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 如果你问俄亥俄州的诺肯史提Now, if you asked most people where Knockemstiff, Ohio,或西佛吉尼亚州的煤炭溪在哪里or Coal Creek, West Virginia were,,大多数人都没法在地图上指出它们的确切位置they probably couldn't point 'em out to you on a map.,俄亥俄州 西佛吉尼亚州,但我打包票 它们该在哪还在哪儿 分毫不差But I guarantee, they'd be there all the same.,地图上两个无名之地的人们How and why so many people,是为何与彼此纠缠在了一起from those two piddlin' places on that map,这跟我们要讲的故事有很大关系could end up connected has a lot to do with our story.,有人会说这是运气Some would claim it was just dumb luck,,有人会发誓这是上帝的旨意while others might swear it was God's intention.,煤炭溪,但根据事情的结局来看But I'd say with the way things turned out,,我会说两者皆有it was a little bit of both.,1957年 从煤炭溪开车In 1957, it'd take someone approximately ten hours,到俄亥俄州南部的造纸小镇米德to drive from Coal Creek to a paper mill town,差不多要十个小时in southern Ohio called Meade.,米德,到了米德 离诺肯史提就不远了Once you got to Meade, Knockemstiff was only a short drive away.,米诺肯史提,1957年 诺肯史提的常住人口在400人左右Four hundred or so people lived in Knockemstiff in 1957,,杂货店,他们基本上都因为某种倒霉的不幸nearly all of them connected by blood,被血缘紧紧联系在一起to one godforsaken calamity or another,,不论那是淫欲 不得已 还是纯粹的无知be it lust or necessity or just plain ignorance.,罗素一家已经在米歇尔平地的The Russells had rented the house on top,山顶上租房住了九年of the Mitchell flats for nine years now.,但大多数山下的邻居But most of the neighbors down below,仍然认为他们是外来人still considered them outsiders.,爸爸Hey, Dad.,你今天跟我一起去 小子You're coming with me today, boy.,多年前 威拉德在他屋后空地里Years ago, Willard had fitted together,一棵倒下的树上a weathered cross above a fallen tree,立了一个饱经风霜的十字架in a small clearing behind his house.,他每天晨昏都来向上帝祷告He came every morning and evening to talk to God.,他儿子觉得父亲一直在与恶魔作斗争It seemed to his son that his father fought the Devil all the time.,你要为今天Now, you pray on...,所发生的事祷告what happened today.,记住 要诚实Now, remember, be honest.,别说假话 祂都知道No bullshittin', he'll know.,他祷告的时候When he prayed,,思绪总会飘向南太平洋的那场战争his mind would often drift back to the war in the South Pacific,回到他跟另外几名士兵and the day that he and a couple of other soldiers,发现枪炮军士米勒·琼斯尸体的那天came across the body of Gunnery Sergeant Miller Jones.,十二年前 南太平洋 所罗门群岛,见鬼Holy shit.,妈的Fuck.,写的什么What's it say?,米勒·琼斯Miller Jones.,妈的Fuck!,我们得做点什么 小日本把他丢下不管We gotta do something. The Japs just left him up there.,下一站 俄亥俄州米德Next stop, Meade, Ohio.,-请 -谢谢- Please. - Thank you.,在威拉德坠入爱河之前Right before Willard fell in love,,给他让座的男人也会遇到挚爱the man whose seat he took would also meet his match.,-真抱歉 我忘了拿钥匙 -没关系 亲爱的- I'm so sorry. I forgot my damn keys. - It's okay, honey.,没关系 窗边吧台有顾客It's okay. Guy by the window counter.,你想吃点什么So, what'll you be having?,火腿芝士三明治Ham and cheese.,火腿芝士三明治Ham and cheese.,-好的 -你是新来的吧- Okay. - You're a little green on the job.,这么明显吗That obvious, huh?,我哥哥刚帮我介绍的工作My brother just got me the job, so...,火腿芝士三明治Ham and cheese.,你会拍照You take pictures?,未来很多年 卡尔会称桑迪为"诱饵"In the years to come, Carl