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骄傲的玛丽(Proud Mary)中文字幕

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 不要接Don't answer that.好Right.你是老叔的人?You Uncle's boy?- 你是杰罗姆? - 是的进来吧- You Jerome? - Yeah. Come on in.来快点Come on. Hurry up.坐Have a seat.请随意Make yourself comfortable.你带来了?So you bring it?没问题吧We good?等一下Just a sec.给小家伙There you go, little man.你干什么What you doing?少了500块You're 500 short.胡说啥呢价钱是2500What are you talking about? The deal was 25.- 不价钱是3000 - 价钱是2500- No, the deal was 3. - No, deal was for 25.- 是3000 - 要给老叔打个电话让他告诉你吗- The deal was 3. - Wanna call Uncle? Have him tell you?不老叔知道价钱No, Uncle knows the deal. You call him.- 喂小杂种 - 喂- Hey, you little shit. - Hey.你最好温柔点You better be easy with that.我来过软的了I started easy.现在Now...你欠了500块...you owe another 5.打开冰箱Go in the refrigerator.里面有一捆钱 是1000There's a stack of cash in there. There's $1000.你可以拿走500You can take the 5.不我说你可以拿走500No, I said you could take 5.- 你撒了谎 - 好吧- You lied. - Oh, okay.好吧拿走就是了小家伙Okay, don't even worry about it, little man.谢谢Thank you.别说话了Stop talking.别说话了闭嘴Stop talking. Shut up.你让我头疼You're making my head hurt.你来晩了进来坐下You're late. Get in here. Sit down.因为这是你的工作Because that is your job.关上门Shut the door.关上门Shut the door!这是什么你衣服上有碎屑What is this? You have crumbs on your shirt.我没给你买零食的钱I didn't give you cash for food.也就是说你是从包里拿的钱That means you take from bag.看着我看着我Look at me.你想让我因为偷钱砍掉你的手指? 是这样吗You want I cut the tip of your finger off for stealing? Is that what you want?给我Give it to me.零食花了3块钱The pastry was 3.我拿了一张20的找零都放了回去I used 20 and put the rest back.我从客户那里多要了500块I got an extra 500 from the mark.你什么You what?他想少给我们500块 我就处理了He tried to short us 5, so I handled it.依然不等于你就可以偷我的钱Still doesn't mean you get to steal from me.拜托丹尼这里供你吃的Come on, Danny. We feed you here.你不会挨饿You don't go starving.这是你第二次Your second time.你第二次偷我的钱It's the second time you steal from me.我是饿了I was hungry.下次再偷我的钱我就砍下你的头放进冰箱里Next time you steal from me, I cut your hand off. I put it in refrigerator.因为这事我现在就罚你回去起来For that, I send you back out now. Get up.喂Hey!喂混蛋Hey! Asshole!喂Hey.你活过来了?Back from the dead, huh?我在哪儿Where am I?你安全You're safe.你在我的公寓里You're in my apartment.你是谁And who the hell are you?我叫玛丽I'm Mary.你受了伤在一条小巷里昏迷了You were hurt. Passed out in an alley.来吃吧Come on. Eat.- 我的包呢 - 会给你包的- Where's my bag? - You'll get it back.- 还有包里的所有东西 - 我现在就要它- Everything inside it too. - I need it now.左下Sit down.我需要回去I need to get back.回哪儿去?Back where?我本该去后湾区I'm supposed to go to Back Bay.这样吧I tell you what.你坐下吃点饭You sit down, have some food...我会送你去后湾区 怎么样...I'll take you to Back Bay myself. How's that?喂慢点吃Whoa, slow down.你多长时间没吃饭了When's the last time you ate?在后湾区有你什么人So, what's in Back Bay?有你妈Your mother.- 你在那里有亲友? - 你怎么这么多问题 小姐- What, you got family or friends there? - What's with all the questions, lady?你是警察?You a cop?不是的Not exactly.我只是想帮你仅此而已I'm just trying to help. That's all.是吗我不需要你的帮助- Yeah? I don't need your help. - Hmm.我觉得你需要尤其在我知道了你包里的东西之后See, I think you do, especially knowing what's in that backpack of yours.让我猜猜两块可卡因Let me guess: two bricks of brown...和一把半自动手枪...and a semiautomatic handgun?给你包的人叫什么名字The man who gave you that bag, what's his name?- 我跟你说了他会杀了我的 - 他不会碰你的- He'll kill me for talking to you. - He won't lay a finger on you.他会杀了我们俩的He'll kill us both.如果你和这包落在警察手上You know what happens...知道会发生什么吗...if you get busted with that bag?- 警察会让你变成线人 - 是吗- The cops will turn you into an informant. - Yeah?- 我不会出卖同饮 - 这不重要- Well, I ain't no snitch, so... - Yeah, well, that doesn't matter.重要的是别人会怎么想All that matters is what people think.而没人喜欢曾跟警察谈过的孩子 对吗And nobody likes talking to kids who talks to cops. Right?尤其是在我们这种地方Especially where we come from.听着 我是站在你这边的Look, I'm on your side.来 清理一下你的伤口Come on, let's clean up that cut.你的衣服上都是血You got blood all over your shirt.在这里别动Stay right here.给Here you go.是谁把你打成这样的Who did that to you?老叔?Uncle?- 你怎么知道老叔 - 这你别管- How you know Uncle? - Don't worry about that.这是被他打的?Did he do that to you?你去哪几Where you going?