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 哈罗?Hello?工作还好吗?So, how was the job?很好 直到我想到...It was fine, you know, until I figure out...最近忙些什么呢?What to do with your life?没什么No one ever does.那是什么东西?what the hell is that?我在地铁捡到的I found it on the train我准备明天还回去I'm just gonna drop it off tomorrow.你明天要还回去? 你没病吧?you're gonna drop it off tomorrow? Are you insane?不是的 艾莉卡 我们家乡的人都是这样No, Erica. Where I come from, that's what we do.好吧 这里可是曼哈顿Okay, this is Manhattan.你捡到一只手提包 该找拆弹专家You find a bag, you call bomb squad.别打开Don't open that.好乱! 一张乐透彩券Gross. A lottery ticket,稀奇古怪的药片weird-looking pills.葛莉塔·希德"Greta Hideg."来瞧瞧Let's see.-不要 -有了...-No. -here we go.有了Yes.今天去做水疗A spa day.或是...Or...我们能清清肠子we could do a colonic.好啦 会很赞的Come on, it'll be fun.-可以吗? -可以-Will it be? -Yeah.他们会帮你的臀部涂芦荟They jet asparagus juice up your ass.这不仅仅是清洁你的身体And it's not just about cleansing your body也能让你更有元气it's also very good for short-term memory.-真的? -对-Really?杰森·拉葛本来有阅读障碍 自从他做了以后Jason Largo was dyslexic, and since he's been doing them,现在他能倒背字母了now he can say the alphabet backwards.你看 我们没拿她的钱 第一Look, we're not taking her money, number one,第二 我不想要芦荟and number two, I don't want asparagus juice在任何情况下搞得我屁屁都是shot up my butt under any circumstance.别说不可能Never say never.给你爸打过电话了吗?Have you called your dad yet?非得打吗?Do I have to?只是别让他觉得 你连条消息也不愿给他Just don't want him to think I'm not giving you the messages.我知道Yeah, I know.我会打给他I'll call him.好啦Come on.电影还没开始呢Movie hasn't even started yet.我知道 只是...I know. It's just...这只是我和她的事, 你懂吗?It was our thing, you know?这烂片!只是...Some crappy movie, just...妈和我Mom and I.好啦 法兰西Come on, Frankie.我送你回家Let's get you home.把你妈妈送给我算了You could always give me your mom.那你拿去吧Ha! Please take her.谢谢Thank you.是谁?Who is this?我是法兰西丝·麦格琳it's Frances McCullen.我捡到一个包 失主应该是I have a bag that I found that I think belongs to葛莉塔·希德a Greta Hideg.你好hi.你真好心 我到处在找它bless your heart. I've been looking everywhere.你在哪找到的?Where did you find it?在地铁on the subway.亲爱的 雨天你还送过来darling, you brought it all the way in this rain.要不...进来喝杯咖啡吗?Will you like a... a cup of coffee?咖啡已经煮了一半了It's already on the pot.这包对我很重要It-it would mean a lot to me.你真善良You've been so kind.好啊 为什么不呢?Yeah, sure. Why not?你把伞放这里You can put your umbrella here.好 谢谢Okay. Thank you.你是从纽约来的?Are you from New York?不是 我是波士顿人no, I'm actually from Boston,但是我和朋友住这里but I'm living here with a friend.谢谢你Thank you.男朋友?Boyfriend?不是 我的室友 从史密斯No, my roommate from Smith.她的父亲买了套房在翠贝卡, 要让她毕业Her dad bought her a loft in Tribeca for graduation,我们就住进去了so we're breaking it in.哦 那一定很厉害that must be tough.是邻居!真抱歉The neighbors. I'm sorry.在装修Remodeling.轻一点!拜托A little courtesy, please!小声点!A little quiet!谢谢!Thank you!我还以为他们是在造船I swear they are building an ark.这是你先生?Is this your husband?对Yes.克李斯多夫Christof.-他年轻的时候-When he was young.那个是你女儿?And is that your daughter?对 妮可莱Yes. Nicola.他教我如何弹He taught me how to play.我的老公My husband.李斯特(音乐家)是他的偶像Liszt was his favorite.然后他开始写手札Then he began fluffing the notes.他的左手His left hand.以为得到关节炎He thought it was arthritis.六个月后他去世了Six months later, he was gone.他们陪伴你后却离去They are with you, and then they are gone.唯一的真爱The ones we love.""Liebestraum" 你知道这什么意思吗?"Liebestraum." Do you know what it means?爱的梦想A dream of love.因为那是留给我们全部的爱Because that's all love leaves us with.一场梦 一场回忆A dream. A memory.