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防弹武僧 Bulletproof Monk中英字幕

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电影:防弹武僧 (Bulletproof Monk)




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 BULLETPROOF MONK片名: 防弹武僧,Master!师傅,Well done! Your training is complete.做得好 你已经满师了,This prayer flag symbolizes the ending...这支番旗就是象征,...of my destiny and the beginning of yours.我的任务已经完成了 而你刚开始,When you first came to me...当你刚来的时候,you were the most undisciplined youth I had ever laid eyes on.你是我见过的年轻人之中 最不守纪律的一个,And yet, you proved yourself worthy to be the next guardian.但你证明了可以做 下一任守护者,You have fulfilled the Three Noble Prophecies.你已经完成了三个神圣预言,You defeated an army of enemies while a flock of cranes circled above.你在一群白鹤围绕之中 成功击败了一群敌人,And then you battled for love in the palace of jade.然后你在翡翠皇宫中 为爱战斗,And finally...最后就是,you freed brothers you never knew...在你解救了从未见过,with the family you never had.不同家族的兄弟,Now you must make the final sacrifice.现在你要做最后的牺牲,You must give up your name.放弃你的名字,I have already forgotten it, Master.我已经把名字忘记了,The Scroll of the Ultimate.这是终极卷轴,Whoever reads its words out loud in their entirety...谁可以大声把经文念出来,will gain the power...就会得到力量,to control the world...控制全世界,and turn it into a paradise or a living hell.把它变成天堂 或是地狱,Mankind is not ready for so much power...人类还没有准备好 接受这个力量,and may never be.可能永远不会,That is why it is our duty to protect the Scroll from being read by anyone...我们的任务就是不 让人念把经文念出来,including ourselves.包括我们自己,Five times the Year of the Ram has passed...我保护它已经有五个羊年了,since I became The Next from my honored predecessor...我的上一任把这个任务交给我,and his master before him, and so on, and so on.现在我就传给了你 一代一代把它传下去,I have been protecting the Scroll for sixty years.我保护已经六十年了,Now it is your turn.现在到你,It is done.大功告成了,The next sixty years...在往后的六十年里,should be very interesting for you.你的生活很刺激,We all ready.大家准备好了,It's time for me to do what I've always wanted to do...自从一九零四年 讨厌的英国人来到,ever since those pesky British showed up in 1904.现在我终于可以做 我一直想做的事情,What's that, Master?师傅那是什么,Take a vacation.就是去渡假,Scroll... You must protect Scroll.那卷轴你一定要保护好,Master! Master!师傅 师傅,Don't move.站住别动,Stay hidden, no matter what.不管怎么样不要出来,My brother monks...各位和尚兄弟,you have seen the destructive power...大家都看到这破坏的力量,which is mine to command.这力量由我控制,I also have the power...我的力量还可以,to leave this blessed monastery...令到你们神圣的寺庙,in peace.不会被破坏,Enjoy your vacation, Master.师傅享受你的假期吧,I trust you will do what's best for all of us...我相信你们会跟我合作,and step aside.乖乖的走开,No?不走,Fire!开火,The Scroll.拿卷轴,Fire on the door.向门开火,Go in.进去,OK, let's go in.好吧我们进去,Anybody home?有人在家吗,I don't like monkeys.我讨厌猴子,The Scroll.卷轴给我,You may be good...你怎么厉害,...but you are not bulletproof.都不会刀枪不入吧,Monk monk...和尚和尚,Rush hour.繁忙时间,I'm sorry. I'll get that.对不起我帮你捡,You picked the wrong pocket to pick, prick!你偷错了钱包了小偷,Sorry about that, officer.对不起警察先生,Nice cuffs.漂亮的手铐,Officer needs assistance.有个警员要帮助,On my way.马上到,Do you see him?看见了没有,Yep. Got him.有见到他,Get in position. Wait for my move.你留在那边等我行动,Confirming visual on the target. I got him at nine o'clock.肯定看到目标,The target is on the run.目标在逃跑,Mommy.妈妈,Katie!姬蒂,Somebody help.找人救她,She's stuck. Grab her leg.她被夹住了抓住她的脚,Don't worry. Just do what they want.不要怕 他们叫你怎么做就怎么做,It's OK.不会有事的,Get ready to pull!准备用力拉,You son of a bitch. You just lost my whole stash.妈的我的收获全没了,Be happy.开心点,You helped save a human life.你刚才救了一条生命,Last time I checked...以我所知救人命,...there's no reward for that.是不会有报酬的,How did you do that back there?你刚才是怎样可以做到的,Practice.多练习,Who the hell are you, anyway?你是什么人,That's not the question you need to ask.这不是你应该问的问题,You should be asking yourself who you are.你应该问你是什么人,Your mind is filled with compassion.你的脑子里装满了同情心,That's why you risked your life to help the child.所以才会帮那小女孩,But your mind is also impure.但同时又不纯洁,So you forget the spiritual reward...所以你忘记了精神上的报酬,and think only of the financial.只是想着金钱.