would call Sandy "the bait,",而桑迪会称卡尔为"射手"and she'd called him "the shooter.",只有在我发现足够美丽的笑容时才拍Only when I find a smile pretty enough to photograph, that is.,他们都称被害者为"模特"Both called their victims "the models.",我得考虑一下I'll have to think about it.,想来点什么What can I get ya?,今天的特价套餐是烘肉卷Meatloaf is the blue plate special.,咖啡和甜甜圈就好Just coffee and a doughnut.,谢谢Thank you.,-看起来很棒 -不行- Looks really fine. - No!,不行No, no, no!,-出去 我上次就说了 -别这样- Get out. I told you last time. - Come on, now.,下次我就叫警察把你拖出去Next time, the cops will drag you out.,-不好意思 -这人烦死了- Excuse me. - Fucking hate him!,我去外面休息一下I'm just gonna take my break outside.,好了All right.,好了All right!,谢谢 上帝保佑你Thank you. God bless you.,还有别的需要吗Did you need anything else?,没有 不用No, I'm fine.,你做了一件好心事That was nice, what you did.,有些人只是偶尔需要一点帮助Some people just need a little help once in a while.,你明白我的意思吗You know what I mean?,你是从战场回镇上的You back home from the war?,不 我只是路过这里Nah, I'm just passing through.,要去西佛吉尼亚州On my way to West Virginia.,我家住在煤炭溪My people are from Coal Creek.,真遗憾That's too bad.,你长得还不错You have a nice face.,很高兴认识你It's nice to meet you.,我也很高兴认识你It's nice to meet you, too.,小日本真的会吃同伴的尸体吗Is it true the Japs ate their own dead?,-你从哪听来的 -报纸上说的- Where'd you hear that? - Read it in the paper.,天呐 这真是好酒Lord, that's good stuff..
    -我包里还有三瓶 -是吗- I got three more in my kit. - Yeah?,是的 我还有别的东西要给你 厄斯克叔叔Yep. And I've got something else for you, Uncle Earskell.,据说这把枪Now, this here is supposed to be the gun,就是希特勒用来自杀的那把that Hitler used to blow his brains out.,你还是那么喜欢胡扯 是吧You still got the bullshit in you, ain't you?,-你是说我被骗了吗 -对- You think that guy lied to me? - Yeah.,不过这礼物真不错That is a nice gift, though.,-是吗 -谢谢你- Yeah. - Thank you.,这是德国枪It's German.,鲁格手枪That's a Luger.,快过来Oh, come here!,天呐 担心死我了Oh, Lord, I was so worried.,也没那么糟It wasn't that bad.,也没那么糟 妈妈It wasn't that bad, Mama.,我本想叫你跟我一起跪下感谢耶稣I would ask you to get down and thank Jesus with me,,但我闻到你满嘴酒味but I can smell the liquor on your breath.,我知道I know.,我觉得有必要庆祝一下I felt the need to celebrate.,我恋爱了I'm in love.,那女孩叫什么What's this girl's name?,我没问她的名字Well, I ain't never got her name.,厄斯克Earskell.,你没问她的名字You ain't got her name?,但我给她留了一美元小费I left her a dollar tip, though.,留了啥A what?,一杯咖啡就给一美元小费For a cup of coffee?,这她肯定忘不了Well, she won't forget that.,我知道你喜欢那个服务员I know you like this waitress.,不过...Oh, but there's a...,我想让你见一个教堂里认识的姑娘A girl from church I want you to meet.,我不想去教堂 妈妈I don't wanna go to church, Mama.,你先休息吧 明早就好了You get some rest. You'll feel better in the morning.,虽然他做不到在看十字架时Though he couldn't look at a cross,不想着米勒·琼斯without thinking of Miller Jones,,但他没跟任何人提过那被钉在十字架上的陆战队员he never told anyone about the crucified Marine.,-欢迎 -威拉德- Welcome. - Willard.,威拉德 我邀请了海伦跟我们一起坐 去吧 海伦Willard, I've asked Helen to sit with us. Go on, Helen.,-你好 -你好- Nice to meet you. - Hi, how are you?,威拉德刚回镇上 海伦Willard just got