在黑暗中讲述的恐怖故事 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark中英字幕 下载 SRT ASS_高清电影™

在黑暗中讲述的恐怖故事 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark中英字幕

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电影:在黑暗中讲述的恐怖故事(Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark)




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在黑暗中讲述的恐怖故事 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark中英字幕预览

 故事可以治愈Stories heal.故事可以伤人Stories hurt.只要讲的次数够多If we repeat them often enough,它们就会成真they become real.它们塑造我们They make us who we are.它们有这种力量They have such power.这是我在This I learned童年最后的秋天里学到的on the very last autumn of our childhood.欢迎来到宾夕法尼亚州 造纸谷是时候把自己从坟墓里Now it's time to dig yourselves挖出来了 造纸谷out of your graves, Mill Valley.万圣节到了It's Halloween.但是小心 太阳下山后But be careful, 'cause when the sun goes down,WNXC音像店就是女巫的季节it's The Season of the Witch.造纸烤肉出品投票给尼克松尼克松总统 阿格纽副总统投票不如呕吐高音部唱片参军我做到了 我要去越南了I did it. I'm going to 'Nam. Yeah.让共产党好看Those commies are gonna pay.美国陆军征兵站伙计们 今晚去吓唬小屁孩吧Let's go scare some kiddies tonight, guys.让全世界人民But let men everywhere-认识到美国强大 -谢谢- know that a strong and a confident... - Thanks.自信而勇敢...and a vigilant America...今晚要和朋友们出去吗Going out with your friends tonight?我宁愿待在家里I'd rather just stay in.随时准备着...and stand ready tonight为伟大事业抗争to defend an honored cause.吸血鬼蝙蝠[1933年电影]弗兰肯斯坦之女[1958年电影]看不见的幽灵[1941年电影]不死之人[1956年电影]呼啸房间作者 斯黛拉·尼科尔斯斯黛拉 回话Stella, pick up.斯黛拉Stella...我不想去玩"不给糖就捣蛋"I don't want to go trick-or-treating.斯泰拉 斯泰拉Stella. Stella,我们不是为了要糖 是为了报复this isn't about candy. It's about payback.搜集你能找到的所有鸡蛋和卫生纸Get all the eggs and TP you can七点和我们碰头and meet us at 7:00.斯泰拉 拜托Stella, please.这可能是我们一起过的最后一个万圣节了This could be our last Halloween together.这点事你都觉得困难If you think you have it hard,我可是得从马桶里捞大便I have to fish a turd out of the toilet.你真恶心 查克You are disgusting, Chuck.美国加油站小子 你知道自己要去哪吗You know where you're going, kid?哪有农活干就去哪Following the harvest.仅限今晚Tonight only.万圣节活死人之夜妈 已经好了Mom. It's fine.没好No, it's not.裆部还是有点松Still a little loose in the crotch.再缝一下One more.接我一招Take that!正中红心Bullseye.走吧 姑娘们Let's go, girls.给我Hey, gimme.吃屎吧 哈罗德Eat shit, Harold.汤米 慢点开Tommy, slow down.你到底在干什么What the hell are you doing?能不能有点隐私了A little privacy, please!我是说蜘蛛侠I said Spider-Man.不是蜘蛛...Not a spider...人man.人要知足Be happy the Lord provided.妈 行了Mom, okay, jeez.妈 能让我喘口气吗Mom, can I please breathe?-乖一点 -好- Be nice. - Okay!但你能不能别那样抱我了Can you please stop hugging me like that?你玩"不给糖就捣蛋"是不是老了一点Aren't you a little old to be trick-or-treating?你出门约会是不是丑了一点Aren't you too ugly to go on a date?你这小混蛋You little turd.奥吉来了 我走了Auggie's here, gotta run.你闭嘴I don't wanna hear it.我以为你会打扮成蜘蛛侠Thought you were gonna be Spider-Man.是啊 看多了就习惯了Yeah, well, get used to it, okay.东西准备好了 好戏可以开始了I got the goods, so let's banana split.别盯着我姐姐看 你这变态Stop staring at my sister, you perv.你就不能消停一下Hey, can you not?这些触须一点也不逼真I mean, these antennae aren't even realistic.再说了 蜘蛛人And, if anything, a spider man应该有八条腿 而不是四条should have eight arms, not four.行吧 最起码我没打扮成小丑Okay. At least I'm not a clown.最后说一次 我是男丑角For the last time, I'm a Pierrot.这是十七世纪即兴喜剧里面的一种角色It's a 17th-century character from la commedia dell'arte.小丑Clown.你知道那都含有什么成分吗Do you even know what's in those?