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长路简史(The Short History of the Long Road)中文字幕

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电影:长路简史(The Short History of the Long Road)




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 慕尼黑 纳粹德国1938年11月9日,他们幸福的生活着And they lived happily...,-从此以后 -从此以后 - Ever after! - Ever after!,祷告 Shema Israel?,以色列示玛 以罗黑奴 以迦得Shema Israel,-阿门 -阿门- Amen. - Amen.,爱你Love you.,我也爱你 晚安Love you,-父亲 -嗯哼 - Father... - Mh-hm?,他们为什么恨我们Why do they hate us?,我觉得他们不恨我们I don't think they hate us.,希特勒只是把工人阶级的苦难Hitler is just blaming us for the suffering,归罪于我们of the working class,有些人选择相信他and some people choose to believe him.,但为什么But why?,这不是一个简单的答案It's not a simple answer...,但我可以告诉你...but I can tell you this..,经济越来越好了The economy is getting better.,很快他们就会不再关注谁应该为失败负责And soon they will stop focusing on who to blame,每个人都会关注for what didn't work,建设美好的未来on building a better future.,我们只需要继续贡献自己的一份力量给德国We just have to keep contributing our part,就像我们一直做的那样to Germany,现在睡觉吧Go to sleep now.,你明天要上学 你还年轻You have school tomorrow,不用担心这些事 嗯to worry about these things,-爱你 -我也爱你- Love you. - I love you,无声的抵抗- Love you. - I love you,纽伦堡 德国 1945年- Love you. - I love you,康格雷斯霍尔 前纳粹集会地- Love you. - I love you,立正Ten-hut!,巴顿将军General Patton.,晚上好 士兵们Good evening,晚上好 长官Good evening,稍息At ease!,如果我们把普遍接受的勇敢定义为If we take the generally accepted definition of bravery,一种无所畏惧的品质as a quality which knows no fear,我从未见过一个勇敢的人I have never seen a brave man.,所有人都害怕All men are frightened.,勇气只不过是Courage is no more than fear,多坚持一分钟的恐惧holding on a minute longer.,现在想象一下作为一个平民来打赢这场战争Now imagine fighting this war as a civilian.,想象一下不知道怎么开枪Imagine not knowing how to shoot a gun,向纳粹挑战拯救生命and challenging the Nazis to save lives.,我刚听到一个不可思议的故事I've just heard an incredible story.,我想和你们分享I'd like to share it with you.,因为这是Because it's a story,关于一个独一无二的人类的故事about one of those unique human beings,会让你们的牺牲that makes your sacrifices,还有你们的英雄主义and your heroism,完全值得completely worth it.,法国斯特拉斯堡 1938年11月14日completely worth it.,天哪 天哪Oh,天哪 父亲 见到你真是惊喜Oh,你怎么敢 How dare you?,你喜欢我的表演吗Did you like my show?,你是个穿的像希特勒一样的小丑You are a clown dressed like Hitler in a whorehouse..,爸爸 不是希特勒 是卓别林 是歌舞剧院Papa,我为我的困惑道歉Oh,父亲 我是个演员Father,-是啊 -是啊- Yeah. - Yeah.,我们明天得早点出发 我们回家吧 来吧We have to start early tomorrow.Let's go home. Go.,加伯太太来了 加伯太太来了Mrs. Garber is coming.Mrs. Garber is coming.,-你好 加伯太太 -你好- Hello,-艾玛怎么样 -她很好 谢谢- How is Emma? - She's good,你怎么老是问她How come you always ask about her?,事实上 我父亲想让我娶她Actually,-真的吗 -真的- Really? - Really.,是真的吗 查尔斯Is that true,她是犹太人吗Is she Jewish?,-我想是的 -那就不要了- I think so. - Then,为什么Why?,我不希望任何犹太女孩I wouldn't wish on any Jewish girl,嫁给这个没用的流浪汉 终身受辱the infinite disgrace of dealing for life with this useless bum,他想当小丑 有鬼魂的肌肉who wants to be a clown and has the muscles of a ghost.,嗯 大部分都是真的Well,艾玛是世界上唯一一个Emma is the only Jewish woman in the world,不想结婚的犹太女人who doesn't want to marry.,你不应该错过You shouldn't waste your time.,谢谢Thank you.,-我觉得这不管用 -不 我想有用- I don't think that worked. - No,-她现在觉得你是个流浪汉 - 不 不- She now thinks you are a bum. - No,根据弗洛伊德博士的说法 心理投射Psychological projection,-从没听说过他 -我知道- Never heard of him. - I know. Uh..,责备他人会导致一种"踢狗"的效果Blaming others can lead to a "kick the dog" effect,在等级制度中where individuals in a hierarchy,责备他们的下属blame their immediate subordinate,这种行为会沿着链条向下传播and this propagates down the chain,直到最底层until the lowest rung.,那是什么意思What does that even mean?,意思是如果屠夫认为你是个流浪汉It means if the butcher thinks you are a bum,你可能是个天才you are probably a genius.,-嗯哼 -是的- Mh-hm! - Yes.,-啊! -告诉弗洛伊德医生去治疗!- Ah! - Tell Dr. Freud to cure that!,-晚上好 叔叔 -你好 乔治- Good evening,我能和马塞尔谈谈吗Do you mind if I talk to Marcel for a second?,我跟你说过无数次了 我是个严肃的演员 好吗I've told you a million times,我不是小丑I'm not a clown.。
