绝望海峡 The Channel(2023)中英字幕 下载 SRT ASS_高清电影™

绝望海峡 The Channel(2023)中英字幕

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电影:绝望海峡 (The Channel)




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绝望海峡 The Channel(2023)中英字幕预览

 早上好Good mornin'.,你拿着什么 我看看呢What you got? Let me see this.,喔 Oh. Whoosh.,这是什么 噗噗Yeah. What's that? Boop boop.,喜欢吗What do you think?,哇Wah!,这条项链是干什么用的What's that necklace for?,-哈喽 -早上好 梅梅 Hello! Good morning,早上好 杰米Morning,啊 Ah!,快点把孩子交给我You hand over that baby to me right this minute.,-这是谁 -谁是我的小心肝 Who's that? Who's my heart?,这是谁Who's that?,对了 到梅梅这来 That's it,谢谢你照顾她 梅梅Thank you for doing this,真是个不听话的孩子 That's a grumpy baby.,再来道个别 好吗Oh! One more goodbye,你今天要和梅梅在一起 好吗You gonna stay with Meme today,对Yeah.,要听话 做个乖女儿Be good. Be a good girl.,你今晚可以留下吧You all right staying the night?,哦 当然啦 亲爱的 Aww... oh! 'Course,照顾她是我最开心的事了 Nothing would make me happier.,天啊 Oh,-爸比要走了 -我今天会回来的 Papas leavin'. I'll be back today.,爸比会回来的 他会回来 Daddy will be back. He'll be back.,-谢谢你 梅梅 -他会回来 Thank you,好吧 我当时在那里All right,第二天去了中东Day two,在81师的一个车队里In a convoy,我坐在车顶的炮手座位上I'm sittin' up top,心都跳到嗓子眼儿了 因为Fucking hearts beating through my chest 'cause I...,我听说这是全国最危险的一段路I heard it's the most dangerous stretch of road in the country.,确实Fuck yeah,谁知道会发生什么What could go wrong?,所以我们继续行驶着So we're cruising along.,(到麦加朝圣过的穆斯林),突然 我看到路边有个哈吉All of a sudden,他骑着一只驴子And he's going to town,要进城 他要…… on a fuckin donkey He's got,等等 驴子?Hang on a minute! A fucking donkey?,哥们 他把哈吉服Bro,搭在肩膀上 干着驴hiked up over his shoulders bangin' away.,-这怎么可能 -超级变态 对吧 How do you even do that? Super fucking weird,我还跟老枪说了 但他不以为意I even said somethin' to Gunny about it but he shrugs it off.,我们又往前走了不到六公里So we don't get another six klicks down the road,我又在远处看到一个阿拉伯人I see another fucking Alibaba off in the distance,在一辆坏了的悍马车后面干着驴ridin' one of his own behind this broken down Humvee.,又在爆驴的菊花吗What,然后呢 So what happened next?,还是同样的场面More of the same. I must've seen like,我看到了不止四次fuckin' four more pairs of 'em.,在回农场的路上就开干了Gettin' after it on the way back to the farm. right?,怎么了What?,而且…… So... uh...,还有更糟的 我们回到It gets worse. All right,汽车调配场时 我看到一个脏老头to the motor pool and I see this old dirty bastard,大概这么高 有条假肢about yay high,坐在少校悍马车的引擎盖上打飞机sittin' on the hood of the major's Humvee,-你开玩笑的吧 -什么 You're kidding. What?,-真的 -你怎么还坐得上去 Yeah How the fuck do you even get in there?,老枪看着我 看出我很凌乱So Gunny looks up to me,然后问我有什么问题 我说问题就是Then he asks me what my malfunction is. I mean,这一路上我都看见I'm telling you,路边有人在干驴dudes bangin' donkeys on the side of the road.,还有这个装假肢的家伙There's this guy with a wooden leg,光天化日之下在汽车调配场撸管beatin' off in the motor pool in broad daylight,你知道他说了什么吗and you know what he says to me?,说了啥What'd he say?,“兄弟 你不能指望装假肢的人"Marine,够得着驴”to catch a fucking donkey.",疯子一个 Crazy motherfucker.,天啊 Jesus Christ.,我们到了We here.,你有什么不满 为什么噘嘴What's your problem? Why you poutin'?,老子没有噘嘴Bitch,-你有 -去你妈的 Yeah,开始行动吧Let's rock and roll.,我知道转移现金的时间比预期的要长I know the transfer took a little bit longer than we wanted,但我们很感谢您的业务but we appreciate your business,以及您的信任 andwe appreciate your trust.,所有人不许动Everybody freeze! Don't