纽约的一个雨天 A Rainy Day in New York中英字幕 下载 SRT ASS_高清电影™

纽约的一个雨天 A Rainy Day in New York中英字幕

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电影:纽约的一个雨天(A Rainy Day in New York)




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纽约的一个雨天 A Rainy Day in New York中英字幕预览

 ♪ 我在雨中遇见了幸事 ♪♪ I got lucky in the rain ♪,♪ 那天我正无事可做 ♪♪ One day when I had nothing to do for an hour ♪,《纽约的一个雨天》♪ 那天我正无事可做 ♪,♪ 我漫步走入雨中 ♪♪ I walked around in a shower ♪,♪ 心中满是抱怨 ♪♪ I had reason to complain ♪,♪ 刚觉着需要一首好歌 ♪♪ One moment I was sadly in need of a song ♪,♪ 你便朝我走来 ♪♪ Next moment you came along ♪,♪ 那刻天堂也在对我微笑 ♪♪ Then the heavens smiled at me ♪,♪ 我心在欢唱 多么幸运的我啊 ♪♪ My heart said, "How lucky can you be!" ♪,♪ 如此这般 难以言喻 ♪♪ Things like these you can't explain ♪,♪ 我深知我已遇见了我终身所爱 ♪♪ I only know that I met the love of my life ♪,♪ 那天我在雨中遇见了幸事 ♪♪ When I got lucky in the rain ♪,字幕转制|天外生物感谢原字幕制作者,这是亚德利学院This is Yardley.,是一所非常出色的文科学校Which is supposed to be a very good liberal art school.,名儿念着还挺绕 对我妈来说是足够了Definitely tonguey enough for my mother.,它有着美丽的乡间校园With its beautiful rural campus.,但那也是扯淡 你走在草丛里 都会被记过Which is total bullshit, because you get ticks, walking in the grass.,亚德利在管理上比起我去的第一所学院要好得多Yardley is more structured than the first college I went to.,上一所常青藤的分校 我只坚持了几个月I lasted a few months at one of those serious Ivy League sudo intellectual joints,,我妈还觉得我在那能受到较为合适的教育which my mother thought would give me an "appropriate" education.,她说我智商挺高 但是没能发挥出全部的潜力She says I have a high IQ, and I'm not living up to my potential.,其实我上周靠着打扑克牌赚了两万块钱呢Even though last weekend I made 20 grand playing poker.,后面我会跟你好好说这事儿But I'll get to that.,我在亚德利认识了艾什莉 是通过校报认识的Yardley is where I met Ashleigh, from a school paper.,这是我女友 艾什莉英莱特That's my girlfriend - Ashleigh Enright.,我父亲认识她父亲在亚利桑那的一家银行My dad knew one of her father's banks in Arizona.,自然而然的 因为这些家庭间的合作信用And naturally, with those family credentials,,我妈希望我两将来能结婚my mother wants us to get married, sight unseen.,这一点我倒是赞成我妈的It's the one area I agree on with my mother.,因为虽然我们只交往了几个月Because even though we've only been going out for a few months.,我已经无可救药的爱上了艾什莉I'm hopelessly in love with Ashleigh.,我获得了一个采访罗兰德波拉德的机会I got an interview with Roland Pollard.,哦 天哪 这也太棒了 你怎么得到这机会的Oh my Gosh, that is amazing. How did you land that?,他今年秋天有部新电影要问世He has a new movie coming out this fall.,这活最开始是给普利西拉麦凯恩的And the assignment originally went to Priscilla McCain,,但她忙的脱不开身 所以这活落到我手上啦but she's totally got mono, so I'm doing it.,她再怎么忙也就能挣两个学分呗Mono's like a two credit chores at the school.,听着 艾什莉 这对你是个好机会Listen Ash, I think this is great for you.,是什么时候呢When is it?,是这个月二十八号 是个周六It's the 28th of this month. A Saturday.,是在学校里么And it's on campus?,- 是在曼哈顿 - 曼哈顿 你说真的- It's in Manhattan. - It's in Manhattan, are you serious?,这太棒了 我们一直计划去曼哈顿过个周末呢This is fantastic, we were always talking about going into Manhattan for a special weekend.,听着 我计划在卡莱尔订个位子Look, I'm going to make a reservation at the Carlyle.,就是我总是跟你说的那个地方It's the place I'm always telling you about,,钢琴手在吧台边弹着琴 唱着百老汇的歌曲with the piano player at the bar, he sings his old Broadway tunes.,我带你去吃午饭和晚饭 你看如何I'll take you up for lunch and dinner, how does