uh,,别哭了you can stop that cryin'.,明天我也许可以赶回来吃晚饭Maybe I can get away for supper tomorrow.,你可以煮鸡肉给我们吃You can make us a chicken.,六周后,你们似乎很容易分心Y'all seem easily distracted.,不如打破这种单调 帮你们集中注意力Why don't we break up this monotony and get y'all focused?,来 唱首歌听听Go on, sing us somethin'.,唱首黑人老调子吧Perhaps one of those old negro tunes.,我们得抓紧 这些人都疯了We need to move. These fuckers is crazy.,下次我可不会这么仁慈Next time, I won't be so generous.,都给我继续干活Back to work. All of you!,让南方军胜利的炮声给你们的劳动带来欢乐Let the sound of Confederate victory bring joy to your labor.,牛奶 鸡肉Milk, chicken.,我们必须再试一次We must try again.,-下来 下来 -快下车- Get down. Get down! - Get off there. Come on.,-快下车 -动作快点 快滚- Get off the wagon. - Move! Get out of here!,看什么看 站成一排 快点What you lookin' at? Line up. Come on!,快啊Hurry!,站成一排 过来这边Line up! Get over there.,伊登Eden!,给我过来 丫头Get your ass down here, girl!,站开一点 转身Separate yourself. Turn.,瞧她的头发Look at her hair.,真是个美人Quite a beauty.,要给她起名字吗 孩子Shall we name her, child?,就叫她茱莉娅吧Let's name her Julia.,你听到了吗You hear that?,这是劳动者的双手Those are worker hands.,你可以走了You're dismissed.,好了Well,,欢迎你们回家welcome home, one and all.,都给我听好了Now, listen up! All of you.,这里是一个改良种植园This here is a reformer plantation,被十三州南方联盟军commandeered by the Ninth Infantry,第九步兵团征用of the Confederate Army of the 13 States.,不管你们之前在哪里Wherever you were before,,是否曾经有过些许自由whatever small freedoms you might have enjoyed,,现在我告诉你们 都结束了I'm here to tell you that's over.,我绝不容许下人顶嘴I don't tolerate any back talk whatsoever from inferiors.,事实上In fact,,在这个种植园里on this plantation,,你们得到允许才能开口说话you will only speak when given permission to do so.,那意味着That means,你们之间不准交谈absolutely no talking among yourselves,除非在场的白人unless one of the white folk on property...,准许你们这么做...gives you permission to do so.,如果你们偷偷交谈If you do...,我们会知道的We will know about it.,你们住的小屋在这边Over here, you will find your cabins.,监工也会吩咐你们You will also be given instructions by one of the overseers,每天的工作内容as to your daily duties,,你们应该乖乖听话which ought to be followed obediently,并且面带笑容and with a smile.,在这里 我们边干活边吹口哨Here, we whistle while we work.,对吧 伊莱Ain't that right, Eli?,升旗 下士Raise the flag, Corporal.,将军傍晚会回来The General will be home this evening.,解散吧You're dismissed.,走Get.,走啊 快点Go on. Walk, now..