就是那些化学毒物让我们部队得霍奇金淋巴瘤It's the same toxic chemicals that's giving our troops Hodgkin's lymphoma让南越南妇女乳汁结块and curdling the breast milk of the South Vietnamese.你还都吃掉了And you ate them all.所以才这么好吃的吗Is that why they taste so good?让开 小丑Out of the way, clown.书呆子Nerd!让开Move!-他不会来了 -什么 不 他会来的- He's not gonna show. - What? No, he'll show.米尔纳每年都这么做Okay, Milner does it every year今年是他最后一次了and this year will be his last.你在哪呢 汤米Where are you, Tommy?我听说校报I heard the school newspaper又开始征稿了is open to submissions again.你应该投几篇你写的故事You should submit some of your stories.-来偷我们的糖果啊 汤米 -不可能- Come and steal our candy, Tommy. - No way.我了解我们学校I know our school.他们会把我生吞活剥的They would disembowel me.庞蒂亚克卡塔里纳 是他 是他 好Pontiac Catalina. It's him, it's him! Okay.好 自然点Okay, just act natural.你说我们要去吃晚餐You said we'd go out for dinner.就我们两人You and me.吃点甜点如何How about some dessert?准备好 兄弟Get ready, man.笨蛋Suckers!这是什么味道What's that smell?是老头的内裤It's old-man undies!他中招了We got him.好 开始了 我们上 我们上All right, here we go. Let's do this. Let's do this!欺负这个吧 混蛋Bully this, asshole!混蛋们Douchebags!该死的 这些小混球God damn it! Those little shits.现在是政便时刻And now for the poo d'etat.吃屎吧 鸟人Eat turd, shitbird!该死Holy shit.-停车 -扑灭它- Stop the car! - Put it out!露丝怎么在车上What is Ruth doing here?小查 你这小混蛋Chucky, you little brat!我不知道 我以为她是出门和别的人约会I don't know. I knew she was going on a date but not with him.该死的Damn it!我要杀了他们I'm gonna murder them!回来Come back!快跑Go!你们给我等着I'm going to get you!抓住他们Let's get 'em!快 伙计们 快跑Come on, guys, go!在那边 抓住他Over there! Get him!九点方向有混蛋Douchebags, nine o'clock!中场时间 来点小吃在树林后面...behind those tree要是你想检查一下的话if you want to go check it out.往前走 往前走Go ahead. Go ahead.这里有人坐吗Is this seat taken?我不...看来没人I don't... guess not.滚出我的车Hey, get out of my car.拜托 拜托Please, please.我们马上就走Be out of here in a minute.谢谢了Thanks, okay.你们干什么呢What are you guys doing?我们在避难We're saving our bacon.抱歉Sorry.好了 好了 没事了Okay, okay. We're good.-没事了 -他走了- We're good? - He's gone.谢了 欠你个人情Thanks. We owe you one.我扮的是男丑角I am a Pierrot.你住在车里You live in here?别碰我的东西Stay out of my stuff.知道了Got it.你怎么一个人在汽车电影院So, what are you doing alone at a drive-in?你们怎么还在我的车里What are you still doing in my car?我能看出I understand you're...你不是本地人 对吗You're not from here, are you?你是哪里人Where are you from?请原谅我的朋友Forgive my friend.他出生前大脑就缺氧He did not get enough oxygen in the womb.总比你强 小丑More than you, clown.你们能不能消停一下Can you guys stop?是他的错 不是我It's him, not me.我们消停了Yeah, we're stopping.你的朋友有点聒噪Your friend is a little nosy.《活死人之夜》Night of the Living Dead.是部好片子It's a good flick.你看过吗You've seen it?"好 文斯 照头打""All right, Vince, hit him in the head,"瞄准两眼中间""right between the eyes."这是最棒的片子That's the best flick all year.对 对 的确 的确Yeah, yeah, it's... it is.我是雷蒙Ramon.我是斯黛拉Stella.我是查克Chuck.我是奥吉Auggie.下车Get out of the car.下车Get out of the car.下车Get out of the car.你们似乎没听见I don't think that you heard me.所有人都下车Everyone needs to get out.马上Now.你也是You too,湿背客wetback.指偷渡的墨西哥人你不会像你妈妈一样You're not going to try and run away想要跑掉吧 斯黛拉like Mommy too, now are you, Stella?你一股大便味You smell like shit.别碰我的车Get the hell off my car.前面那个 你们挡住屏幕了Hey, down in front. You're blocking the view!让开Come on!我看不到电影了I can't see the movie!要么回你车上 要么滚蛋Get back in your car or get the hell out of here!这事没完This ain't over.快点Let's go.......

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