that sound?,我们可以逛逛这个城市We go see around city.,- 好啊 - 不错吧- Yeah. - Yeah?,但这要花一笔钱呢I mean, it will cost a fortune.,放松啦 我有钱 我上周刚赚了两万块钱Relax, I'm loaded, I scored 20 big ones last Sunday.,- 不是那些掷骰子的游戏吧 - 不是 这次玩的是梭哈牌- Not another crap game? - No, stud poker this time.,我手上拿着三张十 有个手上拿A尖的一直在跟我叫牌Sitting there with 3 tens, and some guy with aces up keeps raising me.,你哪来这么一笔钱去玩这么大赌注的扑克牌呢How did you get all the money to play in such a big poker game?,我赌马的钱这周末拿到手了呗My horse came in this weekend.,跟你说 这就是我为什么要去维加斯的原因I'm telling you this is why I have to go to Vegas.,我就是个赌徒 我在那可以大展身手呢I'm a gambler and I don't know how else to put it.,我一直想让你好好带我逛逛曼哈顿I've always wanted you to have to show me around Manhattan.,这一定会超级棒的This is going to be absolutely fantastic.,我可能会联系一下给我爸买戏票的I'm going to, maybe, get in touch with my dad's ticket brocker.,他能给我们搞到《汉密尔顿》的戏票 怎么样He'll get us tickets to Hamilton, how does that sound?,事实上 我不想让我爸妈知道我周末去城里玩了Actually, I don't want all my parents know I'm in town that weekend.,为啥Why not?,我妈正忙着她一年一度的秋季聚会My mother is having her big annual fall gala,,她正为我不能来不爽着呢and she's apoplectic I'm not coming.,我忽悠她说我有一篇论文就要交了 不然我一定去撑场面I told her I have a major paper due, otherwise I have to put an appearence.,去参加那玩意还真不如死了呢 那就像It's like death. It's like having ...,和一大帮口如悬河的人喝着酒Drinks with a hundred bullshit people,,谁也没本事把谁真的喝趴下not one of which has ever been turned down by a co-op.,简直难以置信I can't believe it.,我就要参访《冬日回忆》导演了An interview with the director of "Winter Memories".,我们不是在第一次约会的时候看过《冬日回忆》么Didn't we see "Winter Memories" together on our first date?,没错I think so.,我实在太激动了I'm just so excited.,你得帮我多想些有深度的问题来问他You have to help me come up with the list of profound questions to ask him.,我可不愿看上去像个傻瓜I don't want to come off like a twit.,你不会看上去像个傻瓜的You are not going to come off like a twit.,其实这么一想Actually, now that I'm thinking about it.,我们还不能住在卡莱尔 离我爸妈家太近了We can't stay at the Carlyle, it's too close to my parents house.,但我又想让你能看看中央公园景色But I want you to have a park view. You know what?,我们不如住在皮埃尔酒店吧We going to stay at the Pierre.,这样你既能看见园景 又离我爸妈家远一些That way you can have a park view, it's a safe distance from my parents house.,接着我们吃过晚饭再去卡莱尔的酒吧Then after dinner we're going to go to the Carlyle, we go to bar,,可以在那儿玩一会儿and spend some time there.,那边是老派纽约风格 我非常喜欢 壁画是路德维格·贝梅尔曼斯的作品It's very old New York. I really love it. The murals are by Ludwig Bemelmans.,我只去过曼哈顿两次I've only been to Manhattan twice, you know.,一次两岁时 一次我十二岁时Once when I was 2, and then once when I was 12.,我只记得我们买了特别划算的东西All I remember is we got incredible bargains.,我爸妈都不敢相信My parents could not believe that you could buy,你可以在街上就买到铂金的包包和劳力士手表a Birkin bag and a Rolex on the blanket off the street.,而且只花两百美元For only 200 dollars.,你帮我想想还有什么别的问题可以去问他Are there any other questions you can think of that I can ask him?,比如去问问谁对他影响最大Find out who influenced him more on love.,是丹尼·德·鲁格蒙还是奥特加·伊·加塞特Denis de Rougemont or Ortega y Gasset.,你怎么总是懂这些方面的事儿How do you always know all that stuff?,我也读书啊 只是不读学校让我读的那些书I read, I just don't read what they give us at school.,我才不关心谁在《贝尔武甫和格伦代尔》中获胜了呢Do I really care who wins between Beowulf & Grendel, no I don't..
