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电梯游戏 Elevator Game(2023)中英字幕

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电影:电梯游戏 (Elevator Game)




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 我告诉过你我会这么做的。I told you I was gonna do this.,我希望你在我身边,但是…I wish you were here with me, but...,我要这么做。I'm gonna do this.,五个关键时刻。Five. Moment of truth.,不要看。不要看。Don't look. Don't look.,来吧。关闭。来吧。闭嘴,快点!关闭!Come on. Shut. Come on. Shut, Come on! Shut!,好吧。回到原点。Okay. Back to one.,哦,上帝!它在上升!Oh, God! It's going up!,怎么啦?What?,来吧。加油,加油,加油!Come on. Come on, come on, come on!,加油,加油!Come on, come on!,不,不,不,不,不,不!No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!,你要去哪里?Where are you going?,欢迎来到"戴尔街梦魇"Welcome to "Nightmare on Dare Street.",我是主持人,克里斯·罗素!I'm your host, Kris Russo!,和我一起的是克洛伊·杨。And with me as always, Chloe Young.,M-M-M-Matty戴维斯!M-M-M-Matty Davis!,还有伊兹·辛普森!And Izzy Simpson!,伊兹,没事吧?太酷了!Izzy, we good? Cool!,克洛伊,想跟家里的人说说今天的比赛吗?Chloe, want to tell the folks at home all about today's game?,今天我们要玩三王游戏Today, we're playing Three Kings,,如果运用得当,这将允许我们which when played right will allow us,和死去的国王的灵魂对话to talk to the spirit of a dead king,借助这些镜子。with the help of these mirrors.,啊哈。跟死去的国王说话。哇。Uh-huh. Talking to a dead king. Wow.,我想告诉家里的人我们要怎么扔Want to tell the folks at home how we're gonna throw,在这坏小子身上加点香料?some spice on this bad boy?,在连环杀手的废弃家中玩耍,By playing in the abandoned home of a serial killer,,莱斯特·迪格比·金。Lester Digby King.,哦!看到我们做的了吗?啊? !Ohh! See what we did there? Huh?!,马蒂,你那边怎么了?Matty, what do you got going on over there?,我在做一个盐保护圈。I'm making a salt protection circle.,永远不要在没有手机的情况下和死人说话。never talk to the dead without one.,那是办公室休息室里的盐吗?Is that the salt from the office break room?,又一周的无味午餐。Another week of flavorless lunches.,是啊,当事情变糟的时候Yeah, well, when shit goes south,我们都挤在这里,and we're all huddled inside here,,你不会抱怨无味的薯条。you won't be complaining about bland fries.,你能把盐圈弄大一点吗Could you make the salt circle just a little bit bigger,这样我们就不用挤得这么近了?so we don't have to huddle quite so close together?,别忘了本期节目是有赞助的Don't forget this episode is sponsored,绿色蔬菜饮料。by Something Green vegetable drink.,Mwah !Mwah!,好吧。谁能告诉我出了什么问题?Okay. Who can tell me what's wrong here?,你的衬衫上有三处咖啡渍?Your shirt has three coffee stains on it?,不。在屏幕上。在屏幕上。No. On the screen. On the screen.,克里斯看起来像个工具。Kris looks like a tool.,-吃吧,伊茨。——啊。- Eat it, Izz. - Ugh.,当我们提到赞助商时,我们需要看到他们的产品。When we mention the sponsor, we need to see their product.,它的存在。It's there.,它,呃,它不在那里。It's, uh-- It's not there.,是的。Yeah.,看到了吗?就在那儿。See? It's right there.,说句公道话,这是一杯冰拿铁。In all fairness, that is an iced latte in there.,不管怎样,克丽丝,你得拿着它。Regardless, Kris, you need to be holding it.,克丽丝不能喝我的冰拿铁。Kris can't have my iced latte.,我——I--,我们的差旅费会得到报销吗?Are we gonna start getting reimbursed for travel expenses?,-差旅费?-我在这里坐公共汽车。- Travel expenses? - I take the bus here.,如果马蒂的车费能报销,Yeah, if Matty gets reimbursed for bus fare,,那我至少应该得到汽油费报销。then I should at least get reimbursed for gas.,我们没有这个预算。We don't have the budget for that.,那我们在片场吃的喝的要报销吗?What about reimbursing us for food and drink on set?,不在预算之内,不过随便拿吧Not in the budget, but feel free to grab,绿色的东西的一个样品。