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权力的游戏 第七季(Game of Thrones Season 7)中英字幕

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权力的游戏 第七季(Game of Thrones Season 7)中英字幕预览

 第七季 第三集临冬城的私生子The bastard of Winterfell.凯岩城的侏儒The dwarf of Casterly Rock.我们上次相见是在长城顶上吧I believe we last saw each other atop the Wall.若我没记错 你当时正在城头朝外撒尿You were pissing off the edge if I remember right.这一路上添了几道伤疤啊Picked up some scars along the road.路途漫长 好在我们今日还能相见It's been a long road, but we're both still here.我是提利昂·兰尼斯特I'm Tyrion Lannister.-戴佛斯·席渥斯 -洋葱骑士- Davos Seaworth. - Ah, the Onion Knight.我们在黑水湾大战中各为其主We fought on opposite sides at the Battle of Blackwater Bay.我就倒了霉了Unluckily for me.弥桑黛是女王最信任的顾问Missandei is the queen's most trusted advisor.欢迎来龙石岛Welcome to Dragonstone.我们女王知道此行不易Our queen knows it is a long journey.她感谢你们为她不辞旅途辛劳She appreciates the efforts you have made on her behalf.麻烦各位交出武器If you wouldn't mind handing over your weapons.当然Of course.这边请Please, this way.你是哪里人Where are you from?我听不出你的口音I can't place the accent.我生在纳斯岛I was born on the Island of Naath.听说是个很美的地方I hear it's beautiful down there.棕榈树 还有蝴蝶Palm trees and butterflies.我没去过Haven't been, myself.这地方不一样了This place has changed.珊莎怎么样 听说她活得好好的And Sansa? I hear she's alive and well.-是的 -她思念我吗- She is. - Does she miss me terribly?有名无分的婚姻 也不曾圆房A sham marriage. And unconsummated.-我没问 -反正是了- I didn't ask. - Well, it was. Wasn't.总之Anyway...她比看上去聪明得多she's much smarter than she lets on.已经看得出来了She's starting to let on.很好Good.有朝一日At some point,我想听听一个守夜人新兵怎么当上的北境之王I want to hear how a Night's watch recruit became King in the North.只要你给我讲讲一个兰尼斯特As long as you tell me how a Lannister怎么做了丹妮莉丝·坦格利安的首相became Hand to Daenerys Targaryen.我的故事既冗长又血腥A long and bloody tale.老实说 其中大半时候我都烂醉如泥To be honest, I was drunk for most of it.我的封臣认为我来这一趟是犯傻My bannermen think I'm a fool for coming here.这是当然Of course they do.我要是你的首相 一定劝你别来If I was your Hand, I would have advised against it.基本经验General rule of thumb--史塔克家的男人南下都没有好结果Stark men don't fare well when they travel south.是啊True...但我不姓史塔克but I'm not a Stark.我想说习惯了就好了I'd say you get used to them...但是真的习惯不了but you never really do.走吧 它们的母亲在等你Come, their mother is waiting for you.客人来了 怎么不去相见I wondered why you weren't there to meet our guests.你求我们召来北境之王You begged us to summon the King in the North.不想再见他一面吗Don't you want to see him again?我的使命已经完成I've done my part.我已让玄冰与烈火相逢I've brought ice and fire together.奇怪Strange.你对琼恩·雪诺赞不绝口You spoke so highly of Jon Snow,现在他来了 你却躲在悬崖上but when he arrives, you hide on a cliff.我可没看出你是个腼腆的姑娘I didn't take you for a bashful girl.我在君王耳边吹风的日子结束了My time whispering in the ears of kings has come to an end.我深表怀疑Oh, I doubt that.我们这等小民一旦尝到权力的滋味Give us common folk one taste of power,就像狮子尝过了人肉we're like the lion who tasted man.世上再没有哪种滋味能如此甜美Nothing is ever so sweet again.你我都不是小民了Neither of us is common folk anymore.我和北境之王及其顾问I did not part on good terms分别时不太愉快with the King in the North or his advisor.为什么Why?