    我要是压了赌注 说不定我还会关心一下Maybe if I had a little money on it.,我不明白为什么我会那么紧张I don't know why I'm so nervous.,没有一个大学记者赢过普利策奖 不是么No college reporters won a Pulitzer, right?,那还真没有过I do not think so.,你不会有问题的 别给自己那么大压力You are going to be fine, don't put so much pressure on yourself.,我觉得一定会很棒的I think it's going to be great.,听着 我还想去现代美术博物馆看维基的摄影展呢Listen, I want to see the Weegee photos at MoMA,,我还在丹尼尔饭店订了餐and I booked us a dinner at Daniel's.,那是个不错的地儿 我们可以好好打扮一下一起去 一定会很不错It's kind of a nice place, we can dress up for it. It would be really nice.,我还花钱在皮埃尔酒店订了套房And I splurged on the suite at the Pierre.,管他呢 这都是打扑克赢来的钱 甭把这钱当回事儿What the hell, right? It's poker winnings, it's not even real money.,盖茨比 真是漂亮Gatsby, it's beautiful!,我是想要特别一点啦I wanted to do something special.,这些花也好美The flowers.,- 这就不是我干的啦 我也不知道这些是啥 - 香槟- That's not me, I don't know what that is. - Champagne.,看看这景色Look at that view.,我想住的高一些 这样你能看见中央公园的景色I wanted it to be high enough so you could see Central Park.,中央公园 真让人兴奋Central Park. Exciting.,多谢啦 我真的很感动Thank you so much, sir. I really appreciate that.,谢谢你Thank you.,稍晚点我们还可以做坐坐马车Later maybe we could take a carriage ride?,耶Yeah.,要是不下雨的话If it doesn't rain.,我们可以在雨中坐马车啊 多有氛围 多浪漫啊We could ride in the rain, it's very moody. It's very romantic.,我更爱那样呢I prefer it.,现在几点What time is it?,好了 我们该走了 这是城区的酒店Yeah we should go, this is hotel at downtown.,可能会有点堵It might be a little bit of a traffic.,- 远么 - 在索霍区- It is far? - It's in Soho.,你会喜欢索霍区 那儿住满了充满想象力的人You are going to like Soho. It's filled with creative people.,然后房价变超贵 大家就搬到了翠贝卡Then it got commercially expensive, so all the creative people moved to Tribeka.,接着翠贝卡也变得住不起了 大家又搬到了布鲁克林And that got expensive, so they all moved to Brooklyn.,再接下来就该搬回家跟爸妈住了Next move is back in with their parents.,他只给了我一个小时的时间He's only giving me an hour.,挺好啊 我们定的是一点半的午餐It's good, we have a 01:30 lunch reservation.,我在楼上时你打算干些什么What are you going to do while I'm upstairs?,我也不知道I do not know.,逛逛索霍区吧 也有可能拜访一下我的哥哥Just roam around Soho, maybe visit my brother.,你能回到城里真是太棒了I can't say how nice it is that you're back in the city.,要不是因为你 我都不知道我是否还会再回到亚德利If it weren't for you I don't know if I would ever find my way back to Yardley.,- 那你有什么打算 - 找些乐子尽情消磨我的人生呗- What would you do? - Find some brilliant way to ruin my life.,你好 我是来采访罗兰德 波拉德的Hi, I'm here for Mr. Roland Pollard.,罗兰德 我是来自亚德利学院的艾什莉Roland, this is Ashleigh Enright from Yardley.,- 你好啊 - 艾什莉 我是罗兰德- How do you do? - Ashleigh, this is Roland.,试映都已准备好了 我们日程安排得很紧The screening is all set up. We are running on a really tight schedule.,首先 我想说我真的非常荣幸能有这个机会First of all, I'd just like to say that what an honor this