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权力的游戏 第七季(Game of Thrones Season 7)中英字幕

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权力的游戏 第七季(Game of Thrones Season 7)中英字幕预览

 第七季 第七集 季终-油吗 -沥青 大人- Oil? - Pitch, my lord.-多少桶 -五百桶 大人- How many barrels? - 500, my lord.再弄五百来Get 500 more.是 大人Yes, my lord.我还是很喜欢他们喊我"大人"I still enjoy it when they call me "my lord."新鲜劲儿会过去的The thrill will fade.如果我们能活到那时候If we live that long.没有屌的男人Men without cocks.要是我没有屌You wouldn't find me fighting in an army绝不参军打仗if I had no cock.还有什么好打的What's left to fight for?为金子Gold?我一辈子跟当兵的厮混I spent my life around soldiers.你说他们的金子都花在了哪儿What do you think they spend that gold on?家庭Family.屌都没有还成什么家Not without a cock, you don't.或许说到底 屌还真是最重要的Maybe it really is all cocks in the end.但你弟弟选择跟无屌之人一伙儿Yet, your brother has chosen to side with the cockless.是啊 他向来为受压迫的一方出头Yes, he's always been a champion of the downtrodden.我看咱们就要变成受压迫的一方了I think we're about to be the downtrodden.弓手 准备Archers, stand tall!守住那堵城墙Cover that wall!-这里住了多少人 -一百万左右- How many people live here? - A million, give or take.挤在这弹丸之地的人比整个北境都多That's more people than the entire North crammed into that.怎么有人愿意过那种日子Why would anyone want to live that way?城里好找活儿There's more work in the city.妓院也高级得多And the brothels are far superior.她怎么没跟他们一起来Why isn't she with them?我恐怕不知道 陛下I'm afraid I don't know, Your Grace.没人见过她No one has seen her.其余的呢And the rest of them?他们正在前往龙穴的路上They're on their way to the Dragonpit now.我们的弟弟也是Including our brother?是的 陛下Yes, Your Grace.要是形势不对If anything goes wrong,先杀了那个银发婊子kill the silver-haired bitch first,然后是我们的弟弟 接着是自立为王的私生子then our brother, then the bastard who calls himself king.其他人按什么顺序杀随你The rest of them you can kill in any order you see fit.走吧 格雷果爵士Come, Ser Gregor.我们该去会会客人了It's time for us to meet our guests.他们为什么要建造它Why did they build it?龙无法理解哪些东西它们可以支配Dragons don't understand the difference哪些不能between what is theirs and what isn't.土地 牲畜 孩子...Land, livestock, children...让它们在城里自由行动会带来麻烦Letting them roam free around a city was a problem.我猜事到最后成了可悲的笑话I imagine it was a sad joke at the end.大竞技场养着几只比狗还小的孱弱生物An entire arena for a few sickly creatures smaller than dogs.但最开始 它是"黑死神"贝勒里恩的家But in the beginning, when it was home to Balerion the Dread,一定曾是世界上最危险的地方it must have been the most dangerous place in the world.或许现在也是Maybe it still is.欢迎 各位大人Welcome, my lords.你们的朋友先到了Your friends arrived before you did.我奉命护送你们参加会面I've been sent to escort you all to the meeting.不愉快的情境下一个愉快的意外A pleasant surprise in an unpleasant situation.没想到还能再见到您 大人I never thought I'd see you again, my lord.更没想到我投靠了敌人Supporting the enemy, no less.-也怪不得您 -瑟曦还是会的- Hard to blame you. - Cersei will anyway.我很高兴您还活着I'm glad you're alive.走了Come on!待会儿再舔他神奇的大屌也不迟You can suck his magic cock later.里面是什么What's in there?滚开Fuck off.我以为你死了I thought you were dead.还没呢Not yet.差点死在你手里You came pretty close.我只是想保护她I was only trying to protect her.我也一样You and me both.她还活着She's alive.艾莉亚Arya.-在哪 -临冬城- Where? - Winterfell.既然你在这儿 那谁在保护她Who's protecting her if you're here?唯一需要保护的 是敢招惹她的人The only one that needs protecting is the one that gets in her way.不会是我It won't be me.我们又相聚了Here we are--黑水湾的英雄们the heroes of Blackwater Bay.在这种地方重聚好生奇怪Strange place for a reunion.是啊 大人It is, my lord.我可不再是谁的大人了 波德瑞克I don't think I'm anyone's lord anymore, Podrick.称号还是留给黑水的波隆爵士吧Save the titles for Ser Bronn of the Blackwater.你的新女王肯定乐意恢复你的头衔I'm sure your new queen will be happy to restore yours如果她最后能夺得王位if she ends up on the throne.最近经常想起我们的新女王吗You've been thinking about our new queen?或许你在重新考虑该效忠谁Perhaps you've been reconsidering your allegiances.记住我的提议Remember my offer--不管他们许给你多少 我愿付双倍whatever they're paying you, I'll pay double.那你现在要给我双倍的什么呢And that would be double what now, exactly?别担心我 我好得很Don't you worry about me. I'm doing all right.-能照顾自己 -是吗- Looking after myself. - Are you?帮我安排会面Helping me to arrange this meeting可不算照顾自己啊wasn't exactly looking after yourself, was it?你冒着极大的风险You put yourself at risk.我是让你冒了极大的风险 这区别可大了I put yourself at risk. Important difference.瑟曦女王悬赏一袋金子It's your head Queen Cersei's要的是你的脑袋 不是我的offered a bag of gold for, it's not mine.现在 因为我Now, thanks to me,两个叛徒正带着脑袋走进她的大门she's got two traitors' heads coming right through her door.