back, Helen.,-你... -欢迎回来- You... - Welcome home.,已经四天了It's been four days.,威拉德并不知道艾玛已经向上帝保证Willard didn't know that Emma had promised God,为了换取他平安归家that in exchange for bringing him home safe,,她会确保他娶海伦·哈顿she'd make sure he married Helen Hatton.,这姑娘的家人在一场住宅大火中丧生了The girl's family burned up in a house fire,留下可怜的姑娘孤身一人leaving the poor thing all alone.,我的天Good gracious.,热死了 是吧It's hot, ain't it?,-阿门 -还会更热的- Amen. - It's bound to get hotter.,有两个从托珀维尔过来的小伙子Right now, we got two boys from over in Topperville,-将主持今天的布道 -行吧- gonna lead the service today. - All right.,据乡亲们所说 他们会送来上好的福音And from what folks tell me, they got a right good message.,咱们请他们上来吧 小伙子们 上来吧So, let's bring 'em up. Boys, come on up here.,让他们感受一下咱们的欢迎Let's make 'em feel welcome.,-欢迎 小伙子 -欢迎- Welcome, boys. - Welcome.,看到那个坐轮椅的了吗See that one in the wheelchair?,他喝了太多的毒鼠药或抗凝剂之类的Drank too much strychnine or antifreeze,,所以才走不了路or something is why he can't walk.,很高兴见到你们 谢谢你们过来So good to see you. Thank you for coming.,他们管这叫试命Testing their fate, they call it.,我觉得做得太过了It's going too far, the way I see it.,谢谢 牧师Thank you, Reverend.,我叫罗伊·拉法蒂My name is Roy Laferty,,这是我表哥西奥多and this here is my cousin, Theodore.,圣灵将会造访这个Now, the Holy Ghost is going to visit this little church,以其神圣之名命名的小教堂that bears his sacred name!,? 你是否受洗 ?? Are you washed ?,? 在血中受洗 ?? In the blood ?,? 在净化灵魂的羊羔血中受洗 ?? In the soul-cleansing blood of the Lamb? ?,? 你的衣衫是否无瑕 ?? Are your garments spotless? ?,? 是否洁白如雪?? Are they white as snow? ?,? 你是否受洗 ?? Are you washed ?,? 在羊羔血中受洗 ?? In the blood of the Lamb? ?,? 你是否请求耶稣 ?? Have you been to Jesus ?,? 请祂施展净化神能 ?? For His cleansing power? ?,? 你是否在羊羔血中受洗 ?? Are you washed In the blood of the Lamb? ?,? 你是否信奉祂此刻的恩典 ?? Are you trusting in his Grace this hour ?,? 你是否在羊羔血中受洗 ?? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? ?,来啊 西奥多Come on, Theodore!,你最怕的是什么What is it you're most afraid of?,如果你最怕的是老鼠 那么...Because if your worst fear is rats, well..,撒旦将确保你收获无数老鼠Satan'll make sure you get your fill of them.,-没错 可不是嘛 -兄弟姐妹们- That's right, tell 'em, boy. - Brothers and sisters...,你们将眼睁睁地you'll see them,,看着它们向你们啃来 却只能躺在原地eating away at you whilst you lay there,无法移动一根手指unable to lift a single finger.,而且这永远不会终结And it won't ever cease.,一百万年A million years,直至永恒in eternity.,别妄想能把这事想清楚Now, don't even try and figure that up.,拜托 主啊Come on, Lord.,没有人类的大脑能把这种痛苦计算清楚Ain't no human head big enough to calculate misery like that!,对吧Yeah?,说真的 兄弟姐妹们And really, brothers and sisters,,没有人能比恶魔更邪恶ain't no man ever been evil enough,,-哪怕希特勒也比不上 -没错- not even that Hitler fella... - That's right.,没有人能想出末日来临时Come up with the ways Satan's gonna make them sinners pay,-撒旦惩罚罪人的手段 -没错- come the Judgment Day! - Yeah!,对 没错 我的朋友们Yes, that's right, my friends!,对 先生 赞美我主Yes, sir! Praise the Lord!,阿门Amen.,我来告诉你们 朋友们Let me tell you something, friends.......

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