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 进一步调查卑弥呼Further research on Himiko.根据传说 卑弥呼是日本第一位女王According to legend, Himiko, the first queen of Japan,她是一位强大的巫师was a powerful sorceress利用黑魔法统治整个王国who ruled her empire through dark magic,她仅仅用手触碰spreading death and destruction就能散布死亡和毁灭by the mere touch of her hand.她的命运急转直下 阻止她进一步作恶She was only stopped by a single twist of fate.她麾下的将军 率兵将她捆住An army of her own generals bound and dragged Himiko并将她押往to an uninhabitable island恶魔海中央的 一座无人岛上in the middle of the treacherous Devil's Sea.她就被埋葬在了岛上的群山之下There, she remains entombed beneath the mountains.我在一张没人知道的古老地图上发现了线索I found a speck on an old map that no one else has.她就在那儿And she's there,等待着有人将她释放waiting to be unleashed.我必须要第一个到达那里I have to get there first.即使这意味着Even if it means doing the last thing我要做我最不想做的事I'd ever want to do...离开我的劳拉Leaving my Lara behind.你必须做出决断 劳拉You gotta make decisions, Lara.你必须行动起来You gotta make something happen.你使不来反击拳的Counter-punching doesn't work for you.你还没练好You don't have the skill.- 谢谢 泰瑞 - 不客气- Thanks, Terry. - You're welcome.加油啊 劳拉!Come on, Lara!别蹦达了 快打呀Stop dancing, start fighting.漂亮 姑娘!Yes, girl!起来!Come on!干掉她 劳拉!你可以的Nice one, Lara! You've got this!- 结束了 - 还没- It's over. - Isn't!那快挣脱!Then get out of it!算了 劳拉 认输吧Come on, Lara! Tap out.什么都别说Don't say it.你被淘汰了 实力吊打You got whupped, girl. You got whupped.- 没有被吊打 - 好吧 没被吊打- Not whupped. - Okay. Not whupped.彻底击败Marmalized.彻底击败?她又不是什么丫的超级英雄"Marmalized"? She's not a freakin' superhero.其实是我让她...Truth is, I let her...我们之间没问题吧?We cool?嗯 没问题Yeah, we're cool.其实挺好玩的Was fun actually!谢谢!Thanks.下次我会打败你I'll get you next time.我要彻底击败你I'll marmalize you.今晚你会早点回家的 对吧?You're home early tonight, right?对Yup.到时见Catch you later.到时见Laters.谁偷了我的苹果?Hey! Who stole my apple?我就知道是你Should've known it was you.我为什么要偷你的苹果?Why would I do a thing like that?因为你自己买不起'Cause you can't afford your own.你还欠着这里的费用Just seen you're behind with your payments.泰瑞 我会补上这里的费用的 我保证Terry, look, I'll catch up on the payments, I promise.我一定会把钱补上的I'll make it up to you.找份工作吧 劳拉Get a job, Lara.你觉得我穿成这样是为了好玩吗Do you think I'm dressed like this for fun?我真的很喜欢你 劳拉 但是I like you, Lara. I really do, but...不交钱就不能玩- 嘿 - 嗨- Hey. - Hi.- 一切都好吗 - 很好 今天很顺利- All good? - Yeah. Havin' a great day.你呢?You?- 还行吧 - 还行?- Yeah. - Yeah?快点开口啊 约她出去吃晚饭啊Ask her more. Ask her for dinner or something. Do it.快点啊Come on.还有别的事吗?Anything else?没 没事了No, no, no.怎么回事 你怎么不约她?What is your problem? Why didn't you ask her?笨蛋!Stupid boy.猎狐赛搞好了吗?You got that fox hunt sorted, Rog?快好了Yeah, more or less.已经有30位猎犬报名了 还需要再找一位狐狸Got 30 hounds signed up. Just gotta find a fox now.那可不容易- Tough one, that. - Mmm.我们需要找一个够快的 比赛才有意思Need someone quick enough to make it interesting.是 我知道需要找一个够快的Yeah. No fun if they ain't quick.而且要够蠢 以为自己能赢But dumb enough to think they can win.你俩在打什么主意呢?What are you two plotting?我们要搞一场猎狐赛We're gonna do a fox hunt.- 一场什么?- 就是一种竞速赛- A what? - Well, it's like a race.不过狐狸会先开始跑Except the fox gets a head start,他的自行车尾要挂一桶破洞的油漆leavin' a paint trail behind his bike.猎犬们咆哮着在后面追For the baying hounds to follow.如果油漆流尽了And if they haven't caught him他们还是没有追到狐狸的话by the time the paint runs out...狐狸就能赢得全部奖金He wins all the money.奖金是多少?How much money?600镑600 quid.我觉得你们已经找到那个狐狸了I think you just found yourself a fox.哦 你认真的吗?Oh, you're bein' serious?不够快还是不够蠢?Not quick or dumb enough for you?不是 我只是觉得No, I mean, I just...就你了You're on.狐狸躲起来 大家追上去"Hide fox, and all after!"噢 莎士比亚Ooh, Shakespeare?是《哈姆雷特》对吧?Hamlet, is it?不是 只是我编的Don't know. Things just stick in my brain.你知道是《哈姆雷特》You know it's Hamlet.我再问你一次And I ask you once again,你到底为了什么参加自行车竞速赛why on earth are you a bike courier?