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一个星期四 A Thursday(2022)中英字幕

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 -我要进去。 -好的。-I am going inside. -Okay.,是的。 我在路上。Yeah. I'm on my way.,我半小时后到。I'll be there in half an hour.,再见,亲爱的。 -再见,妈妈。Bye, dear. -Bye, mom.,我的,哦,我的! 当心。My, oh my! Be careful.,惊喜!Surprise!,-奈娜老师! -奈娜老师!-奈娜 Teacher! -奈娜 Teacher!,好的。 来吧。 去你的桌子前,每个人。Okay. Come on. Go to your desks, everybody.,去你的桌子前。Go to your desks.,你好!Hi!,奈娜!奈娜!,感谢上帝,你回来了。Thank God you are back.,我们以为你下周才会回来。We thought you would be back next week.,但很高兴见到你回来。But it is good to see you back.,-我希望你感觉好点了。 -我是。 是的。 好多了。-I hope you are feeling better. -I am. Yes. Much better.,我想念这些恶魔。I was missing these devils.,明天不是尼哈里卡的生日吗?Isn't it Niharika's birthday tomorrow?,-你记得! -当然!-You remember! -Of course!,我记得每个人的生日。I remember everyone's birthdays.,但实际上,Niharika 和我是生日好友(同一天)。But actually, Niharika and I are birthday buddies.,-什么? -是的。-What? -Yes.,我的天啊! 提前祝你生日快乐。Oh my God! Happy birthday to you in advance.,谢谢你。Thank you.,-生日快乐。 -谢谢。-Happy birthday. -Thank you.,你知道我在想,因为明天是银行假期You know I was thinking since tomorrow is a bank holiday,,然后又是周末。followed by the weekend.,我们会错过她的生日。We'll miss celebrating her birthday.,如果我们今天庆祝它可以吗?Is it okay if we celebrate it today?,奈娜,今天对我来说太晚了。奈娜, it's getting too late for me today.,-这就是为什么... -等等。-That's why... -Hold on.,我会点蛋糕和点心。 别担心。I will order cake and snacks. Don't worry.,可以……让你的司机把它带过来吗?Is it okay to just... for your driver to bring it over?,你真可爱,奈娜。That's so sweet of you, 奈娜.,-我会... -好吧。-I'll just... -All right.,嘿! 阿卡什,你在做什么?Hey! Aakash, what are you doing?,Savitri Tai,你为什么倒立?Savitri Tai, why are you standing upside down?,你会跌倒。You will fall down.,如果你弄伤你的头,我将承担责任。If you break your head, I will be held responsible.,没关系,萨维特里。 孩子们非常顽强。It's okay, Savitri. Children are very tough.,-他根本不听我的。 -Savitri,一切都好吗?-He doesn't listen to me at all. -Savitri, is everything all right?,-是的。 -是的?-Yes. -Yes?,女士,我明天必须更改Ma'am, I have to change my address,我在 Aadhar 卡上的地址。on the Aadhar card tomorrow.,对不起。Sorry.,-没关系。 你今天可以去。 -我今天怎么走?-It's okay. You can go today. -How could I leave today?,你离开了三个星期刚回来。 我今天怎么走?You are back after three weeks. How could I leave today?,没关系。 我会处理它们。It's okay. I will handle them.,安顿好之后就可以离开了。You can leave once you get them settled.,-你确定吗? -是的。-Are you sure? -Yes.,坚持,稍等。 等一下。Hold on. Wait a minute.,-拿着吧。 -这个是来做什么的?-Keep this. -What's this for?,收下。Keep it.,-谢谢。 -什么?-Thank you. -What?,不客气。You're welcome.,好的。Okay.,罗希特!Rohit!,罗希特!Rohit!,罗希特!Rohit!,罗希特!Rohit!,你好。Hello.,-嘿! -早上好。-Hey! -Good morning.,早上好。Good morning.,你今天不用上法庭吗?Don't you have to go to court today?,看来我一整天都在客户的工厂。It looks like I will be at my client's factory the whole day.,这是三个小时的路程。It's three hours away.,你知道 Jeevanjees Industries 的合并。