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权力的游戏 第七季(Game of Thrones Season 7)中英字幕

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权力的游戏 第七季(Game of Thrones Season 7)中英字幕预览

 第七季 第四集停车Hold that wagon!你刚夺得了世上最丰厚的战利品You've just won the biggest prize in the world.有什么好不高兴的What could you possibly have to be upset about?来嘛 跟我说说Come on, you can tell me.荆棘女王告别人世之前Queen of Thorns give you one last prick in the balls给了你的卵蛋最后一刺before saying goodbye?我要告解也是去找总主教I'll save my confessions for the High Septon.已经没有总主教啦There is no more High Septon.是啊 没了No, there isn't, is there?但还有我的奖赏问题There is still the question of my prize.我刚给你的钱可不是小数目That's a lot of money I just gave you.钱不是城堡It's not a castle.那座怎么样 正巧空着How about that one? It's available.你不会想要高庭的You don't want Highgarden.-不敢苟同 -我们还在打仗- I beg to differ. - We're at war.说不定你前脚住进去 丹妮莉丝·坦格利安Daenerys Targaryen could come and take it back后脚就来攻城the day after you move in.再说 想想维护的开支Besides, think of the upkeep.资产越多 负担越重The more you owe, the more it weighs you down.所以把你脸拉得那么长Oh, is that why you're so fucking glum, eh?是被刚刚到手的钱财拖累的咯All your new riches weighing you down?-出发 -都不是我的- Move out! - They're not mine.属于铁金库This all belongs to the Iron Bank.瞧 我们有债必偿See? We pay our debts.没错 就是不还我的Right, just not to me.黑水的波隆爵士 原籍...Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, formerly of...不知道哪个粪坑whatever nameless shit heap you're from如今手提一大袋金子with a saddlebag full of gold,还抱怨着领不到奖赏complaining about not getting paid.等我们赢下这场战争When we win this war,七国内所有的城堡随你挑选all the castles in the Seven Kingdoms will be yours to choose from,还不会有人来夺with no one left to take them away from you.是啊 我相信瑟曦女王的统治Yes, I'm sure Queen Cersei's reign必将充满祥和与安宁will be quiet and peaceable.史上有过更奇怪的事呢Ah, stranger things have happened.比如啥Like what?谷仓已经全部搬空装车 大人The granaries are being emptied and loaded into wagons, my lord.-地里的庄稼呢 -河湾地所有的农庄- The current harvest? - We have teams of men collecting it都有队伍在收割from all the farms in the Reach.波隆爵士 请你与塔利父子同去Ser Bronn, will you accompany the Tarlys协助他们尽快办理此事and help them accelerate this process?我不太擅长铲麦子I'm not much for shoveling wheat.当然 但在动员顽固农夫交出粮食方面No, but motivating reluctant farmers to hand over their harvest--我确信你会展现出过人的天赋I bet you're going to have a real talent for that.告退My lord.告退My lord.告退My lord.必须承认 铁金库此前I must say, I don't think the Iron Bank从未一次性收回has ever had a debt of如此巨额的借款this magnitude repaid in a single installment.我一向认为您父亲I always considered your father雷厉风行 言出即践a very effective and efficient man,但您似乎为这些词赋予了新的意义but you appear to be redefining those terms entirely.你太客气了 大人You're too kind, my lord.我不客气 也不是"大人" 陛下I am neither kind nor a lord, Your Grace.我不过是我们机构派出的代表I am merely an instrument of the institution I represent.而我们机构的福祉依赖数字 而非情感Its well-being is a matter of arithmetic, not sentiment.眼下这笔款子数额巨大And the current arithmetic is outstanding.-那些金子... -正在路上- Uh, the gold... - Is on its way.