去教某人放规矩点To teach somebody some manners.该死我跟你一起去Shit. I'm coming with you.- 你要做什么 - 你只管留在车上- What are you about to do? - You just stay in the car.把车门锁好知道吗Keep the doors locked. Okay?拉上风日Put your hood on.有什么事吗What can I do for you?都在里面他什么都没碰It's all there. He didn't touch a thing.你插手这事倒是少见啊A bit out of the way for you, isn't it?我觉得该送回来I thought I'd, uh, return it.- 我们不想结仇 - 不想结仇?- We don't want hard feelings. - No hard feelings?是的- Yeah. - Oh.你以为你是 本尼 斯班赛的人You think because you're Benny goddamn Spencer's girl...就能随便走进来像个长着奶子的鹦鹉那样大放厥词吗...you get to walk in here and shoot your mouth off like a parrot with tits?好吧你这话很无礼Okay, all right. Now you're just being rude.丹尼是我的人Danny belongs to me.丹尼不属于任何人Danny belongs to no one.没关系我喜欢你的风格It's all right. You know, I like your style.不想结仇No hard feelings.你去把那小偷带进来Why don't you go get the little thief? Bring him up here.等几年后And then in a few years...如果我不想要他了...if I don't want him anymore...如果他还活着的话 或许我会把他卖给你...and if he's still alive, maybe I sell him to you.应该说如果你还活着的话I think you mean if you're still alive.老叔?Uncle?你做了什么What did you do?我 闯了祸I just fucked up.很严重Bad.你在沙发上睡好吗应该会舒服的You sleeping on the sofa, okay? You should be comfortable.我要出去一下I gotta run out for a bit.- 你京把我留在你家里? - 是啊咋了- You just gonna leave me in your house? - Yeah. Why not?- 我说不定会偷你东西 - 可你不会的- I could rob you. - Yeah, but you're not.就当在自己家想吃什么就去冰箱拿Make yourself at home. Get whatever you want out of the fridge.你知道卫生间在哪儿热水上来需要一分钟You know where the bathroom is. Takes a minute for hot water to come up.但有个要求:One rule:不能进我的房间Stay out of my room.你不能回电话吗You can't check in?我的手机没电了Heh. My phone died.有人杀了老叔和他的手下Someone took out Uncle and his crew.克兹洛夫帮认为是我们干的Kozlovs think it was us.本尼在哪儿Where's Benny?- 他的办公室 - 我这就上去- His office. - I'll be up.克兹洛夫帮认为是我们为了抢老叔的地盘而杀人The Kozlovs think we did this to take Uncle's territory.- 真是荒唐 - 那当然- That's ridiculous. - Of course it is.不管是谁杀了那混蛋 都是为民除害Whoever killed that douche bag did the world a favor.- 是谁干的 - 凭他那样的混蛋- Who did it? - Asshole like him...- 人人都有杀人嫌疑 - 好了沃尔特- ...everyone's a suspect. - Okay, Walter.我们必须先发制人别等他们报复We gotta make a move before they retaliate.- 我们最不想再来一次火井 - 也许一场火井正是我们需要的- Last thing we want is another war. - Maybe exactly what we need is a war.他说的也有道理爸爸Maybe he's right, Pop.玛丽Mary?玛丽Mary.你一直不说话You've been so quiet.我只是在考虑I was just thinking.你说得对You're right.我们不希望再来一次火井We don't need another war.我们现在就要了结此事We need to put this to bed now.汤姆Torn.- 安排明天见个面 - 是 爸爸- Arrange a meeting for tomorrow. - You got it, Pop.你昨晚翻了我的东西You went through my things last night.我不是说过不能进我房间吗I thought I told you to stay out of my room.你还笑?Oh, you think that's funny?没No.你的房间里为何有枪Why you got guns in your room?你暗枪都没看见 听见了吗You didn't see any guns. Do you understand me?我问你听见了吗I said, do you understand me?是的听见了Yeah, I got it.下次我让你干什么 你最好乖乖的The next time I tell you to do something, you better listen.听见了吗We understand each other?听见了I got it.我现在要走 但我会回来的Because I gotta leave, but I'll be back.留在这公寓里锁上门Stay in this apartment. Lock the door.任何情况下都不要应门Do not answer it under any circumstance.听见了吗Do you understand me?随你便Yeah, whatever, man.别跟我随你便Don't "whatever" me.你能拿我怎么样What are you gonna do, huh?要打我的话就打吧If you gonna hit me, just do it.对不起Sorry.对不起Sorry.省省你的同情吧Please spare me your sympathy.拿着给Take this. Here.老叔是我父亲的弟弟并不精明我也不喜欢他Uncle was my father's youngest brother. Not his brightest and not my favorite...但他毕竟是团伙的一员...but he was family.我们只想杀人偿命What we want is justice.我们来就是为了消除误会的We're here to avoid any misunderstanding.告诉我何以见得不是沃尔特那个变态干的呢Tell me, how do we know it wasn't the pervert Walter King?他跟老叔一向不合He and Uncle always had bad blood.不管是谁杀了老叔 都不是我的指使Whoever killed Uncle was not sanctioned by me.但如果是我手下的人 我可以保证会立刻被解决掉But if they work for me, I can assure you they will be dealt with immediately.你一直是个聪明人You've always been a smart man.可你要我干什么But what you asking me to do, Benny?原谅和淡忘?Forgive and forget?他是说少赖在我们身上He's telling you, be careful where you point your fingers.......