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长夜危机(Survive the Night)中英字幕

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 长夜危机该死Shit.真想不到他会那样反抗I still can't believe he fucking fought back like that.想不到你竟然杀了他Can't believe you shot him.希望这样做值得Hope it was worth it.钱你验过了吗Did you check?多少钱 够吗How much is it? Is it enough?等等 我操Hold on a sec, damn it.这肯定比我们需要的还多 必须多Well, it's gotta be more than we need. Has to be.大概有2万Maybe about 20K.老比利肯定从中拿了抽成Old Billy Boy's definitely snakin' from the top.我说了 他活该I told you he had it coming.好吧Ah... All right.我们今晚必须得到边境We gotta get to the border tonight.明天早上有人发现尸体When they find that body in the morning,就该找我们了they're gonna come looking for us.直接去墨西哥Straight to Mexico.对Yeah.直接去墨西哥Straight to Mexico.你说我们的钱够买海滩房吗Think we'll have enough for that beach house?做你的梦吧Keep dreaming.你想想 那房子就在沙滩上Oh, come on. Something right on the sand.是啊 就在沙滩上Okay, right on it.我要学冲浪I gotta learn to surf.你有好多要学呢 兄弟You got a lot to learn, buddy.你出生 上学You're born, you go to school,工作 结婚get a job, get married,你应该按部就班地完成这些事and you're supposed to do one thing after the other.然后 你就能得到你想要的And in the end, you get what you want.你想让我说什么呢 里奇I don't know what you want me to say, Rich.人算不如天算Best laid plans and all that.谢谢你帮我在诊所找了个工作Well, thanks for getting me a job at the clinic.应该的Oh, of course.我知道那不是大城市的医院You know, I know it's not big city hospital.没那么好 但是It's not as exciting, but...它足够让你和简回到正轨it's enough to get you and Jan back on your feet.是Yeah.他放弃了整个职业生涯He threw away his entire career.因为一个错误就被打败了Took one mistake and let 'em beat him with it.简Jan...之前所有的努力都白费了All of that work for nothing.他甚至都没有争取一下He didn't even fight it.他这么做也是好意 即使他没有表现出来He meant well, even if he didn't show it right.好吧Yeah.从下周开始我要看生物书了I'm gonna start on Biology next week.教材还没到I'm just waiting on the textbooks.我不能让赖利落下太多课程I can't have Riley falling too far behind.那些只是东西 身外之物It's only things, stuff.你还可以买新的东西You can buy new stuff.新房子A new house.谢谢你让我们住在这里Thank you for letting us stay here.我们就暂住几个月Just a few more months.我家就是你家Our home is your home.美国破产法院 乔治亚州北区第七章诉状材料天啊 你真应该雇个律师弄这个 里奇Man, you really need a lawyer for this stuff, Rich.我雇不起律师Can't afford a lawyer.爸爸说什么了What does Dad have to say about that?他觉得这是人格侮辱He sees it as a personal insult.谢谢你 姐Mm. Thanks, sis.谢谢你的啤酒Hey, thanks for the beer.爸Hey, Pops.我想谢谢你Listen, I just wanted to thank you让我们住在这for letting us stay at your place.我还想告诉你And I wanted to let you know法律文书我已经都处理好了that I finished the last of the papers.所以So...你想让我说什么 里奇What do you want me to say, Rich?"恭喜你"吗"Congratulations"?你搞砸了You fucked up.你说得好像我有的选一样You act like I had a choice.我能怎么办What was I supposed to do?搞上法庭 拖上好几年Take it to court, drag it out for years?我不能让我的家人和我一起承受这些I couldn't put my family through that.假设我是你的一名患者Suppose I was one of your patients?-爸 别这样 -就是个假设- Oh, Dad, come on! - Just suppose.给我做缝合手术Just stitch me up.有一半的机会我能活下来There's a 50/50 chance that I'll pull through.你会怎么跟我说But what do you tell me?我会劝你争取I'd tell you to fight.对 是啊Yeah. Right.但并不是所有的事都争取得到But that is not always the answer, you know?有时候你要承认你输了Sometimes you gotta know when you've lost.我输了I lost.听起来像是一个习惯了失败的人说的话Spoken like someone who is just used to being a loser.真可笑 就是你的这个成功理论让你It's funny how your version of winning总是在前线工作 不顾家庭always has you at the front and your family somewhere else.我不会那样对我的家人I won't do that to mine.主菜来了And now, the piece de resistance.-正宗素食千层面 -我好饿啊- Authentic vegetarian lasagna. - I'm starving.-谢谢 -我从网上学的食谱- Oh, thank you. - I got the recipe off the internet.如果你觉得这是个大问题 你应该告诉我If it mattered to you so much, why didn't you say something?我说过了我们应该找律师I said we should have got a lawyer.弗兰克 没事的Frank, it's okay.别担心 赖利Don't worry, Riley.以前你爷爷和我也总是吵架Your granddaddy and I used to argue all the time.亲爱的 对吧Didn't we, honey?这些事都会过去的These things pass.过来 吃点东西吧Come here. Have something to eat.