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权力的游戏 第七季(Game of Thrones Season 7)中英字幕

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权力的游戏 第七季(Game of Thrones Season 7)中英字幕预览

 第七季 第六集你没事吧You alright?没来过北境吧Haven't been North before?没见过雪Never seen snow before.很美吧 终于能喘过气了Beautiful, eh? I can breathe again.南方的空气一股猪粪味儿Down south the air smells like pig shit.-你就没去过南方 -我去过临冬城- You've never been down south. - I've been to Winterfell.那是北境That's the North.你们在这里怎么过活的How do you live up here?怎么才能保住卵蛋不被冻掉How d'you keep your balls from freezing off?时刻动起来 这就是诀窍You've got to keep moving, that's the secret.走路就行 打斗更好Walking's good, fighting's better,操是最好了fucking's best.这里方圆百里内都没有个喘气的女人There's not a living woman within 100 miles from here.有什么就将就一下嘛We've got to make do with what we've got.这小子恐怕不怎么聪明This one is maybe not so smart.-戴佛斯说他是个好战士 -很好- Davos says he's a strong fighter. - Good.那比聪明重要That's more important than being smart.聪明人不会跑到这里来找死人Smart people don't come here looking for the dead.你见过这个龙女王咯So, you've met this Dragon queen, huh?怎么样And?要她跟我们并肩作战必须先屈膝称臣She will only fight beside us if I bend the knee.你跟自由民在一起待太久You spent too much time with the Free Folk.现在不喜欢下跪了Now you don't like kneeling.曼斯·雷德是个勇敢的人 骄傲的人Mance Rayder was a brave man. Proud man.塞外之王从未给人下跪The King Beyond the Wall and never bent the knee.多少子民因他的骄傲而死How many of us people died for his pride?你还气我们吗 小子You still mad at us, boy?-你把我卖给了女巫 -是女祭司- You sold me to a witch. - A priestess.我承认 区别不大I'll admit it, it is a subtle distinction.我们在打一场大战We're fighting a great war.-战争是要钱的 -我本想加入你们- Wars cost money. - I wanted to be one of you.本想加入兄弟会 却被你们卖了I wanted to join the Brotherhood but you sold me off.像个奴隶Like a slave.你们知道她对我做了什么吗You know what she did to me?她把我摁在床上 扒了我的衣服She struck me down on the bed, she stripped me naked...那不是挺美Sounds alright so far...然后往我身上放水蛭And put leeches on me!-她也光着吗 -她需要你的血- Was she naked too? - She needed your blood.-是的 谢谢 我知道 -还不算太糟- Yes, thank you, I know that. - Could've been worse.她想杀我She wanted to kill me.她差点就杀死我了 要不是...And would have killed me if it weren't for...但没杀死 不是吗But they didn't, did they?你还唧唧歪歪个什么So what you winging about?我没唧唧歪歪I'm not winging.你的嘴巴在动Your lips are moving你在抱怨 这就叫唧唧歪歪and you complain about something. That's winging.这个人被杀过六次This one has been killed six times从来听不见他抱怨and you don't hear him bitching about it.好小伙Good lad.我第一次来长城以北是跟随你父亲The first time I went north of the Wall, was with your father.他是个好人He was a good man.该有个比我好的儿子He deserved a better son.他最后时刻你在他身边吗Were you with him at the end?我当时被野人俘虏I was a prisoner of the wildlings.但我们为他复仇了But we avenged him.我希望你知道 所有叛乱者都被正法I want you to know that, every mutineer found justice.对他而言 这是最糟的结局Can't think of a worse way for him to go.守夜人是他的生命The Night's Watch was his life.他愿意为保护守夜人的每一分子而死He would have died to protect every one of those men.他们却杀了他And they butchered him.他那样死去我很不甘I hate that he died that way.我父亲是我认识的最讲荣誉的人And my father was the most honorable man I have ever met.他一生正直He was good, all the way through.却死了在断头台上And he died on the executioner's block.