等她听腻了他们嘴里的花言巧语She can lop them both off as soon as she gets tired便可一并砍了俩脑袋of the clever words that pour out their pieholes.全他妈是黑水的波隆爵士的功劳All thanks to Ser Bronn of the fucking Blackwater.要是这还不算照顾自己 你说怎么算是If that's not looking after myself, I don't know what is.很高兴再次见到你It's good to see you again.彼此彼此Yeah, you, too.有人碰一下 我先杀了你Anyone touches it, I'll kill you first.走吧 波德Come on, Pod.咱们喝一杯去Let's you and me go have a drink让老爷们自己聊while the fancy folks talk, eh?我离开这座破城I left this shit city是因为我不想死在这里because I didn't want to die in it.我会死在这座破城里吗Am I going to die in this shit city?可能吧You might.都是你的主意And this is all your idea.好像每个坏点子都是兰尼斯特家的混蛋出的Seems every bad idea has some Lannister cunt behind it.也总有克里冈家的混蛋帮忙执行And some Clegane cunt to help them see it through.记得我吗Remember me?你记得的Yeah, you do.你现在比我还丑了You're even fucking uglier than I am now.他们对你做了什么What did they do to you?无所谓Doesn't matter.你不会就这么死掉的 老哥That's not how it ends for you, brother.你知道谁会来要你的命You know who's coming for you.你一直都知道You've always known.她在哪儿Where is she?她就到She'll be here soon.她没跟你们同行Didn't travel with you?没有No.我们等了很久We've been here for some time.抱歉My apologies.我们正面临前所未有的...We are all facing a unique--席恩Theon!你姐姐在我手上I have your sister.你不即刻向我投降If you don't submit to me here, now...我就杀了她I'll kill her.我想我们该从大事谈起I think we ought to begin with larger concerns.那你还说什么话Then why are you talking?你是这里最不起眼的You're the smallest concern here.记不记得我们聊过关于侏儒的笑话Do you remember when we discussed dwarf jokes?他这个笑话烂透了His wasn't even good.末尾还解释一句He explained it at the end.永远不要解释 画蛇添足Never explain. It always ruins it.我们铁群岛是不许你这种东西活命的 知道吗We don't even let your kind live in the Iron Islands, you know?一生下来就弄死We kill you at birth.来自父母的慈悲An act of mercy for the parents.或许你该坐下Perhaps you ought to sit down.为什么Why?坐下 不然就离开Sit down or leave.我们这群人互相看不顺眼We are a group of people who do not like one another,刚刚的事件也说明了这一点as this recent demonstration has shown.我们给彼此带来过苦难We have suffered at each other's hands.令彼此失去过心爱之人We have lost people we love at each other's hands.如果我们只想继续相互伤害If all we wanted was more of the same,就没有必要进行这次会面there would be no need for this gathering.无需面对面交谈We are entirely capable of waging war against each other我们也能交战without meeting face-to-face.所以我们应当捐弃前嫌So instead, we should settle our differences和谐友爱地共度余生是吗and live together in harmony for the rest of our days?你知道那是不可能的We all know that will never happen.那我们为何来此Then why are we here?这次会面不是为了和谐共处This isn't about living in harmony.而是为了生存It's just about living.我们面临着同样的威胁The same thing is coming for all of us.一个不接受谈判的敌将A general you can't negotiate with.一支在战场上不留尸骸的军队An army that doesn't leave corpses behind on the battlefield.提利昂大人告诉我这座城市中居住着一百万人Lord Tyrion tells me a million people live in this city.他们将会为死人军团They're about to become a million more soldiers增添一百万新兵in the Army of the Dead.依我看对大多数人来说反倒是好事一桩I imagine for most of them it would be an improvement.这都是真的This is serious.否则我不会来此I wouldn't be here if it weren't.我看这半点儿真实性也没有I don't think it's serious at all.不过又是一个拙劣的玩笑I think it's another bad joke.如果我弟弟詹姆所言非虚If my brother Jaime has informed me correctly,你要与我停战you're asking me for a truce.是的 仅此而已Yes. That's all.仅此而已That's all?要我撤回军队 按兵不动Pull back my armies and stand down等你去捉妖降怪while you go on your monster hunt.也可能是去巩固势力 扩张地盘Or while you solidify and expand your position.而我撤回了军队 也无从得知究竟Hard for me to know which it is with my armies pulled back直到你带着四倍于如今的兵力回来攻击都城until you return and march on my capital with four times the men.你的都城是安全的Your capital will be safe直到北方的威胁得到解决until the northern threat is dealt with.我向你保证You have my word.来自潜在篡夺者的保证The word of a would-be usurper.世上没有言语There is no conversation能抹去过去五十年发生之事that will erase the last 50 years.我们有东西要给你看We have something to show you.可以用火毁灭它们We can destroy them by burning them.或者用龙晶杀死它们And we can destroy them with dragonglass.如果不能赢得这场战斗If we don't win this fight,这将是世上每个人的命运then that is the fate of every person in the world.世间只有一场斗争值得关心There is only one war that matters--生死之战the Great War.战争已经打响And it is here.我先前也不相信 直到我亲眼所见I didn't believe it until I saw them.我看到了整个军团I saw them all.有多少How many?至少有十万A hundred thousand, at least.它们会游泳吗Can they swim?不会No.......

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