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遗失的环节(Missing Link)中英字幕

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 这茶凉了 林先生This tea is tepid, Mr. Lint.对不起 莱昂内尔先生I'm sorry, Sir Lionel.这是个寒冷的夜晚 我们离海岸很远It's a cold night, and we're a long way from shore.嘘 你听到了吗Shh! Do you hear that?啊 是的 完美的地方 现在 我们有工作要做Ah, yes. The perfect spot. Now, we have work to do.打开风笛Break out the bagpipes.咪♪ Mi ♪拉咪咪咪咪♪ La mi-mi-mi-mi ♪咪咪♪ Mi-mi ♪很好 好的 我们开始吧Very good. Okay, here we go.先生 你觉得这样行吗Do you think this will work, sir?他们说音乐能抚慰野蛮的野兽 林特先生They do say music soothes the savage beast, Mr. Lint.先生 我不确定这件事I'm not sure in this case, sir.相机在手上吗 当然Is the camera to hand? It is essential.先生 在您的座位下面Under your seat, sir.很好Good.让俱乐部里的人嘲笑Let those fellows at the club scoff当面对无可辩驳的证据时when faced with irrefutable proof.我本该参军的I should've joined the army.-莱昂内尔爵士 -嗯-Sir Lionel? -Hmm?达尔文的雀 她是真的Darwin's finches! She's real!我知道 我知道I knew it. I knew it.哦 她是个精神饱满的人 是吗 哈哈Oh, she's a spirited one, isn't she? Ha-ha!-拿着这个 会吗? -哇-Hold this, will you? -Whoa!啊 好吧Ah, okay.哦Oh!哦Oh!请向右一点A little to the right, please.不 不 不 我是对的No, no, no. My right.就这样 就这样 我们现在该说什么That's it, that's it. Now, what do we say?救命Help me!不 林先生 我们还能说什么No, Mr. Lint. What else do we say?我的手在流血My hands are bleeding!-我们能说是奶酪吗 -拜托-Can we say "cheese"? -Please!够近了Close enough.哦Oh!食肉动物 呵呵A carnivore. Huh.林特先生 振作起来 会没事的Do buck up, Mr. Lint. No harm done.啊Aah!哦 小提琴Oh, fiddlesticks.我辞职了I quit!我再也受不了了 我做不到I can't take any more of this. I won't!你被史前湖中的怪兽袭击了You were mauled by a prehistoric lake monster.有多少人能够应对How many people can claim that?没有 因为他们都死了None. Because they're all dead!我以为你无坚不摧呢I thought you were made of sterner stuff.你有毛病吗 我是人类What is wrong with you? I'm a human being!是的 超过15亿之一Yes, one of over one-and-a-half billion.但另一方面 也是那个生物But that creature, on the other hand,之一 你没看见吗is one of a kind. Don't you see?哦 我看得很清楚Oh, I see perfectly well.难怪你不能把别人留在身边It's no wonder you can't keep anyone around.别走 林先生Do stay, Mr. Lint.我绝对不会再让你吃东西了 我保证I'll make absolutely sure you don't get eaten again. I promise.你上次说过You said that last time!如果你们真的信任我If I'm ever to be taken seriously by the adventuring community,我必须…我必须对得起你们 是的I must... I must provide proof, yes.你看 我的错误是太依赖这些相机You see, my mistake was relying on these newfangled cameras.我们回去吧 我们会得到一些真正的证据We'll go back. We'll get some real evidence.-我们可以…-不 我们不会的-We can... -No, we shall not.先生 相信自己You, sir, are on your own.哦 麻烦你Oh, bother.电子战Ew.亲爱的莱昂内尔·弗罗斯特爵士 作为传说中野兽的探索者"Dear Sir Lionel Frost, as famed seeker of mythical beasts,你可能对这个提议感兴趣"you may be interested in this proposition.我可以向你透露尚未发现的生物"I can reveal to you the as-yet-undiscovered creature被称为 萨斯夸奇"known as the Sasquatch.沿着华盛顿州的肯普河走"Follow the trail along Old Kemp Creek in Washington State,你会找到他的"and you will find him.