正义联盟:战争世界 Justice League: Warworld(2023)英文字幕 下载 SRT ASS_高清电影™

正义联盟:战争世界 Justice League: Warworld(2023)英文字幕

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电影:正义联盟:战争世界 (Justice League: Warworld)




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正义联盟:战争世界 Justice League: Warworld(2023)英文字幕预览

 Come on, I’m good for it.Payday’s Tuesday.,Ha!,You see that, Griz?,Plugged itright through the middle!,Almost got him.,Whiskey.,Don’t geta lot of strangers,Certainly notpretty ones like you.,Uh, anyone tell youyou’re a pretty fine piece?,Girl, are youhard of hearing,I heard. Go away.,You just made the biggestand last mistake of your life.,Argh!,No one likesa back-shooter, Tom.,Outside, now.,I apologize for my men.,They can be rougharound the edges.,But then again, so is the town.,Perhaps you’d join mefor a drink?,I’ll give you the good stuff.,Those were some movesyou had, downstairs.,Never seen anyonefight like that.,You’re a wonder.,How’d you get the face?,By trusting the wrong people.,It’s a taleas old as time itself.,Gold is discoveredand everyone is happy.,And then greedshows its ugly face,and ruins everything.,Those so-calledhonest townsfolk,took over the bank,,which had repossessedtheir land,for delinquentinterest charges.,Which you did legal, I’m sure.,Now, my judges,,every one saidwe was in the right.,But they stole back the gold,they used to payfor their stakes,,and this cannot stand.,We’re a civilized society,,a land of laws.,If this bunch gets their way,why then, where would we be?,I’m guessingyou’re going to tell me.,There’s an opportunityfor you here.,Help me fightfor law and order.,- Help me--,Hyah!,Hyah!,- Whoa!,We don’t want no trouble.,Heading to the depotfor a fresh start.,Huh?,- Pa!,No!,Ma!,Do it.,Shoot that damn woman.,Kill her!,Open the gate!,Argh!,They killedthem both.,I know it’s hard.Now you’ve got to be brave.,I told ’emthey should sneak off at night,,but they didn’t want to leavebehind what little they had.,Now they got less.,Bat Lash, you damn fool!,Why you making troublewith Hex’s men?,Because sometimes trouble’sgot to be made, Sheriff.,What do you care?,You don’t ranch,farm, or dig gold.,You don’t havea dog in this fight.,And why are you mixing in this?,I’m not. Just passing through.,Supplies would be appreciated.,Does it look likewe got extra stuff?,At least give us your namebefore you ride off.,They’re coming again!,Got a presentfor all you stubborn folk.,I hope it sends you to hell.,Shoot the wheels.,Hyah!,Oh, my God.,She’s an angel.,That’s why she’s not hurt.,Come to save us all.,- Are you okay?- Okay?,How are younot axle grease?,I’ve had a think,,and it may just be easier,to kill you all.,Eat lead.,What the hell are you?,Well, you certainly kickedthat hornet’s nest in the face.,Now Hex will kill us all.,He was gonnado that anyway.,She saved us.,Saved us?,We’re starvingand dying of thirst here!.
    I passed a storehouseon my way in.,Plenty of supplies there.,Great idea!,Go ask Mr. Hex,if’n you could loada wagon or two of his stuff,after blowing him up!,Not a bad idea.,The supplies, I mean.,Need a distraction, though.,On occasion,I can be distracting.,My mistake was showing mercy.,I took half measures.,No more.,You got something to say?,Well, sir,,that outside, was a goat rope.,Oh, it sure was.,And you boys think,you could makebetter decisions than me?,That’s right.,I ever tell youabout this timepiece?,My great grandfather carried itthrough the Revolutionary War.,My grandpappy,through the War of 1812.,My pa had it duringthe Mexican-American War.,And I took it through the warbetween the states.,Had to hide it for a yearfrom the Yankee Guards,after I was captured at Shiloh.,Uncomfortable,,but still keeps the time.,We don’t give a damnabout your grandpappy’s watch!,Oh...,But you very much should.,You see,,my family has always settledtheir disputes with this watch.,Now, when the chimes stop,,make your move.,Been meaning to fix that.,I’ll load up.Need five minutes.,I was wonderingwhen you’d show up.,Throwing your lot inwith a bunch of thieves,doesn’t matchyour code now,,And realizing that mistake,here you are.,Looks like.,Maybe we could strike a deal.,But of course,you’d have to convince me.,And I’m going to needboth types of convincing.,You think you can handlebeing physical with me?,We hijackthe train at Sweetwater,,and load the nitro.,We detonate itby the barricade.,It’ll vaporize everyone inside,any minute now.,- Hyah!,I got to say,,you’re real handyto have around.,You trust me?,Damn straight, I do.,Get everyoneout of the barricade.,I’m gonna end thisonce and for all.,Hyah!,Argh!,Hurry up,let’s get out of here!,Are you crazy?,You go out there,you’ll get these kids shot.,Sheriff, we’ve got to leave.,The angel’s coming back,and she’s coming back angry.,I’m putting in for hazard pay.,Look!,Since there’s, uh,nothing left to fight over,,you could stay.,With us.,Nothing’s over until I say.,Ahhh!,Would you have stayed?,Welcome to my home.,Welcome to Shamballah.,Ugly one, aren’t you?,And the prisoners?,To the mines.,Their sword arms will be putto work swinging picks.,Until the nextmercenary arrives.,We should have killed Deimoswhen we had the chance.,I understand your ire, friend.,But we cannot change the past,,only ensure the same mistakesare not made in the future.,Gather those that are able.,We’ll strike back,finish Deimos once and for all.,Something funny, slave?,Mercenary.,There is a difference.,Not from where I’m standing.,You take an armyto the wizard’s,,your queen might as welllook for another king.,You’ll be deadbefore you see his face.,And let me guess,for your freedom,,you’ll lead usto his throne room?,No.,For my freedomand a pile of gold.,You give me those,I’ll draw a map to his castle.,Mercenary, remember?,You can’t possiblybe considering this.,How can we trust him?......