很抱歉I'm sorry.这段日子钢琴成了我唯一的陪伴It's my only company these days.这是你的狗?Is that your dog?对 球球yes. Jojo.很久前就不在了Long gone as well.有没有想过再养一只?Well, have you considered getting another?没有 我想不会no, I couldn't.我不知道如何选择I wouldn't know how to choose.我可以帮你 如果你想要的话Well, I could help you. If you wanted.-你是爱狗人士? -算是吧-Are you a dog person? -A little bit.我母亲曾经养过My mom actually used to breed them.谢谢 亲爱的Thank you, sweetheart,不过我现在可能没心情去养but I don't think I could manage a dog right now.希望没冒犯你I hope you are not offended.没事Not at all.不过如果你改变主意 让我知道But if you change your mind, just, let me know.我有你的电话吗?Do I have your phone number?没有No.我还不太会用这些功能I never know how to work these things.来 让我帮你Here, let me help you.这绝对会是一次神圣体验It was actually a really spiritual experience.净化你的灵魂 不只是你的臀部They cleanse your soul, not just your butt带你进入萨满教和排笛的乐章to the sound of shamanic singing bowls and pan flutes.拜托别闹Please be kidding.-下次你跟我一起去 -不要-You should come with me next time. -Nope.-我点了外送 -等一下-I ordered takeout. -Wait.-待会他们会上来...? -没有 天哪!-While they were up your...? -No, God!低级!为了现在的晚餐Gross. For now, for dinner.谢天谢地 我快饿昏了thank God. I'm starving.对 大楼4BYeah, apartment 4B.葛莉塔?Greta?抱歉打扰了 亲爱的Sorry to bother you, sweetheart.我不该这时打电话吗?Am I calling at a bad time?没事 不用客气No, no, not at all.你好吗?How are you?我在考虑...I've been thinking about你说收养狗的事...what you said about the dog, and...你什么时候能陪我去...I thought, if you wouldn't mind coming, it...或许这主意还不错it might not be such a bad idea after all.当然Yeah, of course.你想什么时候去?when do you want to go?周六上午?Saturday morning?十点会太早吗?Is 10:00 too early?不会, 十点可以 到时候见no, 10:00's fine. I'll see you then.是我嗑药Did I just snort crystal meth,还是我听到 你刚答应陪一个老女人去买狗?or did you just offer to go dog shopping with an old lady?我了I know.这城市将会吞噬你的生活This city is gonna eat you alive.所以 你会留它们多久?So, how long do you keep them here?-五天 -然后呢?-Five days. -And then?如果没人认养 它们会被安乐死If nobody claims their dogs, they're PTS.PTS?让它长眠Put to sleep.哦 这真是个可怕的比喻Oh. What a dreadful euphemism.哪个是接下来要被...And so, which of these is next for the...实施安乐死的?PTS treatment?这是摩根This is Morton.今天是摩根的最后一天Today is Morton's last day.我可以进去吗?May I come in?来吧 摩根Come on, Morton.你不希望自己被催眠吧?You don't want to end up a euphemism, do you?摩根...Morton...我要带你回家I'm taking you home.笑一个Smile.很好Great太好了!goodness我没想到还能这样I had no idea it could do this对啊 科技很神奇 是吧?I know The, wonders of technology, huh?如果想把照片发给你女儿 操作起来也很简单if you want to send it to your daughter, it's actually pretty easy.你只需按这个 然后分享You just click this, and then share.你一定和你母亲很亲密You're close to your mother, I can tell.其实她已经去世了She actually passed away.就去年Last year.哦 法兰西丝Frances.你怎么没告诉我?Why didn't you tell me?就像你说的It's like you said.我想留着...I'm left with this...她的幻想this dream of her,我不希望她消失and I don't want her to fade.不会的It won't.如果你留在...If you keep it...这里here.在你心里In your heart.只需要烛光 即使你没有真的...It's okay to light a candle, even if you don't really...实践practice.我想也是I'm sure it is.克李斯多夫曾在这里演奏Christof used to play the organ here.每个星期五Every Friday.今天就是星期五Today's a Friday.我知道I know.为了逝去的人For the ones that are gone.是吗?Yes?什么事都没变Nothing has changed.还是一样Still the same racket from the window.你听Listen.我也爱你Love you, too.再见Ciao.妮可莱以前就在这里Nicola, she used to go here.小莫扎特奖的最年幼得主The youngest-ever winner of the Little Mozart.她现在人呢?And where is she now?......