因为你 布鲁斯You, Bruce.我想和你更亲近一点I wanna be close to you.五四三二一 出发!Five, four, three, two, one! Go!嗨Hey!借过!Excuse me!赶快 走 走 走!Go, go, go!她跑哪去了?Where is she, bro?不会太久的 宝贝I won't be long, my love.- 喂 你往哪儿走! - 看后视镜!- Oi! Watch where you're going! - Use your mirrors!走 快走!Go! Go!能在这看到你真好Fancy seeing you here.安娜Ana.你不用特地过来You didn't have to come.我已经不需要监护人了I don't need a guardian anymore.是吗?Really?你在做油漆工吗?Have you been decorating?我已经很久没看到你了Haven't seen you for a long time.你从来就没看过我You've never seen me.对不起I'm sorry.谢谢你过来Thanks for coming.今天是怎么回事?What was today about?我需要那笔奖金I needed the money.不 你不需要 有一大笔遗产No, you don't. There's an inheritance等着你继承 只要你停下..waiting for you if only you would step...我不会的!I won't.都过去七年了 劳拉It's been seven years, Lara.东京警方五年前就停止搜寻Tokyo police stopped looking for your father你父亲的下落five years ago.连私家侦探都不接受我们的委托了Private investigators won't even take our money anymore.我知道这难以接受I know it's difficult to accept.但你现在真的得回来签署那些文件But you really must come in and sign those papers now.这就是你来的目的?Hmm. That's why you came.不 我来是为了你No. I came for you.想想你能为这个世界做些什么Just think what you can do for the world,用你的潜力 用你的财富with your potential, with your wealth.是他的钱 不是我的His wealth. Not mine.听着 这很简单Listen, it's very simple...如果你不签那些文件If you don't sign the papers,你父亲所有的心血 都会拍卖掉then everything your father worked for will be sold off.不止是公司Not just the company,克劳馥庄园也是but Croft Manor, also.你能想象如果你搞丢了庄园他会怎么想吗Can you imagine how he would feel if you lost the house?劳拉 你父亲已经去世了Lara, your father's gone.但你可以继续他未完成的事业But you can pick up where he left off.这是血脉相承的It's in your blood.对不起I'm sorry.但可惜我不是那一类克劳馥家族的人I'm just not that kind of Croft.我不想你走 爸爸But I don't want you to go, Daddy.我不会离开太久的I won't be long, my love.你得明白You must understand.我们克劳馥家族有责任在身 有工作要做We Crofts, we have responsibilities, jobs to do.但我会想你But I'll miss you.我知道 我也会想你I know. I'll miss you, too.但也许我有个解决的办法But I may have a solution to that.看到它了吗?See this?这原本是你妈妈的 它具有神奇的力量This was your mother's, so it has special powers.什么意思呀?What do you mean?每当你很想见到某个人Ever you want to feel close to someone,只要把它放在你手心 紧紧地攥住just put it in your hand, and you hold it tightly.当你想起那个人的时候 他也会感受到的And you think of that person, and they'll know.- 真的吗? - 当然了- Really? - Yeah.这是魔法It's magic.这就是说 无论我在哪And it means that we'll always be together,我们都在一起wherever I am.好吗?Okay?我会在你反应过来之前就回来的I'll be back before you know I'm gone.克劳馥股份公司嘿!Oi!送外卖从后门进Couriers round the back.我不是送餐员Uh, I'm not a courier.好吧 其实我是...Well, I am.这就对了 从后门进吧Right. So round the back.我来见安娜·米勒I'm here to see Ana Miller.那你得像其他人一样先登记Well, you gotta sign in like everyone else.你的名字是?What's your name?劳拉Lara.劳拉...Lara.克劳馥Croft.需要签字的那几页The pages that require a signature为了方便 都给你标注出来了are marked for your convenience.依法宣告死亡 理查德·克劳馥勋爵为了方便 都给你标注出来了依法宣告死亡 理查德·克劳馥勋爵你需要亚夫先生Would you like Mr. Yaffe给你过一遍细则吗?to take you through the particulars?一旦我签了这些I gather I sign那么... 爸爸就真的死了and Dad is dead.我能想象这对你来说有多难I can imagine how difficult this is for you.我也很想念他I miss him, too.这是我爸爸的That was Dad's.是的克劳馥小姐 根据理查德的遗愿Yes, Miss Croft. According to Richard's will,在他去世之后in the event of his death我应把这个交给你I was to give it to you.机器人(日语)日本解谜游戏Karakuri. Japanese puzzle.严格来说Um, technically speaking,你应该先签了这些文件you're meant to sign the papers first.我永远不会懂为什么I could never understand你父亲总是沉迷于这些东西your father's obsession with those things.你不会相信还有多少Wouldn't believe how many of these这种东西散落在庄园里were lying around the house.他肯定有什么目的...There was gonna be some purpose to it.来自我终点的第一封信"The first letter from my final destination."但他没有留下任何的信件But he didn't leave a letter.......