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 人生中有些时刻能决定我们There are moments in our lives that seem to define us.我们经常回想起来的时刻Moments we keep going back to.认识他之前, 我的人生是非常简单. 明确的My life before him was so simple and decided.而现在, 在他之后...And now after him...也只剩下...there's just...之后after.泰萨!Tessa!好, 忘了带什么了?Okay, what are we forgetting?- 吹风机? - 没有- Hair dryer? - No.- 手电筒. - 妈, 我是去上大学- Flashlight. - Mom, it's college.又不是野外求生It's not a survival course.毛巾, 电池充电器, 手机充电器Towels, battery charger, phone charger--如果你忘了的话, 我总可以开车送去的 I can-- I can always drive anything up if you forget it.好, 我们该走了. 我们有很长的路要走Okay, we should get going. We have a long drive ahead.- 好的. - 再做最后一次房间检查- Okay. - Let's do a last-minute room check.奥, 等等Oh, wait.- 妈妈. - 谢谢, 宝贝- Mom. - Thanks, baby.让我享受阳光♪ Get me to the sunshine♪亲眼去看水♪ I wanna see the water With my own eyes♪你知道我喜欢这样♪ You know I like that♪是的, 我喜欢这样♪ Yeah, I like that♪体验美好生活♪ Get a taste Of the good life♪有一点小狂野♪ Go a little wild On the inside♪永不回头♪ And never look back♪你知道我喜欢那样♪ You know I like that♪我要感受那些美好♪ I wanna feel Feel something good♪感觉美好♪ Feel something good♪感受, 感觉那些美好♪ Feel, feel something good♪ - 是这个楼层. - B-22号...- We're on the right floor. - B-22...- B-22号... - 呃...- B-22... - Um...B-22号B-22.22号Twenty-two.嘿Hey.嗨, 呃...Hi. Um...斯蒂芬?Steph?是我In the flesh.我叫泰萨I'm Tessa.嘿, 这是我的新室友Hey, it's my new roomie.这是特里斯坦This is Tristan.- 嗨. - 嘿- Hey. - Hi.- 我叫泰萨. - 进来吧. 我们不咬人- I'm Tessa. - Come in. We're not gonna bite.哦, 抱歉. 这是我妈妈, 这是诺亚Oh, sorry. So, this is my mom and this is Noah.- 你们好. - 嗨- Hello. - Hi.说真心话, 让我跟一个新生做室友时,我很沮丧Full disclosure. I was pretty bummed但我觉得, 从好的方面想then I thought, "Hello, bright side--我可以做你的心灵导师I'm gonna be your spirit guide." 我们可以带你去所有的好地方We can get you into all the best places,没问题even without a fake. No problem.妈妈Mom.你的上衣很好看I like your sweater.谢谢, 我是在GAP买的Thanks. I, uh-- I got it from The Gap.可爱Cute.我们现在直接去宿舍办公室We're going straight down to the housing office right now- 要求换房间. - 等等, 你在胡说什么? - and requesting a room change. 那个房间里散发着...That room reeked of--你能不能别吵闹?Can you please not make a scene?我没有I'm not.- 我们好不容易走到这一步... - 好吧- We have worked too hard for this... - Okay....我不希望你被谁带坏了...and I don't want you to be distracted by anyone.妈, 这可是我所说的Mom, this is me that we're talking about.你就不能相信我吗?Can you please just trust me?没有问题的, 我保证It will be fine, I promise.我保证I promise. 家里没了你会冷清很多The house is gonna be so empty without you.是啊, 我会想你的I know. I'll miss you.哦, 天啊, 我真为你骄傲Oh, God, I am so proud of you.谢谢你, 妈妈Thanks, Mom.好的, 我爱你, 我的宝贝Okay. I love you, my baby.我要走了. 回头见I'm going. See you later.再见Bye.我来I got it.这一直是我担心的时刻This is the part I've been dreading.我也是Me too.其实我指的是我跟你妈一起开车回家Oh, I was actually talking about the ride home with your mom.好了Okay.我要感受那些美好♪ I wanna feel Feel something good♪感受那些美好♪ Feel something good♪感受那些美好♪ Feel, feel something good♪感受那些美好♪ Feel something good♪ 我把你妈吓到什么程度了?How much did I freak your mom out?呃...Um...她担心我会把你带坏?She thinks I'm gonna be a bad influence?她只是保护心很强She's just very protective.以前一直是我们住在一起It's always only been the two of us.不, 谢谢No. No thanks.看, 看来她没什么可担心的See? Seems like she has nothing to worry about.你哥很帅Your brother's cute.奥, 你是说诺亚啊? 不, 他是我男朋友Oh, you mean Noah? No, he's my boyfriend.- 抱歉. - 没关系 - Sorry. - No, it's okay.