我是真正的交易 我……"I am truly the real deal, and I...我相信你也是I believe you are, too."呵呵Huh.老肯普河 我知道 哈哈Old Kemp Creek. I knew it. Ha-ha!游戏正在进行中The game is afoot!哈哈 一只脚 这是一个…嗯 对Ha-ha! A foot. It's a... Hmm. Right.哦 是你 你知道我有严格的命令不…Oh, it's you. You know I have strict orders not to...是的 是的 非常好 谢谢Yes, yes, very good, thank you.他站在我面前There he stood before me,他邪恶的异教徒眼睛盯着我his wicked heathen eyes locked on mine.除了风吹过他的草裙 没有声音No sound but the wind whistling through his grass skirt.然后 在一瞬间 我摔倒在一只膝盖上Then, in a flash, I fell to one knee,把手伸进裤腿thrust my hand down my trouser leg,抽出一把藏在大腿内侧的手枪whipped out a pistol I had concealed against my inner thigh,瞄准他的眼睛aimed it right between his eyes,把他扔到他站的地方比你说的快 上帝保佑女王and dropped him where he stood quicker than you could say, "God save the Queen."你觉得怎么样 嗯How do you like that, hmm?一场高尚的战斗A noble battle.谢天谢地 他没有带武器Thank heaven he wasn't armed.然后发生了什么And then what happened?呃 我还没走出树林Uh, I wasn't out of the woods yet.不可能Not by a long shot.唯一妨碍我的是…The one thing that still stood in my way was...莱昂内尔·弗罗斯特爵士Sir Lionel Frost!先生们……Gentlemen...我带来了激动人心的消息I bring thrilling news.哦 是怪物猎人Oh, it's the monster hunter.这个俱乐部只供会员使用This club is for members only.这次是什么 弗罗斯特What is it this time, Frost?你是来告诉我们尼斯的事的吗Did you come to tell us about Nessie?啊 皮格特·邓西比勋爵Ah, Lord Piggot-Dunceby.你为什么不给我们看看你在湖里找到的什么证据Why don't you show us what proof you found in the loch, hmm?是的 这是一个令人遗憾的结论 对于另一个相当有希望的探险Yes, a regrettable conclusion to an otherwise rather promising expedition.休斯敦大学Uh...但我不是来哀叹过去的不幸But I'm not here to bemoan past misfortune.我来揭晓我的最新消息I am here to unveil my latest还有最诱人的事业 先生们and most tantalizing enterprise, gentlemen.他又来了Here he goes again.-现在等等 -放弃吧 伙计-Now wait. -Give it up, man.-我这里有一个演员…-哦-What I have here is a cast... -Oh!…一个巨大的 非人类的脚印...of a giant, non-human footprint.-那是一只大脚 -我敢打赌他是个大块头 嘿-That's a big foot. -I bet he's a big fellow. Heh.几十份记录在案的目击证人报告之一One of dozens of documented eyewitness reports一个神秘的生物of a mysterious creature.-你介意吗 -哦-Do you mind? -Oh.巨大 多毛 直立行走Huge, hairy, and walking upright.无论是猿还是人Neither ape nor man,但两者之间的联系but the link in between.是的 他有很多名字:Yes, he's had many names:斯库库库姆 卢加鲁Skookum, Rougarou,谢纳哈 大便 是的…Tse'nahaha, Loo Poo Oi'Yes...…最常见的是…在哈尔科梅伦方言的模糊不清的推导中...and most commonly known in... in a muddled derivation of an old Halkomelem dialect,-作为萨斯夸奇 -嘿 那是永远不会流行的-as Sasquatch. -Heh. That'll never catch on.我给你一个失去时间的传奇生物的一瞥I offer you a glimpse of a legendary creature lost in time证明…证据 我告诉你…and proof... proof, I tell you...那人的灵长类祖先不仅仅是一些荒诞的故事和幻想that man's primate ancestors are not just tall tales and flights of fancy,但活着而且很好but alive and well生活在新世界and living in the New World.哈哈Ha-ha!-一想到它 -嗯 我从来没有-The very thought of it. -Well, I never!-爸爸 -但想想看-Poppycock! -But think of it.人类原始祖先的证据 缺失的联系Evidence of man's primitive ancestry, the missing link!