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最佳敌人(The Best of Enemies)英文字幕

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 [man] I think one of the most emotional moments of my lifewas the night that I was initiated into the Klan.I was led into the Klavern hall, which was dark.The only light that I could see was a fiery cross.And that... put me through the ceremony.Purified me with water.Laid his hand on my shoulder, says,"You're part of the Invisible Empire,United Klans of America."And there was a tremendous applause throughout the auditorium.And I came up off the floor really in tears.Because that's what I'd been looking for all my life.An opportunity to be heard, an opportunity to be something.- [woman] I first told him, "Hell no!" - [audience laughs]I would never, ever. But kill him, that's all I want.That was on my heart to kill him.This is the kind of reputation that I have in Durham.I'm not bragging about it, but it is the truth.You can call Durham, and they will tell you.Uh, no, I will not take no for an answer. I have to have the word "yes."Because all of our blood, when it comes out, is the same color.I haven't seen any blood different yet than the color of mine.And I'm sayin' whatever you believe in... I keep sayin' it...- stand on it, baby, stand on it. - [audience applauding][crowd clamoring][clamoring continues][chanting] Equal housing now! Equal housing now!Equal housing now![woman] They call this Magic City, Mr. Atkins.Ain't no magic here.Abe Greenfeld ain't nothin' but a vile slumlord.You know it, and I know it.And the black people of East Durhamhave the same rights as anybody else.This girl, Mr. Atkins,this young lady is a single mother of three children.And she wake up this morning to an eviction notice.- But there's no hot water. What, baby, for two weeks? - That's right, Miss A.- Two weeks, and you say, what? No toilet? - No toilet.No toilet. And that ain't no way for no human to live.[stifled laugh]Mr. Atkins, we done writin' letters here.We want to be heard before tomorrow night's ruling.Miss Atwater, you know our agenda is tight,and we simply cannot allot time to everybody that wants to speak.- [telephone rings] - Now thank you. Show yourselves out.Mr. Tucker, to what do I owe this pleasure?- Sit down. - [Atkins laughs]And a mighty fine afternoon to you, too.Now you listen to me, Councilman! And you too, Mr. Tucker!We ain't goin' nowhere until we get down to the brass tacks.- You understand me? - Everything all right here, Bill?Mr. Oldham, now we have been sitting here for over half an hour.- The councilman ain't done nothin' but... - Ann.Ann. We're gonna give you your chance to speak tomorrow night.Are we good now?[chuckles] Not yet.Come on.[insects buzzing][man] Samuel Grace. Ayes?- [all] Aye. - Nays?Okay, then. Fred Eggert, Gene Waddle, and Samuel Graceare tentatively approved as new citizensof North Carolina Unit Nine of the Invisible Empire,United Klans of America.Kligraph is directed to certify the petitionsand prepare the oaths for ceremony.Roy, next week should be fine.Final item. Combat and firearms trainingresumes this Saturday from noon to 4:00under the supervision of second officer Floyd Kelly.And I'll remind the Youth Corps members that this training is mandatory.Y'all hear me? I'm talkin' to you.- Yeah. - [men chuckling]Let's bow our heads.Heavenly Father, give us strong minds, great hearts,true faith, and ready hands.Keep us unfettered from the worldthat we might fight the good fightand be worthy to claim the prize.May we as brethren and Klansmen be steadfast and unremovable.As we go hence from this Klaverninto the struggle of the alien world,let us not forget the crowning glory of a Klansman is to serve.Non silba, sed anthar.[all] Not for self, but for others!- Get him ready. - Mm-hmm.- You can say that again. - He was born ready.Ready or not.Mr. Ellis?Oh, hey.This is, uh, this is the new boy I was telling you about.Oh, sure. Sure, sure.Sure, Ben. Come on in the office.I'll see you fellas.Have a seat.What's your name, son?[clears throat] Leonard, sir.Don't be nervous, Leonard.Ben here tells me you'd like to be a part of the Youth Corps.Yes. Yes, sir.Why do you want to be in the Youth Corps, Leonard?[clears throat] To help...To help protect the white race of Americafrom the communist niggers and Jews who threaten us, sir.- That's a good boy. - [desk drawer opens]- But that's not all. - [drawer slides shut]It's our rights, our freedoms,our way of life that need protecting.We're an endangered species, Leonard.You understand?I do.Let me show you something.You see that?One day, this will be your most prized possession.It will give you everything you need in your life.Brotherhood, standing in the community, and a sense of pridethat you're part of something bigger than yourself.But most importantly, it will be a reminder every daythat you will no longer be an outsider.[box shuts]Welcome to the Youth Corps, Leonard.[knocking]We gonna take care of that thing?Yeah.Ben, bring the car around, out back.[engine off]Now what?We wait.[man chuckling]- [radio: man singing ballad] - [humming along][song continues on radio, muffled][engine off][car door opens][dog howls]- She got a nigger boyfriend. - [lighter clicks]The neighbors have been complaining.Stay here.[song continues]Wait for the light, Wiley.[screams][chorus vocalizing, fading out]- [telephones ringing] - [typewriters clacking][sighs]Hey. Thank you. Mm-hmm.Miss Dupree.Miss Dupree... Yes, I know, Miss Dupree, but...Hold on, Miss Dupree.Miss Dupree says she can't make it. Her kids...Oh, no. Come here.Cissy, you better get your ass down to City Hall tonight.No, no, I don't want to hear that.I have been a single mother ever since I was 16,and that's a whole hell of a lot longer than you.- [chuckles] - Well, child, it's supposed to be hard.Are you gonna be there later tonight or what?I better see your face lookin' black and angry.Mm-hmm.Who's next?[bell dings]Hey, Jeb, I'll take this one.[Jeb] Sure, Mr. Ellis.- Finish up that tire for me, will you? - All right.Can you fill the place tonight?You know I can, Carvie. What's up?We're ruling on Greenfeld tonight.Ann Atwater and all her Operation Breakthrough niggersare gonna make a scene. I just need numbers.Jesus. Greenfeld. You gonna help that scum?[Carvie chuckles] You know, C.P....Reelection here. He got deep pockets.I need to at least appear supportive.And you need to keep your friends on the city council.- [car door opens, closes] - I know, Carvie. We'll be there.[soul plays; hands clapping][song continues][song stops][C.P.] Oh, you late. Yeah.I guess that's what they call Africa time.[men laugh][female clerk] First item on the docket.In the matter of the Edgemont community housing,the council will first hear from Mr. Paulsen,representing Mr. Greenfeld.[spectators groaning, murmuring]Good evening.As you know, Mr. Greenfeld prides himselfon providing comfortable housing at affordable rentto a great many people in Durham.- [murmuring] - [gavel raps]The council will hear Mr. Paulsen.As with any dwelling, from time to time,there undoubtedly will be some... wear and tear.- [laughing, scoffing] - Mr. Greenfeld fully intends to address any of these issuesthat these folks might have.However, with the recent inclement weather,Mr. Greenfeld has had insufficient time to get to everyone.That's a lie.- [gavel raps] - We ask that the council grant usthe 90-day extension for these minor repairs.......