You know that Jeevanjees Industries merger.,你在公司案件上做什么?What are you doing on a corporate case?,老实说,我不知道自己在做什么。Honestly, I don't know what I am doing.,但他们有欺诈的证据。But they have evidence of fraud.,它已经变成了一个全面的刑事案件。And it has turned into an all-out criminal case.,你从来不听我的。You never listen to me.,把不开心的说来听听就好了Just take your frustration out in front of me.,真的吗? 让 Jeevanjees 清算他们的资产。Really? Get the Jeevanjees to liquidate their assets.,他们所有的资产。All their assets.,这样企业集团就无法直接购买它们。So that the conglomerate cannot buy them outright.,你会发现是否有任何欺诈活动。And you will find out if there is any fraud activity.,你在看什么?What are you looking at?,-你没有听到我说的一个字。 -不。 我正在听。-You didn't hear a word I said. -No. I am listening.,我想仔细听。I want to listen up closely.,你不必靠得太近。 有孩子...You don't have to come so close. There are kids...,-什么? -Crummies!-What? -Crummies!,你还是像个孩子一样吃东西。You still eat like a child.,-没关系。 我会把它清理干净。 -不。 没关系。-It's okay. I will clean it up. -No. It's okay.,你知道你会是一个坚实的...You know you would have been a solid...,检察官?Prosecutor?,是的。 我知道。Yes. I know.,但我很高兴当老师。But I am happy being a teacher.,我很高兴爱上一个人。And I am happy being in love with one.,俗气!Cheesy!,俗气算什么的,但这是事实。Cheesy or whatever, but it is the truth.,无论如何...Anyways...,奈娜……好吧。 我知道你对生日的感受。奈娜... Okay. I know what you feel about birthdays.,-非常好。 -对?-Very good. -Right?,你没有打算庆祝你的生日。You have no intentions to celebrate your birthday.,绝对不。Absolutely not.,奈奈...奈娜...,今天是你的三十岁生日。It's your thirtieth birthday.,-是的。 - 什么是的?-Yes. -What yes?.
    请至少与朋友一起举行It calls for a small celebration at least,小型庆祝活动。with friends. Please?,拜托……拜托了。Please... Pretty please.,请问我要说多少次?How many times do I have to say please?,真是个戏剧女王!Such a drama queen!,-好吧,走吧! -不错。-Okay, go! -Fantastic.,我会整理好一切安排。I will sort everything out and make the arrangements.,我今晚见。And I'll see you tonight.,-我爱你。 -是的。 我也爱你。-I love you. -Yes. I love you too.,Maya Rajguru 将很快抵达孟买机场。Maya Rajguru will be arriving at Mumbai airport shortly.,估计将有超过一百万人参加她的集会It's estimated that over a million people will be attending her rally,在南孟买的 Azad maidan。at South Mumbai's Azad maidan.,伙计,这个PM太棒了!Man, this PM is fantastic!,她是唯一能够真正改变我们国家的人。She is the only one who can truly change our country.,-向她致敬! -你太戏剧化了!-Hats off to her! -You are so overly dramatic!,什么? 为什么?What? Why?,向值得尊敬的人致敬。Salute the people who deserve it.,事实上,我认为我也应该为我们的国家做点什么。In fact, I think I should do something for our country too.,是的。 你已经在做。 你做得够多了。Yes. You are doing it already. You are doing enough.,现在,离开。Now, leave.,好的。 我爱你,今晚见。All right. I love you, and I'll see you tonight.,-好的? 再见。 -再见。-Okay? Bye. -Bye.,她已经在推文中道歉表示遗憾She has already apologised in her tweet expressing regret,因为她的集会造成的交通拥堵。for the traffic jam caused due to her rally.,- 早上好,上课! -老师早上好!-Good morning, class! -Good morning, Teacher!,我们今天应该做什么?What should we do today?,诗歌? 字母?Poems? Alphabet?,- 还是卡通片? -卡通!-Or cartoons? -Cartoons!,-卡通! -来吧。 