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电影:天才计划 (Escape from Pretoria)




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 我和史蒂芬73年毕业时By the time Stephen and I graduated in '73,,南非一半地区都处于战火之中half of South Africa was in flames.,警察像杀兔子一样射杀黑人小孩The police were shooting black kids like rabbits,而另一半人就在白人专属的沙滩上whilst the other half sipped piña coladas,喝着冰镇果汁on their whites-only beaches.,在种族隔离下成长Growing up under apartheid,人们因肤色而被隔离meant the segregation of people by the colour of their skin.,我们睁开眼睛And as our eyes opened,,种族隔离的现实赤裸裸地摆在我们面前the naked reality of apartheid stood before us.,我生来就是这样I was born like this!,生为南非人我并不羞耻 以上帝之名要求I'm not ashamed to be a Saffer. Ask in the eyes of God!,我们一直逆来顺受 如今我们奋起反抗What we'd always accepted, we would now reject.,我们不想生活建立在谎言和冷漠之上We didn't want a life built on lies and indifference.,我们想加入这场愈演愈烈的战斗We wanted to join the ongoing struggle,以建立一个民主自由的for a democratic and free South Africa,而不是基于种族歧视的南非not based on racial discrimination.,除非我们摆脱白人的特权生活But unless we got up from our privileged white lives,做些什么 否则我们就没有话语权and did something, our words were meaningless.,我们选择做的是最激进的事What we chose to do was the most radical of all things,无疑也是最有爆炸性的and without doubt the most explosive.,我们加入了被禁的非洲人国民大会We joined the prohibited African National Congress...,现为南非执政党 简称非国大,和黑人 亚裔兄弟姐妹一起and ran anti-apartheid missions,执行反种族隔离的任务alongside our black and Asian brothers and sisters,,宣传一个消息 各族共有的自由与平等spreading the news that freedom and equality for all races,理当不惜一切代价去争取should be fought for at all costs.,-走吧 -我们不看看反应吗- Let's go! - Aren't we going to watch?,不 史蒂芬 我们没时间了 好吗No, Stephen, we don't have time for this, OK?,我们就Let's just...,他们在逼近我们They're closing in on us.,你们两个 站住别动Hey, you! Stay where you are!,代价比我们想象得要大And the costs were greater than either of us imagined.,我给你带了钱 别让他们发现了I've got you the money. Don't let them catch you with it.,被发现了他们就会再给你加12年刑They will add another 12 years to your life.,-保证你不会上诉 -我不会的- Make sure you don't appeal. - I won't.,我没求哪个法西斯法官I'm not begging some fascist bastard judge,来可怜我们to come take pity on us.,跟我保证Give it to me.,不管狱里发生什么都不要放弃Whatever happens in there, don't give up.,我不会的I won't.,你快走 我爱你Go, go, go. I love you.,好了Ok.,全体起立All rise.,南非共和国起诉提默西·詹金和史蒂芬·李The Republic of South Africa v. Timothy Jenkin and Stephen Lee.,开普敦 1978年6月,我对控方表示赞扬My commendation to the prosecution.,这个案子处理得很好A very well put case.,找回26起单独爆炸案中The retrieval of 17 custom-built devices,17个自制装置并非一件小事for 26 separate bombings is no small thing.,不过列出非国大的意识形态中But laying out the most pernicious aspects,最为有害的几点of this ANC ideology...,即所有种族皆为平等 以及种种that all races are equal and all this sort of thing,这才是你的案子中最有力的部分has been the strongest part of your case.,如果我理解正确的话And if I'm to understand it correctly,,其中一位被告的父亲是杰出的药理学家one of the defendants' fathers is an eminent pharmacologist,另一位的父亲是人文学者and the other a scholar in the humanities.,这个国家养育了你们This country raised you.,它生下了你们It gave birth to you,它满足了你们所有的物质需求and it provided all your worldly needs.,这就是你们选择报答的方式吗And this is how you choose to repay it?,南非现在反过来告诉你们The State of South Africa now tells you,二位要付出的代价the price you will pay in return.,如此And so,,被告一 炸弹主要制造者 提默西·詹金defendant number one and chief bomb maker, Timothy Jenkin,,你被判入狱12年you are sentenced to imprisonment for a total of 12 years.,被告二 共犯 史蒂芬·李And defendant number two, the accomplice, Stephen Lee,,你被判入狱8年you are sentenced to imprisonment for a total of eight years.,此二项判决将在Sentences are to commence,比勒陀利亚白人男性政治监狱执行at Pretoria Political Prison for White Males.,以上So... that's it.,全体起立All rise.,坐下Sit there!,该死 别开枪 别开枪Shit! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!,我们谈谈 好吗Let's talk about this, man, alright?,我们谈谈 让我解Let's talk. Let me exp...,闭上你们的嘴Keep your mouth shut in there!,听懂没有Alright?!,-怎么样 -怎么样- How's it? - How's it?,比勒陀利亚监狱,传单炸弹客终于到了吗At last, the leaflet bombers are here?,尽管耍了那么多花招And after all your fancy tricks,,你就只能像老鼠一样从窗户跳下去you're reduced to jumping from windows like rats?,没有人强迫你们背叛国家和种族No-one forced you to traitor your country and your race!,你们就是白种曼德拉You are the white Mandela.,你们是他们中受蛊惑最深的You are the most deluded of them all.,范·德·马维Van der Merwe!,念Read it!,"不允许有笔 收音机 报纸"No pens, no radio, no newspapers.,禁止谈论政治"No political conversation.,不许有超过6x4信封大小的包裹"No parcels larger than the size of a 6" x 4" envelope.,每月允许一次探监 且要接受监狱审查"Visitors once per month, subject to state vetting.,在本监狱的任何地方"And there is to be no sexual activity of any kind,严禁任何形式的性行为""anywhere on the premises.",停 站到线前面Here! Step on the line.,跨过这条线Step over the line.,打开监狱门Disengage the grille door.,走Move.,站到线前Up to the line..
