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 亿万年前Billions of years ago,一个永生的种族a race of immortals,操控了宇宙中最强大的力量harnessed the most powerful force in existence:,那就是闪着绿光的意志之力the emerald energy of willpower.,这群永生的宇宙守护者These immortals, the Guardians of the Universe,建造了一个星球built a world from,守卫整个宇宙where they could watch over all of existence:,那就是奥星球The planet OA.,他们将宇宙分成三千六百个扇区They divided the universe into 3600 sectors.,每个扇区由一枚拥有意志之力的指环A ring powered by the energy of,挑选出一个合适的成员will was sent to every sector to select a recruit.,想要被指环选中In order to be chosen by the ring,,就必须无所畏惧it was said one must be without fear.,这三千六百名成员Together, these 3600 recruits,组成了一支维护星系和平的队伍formed the intergalactic peacekeepers,他们被称作绿灯军团known as the Green Lantern Corps.,绿灯侠,绿灯军团历险无数Of all the threats the Corps ever faced,最难对付的要数恐惧实体视差怪the gravest was an entity of fear known as Parallax.,最后 绿灯巨侠阿宾·苏尔出马Only the legendary Green Lantern Abin Sur,才将此怪擒获was capable of capturing and imprisoning this beast,并将它拘禁在失落之星莱特上which he did on the lost planet of Ryut.,莱特星: 失落的扇区,探索六号向基地报告 我们的船在失落扇区东北部坠毁了,请求立即支援,你们害怕了You are afraid.,很好Good.,-每次都是这样 -才不是- I mean, we go into this every time. - It's not every time.,不 亲爱的 你回想一下No, honey. Think back. Think back.,我没事 你做什么我都支持I was fine the last time. I'm usually fine. I'm fine with your work.,-我能说出来吗 -当然- Can I just tell you something? - Of course you can.,老公 我很害怕I'm scared, honey.,出什么事了Is everything okay?,你妈在我每次试飞前 都是这样子Oh, you know how Mom gets the night before a test flight.,你不害怕 对吧 爸爸But you're not scared, are you, Dad?,我的工作就是战胜恐惧Let's just say it's my job not to be.,晚安 儿子Good night, son.,哈尔 你要迟到了Hal, you're gonna be late.,早 妈妈 走了Good morning, Mom. Gotta go.,爸爸Dad! Dad! Dad!,-你觉得这次能突破三倍音速吗 -很快就知道了- You think she'll break mach 3? - We'll find out soon enough.,你怎么不去上学Hey, shouldn't you be in school?,法里斯先生提高了稳定杆Mr. Ferris raised the rear stabilizer.,是的Yes, he did.,偏航率陀螺仪校准 俯仰角差两度The yaw rate gyros are calibrated, but the pitch is off 2 degrees.,-我搞的定 惯性导航系统怎么样 -良好- I can live with that. How about the INS? - Good to go.,-好的 -约翰- Okay. - Johnny.,-检查好点火程序 -没问题- Be sure to check the ignition sequences. - No problem.,-我们试过两次了 卡尔 -好- We did, Carl, twice. - Right.,陀螺仪呢 校准过吗And, uh, the gyros? Did we do the gyro calibrations?,卡尔Hey, Carl.,哈尔去你的办公室找卡萝玩Maybe Hal would like to join Carol up in your office.,-他们两个可以一起看 -来吧 小家伙 我们去找卡萝- The two of them can watch together.- Come on, young man. Let's go find Carol.,哈尔Hal.,多穿点儿Keep it warm for me.,-嗨 -海科特- Hi. - Oh, hey, Hector.,我有本书Hey. So, um, I have this book.,写的是外星生物It's about the possibility of life on other planets.,-有趣 -他们可能存在 不过...