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神奇乐园历险记(Wonder Park)英文字幕

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 Mom, come on.It's time to open the park.Oh, right. Here we go.It was another dayin Wonderland,the most splendiferousamusement park ever.And Peanutwas creating a new ride?Not yet.First, the mascots were gettingready to open the gates.All right, guys.Good morning! Let's do it!Now, everyone, bring it in.People love coming to Wonderlandbecause it's the best time ever.And that's thanks to you.Because who are you?We are the wonder in Wonderland.I can't hear you.We are the wonder in Wonderland.One more time.We are the wonder in Wonderland!Yes, you are!Last one to Clockwork Swingsis a rotten avocado!Who wants to flip the switch?- Why don't you go ahead, brother?- No, you go, brother.- No, no, no, no, you go.- How about you both flip it?Welcome! Boy, it's gonna bea great day.I know that because we've hadliterally nothing but wondrous dayssince the moment we opened!- Did you hear the joke about dehydration?- No.That's right,because there is absolutelynothing funny about dehydration.Go long!Greta! Can we takea picture with you?Of course. Come in,come in, come in.Okay, ready?One, two, three, snort!Gus! Cooper!Teeter number two isn't tottering.- We're on it.- Copy that.Beaver twin brothers, activate!- Tail slap, Coop.- Ha-ha!Look, it's him!Whoo!Good morning, everyone!You're splendiferous!Peanut! Hi, Peanut!Thanks for coming out.You're a great-looking group.Today's gonna be filledwith the wonderof this wonderful land we callWonderland!Look at him. He's so charming!Such a way with words.All right, folks, who herewants to see Peanutride the brand new SkyFlinger?Wow!Terrific!Room for one morein this SkyFlinger?You might want to hold on, kid.- Hi!- Hey!- Have you got your WonderChimp doll yet?- No.Well, what are youwaiting for? Come on!And here arethe WonderChimps. Ha!5,200 different outfitsto pick from.Splen-diddy-doo!You're splendiferous!What are you creating today,Peanut?Oh, yes, that's right!Today is the daywe're opening the carousel.Oh, and she's gonna bea real beaut.I've got the finestthoroughbred horses...Really?Hmm.That sounds kindabeen there, done that.I think we can do better.And You're right.I think Peanut deserves better.You come up with it, Mom!How could I not deferto the young visionarywho came upwith "The SkyFlinger"?Hey, don't make fun of me.I was only five.I wasn'tmaking fun of you, silly.I just like itwhen the ideas come from you.Now, think.What kind of animal shouldPeanut put on your carousel?- Fish!- Just like any fish?Flying fish!And when you push the fin,the fish will come to life.And you could fly themall over the park.Ooh, now we're talking, June.Okay,all you have to dois give Peanut his marker,and whisper your wishinto Peanut's ear.Now, Peanut,here's what we want you to do.You really can do thatin Wonderland.- Make a carousel, but instead of horses...- Hmm?make flying fish.Okay.Splendiferous.Where wouldyou like to go today?Thank you, whoever you are,wherever you come from.And when the fish flythrough the concession stand,people will throw popcornin the air to feed them.So long as Boomer doesn't eatall the popcorn first.- Okay, June, time for bed.- Oh, no!A little longer? Please?Hmm...Nope, you've gotschool tomorrow.And you've got a DVRthat's gonna run out of storageunless we start getting serious.- Oh, but...- No, don't blame the messenger.I am just gonna have to startmaking some very aggressive deletes.You stinker.Okay, June Bug,that's it for tonight.Um, Mom,do you ever feellike Wonderland is real?Or maybe it could be?Of course it could be.Really? How do you know?Because I know the girlwho imagined itand she can do anything.- Me?- Oh, yeah.Good night, June Bug.Big day tomorrow, guys.Hmm...Time to make Wonderland real.Good morning, June Bailey.Banky, today is the day.Operation Loop-De-Loop is a go!But I haven't evenhad my morning coffee.Splendiferous!That goes under the ramp.Yeah, more of those.Yeah!Eh, no one will miss that.We're gonna need more nails.Good job. Now, that'swhat I'm talking about!Great work.They said it couldn't be done,but behold!The Grand Wonder!- Who said it couldn't be done?- They.- Who's "they"?- It's just an expression.Don't bust me on a technicality.562 feet of track!An intergalactic spaceportcomplete with wormhole!And the piece de resistance...That's Frenchfor "super awesome."a genuine loop-de-loop!Uh... How high did you saythe vertical drop is?48.8 feet.- That's 14.87 meters for the uninitiated.- Uh...Commencing test run.- All systems are a go.- Uh...- Five, four, three, two, one.- Can we talk about this?- Launcher!- Huh?We have ignitialization!Yeah!Whoa, whoa!Oh, no!Peaches is loose!Launching countermeasures.Oh... Oh, gosh.Engage turbo launcher!Honey, have you seenmy cell phone?Open the spaceport.- I'm trying, I'm trying!- Duck!Whoo-hoo!Warp speed through a black hole.Okay, ready to stop now.No way!Time for the grand finale.Firing thrusters!Whoo-hoo!Brake, brake, brake!It broke, broke, broke.Look out! Watch out, no!Here. Use this topry the thrusters on the left.Isn't that the steering wheel?It was. Now hurry!It's not working!Don't bang. Pry, pry, pry!- Hurry, hurry!- I'm trying, I'm trying!I love you, June!I'm alive! Thank Krishna.That was...awesome!- Did anyone video that?- You guys rock!I'm next!Hey! What happenedto my fence?Oh! My garden!Uh-oh.That much for one fire hydrant?My advice? Military school.They'll drill home the kind ofdiscipline your daughter needs.Don't you worry.She will be disciplined, all right.You got this?If it means not having to bethe one to try and talk senseinto our adorable lunaticof a daughter,you bet.Fred! Good to see you.How are the wife and...The thing about military school?It's usually far away.Think about how muchyou'd miss me.Who would reallybe the one getting punished?We're not sending youto military school.- You're not?- Oh, no.Because military schooldoesn't havenearly the amount of choresyou're gonna be subjected to.I guess I walkedright into that one.What were you thinking, June?Do you know how lucky you are?......