    继续走Proceed.,走Move.,快点走Come on, move!,进去In.,39378号39378.,进去In.,转过来Turn.,进去Move!,好了 渣滓们Alright, pube lice!,11点熄灯 5点起床铃Lights out 11:00, morning bell 5:00,,7点30吃早饭breakfast 7:30.,我希望牢房像盘子一样干净I like my cells clean as a plate.,记住这点 你们就能安然无恙地出狱Remember that and you'll live a long and prosperous life.,现在 全都给我安静Now... total silence!,第1天,离门远点Step away from the grille.,这几年睡得最香的一次Best bloody kip in years.,我会习惯的I could get used to this.,出去Fall out!,傻子Idiot.,走 快走Go. Walk. Walk!,好了 伙计们 往前走Alright, guys, move along. Move along.,安静点 小声点 伙计们Alright, quieten down. Let's keep it down, guys.,走 往前走Walk. Walk.,继续走Go on.,坐Sit.,谢谢你Thank you.,别坐在那里Don't sit there.,我们是有界限的 朋友We are segregated, my friend.,他们穿蓝色衬衫是有原因的They wear blue shirts for a reason.,除非你想坐在杀人犯旁边Unless you want to sit next to a murderer.,不 这样就很好No. This is... this is good.,吉森Kitson.,好了 安静点Alright, quiet down,刚才那是干嘛What was that?,我跟你们坐吗 先生们Can I join you, gentlemen?,-可以吗 -快坐- Can I...? - Please.,我们听说你们俩了We've heard about you two.,-我们听说过你 -是啊 我很荣幸- We've heard about you. - Yeah. It's... it's an honour.,多少年How many years?,我8年 他12年Eight for me. 12 for him.,对 但我们不打算待那么久Ja, but we don't plan on staying that long.,把握住那份怒火Hold on to that anger.,它提醒着你们监狱之外还有另一个世界It reminds you there's another world outside all this.,没人说停 快走Nobody said stop. Move!,冷静点Calm down, now.,天啊 天啊Oh, dear. Oh, dear.,女士们 我们称之为便饭Ladies, we're going to call this one Potluck.,洒一次打一下 朋友One for each slop, my friend.,该死的混蛋Damned bastards!,快去 到那边去Come on. Get it over there.,真乖Good boy.,我觉得你身上有什么东西Something's weighing you down, I think.,你夹带了吗Are you packing?,从你跑步的样子可以看出来You can tell by the way you run you've got at least,那钱至少能买一瓶啤酒和几个杯子a bottle of beer and some glasses up there.,雪茄管 装了360块钱Cigar tubes. 360 rand.,还不便宜Expensive tastes.,我带你们参观一下Let me give you the guided tour.,你们要是想知道 它有6米高In case you're wondering, it's 20 foot high.,铁丝网有倒钩 会卡进皮肤The barbed wire's flailed so it traps right under your skin.,探照灯 从日落到日出都开着Searchlights. On from sundown to sunrise.,院子的每一寸都能照到Covers every inch of the yard.,持枪警察从入监一直站到天亮Boers with guns from lockup till dawn.,他们最想做的就是往你身上打洞There's nothing they'd like more than to pump holes into you.,往任何方向延伸的通道And tunnels in any direction,,最后都只会把你带回监狱they just lead you back onto prison property.,除了那堵墙 外面是大街Apart from that wall. It lines a public street.,我以前认识一个人I knew a chap one time.,不管他怎么努力 都没法把钱拿出来No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get his money out.,整个计划都泡汤了And the whole thing got infected.,我想说的是 每个人进来的时候The point I'm making is, everybody comes in here going,都觉得他们下周就能越狱they're gonna break out of here by next week.,我们是良心的囚徒We are prisoners of conscience.,所以对我们来说不一样So it's different for us.,但我们是战俘But we're prisoners of war.,都一样 我有个藏匿点All the same, I've got a hiding place.,我会替你保管好的I'll keep it safe for you.,趁它还没烂在你肠子里 赶紧拿出来Get it out before it rots you inside.,只要有可怜虫想越狱 他就会浇冷水He pours cold water on any poor bastard with a plan.,我不跟他说话I don't talk to him.,所以说有人试过了So there have been attempts?,一些人走了几步Some go a little...,有些人走得远一点 但没人真正逃出去过some a little more, but no-one go out.,凡事总有第一次Always a first time.,我就是这么想的That's my thoughts exactly.,这是我们的责任It is a duty for us.,我不会说"良心的囚徒"这种屁话I don't do this "prisoner of conscience" bullshit.,如果你们有计划 我也加入If you're having a plan, I join you.,时间到了Time!,监狱是个水泥坟墓The cell is a concrete tomb.,唯一的出路就是穿过铁栅栏Only way out is through the grille.,你们有进展了就告诉我You tell me when you have something.,回牢房Back to your cells!,每个监狱都有前辈Every prison has its doyen,,对我们政治犯来说 就是丹尼斯·戈伯格and for us politicals it was Denis Goldberg.,他因为通过暴力革命He'd been given four life sentences,试图推翻种族隔离政府for trying to overthrow the apartheid government,被判了无期徒刑by violent revolution...,他和曼德拉 西苏卢同庭受审in the same trial as Mandela and Sisulu.,他曾经是皇室成员He was royalty.,第23天......

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