因为我犯下的错误Because of mistakes I made.可怕的错误Terrible mistakes.我留下来只会添乱I would only be a distraction if I stayed.-那你要去哪里 -瓦兰提斯- So, where will you go? - Volantis.很好Good.说句不中听的If you don't mind my saying,我想你不该再回维斯特洛I don't think you should return to Westeros.你在这里恐怕不大安全I'm not sure you'd be safe here.我会回来的 亲爱的八爪蜘蛛Oh, I will return, dear Spider.-最后一次 -女士- One last time. - My lady--我注定要死在这片异乡I have to die in this strange country.和你一样Just like you.你们面前的是You stand in the presence坦格利安家族的风暴降生丹妮莉丝of Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen,铁王座的合法继承人rightful heir to the Iron Throne,安达尔人和先民的合法女王rightful Queen of the Andals and the First Men,七国守护Protector of the Seven Kingdoms,龙之母the Mother of Dragons,草海上的卡丽熙the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea,不焚者 解放者the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains.这是琼恩·雪诺This is Jon Snow.北境之王He's King in the North.感谢你远道而来 大人Thank you for traveling so far, my lord.希望海上不太颠簸I hope the seas weren't too rough.风平浪静 陛下The winds were kind, Your Grace.抱歉 我知道我操着一口跳蚤窝口音Apologies, I have a Flea Bottom accent, I know,但琼恩·雪诺是北境之王 陛下but Jon Snow is King in the North, Your Grace.-不是领主 -抱歉 这位...- He's not a lord. - Forgive me--陛下 这位是戴佛斯·席渥斯爵士Your Grace, this is Ser Davos Seaworth.原谅我 席渥斯爵士Forgive me, Ser Davos.我并未受过正式教育I never did receive a formal education,但我发誓我曾读到but I could have sworn I read最后一位北境之王是托伦·史塔克the last King in the North was Torrhen Stark,而他向我的祖先伊耿·坦格利安屈膝称臣who bent the knee to my ancestor, Aegon Targaryen.以求保全他自己和北境人民的性命In exchange for his life and the lives of the Northmen,托伦·史塔克发誓永远效忠坦格利安家族Torrhen Stark swore fealty to House Targaryen in perpetuity.是我搞错了吗Or do I have my facts wrong?当时我并不在场 陛下I wasn't there, Your Grace.是啊 当然了No, of course not.但誓言就是誓言But still, an oath is an oath.永远的意思是...And perpetuity means--永远是什么意思 提利昂大人what does perpetuity mean, Lord Tyrion?世世代代Forever.世世代代Forever.所以我以为 大人So I assume, my lord...你是来屈膝称臣的...you're here to bend the knee.并非如此I am not.那太不幸了Well, that is unfortunate.你这么大老远跑来You've traveled all this way就是为了背弃坦格利安家族to break faith with House Targaryen?背弃Break faith?你父亲活活烧死了我的祖父Your father burned my grandfather alive.还活活烧死了我大伯He burned my uncle alive.他甚至可能会烧了七国...He would have burned the Seven Kingdoms--我父亲...是大恶之人My father... was an evil man.我代表坦格利安家族On behalf of House Targaryen...请求你原谅I ask your forgiveness他对你的家族犯下的罪行for the crimes he committed against your family.我也请你不要以父亲的罪行And I ask you not to judge a daughter评判其女儿by the sins of her father.我们两家结盟数百年Our two houses were allies for centuries,那是七国前所未有and those were the best centuries兴盛昌隆的时代the Seven Kingdoms have ever known.数百年的和平与繁荣背后Centuries of peace and prosperity是坦格利安稳坐铁王座with a Targaryen sitting on the Iron Throne史塔克贵为北境守护and a Stark serving as Warden of the North.我是最后一个坦格利安 琼恩·雪诺I am the last Targaryen, Jon Snow.遵守你的祖先对我的先人许下的承诺Honor the pledge your ancestor made to mine.臣服于我 我就任命你为北境守护Bend the knee and I will name you Warden of the North.