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 Ten years gone, 'proaching that self-same hill.I thought to lay me down and rise no more.Give me wide berth! That's just passed wind!Possibly worse.Before eyes close for good and all...I'd once again see my Joanie Stubbs...show her a sign of...loving regret from Calamity Jane to her darling.And, too, at the grave of Wild Bill.Oof, I've a left-cheek ass blister's a percolating son of a bitch.Good, right there.Morning, Boss!Get me the gimp.- Jewel! - What?Get up here.Have something on the stove, Al!Well, once you finish burning it, then.- Morning, Doc. - Morning, Al.Uh, at liberty... are you just now?Why, you wanna dance?What'd that be about?Fashioning into telephone poles.Ain't we got enough of them damn things already?Plan's to put lines in every business.Catch up with the times!Out of sorts, would you say, Commander?Half a stride short of fully fit.Light, somewhat, a few pounds.And some bit pallid, too.Ah, Jesus, just shoot me, Doc.Name the day of the week, Al.The fuck difference does the day make?I'd have you but say the name.Tuesday then, you half a scarecrow-looking cocksucker.Friday, it is.Mistaking Friday for Tuesday.Well, secure my burial plot.Well, your temperature's two degrees above normal,features drawn,flesh of a yellowish cast,Pending fucking developments...I'd have you forbear from spirits.- Under advisement. - Oh, no, no, no.Don't you humor me, nor talk down to me neither,nor fix to mix in where you ain't been invited.Whilst you comport the very like to me?You went somewhat wrong at your liver, Al,is what you've God damn done!Bar you being out-and-out blind,you already know he's ill.Minute past,words to Dan, "Boss is looking poorly.Out of sorts."Don't he look outta sorts, you goddamn donkey?He is to forbear from spirits of any kind,until he's assayed and diagnosed.You know he'll just endeavor to import spirits in off the street?Well, you're not to allow it!That's easier told than saddled and rode.Well then, go ahead and hang him, goddamn it!Blow his fuckin' head off!Save us all some time!Wrong side of the damn bed!Mrs. Ellsworth! Charlie Utter.Oh my.What a grand surprise after such a piece of time.For me, Mr. Utter, as well.Sofia! Come on!Am I past my place, Ms. Ellsworth,asking if it's banking brings you back these parts?Banking, yes.My interest in the Deadwood Bank,which is an expanding institution...Few years back, Mrs. Ellsworth,bad manners like that woulda lead to a lesson in courtesy!Continuing grateful for hard-won maturity.Sofia, a gentleman wishes to renew acquaintancesCharlie Utter saying hello to Miss Sofia.The 10 years went past like--somebody snapped their fingers.Hello back, Mr. Utter.- It's lovely to see you again. - Thank you.Hey, I'd be happy to convey you allinto Deadwood camp in my wagon.As we would be for the transport, and your good company.Oh well, come on.I hope we're in time for the statehood celebration.Go as quick as I'm able.Hey, sweetheart.Help you with that luggage.Very kind, I'm okay.Well, I assume you'll be staying in town, darling.Pardon me.There a price we can offer for that information?You have me wrong.Oh, there you are!Hello there.Looking for a ride. I can pay.South Dakota marrying the United States.Oh! See, they're paying attention, Seth.- Morning, miss. - Morning, Papa.Bullock clan ready for the statehood festivities.Are you ready, husband,considering the visiting delegates includethe senator from California?To celebrate, yes, I am.I'm tempted to believe you.Statehood pancakes coming out!Clear the way!All right, all right, little man.Single-minded, this boy, like his old man.A virtue in your estimation.Lord, bless these gifts we ready to receive,and grant us grace to meet level-headedwhat challenges may come this day...no matter the provocation by lesser or evil men.Amen.Amen.Amen.On this dayof our statehood celebration......we honor a man who with unexampled generosityhas give of himself to our Deadwood community.Though no longer residing amongst us,he calls California now his home.The man bases his considerable mining and real estate interesthere in Deadwood, South Dakota.I ask you pleaseto greet with me now, the honorablejunior senator from the great state of California,George Ambrose Hearst!Good morning to all!And great thanks to Mayor Farnumfor his generous words of welcome.It moves me greatly,returning after years have passed to witnessthe changes wroughtby time,ingenuity, and invention.Though none would deny the factsthe cost of past,we who gather have known together...Some portion of which must stillbe measured in blood.Yet, the Deadwood communitydoes enter its adulthood...And don't our spirits raise,you murdering, conniving,thieving cocksucker.Resourceful and resolute,a vital part of the new-made state of South Dakota,and this statea vital part of our fine country.Amen to that!Thank you, Senator!Hotel's but two rooms short of fully occupied, Trixie,with the parade yet still in full swing.Congratulations then, Mr. Star,to you and Marshal Bullock.Maybe mark the momentbraining me with a fucking brick!I'd sooner put a ring on your finger.Once first we've seen does the baby survive.That being, in your scripture, matrimony's singlereason and purpose.Ain't we already awash in the miracleof a whore of my vintage being pregnant at all?Well, why not wear a sign, then?Dress in red, head to toe?Please, Trixie. You oughtn't show your face outside.Lemonade's on its way with chips of ice, how you like.Rest now.I just got the fuck up.Rest.Murdering motherless cocksucker.Oh, Senator Hearst! Your honor!On this 10th anniversary of them being butchered,I convey to you, Senator, memorial greetingsfrom the miner Ellsworth and prostitute Jen.- But two of the who knows how many - Hold it!you've done for while making your moneyed progress!Have I missed word of your appointmentto some position of authority?Have I missed word of yours,you bald-pated cunt?!Better watch yourself, Senator!Mr. Hearst?For ain't it so, sir.It's the thieving and throat-cutting,them's bloodied and dead in the mud,as still stiffens the member in your long-johns!Well, why not press forward, for Christ's sake?Set herself aflame?Nor, ought I fail to remarkthe semblance from this vantage twixtyour very mug and a snatch has gone haired-over-sideways.Mayor Farnum! It's a...Trixie hasn't lost her gift.She ain't for a fact.Time can't touch that.......