你父亲判我死刑 你知道吗Your father wanted to execute me, you know.有耳闻I heard.当然是合法合理的It was in the right, of course.但我还是一样恨他Didn't make me hate him any less.我很高兴他没抓到你I'm glad he didn't catch you.我也很高兴Me too.你父亲给了我这把剑Your father gave me this sword.剑柄的圆头从熊换成了狼Changed the pommel from a bear to a wolf.但它还是长爪But it's still Longclaw.莫尔蒙总司令以为你不会再回维斯特洛Lord Commander Mormont thought you'd never come back to Westeros.但你回来了But you are back.这把剑在你们家族里传承了几百年And it's been in your family for centuries.不该由我保管It's not right for me to have it.他把它给你了He gave it to you.我不是他儿子I'm not his son.我令家族蒙羞I brought shame onto my house.我伤透了父亲的心I broke my father's heart.我已经失去继承他佩剑的权利I forfeited the right to claim his sword.它是你的It's yours.愿它令你如虎添翼May it serve you well.也能为你的后人带来荣誉And your children after you.父亲以前常站在这上面看着我们Father used to watch us from up here.他不怎么说话He wouldn't say much.你大概不会记得You probably don't remember,你总在屋里做针线you were inside knitting all the time.我记得I remember.有次男孩们跟罗德利克爵士练射箭One time the boys were shooting arrows with Ser Rodrick,事后我到院子里来I came out here after发现布兰的弓落在这and Bran had left his bow behind,就那么丢在地上just lying on the ground.要是罗德利克爵士看到 一定会给他一巴掌Ser Rodrick would have cuffed him if he saw.靶子上只有一支箭There was one arrow in the target周围没有别人 跟现在一样and with no one around, just like now.没人能阻拦我No one to stop me.我就开始射箭So I started shooting.每射一次就要跑上去把唯一的一支箭取回来And every shot I had to go up there and get my one arrow回来再射and walk back and shoot it again.我射得不好I wasn't very good.最后 我射中了靶心Finally, I've hit the bull's eye.可能是第二十次 或许第五十次 我记不得了Could've been the 20th shot. Or the 50th. I don't remember.但我射中了靶心But I hit the bull's eye.然后我听见了这个声音And I heard this.循声看去I looked up.他就站在这里 冲我微笑And he was standing right here, smiling down on me.我知道我做的事情不合规矩I knew what I was doing was against the rules但是他在笑 所以我知道我没错but he was smiling, so I knew it wasn't wrong.是规矩错了The rules were wrong.我做了我该做的事 而他也知道I was doing what I was meant to be doing and he knew it.现在他死了Now he's dead.被兰尼斯特所杀Killed by the Lannisters.多亏了你的协助With your help.你说什么What?这是你那一笔漂亮字That's your pretty handwriting.我因为字写得不如你Septa Mordane used to crack my knuckles总被茉丹修女敲手cause I couldn't write as well as you.罗柏Robb,我怀着沉重的心情给你写信I write to you today with heavy heart.我们的劳勃国王驾崩了Our good King Robert is dead.因捕猎野猪重伤不治Killed from wounds he took in a bull...不需要念出来You don't have to read it.-我记得很清楚 -父亲被控叛国罪- I remember. - Father has been charged with treason.他与劳勃的弟弟蓄谋反对我心爱的乔佛里登基He conspired with Robert's brothers against my beloved Joffrey而且妄图篡位and tried to steal his throne.兰尼斯特家对我照顾妥善The Lannisters are treating me well保我衣食无虞and providing me with every comfort.我请求你前来君临 宣誓效忠乔佛里国王I beg you, come to King's Landing, swear fealty to King Joffrey以免除兰尼斯特家族and prevent any strife和史塔克家族之间的纷争between the great houses of Lannister and Stark你忠诚的妹妹 珊莎Your faithful sister, Sansa.-是他们逼我写的 -是吗- They forced me to do it. - Did they?他们用刀子抵着你的喉咙了With a knife at your throat?他们把你绑上刑架Did they put you in a rack and扯到筋断骨裂了stretched you till your bones started to crack?你该知道当时的情况 我还是个孩子You should have known what it was like. I was a child.当时我也是个孩子So was I.