one of the Something Green samples.,哟!那东西尝起来像发霉的胡萝卜Ew! That stuff tastes like a moldy carrot,愤怒地和割草机做爱。had angry sex with a lawnmower.,没错,但是当我们播出的时候,我们用他们的口号——True, but when we're on air, let's use their slogan--,“尝起来很健康!”"Tastes like healthy!",好吧。看。Okay. Look.,伙计。一遍吗?Dude. Again?,又是你无聊的讲座吗?Another one of your boring lectures?,我想是的。I bet it is.,伙计们,让他说。Guys, just let him talk.,谢谢你,伊兹。Thank you, Izzy.,我已经听够了。I've heard enough already.,是的。我也是。Yeah. Me too.,大家听着!Everyone, just listen!,我们在高中的时候,When we were in high school,,我们开始这个节目是为了好玩,对吧?we started this show for fun, right?,但我们也说过,我们的主要目标是专业地做这件事。But we also said our main goal was to do this professionally.,马蒂,你父母开始收你房租了,对吧?Matty, your parents started charging you rent, right?,我毕业的那天。The day I graduated.,克洛伊,你妈妈说要么上大学要么找份工作。Chloe, your mom said go to college or get a job.,克丽丝,你真的很想去牙科学校Kris, you really want to go to dental school,像你爸爸希望的那样?like your dad wants?,想到克丽丝的手在我嘴里,我就吐了。I just threw up thinking about Kris' hands in my mouth.,而且,依奇……And, Izzy...,我其实不知道你父母想让你做什么。I-I actually don't know what your parents want you to do.,我的父母都很好,很支持我Oh, my parents are wonderful and supportive people,鼓励我追寻梦想的人。who encourage me to follow my dreams.,但你刚搬去自己的地方,对吧?But you just moved in to your own place, right?,是的。一开始很酷。Yep. It was cool at first.,事实证明,成人生活很糟糕。Turns out adulting sucks.,所以我们能不能同意取悦So can we all just agree to please,让赞助商非常高兴make the sponsors really happy,这样我们就不用停止做节目了?so we don't have to stop doing the show?,-是的。-当然。- Yeah. - Yeah, sure..
    好吧。太好了。Okay. Great.,下一位是我们的新成员。Next on the agenda, our new team member.,- - - - - -什么? !-开什么玩笑?- What?! - Are you kidding me?,你不能报销我们的食物和饮料,You can't reimburse us for food and drink,,但我们要招新员工?but we're getting a new employee?,他不是上镜的天才,对吧?He's not on-camera talent, is he?,不,他不是上镜的天才,也没有报酬。No, he's not on-camera talent and he's not being paid.,他是这个节目的粉丝,自愿帮助我们,He's a fan of the show who volunteered to help us out,,所以我想既然他是本地人so I figured since he's a local--,你是实习生吗?So, like, an intern?,从技术上讲,没有。他还在上高中。Technically, no. He's still in high school.,-所以这更像是我们可以请实习生吗?- So it's more like a-- We can get interns?,改变游戏规则!我要一个实习生!Game changer! I want an intern!,你对这家伙了解多少?What do you know about this guy?,他给我们发邮件想要帮忙。He e-mailed us wanting to help.,你确定他不是什么连环杀手吗Are you sure he's not some kind of serial killer,谁想砍掉我们的手指who wants to chop off our fingers,把它们当项链戴?and wear them as a necklace?,外面有很多疯狂的事。There's a lot of crazy out there.,显然在这里。And in here apparently.,他不是连环杀手,马蒂。He's not a serial killer, Matty.,等等,等等,等等,等等。Wait, wait, wait, wait.,他是我来的路上看到的那个长相奇怪的家伙吗?Is he the weird-looking dude that I saw on the way in here?,没关系。他绝对不是上镜的料。It's okay. He's definitely not on-camera material.,我要把他带进来。I'm just gonna bring him in.,莱恩,你能进来一下吗?Hey, uh, Ryan, could you come on in, please?,-是的。——谢谢。- Yeah. - Thanks.,好吧。嗯…Okay. Uh...,各位,这是瑞安·基顿。Everyone, this is Ryan Keaton.,嘿,家伙。能来到这里真是太棒了。Hey, guys. It is so awesome to be here.,他能帮我们拿点东西吗?So, can he fetch stuff for us?,瑞安会随时帮助我们的。Ryan's here to help us with whatever we need.,-那。