is for me.,我想说您真的是迄今为止最有意思的美国导演了I just want to say you're by far the most interesting american director.,谢谢你Thank you.,我是为报纸艺术版块写稿的I write in the arts for a paper,我一向把您和雷诺阿和德西卡相提并论and I always put you right in the class with Renoir and De Sica.,我很惊讶你这个年龄I'm surprised to hear that someone your age is,竟然会熟悉雷诺阿和德西卡familiar with Renoir and De Sica.,电影是我的真爱 我看过所有美国经典的电影Film is my total thing. I've seen all the american classics.,我尤其喜欢欧洲电影 黑泽明是我的最爱Particularly the europeans. Kurosawa is my favourite.,严格来说 他不属于欧洲电影圈 严格来说他是日本人Technically, he is not european, technically, he's, obviously, japanese.,但是你的作品真的能直达我的心灵But you really speak to my soul.,你是哪所大学的What college are you from?,亚德利 是个小学院Yardley. It's small.,我知道那里 我第一任妻子是那里的I know it well, my first wife went there.,- 是么 - 是的- Really? - Yes.,出色的女性 金色长发 充满艺术触觉Brilliant woman, long blonde hair and a state of the art overbite.,很性感 是学哲学的Very sexy. A philosophy major.,说实话 我是配不上她的To tell you the truth I didn't deserve her, and,我最终没能和她走下去I didn't end up with her either, so ...,嗯 那真是Well, that's a...,遗憾也是一种美吧Neither, either, nor yawn.,我可以想象I imagine.,我想更多的是遗憾吧I guess, it's probably more yawn that either.,你是来自纽约的么Are you from New York?,我来自图桑镇 在亚利桑那Tucson, Arizona.,你家里是做什么的What does your family do?,我其实挺怕你问这个I was afraid you'd ask.,我爸是开银行的My father owns banks.,这有什么不好么Is that bad?,我知道你在想什么I know what you are thinking.,共和党 那富有的百分之一 但我们其实不是"Republicans, the one percent". But we are not.,我们家只是主教制的信徒 碰巧也很有钱罢了We're just, totally Episcopalians, who happen to just be rich.,我的艾什丽也是这样That's how my Ashley was.,谁是你的艾什丽Who's your Ashley?,我的第一任妻子啊My first wife.,她一头金发 艺术触觉过人The one with a long blonde hair and a state of the art overbite.,她也叫艾什莉Her name was Ashley?,是艾什丽A-S-H-L-E-Y.,哦 我的名字是莉字Mine is A-S-H-L-E-I-G-H.,你的名字听着更高贵些You use a Forbes 500 spelling.,既然这是你的第一份特别有意义的访谈 想听写独家爆料么Since this is your first meaningful assignment, would you like a scoop?,关于啥Of?,内部消息 你明白什么叫独家爆料吧Inside information. You've heard what the term is.,哦 独家爆料Oh, a scoop!,我宁愿和你分享这个消息 也不想告诉那些饥渴的小报记者I'd rather share this with you, than some slick gossip-hungry newspaper.,哦 上帝啊Oh my God.,您请继续 我多半要紧张到打嗝儿啦You keep going, I'm liable to have my famous psychological hiccup fits.,我一紧张时就会结巴When I'm nervous I stammer.,这就是独家爆料么Is this the scoop?,不 这个并不是No, that's not the scoop.,最糟的是 我一旦抵触异性时The worst, of course, is when I'm sexually conflicted.,就会不停的打嗝Then I'll hiccup indefinitely.,独家爆料是The scoop is -,我很不满意这部新电影I am not happy with this film.,真的么You're not?,我甚至有退出的念头了I am thinking of quitting, actually.,这才是独家爆料That's the scoop.......

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