但我宁可被他们杀死也不会背叛家人I would have let them kill me before I betrayed my family.他们告诉我这是能救父亲的唯一办法They told me it was the only way to save father.你也蠢到相信了他们And you were stupid enough to believe them.我记得你跟瑟曦和乔佛里一起I remember you, standing on that platform站在高台上 看着他们把父亲拖向断头台with Joffrey and Cersei when they dragged father to the block.我记得你那天穿的漂亮裙子I remember the pretty dress you were wearing,记得你繁复的发型the fancy way you did your hair.-你在场 -我在场- You were there. - I was there.站在贝勒雕像旁边的人群里Standing in the crown near Baelor's statue.那你又做了什么 冲上去救人吗And what did you do? Did you come running to the rescue?你反抗兰尼斯特救下父亲了吗Did you fight with the Lannisters and save father?-我想那样做 -但你没有- I wanted to. - But you didn't.-跟我一样 -我没有背叛他 没有背叛罗柏- Just like me. - I didn't betray him. I didn't betray Robb.我没有为了我心爱的乔佛里背叛整个家族I didn't betray my entire family for my beloved Joffrey.你该跪下来感谢我You should be on your knees thanking me.我们还能在临冬城重聚都是因为我We're standing in Winterfell again because of me.夺回临冬城的不是你 不是琼恩You didn't win it back, Jon didn't win it back,他在私生子大战中落败he lost the Battle of the Bastards.是谷地的骑士力挽狂澜The Knights of the Vale have won the battle而谷地的骑士是为我而来and they rode north for me.那时候你在哪里 周游世界吗While you were where? Travelling the world?-我在受训 -受训- I was training. - Training?你在受训的时间里Well, while you were training,我遭受了你无法想象的折磨I suffered things you can never imagine.未必不能 我的想象力可不贫乏Oh, I don't know about that. I can imagine quite a lot.我经历的折磨你根本承受不来You never would have survived what I survived.这个我们恐怕永远没法知道I guess we'll never know.你要怎样处置这封信What are you going to do with that letter?我还没想好I don't know yet.你给谁看过 你在哪里找到的Who did you show it to? Where did you find it?你害怕了 是不是You're scared, aren't you?你在怕什么 你又没犯罪What are you scared of? You didn't commit any crimes.-没人会吊死你 -艾莉亚- No one's gonna hang you. - Arya!你害怕我把信交给琼恩 怕他会生气You're scared I'll show it to Jon and he'll be angry.不 琼恩不是那种人Not, that's not Jon.他会理解的 你当时只是个吓坏了的小姑娘He'll understand, you were just a scared little girl.一个人落在邪恶的兰尼斯特手里All alone with the wicked Lannisters.你知道如果瑟曦看到我们斗起来Do you know how happy Cersei她会多开心吗would be right now if she saw us fighting?这正是她想看到的 她长久以来的愿望This is exactly what she wants, what she always wanted.-离间我们 -你害怕北境贵族看到这封信- to tear us apart. - You are scared the Northern lords will read it.要是他们知道珊莎小姐当初怎样对瑟曦言听计从They wouldn't think much of Lady Sansa你在他们心中的分量就要大打折扣了if they knew how she did Cersei's bidding.小莱安娜·莫尔蒙会怎么说What would little Lyanna Mormont say?她比你写信时更年幼She's younger than you were when you wrote this.你要对她说"当时我还只是个孩子"吗Are you going to say "But I was just a child"?你生气了You're angry.有时愤怒会让人做出蠢事Sometimes anger makes people do unfortunate things.有时恐惧也会让人做蠢事Sometimes fear makes them do unfortunate things.我选择愤怒I'll go with anger.你就是他们说的那个猎狗You're the one they call the dog.滚开Fuck off.他们说过你很凶They told me you were mean.你是天生这么凶还是讨厌野人Were your born mean or you just hate wildlings?我才不管什么他妈的野人I could not give two shits about wildlings.我是讨厌红毛Gingers I hate.红发多美啊Gingers are beautiful.我们这叫火吻而生We are kissed by fire,跟你一样just like you.别他妈用手指我Don't point your fucking finger at me.......

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