    我只需要你的帮助 这些孩子经历很多I just need your help.These kids went through a lot.,我在乎他们经历了什么What do I care what they went through?,-别这么说 -我是这么说- Don't say that. - I'm saying it.,我是说 对不起 我不在乎 好吗I'm saying. I'm sorry,我和孩子相处不好I'm not good with children.,我没有耐心 对不起You know,我几乎没时间和我父亲一起干活You know,他现在要我整天待在那里he now wants me there all day.,我正在写一部完整的剧本I have an entire play I'm working on,我要诠释30个不同的角色where I interpret 30 different characters.,-30个 -马塞尔- Thirty! - Marcel!,-什么 -这些是犹太孤儿- What? - These are Jewish orphans.,我知道 我知道 对不起I know that. I know that.You know,我肯定有个犹太生父I definitely have an alive Jewish father.,这并没有让我的生活更轻松That hasn't made my life any easier.,这话说得太可怕That's a horrible thing to say.,-你想让我怎么帮你 -继续你的剧本- How do you want me to help? - Go work on your play.,-啊 -你有很多人物要写- Ah.. - You have many characters to write.,-乔治 -走开- Georges! - Go away.,我很抱歉 我很抱歉 我很抱歉I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.,嗨 弗洛尔Hi,我刚看到你妈妈I just saw your mother.,她告诉我父亲我应该娶你 嗯She was telling my father that I should marry you,奇怪 我想那一代人都很老了Strange. That generation,他们不明白 我们只会They don't understand that,为爱结婚get married for love.,你在歌舞厅找不到爱 是吗And you couldn't find love at the cabaret,别相信你听到的关于那个地方的一切Hey,-好吗 -我相信它很有名气- Okay? - I'm sure it's very reputable.,艺术可以产生在任何地方Well,好吧 看看 呃 看看马塞尔·杜尚Okay,我不知道那是谁I don't know who that is.,是的 在你评判一个艺术家之前 应该先看他的画布Yes,你的画布是歌舞厅吗And your canvas is the cabaret?,对 不 不 什么 你又是谁 Yes. No. No,-你想娶的女孩 -对不起 不 不- The girl you want to marry. - Excuse me,我不想娶你I don't want to marry you.,你妈妈想让你嫁给我Your mother wants you to marry me,我只是出于礼貌and I was just being polite to her.,他们来了There they are!,-你说了多少 -123个孩子- How many did you say? - 123 children.,基金会为他们的生命付了一大笔钱The foundation paid a fortune for their lives.,他们的父母刚刚被纳粹杀害Their parents were just killed by Nazis.,马塞尔Marcel..,你想看看吗You want to look?,-准备好了吗 -是的- Are you ready? - I am.,为什么我弟弟在这里Why is my brother here?,我以为他会为孩子们当小丑I thought he may clown for the kids.,他只关心自己He only cares about himself.,你别叫他小丑 他会发疯的And God forbid you call him clown,听着 如果他不帮忙 我们就把他送回家Look,但现在我们需要所有人but at this point we need everyone.,好吧 那辆巴士不够Alright. That bus is not enough.,我们只有这些了It's all we've got.,我能开我们父亲的车I can get our father's truck.,这是个好主意That's a good idea.,确保车里没有刀和肉Make sure there's no knives or meat in there.,孩子们会害怕The children are afraid.,走吧Go.,好吧Alright.,来吧 走吧Come on. Let's go.,怎么了 走吧What's wrong? Let's go.,嗯Hmm.,走吧Let's go.,你想下来吗Do you wanna come down?,这里 小心点This way. Careful.,没事的It's okay.,慢慢来 别这样Easy! Don't be this way.,哦 哦 各位 冷静 冷静Oh,冷静 每个人都有吃的Calm down. There is food for everyone.,没必要抢There's no need to fight.,在桌边坐下 不Sit down at the table.No,-我给你这个 -别推- I'll give you this.. - No pushing.,乔治 乔治 帮帮我Georges. Georges,试试这件Try this one.,-太大了吗 -不 刚刚好- Is it too big? - No,没事的It's alright.,你正在成为一个大姑娘You are becoming a big girl.,跟我来Come with me.,米拉 我马上回来Mila,我会没事吗Am I going to be okay?,你没事You are okay.,每个女人都会这样This happens to every woman.,我也有这种事It happens to me.,这意味着你在成长It just means you are growing.,从现在开始 一个月一次 几天So,你得戴上这个you are going to have to wear one of these.,那是什么What's that?,这是一种特殊的尿布It's a special napkin,这样血就不会沾到你的衣服上that makes sure the blood doesn't reach your clothes.,只会持续几天It's only going to last for a few days.,就像一场为今天做准备的彩排It's like,很多年后 当你准备好要孩子的时候many years from now,不 不要跑 不不 没必要跑No. No running. No,你会受伤的You're gonna hurt yourself.,让大家冷静下来Calm down everyone.,拜托 不要站在桌子上Please,善待彼此 你们是一家人了Be nice to each other.You're family now.,这是你们的新家This is your new home.,他在干什么What's he doing?,等等 等等 等等 吹Wait,吹Blow.......

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