由我弟弟亲自押运My brother is supervising its transportation himself.铁金库的某些人要失望了Some at the Iron Bank will be disappointed.他们已经喜欢上了您支付的利息They've grown rather fond of your interest payments.那我们一定要设法振奋他们的精神We must devise a way to raise their spirits.是的 或许对当前的事件Yes, perhaps we could be of assistance我们也帮得上忙in some current venture.当前我唯一的要务My only venture at this moment就是恢复对这片大陆is reestablishing control over this continent和人民的控制权and every person on it.这项事业可谓前景广阔I see a great deal of potential in that venture.我猜它一定需要外来的投资I imagine it would require outside investment.确实如此It will, indeed.我需要招兵买马 扩充海军I need to expand my armies, my navies.我的首相 科本My Hand, Qyburn,已经让厄索斯的黄金团弃暗投明has made overtures to the Golden Company in Essos.我对黄金团非常熟悉I know them well.他们曾帮助我们They have helped us recover significant sums收回多笔逾期贷款 金额甚巨from parties who had fallen into deep arrears.那真是太好了That's good to hear.我也希望他们能帮我讨回属于我的东西I, too, would like them to recover some things that belong to me.尽管放心 陛下Rest assured, Your Grace,铁金库不会让您失望you can count on the Iron Bank's support.只等金子一到As soon as the gold arrives.这个送给你This is for you.上一个使用它的人想割你的喉咙The last man who wielded it meant to cut your throat,是你母亲将他击退but your mother fought him off.另一把匕首The other dagger,夺去了她的性命the one that took her life,若是可以 我宁愿用自己的心I would have stopped that dagger with my own heart去挡住它if I could have.她最需要我的时候我不在I wasn't there for her when she needed me most.但我现在为她而来But I am here for her now替她完成她的心愿to do what she would have done,保护她的孩子to protect her children.如果你有任何需要 布兰登Anything I can do for you, Brandon,尽管跟我说you need only ask.知道这匕首是谁的吗Do you know who this belonged to?不知道No.正是这个问题引发了五王之战That very question was what started the War of the Five Kings.某种意义上讲 是这把匕首害你变成今天这样In a way, that dagger made you what you are today.让你被迫离开家园Forced from your home,深入长城外的荒蛮之地driven out to the wilds beyond the Wall.我想你一定亲眼见过多数人不肯相信之事I imagine you've seen things most men wouldn't believe.经历千难万险再度回返家园To go through all of that and make your way home again却发现世界一片混乱only to find such chaos in the world,是什么感受 我只能想象...I can only imagine--混乱是阶梯Chaos is a ladder.抱歉打扰了 史塔克大人I'm sorry to have disturbed you, Lord Stark.我不是史塔克大人I'm not Lord Stark.这是什么What's that?沃肯学士为我造的Maester Wolkan built it for me这样我行动起来方便多了so I can move around more easily.是个好主意It's a very good idea.你要走了You're leaving.我不想离开你I don't want to leave you,但是等...等它们到来but when-- when they come,我需要陪在家人身边I need to be with my family.而且你现在安全了And you're safe.至少跟大家一样安全Well, as safe as anyone can be now.你不再需要我了You don't need me anymore.是的 不需要了No, I don't.你就没有别的话要说吗That's all you've got to say?谢谢你Thank you.谢谢Thank you?谢谢你帮助我For helping me.我弟弟为你而死My brother died for you.阿多和夏天为你而死Hodor and Summer died for you.我也差一点为你而死I almost died for you.-布兰... -我不是布兰了- Bran... - I'm not, really.再也不是了Not anymore.我还记得身为布兰登·史塔克的感觉I remember what it felt like to be Brandon Stark,但是现在我记得的事情太多太多but I remember so much else now.你死在了那个洞穴里You died in that cave.真的I did.