你我携手 从破坏者手中拯救王国Together, we will save this country from those who would destroy it.你说得对You're right.你不必为父亲犯下的罪受责You're not guilty of your father's crimes.我也无须被先祖许下的誓言约束And I'm not beholden to my ancestor's vows.那你为何来此Then why are you here?因为我需要你的帮助 你也需要我的帮助Because I need your help, and you need mine.你抵达时可曾看到三头龙在头顶盘旋Did you see three dragons flying overhead when you arrived?看到了I did.可曾见到多斯拉克人And did you see the Dothraki,他们每个人都誓言为我而战all of whom have sworn to kill for me?想看不到也难They're hard to miss.但我仍然需要你的帮助But still, I need your help?不是为击败瑟曦Not to defeat Cersei.您大可以明日就拿下君临 易如反掌You could storm King's Landing tomorrow and the city would fall.连我们当初也差一点就攻下Hell, we almost took it况且我们没有龙and we didn't even have dragons.-差一点 -但你没有大举进攻君临- Almost. - But you haven't stormed King's Landing.为什么呢Why not?我能想到的唯一的原因The only reason I can see就是你不愿意杀死数千无辜民众is you don't want to kill thousands of innocent people.那是赢得战争最快的方式It's the fastest way to win the war,但你不愿意那么做but you won't do it,这说明 至少which means, at the very least,你强过瑟曦you're better than Cersei.这仍然不能解释 我为何需要你们帮助Still, that doesn't explain why I need your help.因为现在 你和我 瑟曦以及其他所有人Because right now, you and I and Cersei and everyone else,都只是沉迷于游戏的孩子we're children playing at a game,为游戏不公平吵吵嚷嚷screaming that the rules aren't fair.-你说你喜欢这个人 -的确- You told me you liked this man. - I do.他从见面到现在 不肯称我为女王In the time since he's met me, he's refused to call me queen,不肯行礼 现在又说我是孩子he's refused to bow, and now he's calling me a child.我想他是说我们所有人都是孩子 是比喻I believe he's calling all of us children. Figure of speech.陛下 如果我们不能击败北方的敌人Your Grace, everyone you know will die before winter's over你认识的每一个人都会在冬天结束前死去if we don't defeat the enemy to the north.对我而言 你就是北方的敌人As far as I can see, you are the enemy to the north.我不是你的敌人I am not your enemy.死人才是敌人The dead are the enemy.死人The dead?又是一种比喻吗Is that another figure of speech?死人军团正在逼近The Army of the Dead is on the march.死人军团The Army of the Dead?你对我算不上了解 大人You don't know me well, my lord,但你认为我是个满嘴谎言的疯子吗but do you think I'm a liar or a madman?不 我并不这样认为No, I don't think you're either of those things.死人军团真的存在The Army of the Dead is real.异鬼真的存在The white walkers are real.夜王真的存在 我亲眼见过The Night King is real. I've seen them.一旦它们突破长城If they get past the Wall而我们还忙着相互攻诘and we're squabbling amongst ourselves...我们就全完了we're finished.我生于龙石岛I was born at Dragonstone.虽然我并不记得Not that I can remember it.我们趁劳勃的杀手抵达之前逃走We fled before Robert's assassins could find us.劳勃是你父亲的挚友吧Robert was your father's best friend, no?我怀疑你父亲是否知道他的挚友I wonder if your father knew his best friend sent assassins派人谋杀襁褓中的婴儿to murder a baby girl in her crib.如今这些当然都不重要了Not that it matters now, of course.我从小在异乡长大I spent my life in foreign lands.那么多人想杀我So many men have tried to kill me,我记不得他们所有人的名字I don't remember all their names.我曾被当成母马贩卖I have been sold like a broodmare.我曾被铐上枷锁 遭人背叛I've been chained and betrayed,承受侮辱践踏raped and defiled.你可知道是什么支撑我Do you know what kept me standing......

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