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电影:格林兄弟 (The Brothers Grimm)




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 妈妈 好冷Mama, it's so cold.,太冷了 威尔It's very very cold, Will.,再往火炉里添根柴吧 亲爱的Put another log on the fire, love.,家里没柴了 妈妈There isn't any more firewood, Mother.,别担心 妈妈 杰克很快就回来了Don't worry, Ma. Jake will be back soon.,到时我们就会有钱看医生Well have money for a doctor.,你把牛卖了Did you sell the cow?,你绝对不会相信的You'll never believe it.,卖了多少钱How much did you get?,我在路上遇到一个陌生人I met a stranger on the road.,豆子Beans?,是魔豆Magic beans.,天哪 杰克Oh, Jack.,豆子Beans?,他说这个能治好妹妹He said that they'd make Lotti better,我们也会从此过上幸福生活and wed live happily ever after.,这你都会信 你这都信 你这个白痴 杰克And you believed it? You believed it? You idiot! You idiot, Jake!,她会被你害死的She's gonna die because of you!,孩子们 还是想想你们的妹妹吧Boys, think of your sister!,止步Arretez!,你们是从哪里来的Where do you come from, mein Herr?,法兰克福附近的卡瑟尔Kassel, near Frankfurt.,长官 我们是来落脚找吃的Monsieur, were looking for food and lodging.,进来吧Passez!,谢谢您Merci, a vous.,再会 长官Au revoir, monsieur.,施舍点吧 先生 帮助一下老兵A little something, sir? Help an old soldier?,谢谢你 先生Oh, thank you. Thank you, sir.,上帝保佑你 先生God bless you, sir.,上帝保佑你God bless you.,上帝保佑你God bless you...,我来帮您照料马匹吧 只要五毛I'll groom your horses for half a franc, sir.,你认识本镇的镇长吗Do you know the mayor of this town?,我只为最顶尖的人照料马匹I only groom for the best, sir.,把这个拿给他Then give him this.,格林兄弟The Brothers Grimm?,分秒必争Every second counts.,女巫在深夜时分来临The witch comes in the dead of night...,月亮早已隐蔽云后When the moon is well hid.,她从最深沉She comes out of the darkest...,最冷酷的黑暗中出现...coldest blackness.,她的哭喊让人血液凝结Her cry would freeze the very blood in your veins.,那你找对人了You were right to send for us.,你们有多少人看过她How many here have seen her?,老磨坊溪附近的住民都看过Everyone who lives by the old mill stream has seen her.,那是一百年前的事了It was 100 years ago.,磨坊老板娘因施巫术而被处以火刑。The miIIers wife was burned at the stake for witchcraft.,他们把她烧焦的骨头丢入河里They tossed her charred bones into the river.,古法说遗骸要密封在镶镜盒内Ancient law dictates her remains should have been sealed in a mirror-lined box.,从那之后的夜晚Well, for nights thereafter...,孩子们总是看到她在溪畔 向他们招手Children saw her walk the riverbank, beckoning them to her.,没错 卡尔施塔特的磨坊女巫And a good many did. The Mill Witch of Karlstadt...,嗯 我们听说过这个传说Yes. We know the legend.,那你相信我们了Then you believe us?,我相信你们所说的一切Why, I believe anything you choose to tell me, fair one.,到我的磨坊来 邪门又恐怖Come to my mill. Such ungodly horrors!,听那女妖的恐怖尖叫Such banshee screeching!,要是你胆敢看她If you dare set eyes upon her...,闭嘴 快带他去吃药Shut up! Give him his medicine!,格林兄弟 我们已无计可施Brothers Grimm, were at our wits end.,你们能帮帮我们吗What can you do for us?,这可难了 杰克It's difficult. Jake?,女巫被烧死时 灵魂将会得到永恒的燃烧When you burn a witch, her soul burns eternally...,所以降伏女巫需要特别的道具So the exorcism of witches requires a very special metal.,那很贵的It's pretty expensive.,只有用沾取纯真孩子眼泪之箭Only an arrow of innocent tears, that is, childs tears...,来射穿她的心 才能扑灭那永恒的火焰...shot directly through the heart can ever put out that fire.,那只是理论上的That a the theory.,这不是一般的女巫This is no ordinary witch.,可是我们找不到别人了But weve got no one else to turn to.,你们不能帮我们吗Cant you help us?,这么多钱How much?,你的选择是正确的Youre doing the right thing.,希望如此I hope so.,无论发生了什么 躲在盾后面别出来Whatever happens, stay behind that shield.,这身盔甲是唤醒睡美人的The armor was forged by Prince Richard the Charming...,白马王子李察所铸造...who awoke the sleeping beauty, Briar Rose.,它能反射邪恶的力量It reflects the powers of evil...,大时候都有效most of the time.,出其不意很重要Surprise is critical.,除非我们准备好 否则She must not detect us until were absolutely...,不能让她发现我们...ready for her!,拿好那个 就位Hold that! Positions!,威尔Will!,预备 3 2 1Ready! 3,2,1!,她想毁了这里She's trying to take the whole place down!,快闪Run!,快射 杰克Take the shot, Jake!,她在这里 在这里She's here! She's here!,快射穿她的心脏 威尔Get her through the heart, Will!,你镇定一点Get a hold of yourself, man!,格林兄弟不怕你The Brothers Grimm do not fear you!,不 杰克 别看她的眼睛No, Jake! Don't look her in the eyes!,射啊 杰克Shoot, Jake!,有状况Somethings wrong.,快射穿她的心脏Hit her in the heart!,我发射不了It wont release!,别看她的眼睛Don't look her in the eyes!.
