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神弃之地(The Devil All the Time)英文字幕

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 Now, if you asked most people where Knockemstiff, Ohio,or Coal Creek, West Virginia were,,they probably couldn't point 'em out to you on a map.,But I guarantee, they'd be there all the same.,How and why so many people,from those two piddlin' places on that map,could end up connected has a lot to do with our story.,Some would claim it was just dumb luck,,while others might swear it was God's intention.,But I'd say with the way things turned out,,it was a little bit of both.,In 1957, it'd take someone approximately ten hours,to drive from Coal Creek to a paper mill town,in southern Ohio called Meade.,Once you got to Meade, Knockemstiff was only a short drive away.,Four hundred or so people lived in Knockemstiff in 1957,,nearly all of them connected by blood,to one godforsaken calamity or another,,be it lust or necessity or just plain ignorance.,The Russells had rented the house on top,of the Mitchell flats for nine years now.,But most of the neighbors down below,still considered them outsiders.,Hey, Dad.,You're coming with me today, boy.,Years ago, Willard had fitted together,a weathered cross above a fallen tree,in a small clearing behind his house.,He came every morning and evening to talk to God.,It seemed to his son that his father fought the Devil all the time.,Now, you pray on...,what happened today.,Now, remember, be honest.,No bullshittin', he'll know.,When he prayed,,his mind would often drift back to the war in the South Pacific,and the day that he and a couple of other soldiers,came across the body of Gunnery Sergeant Miller Jones.,Holy shit.,Fuck.,What's it say?,Miller Jones.,Fuck!,We gotta do something. The Japs just left him up there.,Next stop, Meade, Ohio.,- Please. - Thank you.,Right before Willard fell in love,,the man whose seat he took would also meet his match.,- I'm so sorry. I forgot my damn keys. - It's okay, honey.,It's okay. Guy by the window counter.,So, what'll you be having?,Ham and cheese.,Ham and cheese.,- Okay. - You're a little green on the job.,That obvious, huh?,My brother just got me the job, so...,Ham and cheese.,You take pictures?,In the years to come, Carl would call Sandy "the bait,",and she'd called him "the shooter.",Only when I find a smile pretty enough to photograph, that is.,Both called their victims "the models.",I'll have to think about it.,What can I get ya?,Meatloaf is the blue plate special.,Just coffee and a doughnut.,Thank you.,- Looks really fine. - No!,No, no, no!,- Get out. I told you last time. - Come on, now.,Next time, the cops will drag you out.,- Excuse me. - Fucking hate him!,I'm just gonna take my break outside.,All right.,All right!,Thank you. God bless you.,Did you need anything else?,No, I'm fine.,That was nice, what you did.,Some people just need a little help once in a while.,You know what I mean?,You back home from the war?,Nah, I'm just passing through.,On my way to West Virginia.,My people are from Coal Creek.,That's too bad.,You have a nice face.,It's nice to meet you.,It's nice to meet you, too.,Is it true the Japs ate their own dead?,- Where'd you hear that? - Read it in the paper.,Lord, that's good stuff.,- I got three more in my kit. - Yeah?,Yep. And I've got something else for you, Uncle Earskell.,Now, this here is supposed to be the gun,that Hitler used to blow his brains out.,You still got the bullshit in you, ain't you?,- You think that guy lied to me? - Yeah..
    That is a nice gift, though.,- Yeah. - Thank you.,It's German.,That's a Luger.,Oh, come here!,Oh, Lord, I was so worried.,It wasn't that bad.,It wasn't that bad, Mama.,I would ask you to get down and thank Jesus with me,,but I can smell the liquor on your breath.,I know.,I felt the need to celebrate.,I'm in love.,What's this girl's name?,Well, I ain't never got her name.,Earskell.,You ain't got her name?,I left her a dollar tip, though.,A what?,For a cup of coffee?,Well, she won't forget that.,I know you like this waitress.,Oh, but there's a...,A girl from church I want you to meet.,I don't wanna go to church, Mama.,You get some rest. You'll feel better in the morning.,Though he couldn't look at a cross,without thinking of Miller Jones,,he never told anyone about the crucified Marine.,- Welcome. - Willard.,Willard, I've asked Helen to sit with us. Go on, Helen.,- Nice to meet you. - Hi, how are you?,Willard just got back, Helen.,- You... - Welcome home.,It's been four days.,Willard didn't know that Emma had promised God,that in exchange for bringing him home safe,,she'd make sure he married Helen Hatton.,The girl's family burned up in a house fire,leaving the poor thing all alone.,Good gracious.,It's hot, ain't it?,- Amen. - It's bound to get hotter.,Right now, we got two boys from over in Topperville,- gonna lead the service today. - All right.,And from what folks tell me, they got a right good message.,So, let's bring 'em up. Boys, come on up here.,Let's make 'em feel welcome.,- Welcome, boys. - Welcome.,See that one in the wheelchair?,Drank too much strychnine or antifreeze,,or something is why he can't walk.,So good to see you. Thank you for coming.,Testing their fate, they call it.,It's going too far, the way I see it.,Thank you, Reverend.,My name is Roy Laferty,,and this here is my cousin, Theodore.,Now, the Holy Ghost is going to visit this little church,that bears his sacred name!,? Are you washed ?,? In the blood ?,? In the soul-cleansing blood of the Lamb? ?,? Are your garments spotless? ?,? Are they white as snow? ?,? Are you washed ?,? In the blood of the Lamb? ?,? Have you been to Jesus ?,? For His cleansing power? ?,? Are you washed In the blood of the Lamb? ?,? Are you trusting in his Grace this hour ?,? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? ?,Come on, Theodore!,What is it you're most afraid of?,Because if your worst fear is rats, well..,Satan'll make sure you get your fill of them.,- That's right, tell 'em, boy. - Brothers and sisters...,you'll see them,,eating away at you whilst you lay there,unable to lift a single finger.,And it won't ever cease.,A million years,in eternity.,Now, don't even try and figure that up.,Come on, Lord.,Ain't no human head big enough to calculate misery like that!,Yeah?,And really, brothers and sisters,,ain't no man ever been evil enough,,- not even that Hitler fella... - That's right.,Come up with the ways Satan's gonna make them sinners pay,- come the Judgment Day! - Yeah!,Yes, that's right, my friends!,Yes, sir! Praise the Lord!,Amen.,Let me tell you something, friends.,Before I found the Holy Ghost...,I was scared plumb to death of spiders.,Ain't that right, Theodore?,I was a runt,,hiding under my mother's long skirts,,spiders crawling through my dreams.........

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