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永生战士 Sisu(2022)中英字幕

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 SISU(永生战士)这是一个无法翻译的芬兰词语,,SISU(永生战士)会在希望尽失之时出现这是一个无法翻译的芬兰词语,,二战已经接近了尾声The second world war is coming to an end.,(注:当时芬兰与德国结盟,参与了对苏联的进攻,后来芬兰打不过苏联,开始寻求与苏联和平谈判,,芬兰和苏联Finland and the Soviet union,已经签署了莫斯科停战协定have signed the Moscow armistice,该协定要求芬兰解除纳粹的武装which decrees that Finland must disarm the Nazis,并将他们驱逐出拉普兰地区and drive them out of lapland.,纳粹采用了焦土战术The Nazis adopt a scorched earth tactic,摧毁了途径之处所有的and destroy all roads,第一章黄金,道路、桥梁、村庄和城镇villages and towns in their path.,在拉普兰的荒野深处Deep in the wilderness of lapland,有一个决心将金戈铁马抛之脑后的男人there is a man who has decided to leave the war behind him.,充耳不闻For good.,第二章纳粹,第三章雷区,第四章传奇,第六章把他们全杀光,反正他也是死路一条了He's riding to his death anyway.,从马上下来!Get off the horse!,你要去哪啊?老家伙Where do you think you're going,那边什么都没有了,我们确认过了There's nothing down there. We made sure of that.,马上驮着什么呢?What do you got there?,这老混蛋是个金矿工人This old fucker is a gold miner.,那些袋子里装了金子吗?You got gold in those bags?,快来看看这个!Take a look at this!,我们发财了,伙计们!We're rich,你死定了!You're dead!,赶紧给我跪下Get down on your knees.,袋子里都塞满了金子!These bags are full of gold!,快跪下,死老头!Get down on your knees,听见了吗?Huh?,杀了那个混蛋!Shoot the fucker!,干死他!Fuck him up!,谢谢你的金子啊!Thanks for the gold!,这些金子归我们了!We've got gold!,谢啦,老混蛋...Thank you,等一下Wait.,就现在Now.,开火!Fire!,停火!Cease fire!,你...You...,还有你And you.,从路两侧包抄过去,快点!On the sides of the road,我们在这里埋了多少地雷?How many mines did we Bury here?,遍地都是All of them.,挑两个妹子,把她们带过来Pick two of our female friends and bring them to me.,再拿几根绳子And some rope.,你...You...,还有你And you.,选我吧Pick me.,谢谢您,将军Thank you,我会把消息传下去的I will pass on the information.,通话完毕Over and out.,将军给我们下达了指令The general,立即往回走,从芬兰前往挪威Turn back and head to Norway from Finland immediately.,你有没有告诉他,他刚刚杀了七个我们的人?Did you tell him he just killed seven of our men?,我说了I did.,然后呢?And?,他觉得我们没死真是走大运了He thinks we were lucky.,走了狗屎运Fucking lucky.,那个身份牌属于一个名叫阿塔米·科尔皮的人The dog tags belong to a man named aatami korpi.,他曾经是一名芬兰突击队的队员,还是队伍里最令人闻风丧胆的那个He was a Finnish commando. The most feared in his unit.,将军的原话是The general said,“他是一个可怕的王八蛋”"he's one mean motherfucker,“你们绝对不想和他有什么瓜葛的”"that you do not want to mess with.",他参加了冬季战争(注:冬季战争始于1939年,是苏联和芬兰之间的战争),俄罗斯人夺走了他的房子和家人Lost his home and his family to the Russians.,他变成了一个冷酷无情,复仇心切的士兵He became a ruthless,谁的命令都不听who took orders from no one.,那些芬兰人,已经放弃了对他的训导和指挥The Finns,他们直接把他派出去They just sent him out,孤身一人深入荒野,猎杀俄罗斯巡逻队alone into the wilderness to hunt Russian patrols.,他一个人就是一支敢死队He became a one-man death squad.,虽然消息来源未经证实The reports are unconfirmed,但他似乎已经杀了超过300名俄罗斯士兵but it looks like he has over 300 Russian kills.,那些俄罗斯佬,给他起了个名字The Russians,他们管他叫“科西切”(注:不死者科西切是俄罗斯民间传说中的角色,他以不死闻名,,“永生战士”"the immortal.",永生?Immortal?,路面一切安全,长官The road is clear,我们会听从指令行事,对吧?We are going to follow our orders,我们要掉头回去吗?We are turning back?,不No.,我们不往回走We are not turning back.,我们要输掉这场战争了,我们打不赢的We are losing the war. We are.,再过几个月,我们就没戏唱了In a few months,等我们回去,他们就会...When we get back,把我们统统吊死的Hang us all.,那些金子就是我们的救命稻草That gold is our way out.,眼睛都放亮点!Eyes open!,确认下路两侧的情况Check the sides.,这里什么都没有Nothing here.,噢等一下,好像有动静Oh,别掉队!Don't fall behind!,嘿,嘿!Hey,是汽油!Gasoline!.