里奇 我爱你Rich, I love you,但是我需要知道你也在为此努力but I need to know that you're still in this,我不是一个人在承受这些that I am not doing this on my own.不 你不是Hey... Hey, you're not...当然不是You're not.因为如果是 也许我们应该分开Because if I am, then maybe I should be on my own.简Jan.外面太热了It's hot as balls out here.我想在午夜前赶到边境I wanna get to the state line by midnight.你去往二号加油枪交钱 行吗Put some money on two, all right?喂 你在干什么Hey... what are you doing?放轻松Hey, hey, hey, relax.钱撒得到处都是Jesus... Fucking money everywhere.-你疯了吗 -别紧张- Are you crazy? - Relax.-我不会跑路的 -天啊- It's not going anywhere. - Jesus.别忘了我的啤酒And don't forget my beer.疯子Idiot.找什么呢Lookin' for something?随便转转Just checking the merchandise.需要帮忙吗 伙计Everything okay with you, bud?是的 伙计Yeah... bud.你是格兰杰家的吗Hey, you one of the Granger boys?你谁啊Who's asking?我 我和你哥哥以前在一个学校I... I went to school with your brother.他是个好孩子He was a good kid.很抱歉发生了那样的事Uh, it's a shame what happened.-二号枪加油 -就要这些吗- Pump number two. - That... that all?对 有厕所吗Yeah, you got a shitter?出门往后走Out back.操Oh, fuck.-杰米 -待在那- Jamie! - Hey, stay there!待在那 从侧面夹击那个混蛋Stay there, and flank the bastard.-你在干什么 -我也不知道- What the hell are you doing? - I don't know, it was...就是一时冲动It was a spur of the moment kinda thing.我忍不住I couldn't pass it up.求求你 我有孩子Please! I have a baby!杰米 摄像头怎么办Jamie, what about the cameras?没事 摄像头没开Relax, they're not on.警察已经在路上了The cops are on the way!你个蠢货根本就没碰报警器Your dumb ass didn't get anywhere near that alarm!把你的枪扔掉 走出来Throw down your gun and come out!我们把你和女孩绑起来就走We'll tape you and the girl up, and we'll go!我们马上离开 你再也We'll get out of here. You'll never不会看到我们 我保证see us again. I give you my word.少他妈做梦了 人渣No fucking way, scumbags!好吧 别再纠缠了 混蛋All right, no more fucking around, asshole.现在就出来 要不我就杀了这个贱人Come out now, or I'm gonna kill this bitch.给你五秒钟You have five seconds!-5 -我有孩子 求你了- Five... - I have a baby! Please!杰米 不要Jamie, don't do this.-求你了 我不会告诉任何人 -4- Please. I won't tell anybody. - Four!我不会告诉任何人 求你 让我回家I won't tell anybody. Please, just let me go home.-3 -求你让我回家吧- Three! - Just let me go home, please.-2 快出来 混蛋 -我不会告诉任何人- Two! Come on, asshole. - I won't tell anybody.他不会杀她的He's not gonna do it.你想让她的孩子失去妈妈吗You want her kid growing up without a mom?杰米 求你了 不要Jamie, don't do this. Please.1One.杰米Jamie...王八蛋 我操你妈Sons of bitches! Motherfuckers!天哪 杰米 你干了什么Jesus Christ, Jamie! What'd you do?我不知道 我就是看到了收银机和现金I don't know. I just saw the register and the cash.-我想我们可以 -我是说那个女孩- I thought we could... - I meant the girl!妈的Goddamn!我没想搞成这样的I didn't mean for it to get all fucked up.我只是想拿点钱I just thought we could get the money.闭嘴Just shut up!操 该死Oh, fuck. Oh, shit.过来Come over here.该死 我好抱歉 我真的好抱歉Oh, shit, I'm so sorry. Oh, I'm so sorry.-拉我起来 -操- Help me up. - Oh, fuck.好 拉我起来Okay, help me up.你知道 鹌鹑狩猎季就要来了You know, quail season's coming.你想去打猎吗You wanna go hunting?我靠 当然想了Um, hell yeah.我是说 我想I mean, yes.我带你爸爸去打猎的时候他也就你这么大Your dad was your age when I took him.我记得I remember.我可以去吗 妈妈 求你了Can I go, Mom? Please?这就是有一个退休警长父亲的乐趣The joys of having a former sheriff as your father.我相信弗兰克可以照看好她I'm sure Frank will take good care of her.我可不保证她能射中Well, I can't promise she's gonna shoot straight.除非天赋可以隔代遗传Unless talent skips a generation.不好意思 我也没那么差Excuse me, I wasn't that bad.你知道的You know that.那是因为你跟最好的师傅学的Learned from the best.那倒是That's true.里奇 诊所打来的Rich, it's the clinic.爱丽丝说他们现在需要你Alice says they need you now.职责在身And duty calls.把青菜吃掉 赖利Eat your greens, Riley.我要死了 杰米 我他妈要死了I'm dying, Jamie. I'm fuckin' dying.别说这话No, don't even say it.那颗子弹 它只是That bullet, it just...它只是打中你的腿而已 它 它It just hit your leg. It's-it's...它肯定打中什么重要的部位了It must've hit something important.我们怎么办What do we do?我们逃得越远越好We gotta get as far away as possible.黎明以后才会有人发现商店出了事We have until dawn until they find the store.一旦有人发现 警察就会设置路障Once that happens, they're gonna set up roadblocks,......

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