来吧。-Cartoons! -Come on. Come on.,各位,请坐。 当心。Have a seat, everyone. Be careful.,好的。 你准备好了吗?Okay. Are you ready?,我们走吧!Let's go!,-你好。 你好,Colaba 警察局。-Hello. Hello, Colaba police station.,我从科拉巴的 幼儿园打来电话。I am calling from Little Tots Playschool, Colaba.,我的名字是奈娜·贾斯瓦尔。 我是这里的老师。My name is 奈娜 Jaiswal. I am the teacher here.,我劫持了 16 名儿童作为人质。I have taken 16 children hostage.,现在我有一些要求。And I have some demands.,我到达了,亲爱的。I have reached, dear.,哇!Wow!,不好了!Oh no!,天啊! 我的手机在哪里?Oh God! Where is my phone?,不好了!Oh no!,早上好,女士。 雷努卡夫人派我来的。Good morning, ma'am. Renuka madam sent me.,我给尼哈里卡带了一个蛋糕和一些三明治,女士。I brought a cake for Niharika and some sandwiches, ma'am.,女士,我应该把它留在这里吗?Ma'am, should I just keep it here?,不,请进来。No. Please come in.,-好的,女士。 -赶快。-Okay, ma'am. -Hurry up.,-女士... -是的。-Ma'am... -Yes.,-司机叔叔。 -你好呀。-Driver uncle. -Hello, dear.,哪个方向,女士?Which way, ma'am?,-照直走。 -好的。-Straight ahead. -Okay.,这很好。 如果让孩子看动画片,This is nice. If you let children watch cartoons,,——他们安静地坐着。 - 把它放在那里。-they sit quietly. -Keep it over there.,-我应该把它放在哪里,女士? -在那边。-Where should I keep it, ma'am? -Over there.,你有一个可爱的房子,女士。You have a lovely house, ma'am.,这是一所学校和一所房子。It is a school and a house.,真厉害。Amazing.,-在哪里,女士? -在这里。-Where, ma'am? -Over here.,我会把它留在这里。I'll keep it here.,哎呀! 对不起,女士。Oops! I am sorry, ma'am.,大姐,枪?Ma'am, a gun?,这是什么,女士? 你在做什么?What's this, ma'am? What are you doing?,-这里有孩子,女士。 -安静。-There are children here, ma'am. -Be quiet.,安静的。 安静点,否则我会杀了你。Quiet. Be quiet, or I will kill you.,- 女士,放开我。 -安静的。-Ma'am, let me go. -Quiet.,-我不会告诉任何人。 -住口!-I won't tell anyone. -Shut up!,不,女士……No, ma'am...,女士,您的做法是错误的。 这里有孩子。Ma'am, what you are doing is wrong. There are children here.,我没有向你征求意见。I didn't ask you for advice.,把你的意见留给自己,否则......Keep your opinions to yourself or else...,对不起...Sorry...,不好了!Oh no!,真讨厌!What a nuisance!,女士,你为什么要这样做?Ma'am, why are you doing this?,想想孩子们,女士。Think about the children, ma'am.,放开我,女士。 我不会告诉任何人。Let me go, ma'am. I won't tell anyone.,我不会告诉任何人这件事。I won't tell anyone about this.,你好,萨维特里!Hello, Savitri!,女士...Ma'am...,我回来了,女士。I am back, ma'am.,他们需要 Aadhar 卡的 OTP。They will need an OTP for the Aadhar card.,我把手机留在这里了。I left my phone here.,找到了。Found it.,谁把三明治掉在地上了?Who dropped the sandwiches on the floor?,大姐,怎么掉下来的?Ma'am, how did it fall down?,门铃已经关掉了。The doorbell had been turned off.,女士...Ma'am...,- 那个男人是谁,女士? -安静的。-Who is that man, ma'am? -Quiet.,-女士! -安静。-Ma'am! -Quiet.,不,女士! 不...No, ma'am! No...,-天啊! 有人在吗? -安静!-Oh my! Is anyone there? -Quiet!,绑住你的腿。Tie your legs.,这不是你,女士。This is not who you are, ma'am.,这不好。This is not nice.,有人让你这样做吗?Is someone making you do this?,告诉我。Tell me.,夫人,放开我。Ma'am, let me go.,让我回家吧,女士。Let me go home, ma'am.,拉梅什在家,女士。 请让我走。Ramesh is at home, ma'am. Please let me go.,拉梅什?Ramesh?,你说的是那个酒鬼?Are you talking about that alcoholic?,如果你今天死了,If you die today,......