    If you're so pure...如果你那么纯洁,why were all those guys in suits chasing you?为什么穿西装的要追你,It doesn't concern you.那不关你的事,Let me guess... FBI, CIA, INS...让我猜猜 联邦密探中情局税局,I said it doesn't concern you.我说这不关你的事,Unbelievable.真不可理喻,I'm sorry!真对不起,Every man's life...每个人的生命,concerns every other man.都会影响到其他人,Especially if he is on the noble path...尤其是当这个人正是要被,to true enlightenment.真正的教化,Can you accept my apology?可以接受我的道歉,Apology accepted.好吧我接受,Thanks for helping me.谢谢你帮我,No problem, man.不用客气,Get your punk ass over here.你这混球给我滚过来,What's the matter?怎么回事,Finger-man here calls himself Kar.这个小扒手叫自己做卡,Got caught ripping off marks...我发现他在,at the Bishop Square station.主教广场的车站里扒东西,Funktastic's the name...我叫反斗大帝,and profit's the game.兴趣是赚钱,See, I'm a businessman...我是个生意人,and my fiscal policy towards crime consists of two words...我的经济政策只有一句话,zero tolerance.就是绝不容忍,Unless...除非是,the criminal...那些犯罪行为,has an officially authorized franchise.是有授权的联营,And you ain't got one.可是你没有,I'm supposed to pay you...我要给钱你,for the right to rip people off?才有权去拿别人的东西,That's right.说得对,60 off the top.总数的百分之六十,This entitles you to squatter's rights in Mr. Funktastic's cribs...这你才有权利在反斗大帝的地方,chow at his greasy spoons...在小店里吃东西,and protection provided by Mr. Funktastic and his crew.还有受到反斗大帝和 他的手下的保护,And that's us.就是我们,You know, it's really enticing.条件真是很吸引,But if this is an example of a Funktastic crib...但如果这里就是反斗大帝的地方,I'll check myself into a Motel 6.那我宁愿去住廉价酒店,That's good.真幽默,Pretty funny.真好笑,You'd be a corpse already if not for the fact I heard you're an exceptionally good earner.如果听说你不是个 会赚钱的人你早已经死了,Maybe I heard wrong.可能我听错了,In which case, you're nothing to me, mate.那你对我就没有用了,You're less than nothing.简直是个废物,Around here, less than nothing means dead.在这里废物的意思就是死,You heard right about me.我的事你没听错,I just need some time to think over your offer.只不过我需要时间考虑一下,In the meantime, take this.现在就让我送给你,An offer of good faith.是表示我的诚意,What do you think I am, Kar, a bloody tourist?亚卡你当我是什么 是个游客吗?,You come down here and palm that made-in-a-Bangkok-sweatshop piece of shit off on me?你想用这些泰国出产用来 欺骗游客的小玩意收买我,Shit...就是,Listen, mate...老兄你听着,Don't do like that...不要在班门弄斧,Maybe it can be used for my toilet paper...如果我需要新的厕纸 那东西可能用得着,But now, you are waste my time.可你现在是浪费我的时间,How dare you come in my zone alone?单人匹马都敢来我的地方,You got big orchestras, mate.你的胆子可真不小,Too bad I have to cut 'em off.可我要把它挖出来,I have no idea what you just said.我不明白你是什么意思,Your balls.你的胆子,He's gonna cut off your balls.他说把你的胆子挖出来,Cut him, Diesel.揍他,He's mine.他是我的,What the hell you looking at?你在看什么,You're just so damn beautiful.你很漂亮,Especially when you're angry.由其是发火的时候,That's my bird.那是我的女朋友,He will defeat an army of enemies while a flock of cranes circles above.他会在一群白鹤围绕之中 成功的把一群敌人击败,Impossible.不可能而且,Besides he's going to lose.他这次只会输,Shit.糟了,Come on.来吧,I'm bored with beating on this loser.我讨厌揍这个废物,Besides, fighting always gets me hot.而且打到令我很兴奋,Lucky for you this bit of crumpet's begging...今天算你运气好,for some of my Funktastic love.碰到这淫娃 要我跟他亲热亲热,Me or my people ever see you boosting...如果再让我们看到,in our territory again, mate...你在我们的地盆里偷东西,I'm gonna snip your hampton clean off and serve it as a shish kabob.我一定会把你的东西 割下来切碎用来煮菜,Now piss off.快点滚,Congratulations on your victory.我要恭喜你的胜利,Though, technically, you were saved by a girl.虽然技术上来说 是个女孩救了你,It was your charm...是你的魅力,that convinced the girl to lead them away.令到她引开那些人的注意,Hey, Mr. Do-gooder...喂好心肠先生,if you were watching the whole thing back there, how come you didn't help?如果你一直在偷看我 你为什么不帮我,Because you stole from me.因为你偷我的东西,Oh, yeah. That.对是这样的,But your fighting is very impressive. Where do you study?不过你刚刚打的很精彩 从哪学的,Golden Palace.皇金宫殿,Golden Palace?皇金宫殿,You studied with the Venerable Fighting Monks of Jin-Gong?你曾经跟谁 尊贵的武僧学习气功,Whatever, man.随你怎么说吧,Ht's been really great spending quality time with you...跟你一起我也觉得很好玩 但是我要走了,but h gotta run, OK?再见,Sorry about stealing your whatever the hell that is.很抱歉我偷你的东西 但不知道是什么玩意,Good luck with that enlightenment stuff.祝你师傅运气好,The most undisciplined youth I have ever laid eyes on.这个可能是我所见过的 最不守纪律的年青人,- Not so fast. - Not so fast?- 不要急 - 不要急?......