不 先生 我想不起来了 我不会的No, sir, I shan't think of it. I won't.-呃…-看看你周围-Uh... -Look around you.你站在世界上最著名的冒险家的下面You stand beneath the most renowned adventurers of the world.这个俱乐部的成员已经跨越了海洋The members of this club have crossed oceans,驯服的丛林 征服了最高的山峰tamed jungles, conquered the tallest peaks.我们屠杀了不虔诚的人…We've butchered the ungodly...…带来了英国人的餐桌礼仪...and brought good British table manners野蛮的世界to savages the world over.先生 你想嘲笑我们You, sir, seek to make a mockery of us.不 不 不 我想加入你No, no, no. I seek to join you.这个生物的发现And the discovery of this creature一定要确保我在这里的安全must surely secure my place here.我是说 你怎么说I mean, what do you say to that?我说我们是伟人的后代I say we are descended from great men,不是类人猿not great apes.好吧 我说你错了Well, I say you're wrong.什么What?我…我相信这两个人是并驾齐驱的I... I believe the two go hand in hand,-更重要的是 我…-他对我说了什么-and what's more, I... -What did he say to me?我想他说你错了I think he said you're wrong.我听够了I have heard enough.你的话什么都不是Your words are nothing.我的话就是一切 你的价值是什么My word is everything. What is yours worth?请再说一遍I beg your pardon?我向你保证我会带回这个生物的证据I give you my word I'll bring back proof of this creature,作为回报 你会承认你错了and in return, you'll admit you're wrong,你会同意我成为这里的会员and you'll grant me membership here,所以我最终可能会取代我真正属于的地方so I might finally take my place where I truly belong.你不属于这里 你会失败的You do not belong here, and you will fail.那么 在这种情况下 你没有什么可失去的Well, in that case, you have nothing to lose.很好Very well.你会发誓的You'll swear on it?我会的I will.如果我休假 你会原谅我的Then you'll excuse me if I take my leave.我 呃…我要准备很多东西I, uh... I have much to prepare.谢谢您Thank you.下次见面之前 先生们Until next we meet, gentlemen.这是黑暗的日子 科里克These are dark days, Collick.电力 选举权 进化Electricity, suffrage, evolution.我们濒临绝境We are on the brink of a precipice.是的 记下我的话 我们脚下的土地Yes, mark my words. And the ground beneath us被这些抓走了…这些新思想家is clawed away by these... these new thinkers.他们将改变世界They'll change the world,我这样的人在里面就没有地方了and there'll be no room in it for the likes of me.但是 我的主But, my Lord,弗罗斯特轻浮的越轨行为通常毫无意义Frost's frivolous escapades usually amount to naught.他不可能赢这场赌注He can't possibly win this wager.我不会冒险的I'm not taking any chances!不 我必须代表所有文明的人No, I must make a stand for all that is civilized.但是你要怎么做呢 大人But how are you going to do that, my Lord?要雇个暴徒来杀他Gonna hire a thug to kill him.哦 是的 就这样Oh, yes. That'll do it.你好Hello?隐马尔可夫模型Hmm.嘘Shh!请停下来Stop, please!请稍候Please wait!它还在那里It's still there.对不起 我想我的…Excuse me. I think I've got a little something stuck in my...就在那里There it is.在我的喉咙里 像坚果或…In my throat. Like a nut or a...或者是田鼠之类的 我不知道or a field mouse or something like that. I don't know.我是在闲逛吗 老实说 我有点紧张Am I rambling? I'm a little nervous, if I'm being honest.我…I...我想是莱昂内尔·弗罗斯特爵士吧Sir Lionel Frost, I presume.你好Hi.我不相信I don't believe it.我是说 你可以说话I mean, you can speak.对 嗯 我也写Yes. And, um, I write as well.......