    狗都嗅不到味道了!The dogs lost the scent!,什么情况?What's happening?,一路上都有汽油There's gasoline on the road.,真是废物!They are useless!,冷静点!Calm down,嘿!Hey!,放狗咬他Release the dog.,放狗出去咬他!Release the dog!,去吧,小子!Go on,干掉他Finish him.,不管他永不永生,人都是需要氧气的Immortal or not,现在去把金子给我拿上来Now,跟着他去下去!快!Go after him! Now!,你敢再多划一米,我就把你枪毙了!One more meter and I'll have you shot!,逃兵可判处死刑Desertion is punishable by death.,去他妈的Fuck this.,嘿!Hey!,过来这里Come here.,给我找艘船来Find me a boat.,第五章焦土战术,有什么遗言吗?Any last words?,看来是没有I didn't think so.,你的辛苦费For your troubles.,把帽子给我戴回去Put the hat back on.,这个王八蛋还活着This son of a bitch is still alive.,开枪打死他Shoot the man,把那条狗也打死and shoot the dog,还有那条狗!And the dog!,打死那条臭狗!Shoot the fucking dog!,穆勒?Muller?,穆勒?Muller?,飞机已经准备好了The plane is ready.,那我们小队的其他人该怎么办?What about the rest of our squad?,他们不需要我们帮忙 也可以到挪威的They don't need us to get to Norway.,他们有一大箱酒The boys have a crateful of booze,还有一卡车的妓女and a truckful of bitches.,我相信他们可以自己想出办法的I'm sure they'll figure something out.,我就可以I would.,路被堵死了,过来看看这个The road is blocked. Come and take a look at this.,什么情况?What's going on?,路上有个东西There's something in the road.,这就是你说的那架飞机吗?Is this the plane?,当然不是,你个白痴No,这是另外一架飞机This is something else.,飞行员已经被吊死了The pilot has been hanged.,- 那是我的绳子 - 什么?- That's my rope. - What?,那是我用来吊科尔皮的绳子That's the rope I used to hang korpi with.,让我们赶紧离开这个鬼地方吧Let's get the fuck out of here.,我认出来了,我发誓I recognize it,有什么指令?What's the order?,大家都给我动起来!Everybody move!,发动引擎,快点,我们走Start the engines. Come on,赶紧走,快点!Let's go,怎么说?Well?,他回来了He's back.,他被吊死在某个荒郊野岭了He's hanging from a rope somewhere.,他死透了He's dead.,- 有什么那么好笑? - 没什么- What's so fucking funny? - Nothing.,那你他妈笑个屁啊?What the fuck are you smiling for,成百上千的俄罗斯人把小命丢了 都没能做到的事Do you assholes really think you have succeeded,你们这些混蛋真的认为 自己可以成为例外吗?where hundreds of Russians have died trying?,我们全都知道这个故事We all know the story.,等你们夺走他身边的一切,看看会发生什么吧You'll see what happens when you take everything from him.,他不会放弃的He won't give up.,他会不停卷土重来He'll just keep coming back.,你真的相信他是永生的?Do you really believe that he's immortal?,不No.,他只是不肯死He just refuses to die.,在我们芬兰 有个词来形容他这样的人We have a word for that in Finland,但没法翻译成英语but it's impossible to translate.,你要明白You see,最重要的不是比谁最强大this is not about who's the strongest.,重要的是不放弃This is about not giving up.,而他是不会放弃的And he won't.,从不放弃Ever.,无论你们这些婊子想干什么No matter what you bitches are trying.,都会让他更加强大You will make him stronger.,所以...So...,你问我有什么好笑的What is so fucking funny,那就是你...is that you...,和你的小男朋友...Your boyfriend...,而你们这群散兵游勇...And everything that is left of your sorry-assed company...,都死定了Are already dead.,什么?What?,那是我们的人吗?Was that one of ours?,那是延斯吗?Was that Jens?,我们差点把那些婊子给撞死We almost ran into the bitches.,有没有人能告诉我 到底他妈的是什么情况?Can somebody tell me what the fuck is going on?,没有异样,一切正常,长官Nothing. It's all good,长官Sir.,他们全都死了They're all dead.,我们就快到了,踩脚油门!We are almost there. Step on it!,沃尔夫Wolf.,出去把他杀了Go out there and kill him.,一One,二two,三!three!,继续往前开!Keep going!,继续往前开Keep going.,求你了...求你了...Please... please...,他在那,他就是不死战士That's him,你看到他了吗?Do you see him?......