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格林兄弟 The Brothers Grimm英文字幕

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 Mama, it's so cold.,It's very very cold, Will.,Put another log on the fire, love.,There isn't any more firewood, Mother.,Don't worry, Ma. Jake will be back soon.,Well have money for a doctor.,Did you sell the cow?,You'll never believe it.,How much did you get?,I met a stranger on the road.,Beans?,Magic beans.,Oh, Jack.,Beans?,He said that they'd make Lotti better,and wed live happily ever after.,And you believed it? You believed it? You idiot! You idiot, Jake!,She's gonna die because of you!,Boys, think of your sister!,Arretez!,Where do you come from, mein Herr?,Kassel, near Frankfurt.,Monsieur, were looking for food and lodging.,Passez!,Merci, a vous.,Au revoir, monsieur.,A little something, sir? Help an old soldier?,Oh, thank you. Thank you, sir.,God bless you, sir.,God bless you.,God bless you...,I'll groom your horses for half a franc, sir.,Do you know the mayor of this town?,I only groom for the best, sir.,Then give him this.,The Brothers Grimm?,Every second counts.,The witch comes in the dead of night...,When the moon is well hid.,She comes out of the darkest...,...coldest blackness.,Her cry would freeze the very blood in your veins.,You were right to send for us.,How many here have seen her?,Everyone who lives by the old mill stream has seen her.,It was 100 years ago.,The miIIers wife was burned at the stake for witchcraft.,They tossed her charred bones into the river.,Ancient law dictates her remains should have been sealed in a mirror-lined box.,Well, for nights thereafter...,Children saw her walk the riverbank, beckoning them to her.,And a good many did. The Mill Witch of Karlstadt...,Yes. We know the legend.,Then you believe us?,Why, I believe anything you choose to tell me, fair one.,Come to my mill. Such ungodly horrors!,Such banshee screeching!,If you dare set eyes upon her...,Shut up! Give him his medicine!,Brothers Grimm, were at our wits end.,What can you do for us?,It's difficult. Jake?,When you burn a witch, her soul burns eternally...,So the exorcism of witches requires a very special metal.,It's pretty expensive.,Only an arrow of innocent tears, that is, childs tears...,...shot directly through the heart can ever put out that fire.,That a the theory.,This is no ordinary witch.,But weve got no one else to turn to.,Cant you help us?,How much?,Youre doing the right thing.,I hope so.,Whatever happens, stay behind that shield.,The armor was forged by Prince Richard the Charming...,...who awoke the sleeping beauty, Briar Rose.,It reflects the powers of evil...,most of the time.,Surprise is critical.,She must not detect us until were absolutely...,...ready for her!,Hold that! Positions!,Will!,Ready! 3,2,1!,She's trying to take the whole place down!,Run!,Take the shot, Jake!,She's here! She's here!,Get her through the heart, Will!,Get a hold of yourself, man!,The Brothers Grimm do not fear you!,No, Jake! Don't look her in the eyes!,Shoot, Jake!,Somethings wrong.,Hit her in the heart!,It wont release!,Don't look her in the eyes!.
    What?,Not the eyes!,She's got control over it.,Fight her, Jack!,I cant, Will!,Were brothers, damn it!,Be a Grimm and fight!,Weve killed worse than you!,Down! Down! Down!,Stay back!,Back! She's trying to escape.,All souls take corporeal forms...,...and when they fail, they find places to hide.,Seal these in a mirror-lined box.,Yes.,Bury them far from any river...,...and your witch will be gone for good.,You're a brave man.,Take the bag.,Bless you, brothers. Bless you.,We have a legally binding agreement.,Oh, yes, yes. Of course.,Thank you. Thank you.,She...,She's dead?,Yeah, very.,Of course she is.,She's dead!,I must tell the whole town!,She's dead!,Our witch is dead!,That one was a bit of a nightmare.,Don't give me that look.,I was a scholar once, Will.,Yeah, now youre famous.,All the girls know your name and you want an apology.,Blithering idiot!,Your mother was a teatless cow!,Get me down. Get me down!,Sorry, Hidlick. It slipped.,Fat Christ! What the hell you doing? Trying to kill us?,Werent we supposed to?,God-awful smoke. You know, just once...,Just once Id like to sell it on the strength of my performance.,Bunst...,...watch out for the...,...snapboards.,We do all the flying, the burning, the scaring.,What do we have to show for it?,Talk to Will.,One tenth, just like God.,Exactly, one tenth. For the other nine tenths...,All you have to do is ride into town and smile.,Well, talk to Napoleon,,Organize your labor, and start a guild.,There are two of us.,Two times ten.,We want a twentieth.,A twentieth?,Each.,Done.,Sweet thespians. Now here s the plan.,Have a couple days rest, then meet us in Hamburg.,Jake knows the legend of a bridge troll there.,Bridge troll? Yeah!,How come he gets to do the monsters,and I end up playing the girly ghosts?,Because you, my friend, have talent. Youve got range.,What do I have, Will?,You, my handsome friend, have heart.,And you, Will, have enough bullshit to fill the palace at Versailles.,Well, you want the truth of it, boys?,It's a short brutish struggle, then you die.,Lifes little subterfuges make it all worthwhile.,Your half, professor.,Or would you prefer this in magic beans?,ill take the beans, thanks, Will.,Stupid!,Whos there?,Can you hear me?,Where are you?,Yes, we stood together, unafraid!,And you were very, very brave, werent you?,Who's a brave miller? You are!,Drink up.,Will Grimm.,Shall we?,Nothing comes between us brothers. Not wicked witches!,No!,And not vicious beasts in disguise!,No! And not murderous queens!,No!,Not even Godfather Death...,...because only the truest of truthful love...,Could ever beat the grim reaper!,Isn't that right, Will?,Absolutely!,lye got a story.,Once upon a time, there was an imp whose name we had to guess.,We had to go right down to the flaming belly of Hell to find out.,But we did it. We did it.,And I can tell you what. This business is quite a lucrative one.........

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