他是个高三生He's a senior in high school.是特里斯坦, 我本该去见她的That's Tristan. I'm supposed to meet her.怎么这么多旧书?What's with all the old books?谁会把书带到大学?Who brings books to college?看来...是我吧Me... I guess.书生气, 我喜欢The bookish vibe. I like that.- 好了, 我走了. - 好, 再见- All right, I'm out. - Okay. Bye.妈妈: 祝你明天开学愉快Mom: Have a great first day tomorrow诺亚: 晚安Noah: Night night - 嗨. - 嗨- Hi. - Hey.- 经济学基础课? - 是的- Econ 101? - Yeah.锁上了It's locked.是的Yeah. - 我已经试过了. - 对- I already tried-- I tried it. - Right.两人来的挺早啊?Couple of early birds, huh?祝你们学的开心Have fun in there.- 哦, 你先请. - 抱歉, 你先请- Oh. After you. - Sorry. After you.- 不, 不.. - 不, 不..- No, no.. - No, no..- 你先请吧, - 不, 你先请吧- Honestly. I insist. - No, I insist.- 不, 你先请.. - 不, 我妈教育我说...- No, honestly.. - No, my mother raised me to...好吧Okay.- 你也是新生吗? - 是的- Are you a first year, too? - Yeah.你是经济学专业吗?Are you an econ major?是这个打算, 你呢?That's the plan. You?我是文学专业I'm an English major.- 我叫兰顿, 顺便说一下. - 我叫泰萨, 嗨- I'm Landon, by the way. - Tessa. Hi.嗨, 很高兴认识你Hi, nice to meet you.早上好, 我是亚历山大教授Good morning. I'm Professor Alexander.欢迎来到经济学基础课And welcome to Econ 101.这可能是你们上的最重要的一节课This might be the most important class you take here,所以我希望这里的所有人都能专心听讲so I expect everyone here to closely pay attention从我在金融界25年的职业生涯中受益and benefit from the 25-year career I had on Wall Street.现在考试吧Now let's get started.呃, 对不起Um, uh, excuse me?呃, 你好像走错房间了Uh, I th-- I think that you're in the wrong room.我没走错I'm in the right room.你是怎么进来的?How did you even get in here?好吧, 那你能去走廊上, 让我穿上衣服吗?Okay. Can you please go out into the hall- 我好穿上衣服. - 别自作多情- so I can get dressed? - Don't flatter yourself.我又没看你I'm not looking.你这么晚才来You took your time.在这儿, 嗨, 泰萨There they are. Hey, Tessa.嗨, 哦... 你能不能让你男友出去一下Hi. Uh... Can you please ask your boyfriend我好穿上衣服?to leave so I can get dressed?呃, 不是我男友. 你跟她说什么了?Uh, not my boyfriend. What did you say to her?没什么Nothing 我只是看自己的书I've been minding my own business.好吧, 不管他是谁...Okay, well, whoever he is...你今晚要跟我们一起出去You're going out with us tonight.算了吧Yeah, I don't know.我在想像他在派对上会是什么样I'm trying to picture this one at a party.想象不出来Just not seeing it.你不会整天都呆在宿舍里吧?You're not gonna stay in here forever, right?不Nope."了不起的盖茨比", 这是一本好书The Great Gatsby. It's a good book.真不想打击你...I'd hate to spoil it...但这只是个梦罢了but it was all a dream.其实...Actually...只是个谎言罢了it was all a lie. 你好Hello.我要一杯杏仁奶咖啡Can I get, um, a cappuccino上面加肉桂with almond milk and cinnamon on top?- 好的. - 我就要一杯普通的黑咖啡- Sure thing. -I'll have a regular black coffee, please.- 你呢? - 我要一杯美式咖啡- And for you? - Can I have an Americano, please?好的No prob.- 谢谢. - 真是花心大萝卜- Thanks. - Ooh, such a player.- 马上把它捡起来. - 谢谢- Now pick it up. Nicely. - Thank you.你会来接我们的吧, 泽德?You're picking us all up, right, Zed?- 我什么时候去接你们? - 随便, 8点吧?- When am I picking you guys up tonight? - I don't know, 8:00?我们今晚狂欢!We're raging tonight!- 你猜怎么着? - 嘘!- Guess what? - Shh!我们今晚要去参加派对We're gonna go to a party tonight.算了吧I don't know.你要去, 就不想开心玩玩吗?You're going. Don't you want to have fun?嘘!Shh!你才嘘You shh.是, 我当然想Yeah, of course I do.- 那就拿上你的东西 - 斯蒂芬- Then grab your shit. -Steph.- 好吧. - 去为派对准备一下吧! - Okay. - Let's get ready to party!我先好穿鞋♪ I put my shoes on first♪反向走在大街上♪ Walk down The street in reverse♪我在云上画一张脸......♪ I paint a face On the clouds...♪你觉得怎么样?What do you think?......