-只要合适就行- What about-- - As long as it's appropriate.,-还有-还有法律- And what about-- - And legal.,欢迎加入,瑞恩!Welcome aboard, Ryan!,好吧,你去找个座位吧Okay, why don't you go grab yourself a seat,我们能让这东西继续运转吗?and we can keep this thing moving?,——谢谢。-好吧,那么…- Thanks. - Okay, so...,下一集。什么好主意吗?Next episode. Any ideas?,有什么事吗?Anything at all?,跟他们一起跳吧。Feel free to just jump out with them.,日本仙台有一家闹鬼的酒店。There's a haunted hotel in Sendai, Japan.,我们可以在那里演一名叫仁的人。We could play Hitori Kakurenbo there.,我们没有出国旅行的预算Uh, we don't have a budget for overseas travel,或者任何离开三州地区的旅行。or any travel outside of the tri-state area for that matter.,没有给我们很多选择。Doesn't give us lots of options.,那我们去我家玩洗澡游戏怎么样?Well, how about we play the bath game at my place?,那个游戏不是让我们都进浴缸吗?Doesn't that game involve us all getting in a bathtub?,我的意思是……I mean...,——恶心。——嗯。- Gross. - Hm.,——Wha--,是的。瑞安。Yeah. Ryan.,那电梯游戏呢?What about the Elevator Game?,你们还没玩过呢。You guys haven't played that one yet.,就是你坐电梯的那种That's the one where you ride an elevator,打开大门,召唤灵魂?to unlock a gateway and summon some spirit?,-就是这个。——《五楼女人》- That's the one. - The Fifth-Floor Woman.,据说,她打开了通往亡灵世界的大门。Supposedly, she opens a portal to the world of the dead.,但如果你玩得不好,But if you don't do the game right,,她把你撕成碎片,对吧?she rips you apart, right?,克里斯去年提出了这个。Kris pitched that one last year.,是啊,我们决定没人想看我们骑车Yeah, and we decided that no one wants to watch us ride,坐20分钟的电梯。an elevator for 20 minutes.,不过听起来很容易。Sounds like an easy shoot, though.,你可以在任何地方玩。You can play it anywhere.,只要建筑物至少有10层。As long as the building has at least 10 floors.,那就意味着这个人出局了。Well, that means this one's out.,我觉得找栋楼Well, I don't think finding a building,-这将是一个问题。-但那不是我们的节目- is going to be a problem. - But that's not our show.,我们在可怕的地方玩可怕的游戏。We play scary games in scary places.,所以…有人知道有闹鬼的电梯吗?So... does anyone know of any haunted elevators?,-但是-当地的闹鬼电梯- But, uh-- - Local haunted elevators.,正确的。Right.,有一个。There is one.,离这里几个街区远的一栋楼,我想。A building just a few blocks from here, I think.,我在网上看到一个女孩在那里失踪的故事。I read a story online about a girl who went missing there.,他们说她在玩游戏时失踪了。They say she went missing playing the game.,“他们”说什么?"They" say?,聊天组和Reddit帖子。Chat groups and Reddit posts.,所以,未经证实的网络谣言。So, unsubstantiated online rumors.,这不就是互联网的全部吗?Isn't that all the Internet is?,我还知道她是本地人。Well, I also know that she was local.,至少在郊区是这样。From the suburbs, at least.,在高中的时候。一个大一的学生。In high school at the time. A freshman.,警方认为她是离家出走,但我说过了,The police have her as a runaway, but like I said,,传言是五楼女人干的。rumor is it was the Fifth-Floor Woman.,有名字吗?Got a name?,贝奇·…某物Becki... something.,我们能做到吗?Can we make this happen?,我们可以让任何事情发生。We can make anything happen.,问题是,人们想看我们骑马吗Question is, do people want to see us ride,20分钟的电梯?an elevator for 20 minutes?,是的。我已经很无聊了。Yeah. I'm already bored.,所以这是否定的吗?So is that a no?,有人知道吗?Anybody?,好吧。好建议,瑞恩。也许下次吧。Okay. Uh, great suggestion, Ryan. Maybe next time.,——嗯…- Uh...,哦,不!那是克莱因先生。我得接这个电话!Oh, no! That's Mr. Klein. I gotta take this!,-克莱因先生是谁?-他是赞助商!- Who's Mr. Klein? - He's the sponsor!,嗨,克莱恩先生!我正要给你打电话。Hi, Mr. Klein! I was just about to call you.,不,我完全理解。Yeah, no, I-- I totally understand.,突出特色We will make sure it is prominently featured......