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不可抗拒 Irresistible(2020)英文字幕

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 Good evening. I welcome you to the third,and final of the 2016 presidential debates.,We either have a country, or we don't.,Rounding up people who are undocumented...,We have some bad hombres here.,...is an idea that is not in keeping,- with who we are as a nation. - I tell it like it is.,I'm happy to compare my 30 years of experience...,The one thing you have over me is experience,,but it's bad experience.,We are going to make America great again,,and it has to start now.,I hope you will give me a chance to serve as your president.,Donald Trump told the American people the truth tonight,,as he always does.,Hillary Clinton is the real outsider.,Look, whatever you think you saw tonight...,You didn't. You actually saw what I saw,,and I think that the American people...,Would agree with me.,As long as I say it repeatedly, doggedly...,And with unearned confidence.,I lie.,I am lying to you.,And you know I lie.,I'm actually in this position,because of how effectively I lie to you.,Are we clear?,We call this the spin room, without shame.,Spinning is something you do to disorient people.,And you all know that, and yet here we are.,What a wonderful play we're putting on.,Thank you all so much.,And fuck you, America.,I look forward to lying to you in the future.,See you at the bar.,Thank you.,Shockwaves across America.,His surprise victory defied preelection polling.,Tectonic-plate-shifting, 9.5 on the Richter scale earthquake.,So that's just a snapshot of the reaction we're getting this morning.,And we're still trying to get our good old pal Gary Zimmer to talk to us.,He's probably halfway to Canada by now.,Yeah, maybe halfway to Canadian Club.,I'd love to ask this guy what the hell he was thinking.,How did they blow this election?,Hey, guys, did you find the clip?,You got it? Okay.,This is our good friend Gary Zimmer,,grand old consigliere of the Clinton campaign,,not even a week ago on this program.,So, you're confident?,Oh, no question. Hillary's made her case.,She is the most qualified presidential candidate,,certainly in my lifetime, maybe ever.,Donald Trump will not be president.,Well, he is doing well in the South,,so maybe he can be president of the Confederacy.,But Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania.,Mika, he's not winning Pennsylvania.,He's not winning Michigan.,That rust belt blue wall is impenetrable. It holds.,I guarantee.,Well, you decided to spend almost no time there campaigning.,Was that a Carville impression?,All right, so wait a minute.,- Tommy, try Gary again. - Google, off.,Okay, we have Faith Brewster on the line...,Hey, Google, off.,Sorry. Power controls is not yet supported.,Phone lady, decline.,Try asking again in a different way.,Hang up. Hey, Google, tell phone lady to hang up.,Sorry, I'm not sure how to help with that yet.,- Off, off! - Sorry, I'm still not sure about that.,Hey, Google, disengage.,- Songs aren't available on SiriusXM. - Abort.,- I'm not sure about that. - Everybody, shut up!,Try asking again in a different way.,Carolgcz,Giggles,kathy567,caroline,So, if there is no further discussion,,can I get a motion to vote on Resolution 1217,,requiring a valid Wisconsin driver's license,or proof of U.S. citizenship,to qualify for any state or municipality program or benefit,,such as food stamps, welfare and so on and so forth.,So moved.,- Second? - Second.,I have a second. It is time...,- Excuse me, fellas. - Jack, I already told you,,you can widen that easement on Hamburg...,Actually, it's about that resolution you're thinking about passing.,With all due respect, Colonel, that discussion has ended.,Yeah, yeah. So I heard.,But, uh....
    the thing is that, um...,it's a bad idea.,- Y-You can't... - Okay, well,,I already seconded, but whatever...,I know we're in a bad spot, but...,you can't bring it back by throwing these people under the bus.,We're not throwing anybody under anything, Jack.,Money was tight when the base was still open, but now...,I mean, we just got to be smart.,We got to eliminate cheating the programs.,There's not a damn soul using those programs,that doesn't need 'em, and you know it.,And all they need to do is produce the acceptable I.D.,,and the benefits will be...,And you know they can't do that.,Well... I don't make the rules, Jack.,I mean, I do, I guess.,Not by myself, but... this is over.,Okay, we have a motion that has been seconded.,It is time to bring it to a vote.,You know, just curious...,You know, when the river backed up,and the folks you think might be cheating,stood shoulder to shoulder with us,stuffing sandbags for three days straight,,ended up saving your store,,you check their I.D.'s then?,Discussion's closed, Jack.,You checking I.D.'s when they're bringing food,to the church potlucks, Walt?,Enough, Jack.,You had your say.,Look, we got rules here,,but that don't make us bad people.,I'm not saying you're a bad person, Billy.,I'm saying you're scared.,Hell, we all are.,Damn town went from 15,000 to five overnight,,and business went with it.,We're not bringing it back by... by turning on each other.,Corps taught me the chain's only as strong as its weakest link.,And Father Heuvel here,taught me that I am my brother's keeper.,Wait. Go back to that "weak link" part.,Whatever you do for the least of us, you do for the Lord.,Yeah, okay. Yeah.,I mean, could this guy work?,Corps taught me the chain's only as strong as its weakest link.,Pretty good.,And Father Heuvel here,taught me that I am my brother's keeper.,Whatever you do for the least of us, you do for the Lord.,Looks conservative, sounds progressive.,The point is,,it's easy to be strong of character in the good times.,The test is the bad times.,If you can't live your principles then, well...,I guess they aren't principles; they're just hobbies.,Where is this again?,Wisconsin.,Deerlaken.,Deerlaken.,Gentlemen...,this square-jawed paragon of Americana,is our goddamn key back into the forbidden city.,- Well, that's my stop. - Sit. Kurt, sit.,- Call me when he gets to the point. - Nope.,You're not going anywhere. No, sit.,And we have Alan to thank,for bringing this man to our attention.,It's Evan.,Did I happen to mention that,he is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps?,- Yes. - And a farmer.,- You did. - I believe so.,And did I happen to mention that he's a widower?,- Impressive. - All right.,A man who makes Joe the Plumber look like,Dukakis in mom jeans and a fucking Easter bonnet...,in the reddest of counties,in the great now swing state of Wisconsin...,is...,a Democrat.,He's a Democrat?,Yeah.,He just doesn't know it yet.,Well, here's the idea: I get on a plane,,and I go to Wisconsin, and I use this guy,to road-test a more rural-friendly message.,It's a mayoral race... in the middle of nowhere.,Uh, I don't get how this helps us.,There are two million rural votes in these states alone.,If we lost them 2.7 to one instead of three to one,,we'd win, but we didn't even try.,Their base turned out. Ours didn't.,If we find a candidate to activate our base...,if our African Americans,and Latino communities...,It's just "Latino.",...show up, we win.,We have to get the rural voters back into the tent,,even just a little bit.......