    往前走 快走Get on. Let's go, move.,-这是要干什么 -别出声- What is this? - Quiet!,快走Go, now!,这么早就开始喝了You started early.,什么时候When?,多少...How many...,快进来Get in here.,你来自弗吉尼亚州 对吧You're from Virginia, right?,我来自北卡罗来纳州I'm from North Carolina.,听着 我做不到Look, I can't do this.,不管你要做什么Whatever you're doin',,我都做不到I can't do it.,听我说Listen to me.,无论你来这里前是哪里人Wherever you came from before here,,-你都得忘了你的家乡 -不- you need to forget about it. - Mmm-mmm.,那对我来说不可能That is not possible for me.,我们要做什么What are we doin'?,到底有什么计划What is the plan?,你以为我没尝试过吗You think I haven't tried?,我们必须谨慎选择时机We must choose our moment wisely.,但在那之前But until then,,我们保持低调 嘴巴闭牢we keep our heads down and our mouths shut.,你明白了吗Do you understand me?,我知道你I know you.,我也知道只有你能帮我逃出去And I know that you are my only way out of here.,我怀孕了I'm pregnant.,你给我听好I need you to listen to me.,你一定要保持沉默You have to keep quiet.,这些白人会杀了你的These white people will kill you.,你认为沉默就是坚强 对吗Oh, you think being quiet is being strong, huh?,这给我们带来过什么好处What has that ever gotten us?,你不是领导者You ain't no leader.,你只会说空话You're just a talker.,我说得对吗Ain't that right, huh?,你... You... ,你只是个懦弱的黑奴吗 有烙印 没骨气What, you just a coward nigger slave with a brand and no backbone?,血与土 血与土 血与土Blood and soil. Blood and soil. Blood and soil.,你们继续吧As you were.,首先First,,我想祝贺各位I want to congratulate you,在米利肯一役中战胜了北方军on our defeat of the Yanks at Milliken's.,这就是胜利的模样This is what victory looks like!,我们紧咬着那群北方佬We got those blue-bellied bastards on their heels,,华盛顿近在眼前Washington in our sights.,但我们绝不能松懈But we must never relent.,我们是诸神的后代We are descendants of the gods,必须带着同样无穷的勇气与气势战斗and we will fight with the same immeasurable courage and vigor.,我们不惧牺牲We will sacrifice our blood,只为捍卫故乡的土地and fertilize this soil of our homeland.,这是我们保住传统This is the only hope we have,保持生活方式的唯一希望of retaining our heritage, our way of life.,这片土地从来都属于我们This land was always ours.,理应由我们继承It is our rightful inheritance.,各位放心 我们的民族主义国家And, rest assured, our nationalist state,绝不会被这些叛国贼偷走will not be stolen from us by these traitors to America.,我对此有信心 因为我对你们有信心I have faith in this because I have faith in you.,你们就是未来You all are the future.,你们And it is you,也将带领我们走向最终胜利who will lead us all to the ultimate victory.,但今晚 让我们暂且放下烦恼But for tonight, let us put away our troubles.,痛快畅饮 这是你们所有人应得的Drink and be merry. You've earned it. All of you.,还有And, by the way,,这些蓝宝石美人会满足你们所有的需求these sapphires are here to fulfill your every need,,无论是哪方面的需求whatever those needs may be.,信念 家庭 同胞Faith! Family! Folk!,信念 家庭 同胞Faith! Family! Folk!,你们继续As you were.,你看中哪个黑人女孩So, which one of these girls do you like?,-什么 -你看中哪个黑人女孩- What? - Which one of these girls do you like?,美人Hey, angel.,对 就是你Yeah, you.,过来 我不咬人的Come here. I don't bite.,过来吧Come on.,我这位哥们刚跟我说 他觉得你很美My compadre here was just telling me he thinks you're real pretty.,别这样 兄弟No, man. no.,怎么 你觉得她不美吗What, you don't think she's pretty?,没有 我的意思是...No, I mean...,我当然觉得她很美Yeah, of course I do.,那不就得了 她反正是不会拒绝的Well, then. She ain't gonna say no,跟她聊聊Talk to her.,这里你说了算You're in charge here.,我...I, um...,我...Well, I...,我看不下去了Oh, just... fuck's sake.,他会在晚餐结束后He will meet you at your cabin immediately,立刻去你的小屋找你following dinner service.,你可以先走了You're dismissed as of this moment.,去为你的下士做准备吧Now, go and prepare for your corporal.,你该说什么What's that, girl?,是Yes,,长官sir.,这才像话That's more like it.,快去吧Go on, now. Go.,你好好享受 好吗Well, you enjoy, all right?,我要到后面的鞭刑柱那儿了I'm going around back to the whipping post.,我能说话吗If I may?,我还不知道你叫什么I never got your name.,丹尼尔Daniel.,我叫丹尼尔It's Daniel.,谢谢你 丹尼尔Well, thank you, Daniel.,之前的事For earlier.,你说你觉得我很美You said that I was pretty.......