哥斯拉大战金刚2:帝国崛起 Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire(2024)英文字幕 下载 SRT ASS_高清电影™

哥斯拉大战金刚2:帝国崛起 Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire(2024)英文字幕

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电影:哥斯拉大战金刚2:帝国崛起 (Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire)




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哥斯拉大战金刚2:帝国崛起 Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire(2024)英文字幕预览

 ♪ Welcome to my world ♪,♪ Won't you come on in? ♪,♪ Miracles, I guess ♪,♪ Still happen now and then ♪,♪ Step into my heart ♪,♪ Leave your cares behind ♪,For most of human civilization,,we believed that we wereEarth's most dominant species.,- We believed that life...,...could only existon the surface of the planet.,Well, after a certain point,you have to wonder,what else were we wrong about?,We have mapped,less than five percentof Hollow Earth.,But our ecosystemsare linked in ways,we never could have imagined.,We are not two separate worlds.,We're one.,Kong is settling into Hollow Earth.,So, the big guy likeshis new home.,We think so.,His specieswas a very social one.,It's not naturalfor Kong to be so alone.,He's the last of his kind.,- Every day he searches,for a familythat he'll never find.,What about Godzilla?,Godzilla'son the surface, Kong is below.,As long as they don't ventureinto each other's territories,,we've got nothingto worry about.,-Humanity is lucky...,Godzilla's fightingthe battles we can't.,With some critics,calling out Monarch,for the billionsin taxpayer dollars...,going to Hollow Earthand classified technologies,like the mysteriousProject Powerhouse.,Well, here to discuss,,Monarch's own,Doctor Ilene Andrews.,Let's start with Godzilla.He stopped the attack in Rome,,but he's still in the city.Should we be worried?,It's clear to us now,that Godzilla is a Titanwho protects us,from other maliciousTitan threats.,Kong's heading in for the night.,Looks likeit was another rough one.,That's the farthesthe's gone yet.,Maybe he was looking for a date.,Good luck with that.,I hope he's upfor some interspecies romance.,Whoa.,Sinkhole detected,in Sector Five.,That's Kong's hunting ground.,Whoa. It keeps doing that.,More electrical anomalies?,Nah, I don't think so, man.,I haven't seen anythinglike this before.,Well, we shouldtell Director Hampton.,I'll type it up.,This whole place is an anomaly.,- It's so weird.,Tell the Italian militaryRome would be flattened,if it weren't for Godzilla.,They can threaten himall they want.,Just tell themto find another scapegoat.,Director Hampton, what's up?,Well, [sighs] Outpost Oneis still a nightmare,,and they sent this over.,I thought you might wantto take a look.,Is this from the sensor array?,Yeah, we've been gettingsome pretty weird spikes.,I mean, it could justbe regular interference.,- Yeah, but it keeps happening.- Mm-hmm.,We should prep a survey teamjust in case.,Okay.,And what about Godzilla?,Oh, he's still sleeping.Like a big angry baby.,Let's hope it stays that way.,Everyone,,eyes on your own paper,all right?,Let's make surewe circle the answers,really, really clearly.,Jia!,Your daughter is intelligent,,but she's not engaged.,Her grades are slipping,,she's not interactingwith any of her friends.,And these problems aren'tgoing away, Doctor Andrews.,They've been getting worse.,Okay, I'm sorry.,She's just still adjustingto our world.,I understand that,,but we have a number of students,who areculturally displaced and...,Sure, but her culture'snot displaced,,she is her culture.,She's the last living memberof the Iwi tribe..
    We're just trying to reach her.,I know. Join the club.,Come on.,For centuries,,the Iwi tribe werethe guardians of Skull Island,,the ancestral homeof the great Kong.,But when shifting storm patterns,destroyed the island,the Iwi were annihilated...,- ...with only a single member,of the tribe having survived.,- A young girl...,...found and rescuedamid the punishing storm.,Her fellow villagerswere lost to the tides.,Gone to history, just likethe great Kongs themselves.,Holy shit.,- The Iwi were unique...,...in the sense that theyhad no spoken language.,Many believethat tribe members developed,the ability to communicate...,We're gonna figure this out.,Where will you be,when the next Titan attacks?,How will you protectthe things and people,that matter most to you?,Today's podcastis brought to you,by Gargantua insurance,the only insurance company,that provides Titan protectionfor your home,and personal belongings.,'Cause Godzilla may not careabout your hopes and dreams,,but Gargantua does.,- Okay, Titan truthers!,- Oh, we have got a lot...,...to unpack on today's show.,Recording in progress,,go away!,Uh, yes. I just wantto let everyone know,that there is no...,- I'm gonna kill...,Unbelievable! What?,Uh...,Hi, Bernie.,Ilene Andrews,we met in Hong Kong.,Oh. Oh.,Yeah, yeah, yeah.,Hong Kong.Yeah, that was so long ago.,So, no, God, uh, yeah.,That was whenmy hair was longer.,You cut your hair.,Highlights too, it's nice.,I was wondering if I could getyour help with something.,- Me?- Mm-hmm.,Uh, sure.,Sure, yeah. Of course, yeah.Come on in, Doctor Andrews.,- Okay.- Yeah.,Just straight downthat hall there.,To the left. Okay.,Have a seat.What can I help you with?,You know, mi casa es su home.,Okay, so.The sequence on the right,,this is a signalthat's been interfering,with our equipmentin Hollow Earth.,- Okay.- And, uh...,And these are drawingsby my daughter, Jia.,And you're gonna thinkthat I'm completely insane.,No, the patterns are the samein the middle section.,Yes. Exactly.,Thank you.,Look, our analysts,,they don't knowwhat to make of this.,They're talking in circles,,they're saying"radio interference,","coincidence," but I...,I know that you thinkoutside of the box.,I didn't knowwho else to turn to.,And they sent youhere because...?,No, no one sent me.I came here on my...,You know, that's what's ironic.,You know,Monarch wouldn't confirm,my crucial partin taking down Mechagodzilla,,which cost me thousands of...,hundreds of subscriberson my blog.,Oh, and the trolls...,the trolls online, they question,every single thingthat I put up.,Especially this one troll.,This one troll namedghidorastan64.,You ever heard of him?,- No, I don't think I have.- Great,,because he's a trash bag, okay?,I'm more qualifiedthan half of those people,that you have workingover there.,I knew what Godzillawas going to do,before anybodyat Monarch said...,Which is why I am here, Bernie.,I am here. Okay?,Can you help me or not?,That depends.,Are you the new bossdown at the Mess?,The what?,The MonarchHollow Earth Station.,The MHES, the Mess.,Yeah, nobody calls it that.......

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