    什么What?,别看眼睛Not the eyes!,她控制了我的弓She's got control over it.,跟她对抗Fight her, Jack!,我做不到I cant, Will!,我们可是神鬼克星Were brothers, damn it!,跟她对抗到底Be a Grimm and fight!,我们对付过比你更凶的Weve killed worse than you!,趴下 趴下 快趴下Down! Down! Down!,别过来Stay back!,退后 她想逃走Back! She's trying to escape.,所有灵体都会以形体呈现All souls take corporeal forms...,它们一失败 就会躲起来...and when they fail, they find places to hide.,把这拿去封在镶镜盒内Seal these in a mirror-lined box.,好Yes.,埋在远离河流的地方Bury them far from any river...,你们的女巫就永远不会复生了...and your witch will be gone for good.,你很勇敢You're a brave man.,拿着袋子Take the bag.,保佑你们 抓鬼兄弟Bless you, brothers. Bless you.,我们签过约的We have a legally binding agreement.,哦 对 对 当然Oh, yes, yes. Of course.,谢谢 谢谢Thank you. Thank you.,她She...,她死了吧She's dead?,死翘翘了Yeah, very.,她当然死了Of course she is.,她死了She's dead!,我要告诉全镇的人I must tell the whole town!,她死了She's dead!,我们的女巫死了Our witch is dead!,那家伙还真有点难搞That one was a bit of a nightmare.,别摆着张脸给我看Don't give me that look.,我以前也是个学者 威尔I was a scholar once, Will.,是啊 现在你赫赫有名了Yeah, now youre famous.,所有妞都知道你了 你却只想要我道歉All the girls know your name and you want an apology.,大白痴Blithering idiot!,你这个低能儿Your mother was a teatless cow!,放我下来 放我下来Get me down. Get me down!,抱歉 希力克 绳子太滑了Sorry, Hidlick. It slipped.,胖教徒 你想干什么啊 想害死我们吗Fat Christ! What the hell you doing? Trying to kill us?,我们不是本来就要那样吗Werent we supposed to?,讨厌的烟 就这么一次God-awful smoke. You know, just once...,我想让我的表演更有张力Just once Id like to sell it on the strength of my performance.,邦斯特Bunst...,小心那个...watch out for the...,机关...snapboards.,我们又飞又烧 还要拼命吓人We do all the flying, the burning, the scaring.,这到底有什么好处啊What do we have to show for it?,去跟威尔说吧Talk to Will.,一成 跟税金一样One tenth, just like God.,是啊 拿另外九成的人Exactly, one tenth. For the other nine tenths...,只要面带微笑 骑马进城All you have to do is ride into town and smile.,去跟拿破仑说吧Well, talk to Napoleon,,找你的劳工谈 组织工会吧Organize your labor, and start a guild.,我们有两个There are two of us.,两个一成Two times ten.,我们要两成酬劳We want a twentieth.,两成吗A twentieth?,每人一份Each.,好吧Done.,好演员 听我的计划Sweet thespians. Now here s the plan.,休息几天后 到汉堡会合Have a couple days rest, then meet us in Hamburg.,杰克知道那里有个桥底巨怪的传说Jake knows the legend of a bridge troll there.,桥底巨怪 赞啊Bridge troll? Yeah!,怪兽怎么都是他演How come he gets to do the monsters,我却老是演女鬼and I end up playing the girly ghosts?,因为你更有天份 扮演的更有型Because you, my friend, have talent. Youve got range.,那我呢 威尔What do I have, Will?,你啊 大帅哥 你更用心You, my handsome friend, have heart.,而你呢 满口胡言讲的天花板乱坠And you, Will, have enough bullshit to fill the palace at Versailles.,你们想知道事实吗 老兄们Well, you want the truth of it, boys?,人生苦短 没多久就死了It's a short brutish struggle, then you die.,小小的编剧能增添人生趣味Lifes little subterfuges make it all worthwhile.,你的那份 教授Your half, professor.,还是你宁可拿些魔豆Or would you prefer this in magic beans?,我还是拿豆子吧 谢了 威哥ill take the beans, thanks, Will.,笨猪Stupid!,谁在那Whos there?,你听见没Can you hear me?,你在哪里Where are you?,对 我们并肩作战 毫不畏惧Yes, we stood together, unafraid!,你非常非常勇敢 对吧And you were very, very brave, werent you?,最勇敢的磨坊老板是谁 是你Who's a brave miller? You are!,喝吧Drink up.,威尔·格林Will Grimm.,能跳个舞吗Shall we?,没人能拆散我们兄弟 巫婆不行Nothing comes between us brothers. Not wicked witches!,不行No!,凶恶的怪兽也不行And not vicious beasts in disguise!,不 噬血的皇后也一样No! And not murderous queens!,不行No!,就连死神也不行Not even Godfather Death...,因为只有真正真诚的爱...because only the truest of truthful love...,能击垮死神Could ever beat the grim reaper!,对吧 威尔Isn't that right, Will?,没错Absolutely!,我有个故事lye got a story.,从前 有个不知名的淘气鬼Once upon a time, there was an imp whose name we had to guess.,要查它的名字得去地狱查了We had to go right down to the flaming belly of Hell to find out.,但我们成功了 我们做到了But we did it. We did it.,我只能说 这一行很有赚头And I can tell you what. This business is quite a lucrative one.........

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