you fuckin' move!,都不准拿武器 Hands away from the weapons,-不不不 -别作死 Nah nah nah nah nah. Think it through.,所有人都放松点 Everybody fuckin' relax.,你听到了 别动You heard him. Don't fuckin' move.,-住手 -闭嘴 Stop! Shut up!,好 你们都听到了All right,从你们三位女士开始Let's start with you three ladies right there.,双手抱头 离开柜台Hands laced on top of your head. Back away from the counter.,快点 靠在墙上 其他人都趴下Let's go. Get against the fucking wall. Everyone else,看着地面Eyes on the fucking floor,趴下 贱人 Get on the floor,-喔 -各位 别紧张 好吗 Whoa! Guys,低下头 眼睛向下 不值得为此送命Heads down. Eyes down. This ain't worth dying for.,把钥匙给我Give me the fucking key.,快把钥匙给我 Give me the fucking key!,算你识相Smart!.
    不不不 No no no no no!,-啊 -天啊 Ah ah! Oh,-啊 -闭嘴 不然接下来就轮到你 Ah! Shut the fuck up,快说 我需要密码Let's go. I need the code.,3 17 77Ah! Three,看着我的眼睛 如果这个是报警码Look at my fucking eyes,他要切掉的就不只是你的拇指he's gonna cut off a lot more than your fucking thumb.,听懂没You understand me?,1 23 7 9One,你个王八蛋 You,把嘴闭上 Shut the fuck up!,门开了 We're in!,兄弟 我们没时间了Bro,安全Clear!,安全Clear!,上Now!,后面有警察 Cops at rear!,-后退 -等等 Move back! Wait!,安全了 安全了 All clear! All clear!,再等等 再等等Wait for it! Wait for it!,左侧有敌人 Contacts left!,快走 Move!,快走 Move!,算了 嘿Let it go! Hey!,我们说了不恋战We said to... only.,混蛋Motherfuck!,后退 转移Move back! Move,正在转移Moving.,-转移 -正在转移 Move! Move it!,右侧有敌人Contact right!,-嘿 散开 去左边 -快走 Hey! Spread out,正在转移Moving!,就这样That's it.,重新装弹Reloading!,走Move!,-噢 -正在转移 Oh! Moving!,去后面Back there!,走Move!,正在转移Moving!,安全了 快走We're clear! Code,正在转移Moving!,重新装弹Reloading!,-走 -正在转移 Move! Moving!,安全了We're clear!,嘿 等等我 等等我 走Hey! Wait out on me,-正在转移 -等等 Moving! Wait up!,快走Move!,快走 快走Move! Move!,-该死 -快来 Fuck! Shit! Come on!,-啊 -嘿 Ah! Hey!,你在干什么What the fuck are you doing,我们走Let's go.,快起来 我们走Come on! Let's go.,把头低下Keep your fuckin' head down,快点 我们走All right,受死吧 受死吧Get some! Get some! Get some!,下车Out of the car!,把头低下Put your head down!,我们走Let's go,快上车 维克Get the fuck in,-我们快走 -开车 Let's fuckin' go! Drive!,左转 左转 Left,靠Fuck!,后退 后退Back,来吧 混蛋Come on,来吧Come on...,在这里转弯 这里Turn here! Here!,快来 快来 Come on,趴下 趴下 Yo,调度中心 第一国民银行有多名警员受伤 Dispatch,在南康迪和卡尔霍恩路口South Conti and Calhoun.,请求尽快派空中医疗救援Requesting air meds for location,全市范围 所有单位出动 Citywide,-行动中 -多名警员受伤 One,急救 打开警笛和警灯EMS,各单位注意 可疑车辆是90年代型号 All units,浅蓝色 木质镶板 雪佛兰旅行车light blue,注意 嫌犯均有武装Be advised,持有全自动武器with fully automatic weapons.,通知J.P 圣伯纳德 Notified J.P.,圣坦慕尼和州警Saint Tammany,请求封锁所有出城路线Requesting shutdown of all routes out of the city.,包括新奥尔良大桥including the Crescent City Connection,堤道 双跨和所有向西的路线Causeway,-不说点啥吗 -你想我说啥 Gonna say nothing? What you want me to say?,刚才是怎么回事What the fuck was that?,联邦调查局抢劫专案组FBI robbery task force.,废话No shit.,-他们怎么知道的 -有人出卖了我们 How'd they know? Someone ratted us.,谁Who?,我们得洗钱 确保出路还在We gotta wash this money. Make sure our exit's not burning,尽快离开此地and get the fuck out. Fast.,我们能逃到哪里Where we gonna run?,这会成为全国新闻的 米克This is gonna make national news,我们现在成了警察杀手We're fucking cop killers now.,还有什么选择 你听到有人喊The choice is what? You hear anybody yell,“别动 你被捕了”吗 你没有"Don't move,他们一来就要杀我们They were there to fucking murder us,我可不后悔and I ain't got no regrets.,我们把三个弟兄We left,留在了街上in the fucking street!,是他们自己选的路They made their choices.......