- Cool. - Well, it almost has to exist, but...,-哈尔 -卡萝- Hal! - Hey, Carol.,海科特 你还想换风火轮[车模]吗Hector. You still wanna trade Hot Wheels?,当然Sure.,未来的试飞员来了啊Well, look who's here. Our future test pilot.,夹克不错Jacket suits you, son.,-爸爸 -啊- Hi, Dad. - Hey.,我跟海科特说 看书挺有趣的 不过 I keep telling Hector, books are fun, but every once in a while...,偶尔也要接触外面的世界 对吧哈尔...it's not such a bad idea to get out in the world, right, Hal?,-鲍勃 -真守时- Hey, Bob. - The man of the hour.,第一次试飞很激动吧 卡尔Nothing like a first flight to get the blood boiling, eh, Carl?,爸爸 我们可以在下面看吗Dad, can we watch from down in the field?,-可以 -好棒- Sure. - Yes!,孩子们都小心点 和工程师们一起You kids be careful. Stay with the engineers.,儿子 你也去看看Go on, son. See it up close.,没事 爸爸 不用管我That's okay, Dad. I'll be fine.,指挥中心 军刀一代 准备起飞Ferris Tower, Sabre One, ready for take-off.,请求爬升450高度层Request unrestricted climb, flight level 450.,太好了Yes! Yes!,军刀一代 爬升请求批准Sabre One, unrestricted climb approved.,达到10000英尺高度后联系中心On passing 10,000 feet, contact Ferris Departure.,可以起飞 好运You're cleared for take-off. Good luck, Sabre.,太棒了 老爸Whoo! Yeah, Dad!,当代,2814扇区,西奈斯洛 我在全速前进Sinestro, I'm traveling at maximum velocity.,告诉方塔娜我Tell Fentara I should...,方塔娜已经死了Fentara is dead.,那个星球的居民呢The planet's inhabitants?,你不用再去疏散他们了Your mission to evacuate them is no longer necessary.,这情形和塔洛克星球上的一样It's just as it was on Talok.,每个生命体都被摧毁 精华被吸取Every life form destroyed and their essence absorbed.,到处都有黄色能量的痕迹Traces of yellow power everywhere.,守护者们怎么说呢And the Guardians?,他们保持沉默The Guardians are silent.,我提出了要和他们会晤I've demanded an audience with them.,阿宾·苏尔Abin Sur.,我伤得很重I'm badly wounded.,现在去往最近的生命星球Heading to the nearest inhabited planet,挑选继承人for the selection process..
    告诉守护者 那怪物是视差怪Tell the Guardians it's Parallax.,不不No. No.,抱歉 我得走了 你请自便Sorry, I gotta run. Make yourself at home, okay?,喝水就喝自来水There's, uh, water in the tap.,不No!,妈的Asshole.,法里斯,飞机制造公司,法里斯军刀三代The Ferris Sabre III is,代表人工智能最高水平的战斗机state-of-the-art of artificial-intelligence fighter planes.,它拥有It has all of the flying,人类飞行员的飞行能力及战斗技巧and combat capability of a human pilot,但不会出现人类失误but with none of the human error that comes with it.,将军 卡尔并没有为了合同夸大其词Carl isn't just blowing smoke to get a contract, General.,你我双方以及这些承包商Your staff, these contractors, my office...,都是从一开始就参与这个项目we've all been part of this from the ground up.,我很满意 议员先生Well, I appreciate that, senator.,让我们共同见证今天的试飞 But today the rubber meets the road.,我们策划一场模拟空战We have a simulated combat situation.,两架军刀战机对垒卡尔的两位王牌飞行员Two Sabres against Carl's two best pilots.,卡萝 今天要小飞一下了 Carol. Was gonna do a little flying today.,你意下如何啊What do you think?,我觉得你迟到了I think you're late.,是啊 我只是睡过头了Yes, but that's only because I slept in.,我以前也一直睡过头 不过那是我小时候I used to sleep in. Then I turned 11.,我给你提个醒Let me give you a little heads-up.,我和这些飞机I've gone up against these Sabres,一起训练有一周了 每次都被他们击落all week and they smoked me every time.,你的每一个动作 There isn't anything you can do,它们都能做得更好 更快that they can't do better, faster,比你这个到处鬼混的强多了and