厨房里的妞 红头发那个The kitchen girl, the redhead with the behind.厨房里唯一叫你操过的东西是猪下水The only thing in the kitchen that you've put your cock in is the liver.喂 往哪儿走呢'Ey up. Where you going?进去 我住这里In there. I live here.滚吧Fuck off.我是艾莉亚·史塔克 这里是我家I'm Arya Stark. This is my home.艾莉亚·史塔克死了Arya Stark's dead.叫鲁温学士或者罗德利克爵士来Send for Maester Luwin or Ser Rodrik.-他们会告诉你我是谁 -这里没有罗德利克- They'll tell you who I am. - There's no Rodrik here.学士叫沃肯Maester's named Wolkan.去问琼恩·雪诺吧 就是北境之王Go ask Jon Snow, then, the King in the North.-他是我哥哥 -他在千里之外呢- He's my brother. - He's a thousand miles away.你瞧 这里怪冷的 我们也挺忙的Look, it's cold and we're busy,所以你呢 最好快滚so, you know, best fuck off.如果琼恩不在 那临冬城谁说了算If Jon's gone, who's in charge of Winterfell?临冬城领主 史塔克小姐The Lady of Winterfell. Lady Stark.-哪位史塔克小姐 -你说呢- Which Lady Stark? - You tell us.你不是正在假冒她妹妹You're the one impersonating her sister.告诉珊莎她妹妹回家了Tell Sansa her sister's home.珊莎小姐很忙 跟我们一样没空理你Lady Sansa is too busy to waste her breath on you, just like us.我最后说一次 快滚So, for the last time, fuck off.我是一定要进去的 不论以什么方式I'm getting into this castle one way or another.我若不是我所声称之人 自然待不久If I'm not who I say I am, I won't last long.但如果我是 而珊莎发现你们赶我走But if I am and Sansa finds out you turned me away...好吧 你在那里坐着Right, you sit there.就坐那里Right there.别乱动Don't move.去通报史塔克小姐 我看着她Right, go tell Lady Stark. I'll watch her.我才不去通报史塔克小姐 你去I ain't telling Lady Stark. You can tell her.为什么是我Why me?-你去通报 -我不去- You're gonna tell her. - I'm not.你不去 我就一拳打烂'Cause if you don't, I'm gonna hit you right in the fucking face你那张臭脸as hard as I can.我们让她等着We told her to wait.我们就站在她旁边 然后We were standing right next to her, and...然后我们一转身 她就不见了 小姐And-- and when we turned around, she'd gone, my lady.根本不算个东西 只是北方哪个村里的丫头She-- she was nothing. Some winter town girl.她提到了...罗德利克爵士She comes in asking for, uh, Ser Rodrik...-罗德利克 对 鲁温 -还有鲁温学士- Rodrik, yeah. Luwin, yeah. - ...and Maester Luwin.别为这事担心 小姐And don't trouble yourself over it, my lady.-我们...我们会找到她的 -不必了- We'll-- we'll find her. - You don't have to.我知道她在哪里I know where she is.现在我得叫你史塔克小姐了吗Do I have to call you Lady Stark now?是的Yes.你不该从守卫那里逃跑You shouldn't have run from the guards.我没逃I didn't run.你该换几个像样点的守卫You need better guards.很适合你 史塔克小姐It suits you... Lady Stark.琼恩让你掌管这里Jon left you in charge?是的He did.我希望他很快就能回来I hope he comes back soon.我记得他看到我时有多开心I remember how happy he was to see me.等他看见你 怕是心脏都要停跳了When he sees you, his heart will probably stop.一点都不像他It doesn't look like him.应该找个熟悉他面容的人来雕刻Should've been carved by someone who knew his face.熟悉他面容的人都死了Everyone who knew his face is dead.我们还在We're not.听说你杀了乔佛里They say you killed Joffrey.是真的吗Did you?我倒希望是I wish I had.我也希望Hmm. Me, too.听说有人比我先下了手 我很生气I was angry when I heard someone else had done it.不管我的名单有多长 他总是排在第一位However long my list got, he was always first.你的名单Your list?我要杀的那些人Of people I'm going to kill.你怎么回到临冬城的How did you get back to Winterfell?......

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