without disappointing women everywhere.,你我心知肚明 这不是事实I, uh, think we both know that's not true.,所以我不想你参与这次行动 This is exactly why I didn't want you for this.,父亲偏偏坚持My father did.,要我 就选严森I would've gone with Jensen.,我也选他 I'd have too,,不过可惜他功夫不到家but unfortunately he's busy not being good enough.,但至少他准时露面At least he shows up.,哈尔Hal,,今天的试飞非常重要this test today, it's important.,我知道了 我不会让你失望 I got it. I'm gonna make you look good up there.,别担心好吗Don't worry, okay?,现在让我换条裤子开飞机了Now let's get these pants off and fly some planes.,速球 检查武器Highball, weapon check now.,收到Roger that.,-早上好法里斯先生 -早上好先生们- Good morning, Mr Ferris. - Morning, everybody.,先生们Gentlemen.,汤姆 都准备好了吗 We about ready, Tom?,是的 法里斯先生 可以开始了Yes, Mr. Ferris. We are go for test.,蓝宝石 准备武器Sapphire, cleared weapons hot at the merge.,我是蓝宝石 武器准备就绪Ferris Test, Sapphire. Weapons are hot.,好好飞 速球Fly safe, Highball.,哦 不Um, no.,天啊 汤姆 你给这群怪物喂什么的啊Goddamn it! Tom, what the hell you feed those things?,F35战机啊 还能喂什么F-35s, what else?,蓝宝石别磨蹭了Wakey, wakey, Sapphire.,目标明确 现在是射击的好机会You got a clean shot, now would be a great time to take it.,别急速球 你让它们排好队Easy, Highball. Just lining it up.,单打独斗赢不了There's no way we're taking these out solo.,你过来 我们想想办法Get over here. Let's figure something out.,这就来 速球On my way, Highball.,你乖乖待着 记得要微笑哦Now stay right there and look real pretty.,速球 你把僚机当作诱饵吗Highball, did you just use your wingman as a decoy?,速球 军刀战机就在你身后Highball, those Sabres headed up your 6 can,你飞到哪它们跟到哪fly anywhere you can.,那就去我不能飞的地方Then let's go somewhere I can't fly.,他这是要飞去哪里What the hell is he up to?,棺材角Coffin corner.,在某个特定高度飞机几乎不能操纵,速球 战斗规则是Highball, rules of engagement set ceiling,不能高于五万英尺at 50,000 feet.,是的 那是因为这些军刀战机Yeah, that's because the Sabres,再飞高点就会失速下坠 对吧汤姆will stall if they go any higher, right, Tom?,你也会的And so will you.,[警告]压缩机熄火 [警告]压缩机熄火Compressor stall. Compressor stall.,太好了Yes!,我想说 太糟了 哈尔Um, I mean, damn it, Hal.,你那个飞行员太较真了Your boy certainly takes his job seriously.,哈尔 左右副翼差动偏转Ailerons, Hal. Side to side.,我懂了I got it.,哈尔Hal.,多穿点儿Keep it warm for me.,下落至两万五千英尺Going through 25,000.,速球你没事吧Hey, you okay, Highball?,没事 我在这凯旋呢Yeah, just taking my victory lap.,下降至两万英尺Going through 20,000.,速球 来几个翻转Okay, Highball, give me some roll.,好样的 老爸Yeah, Dad!,哈尔 听得见吗Hal, do you read me?,速球 你正在接近最低跳伞高度Highball, you're approaching minimum ejection altitude.,速球 你高度低于一万英尺了 Highball, you're below 10,000 AGL.,发动机没法恢复了Spin is unrecoverable.,快跳伞Eject, eject, eject!,老爸 你不怕吗You're not scared, are you, Dad?,只能说我的工作就是战胜恐惧Let's just say it's my job not to be.,老爸Dad!,老爸Dad!,你他妈的狗娘养的You stupid son of a bitch. You...,冷静点 鲍伯 这个没关系Stand down, Bob. It doesn't matter now.,有关系It does matter.,你弄毁了一架崭新的F35战机不提Never mind that you crashed a brand-new F-35.,你还违规 牺牲了你的僚机You broke the rules of engagement. You sacrificed your wingman.......