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邂逅浪漫 Meet Cute(2022)中英字幕

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 劳伦·斯宾塞·史密斯的《明天你会爱我吗》[Lauren Spencer-Smith's "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"],- 今晚你完全属于我- Tonight you're mine completely,你给你的爱如此甜蜜You give your love so sweetly,今夜爱之光Tonight the light of love,在你的眼里Is in your eyes,但是明天你会爱我吗?But will you love me tomorrow?,这是永恒的宝藏吗Is this a lasting treasure,- 沙啦啦,沙啦啦啦- Sha-la-la-la, sha-la-la-la,- 或者只是片刻的快乐?*- Or just a moment's pleasure?,- 沙啦啦,沙啦啦啦- Sha-la-la-la, sha-la-la-la,- 我能相信- Can I believe,你叹息的魔力?The magic of your sighs?,明天你还会爱我吗?*Will you still love me tomorrow?,-球员们充满威胁地向前冲- Players surging forward with real menace.,送维尼·菲斯克!Delivery to Vinnie Fisk!,这是一个完美的接触 他正在脱离It's a perfect touch. He's on the breakaway.,门将出来——Keeper comes out--,—口渴吗?- Thirsty?,—不—好 我,我有事- No--good. I'm--I've got something.,-我说的不是酒- I wasn't talking about the drink.,——什么? 什么?- What? No. What?,-你一直盯着那个人看- You've been staring at the guy,好像你这辈子都在等着见他似的like you've been waiting to meet him your whole life.,去打个招呼Go say hello.,请他喝一杯Buy him a drink.,-不,不是我 不- No, not me, uh-uh. No.,不了,谢谢No, thank you. ,实际上,好的Actually, okay.,好的Okay.,渴吗?Thirsty?,——嗯?- Hmm?,-去喝一杯不是,不是性- Uh, for a drink. Not--not sexually.,恶心 我不是那个意思Gross. I didn't mean it like that.,我要点一杯酒精饮料I'm gonna order an alcoholic beverage.,你也想来一杯吗,和我一起?Would you like to have one, too, with--with me?,——哦,当然 为什么不呢?- Uh, sure. Why not?,——是吗?-是的- Yeah? - Yeah.,——好了,好了- Okay, great.,清了清喉咙菲尔 -您要点什么?Phil. - What can I get you?,两种:老式的both: Old fashioned.,-真可爱- How adorable.,这里的气氛真不错It's a real cute vibe going on here.,-好吧,两个老古董,你可以省省了,菲尔- Okay, two old fashioneds, and you can cut that out, Phil.,嗨,我是希拉 -嗨Hi, I'm Sheila. - Hi.,-嗨 -我叫,我叫盖里- Hi. - I'm, uh--I'm Gary.,——哦,盖里- Oh, Gary.,所以我们都有以前的名字了Wow, so we both have, like, old-timey names.,-是啊,我想他们都是虐待狂- Yeah, and I guess very sadistic parents.,-别让我开口- Oh, don't even get me started.,我是说,这里没有沙发I mean, there's no couch in here.,不过盖里,这名字不错But yeah, Gary's-- that's a good name.,这名字很有力量That's, like, a strong name.,-是啊,我想,如果你觉得- Yeah, I guess, if you're, like,,二手车推销员之类的a used car salesman or something.,-等等,你不是- Oh, wait, you're not a--,-一个二手车推销员?- A--a used car salesman?,-或者机械师?- Or a mechanic?,——不,不 不 对不起- No, no. No. Sorry.,-我真的需要把车修好- Really needed to get my car fixed,,所以我该走了so I should probably go.,-哦…- Oh...,-我开玩笑的 ——好的- I'm totally kidding. - Okay.,-好吧- - Okay.,——啊!哦,耶!-是的- Ah! Oh, yay! - Yeah.,谢谢你,菲尔Thanks, Phil.,两种:干杯,伴侣!both: Cheers, mate!,-有点奇怪- That was kinda weird.,-嗯,不太好- Well, not really.,-我是说,这几率有多大?- I mean, what are the odds?,-其实几率还挺大的- Odds are pretty good, actually.,盖里,我得跟你坦白Gary, I gotta come clean with you.,我是来自未来的时间旅行者I'm a time traveler from the future.,你要说的我都知道So I knew everything you were gonna say.,——正确 好的 - Right. Okay. ,——好的 -是的- Okay. - Yeah.,- 那么未来是什么样的呢?- So what is the future like?,-和你想的一样- Kind of what you'd expect, you know.,机器人追捕劣等机器人Robots hunting down inferior robots,而人类只是看着,什么也不做while the humans just watch and do nothing.,-有点像《银翼杀手》吗?- So kind of like "Blade Runner"?,-不,那是虚构的,盖里- No, that's a work of fiction, Gary.,这就是我所说的现实This is reality I'm talking about.,-是的 对不起- Yeah. Sorry.,是的,你是对的 Yeah, you're right. ,-呃,不好意思,但听起来像是- Uh, well, excuse me, but it sounds like,对于未来的机器人来说,情况相当艰难things are pretty rough for robots in the future.,——是的 这真是不公平- Yes. It's a real injustice.,但你知道,我不会担心的But you know, I wouldn't worry about it.,他们实际上开始了自己的民权运动They actually started their own civil rights movement.,——哇 -有进展了- Wow. - It's making headway.,我不能说I can't talk about it.,另外,我不想打乱你的时间线Plus, I don't wanna fuck up your timeline.,——谢谢 谢谢你!——欢迎你- Thank you. Thank you. - You're welcome.,-因为我喜欢我的时间线 -是的- Because I like my timeline. - Yeah.,不,完全 ——你知道的 所以,嗯,No, totally. - You know. So, um--,——嗯- Mm-hmm.,你知道的,所有这些时间旅行You know, all this time travel,真的让一个女孩超级饿really makes a girl super hungry..
    ——哇- Wow.,这是——这是超级有意思That's--that's super interesting.,-我去弄点吃的- So I'm gonna get some food.,你愿意和我一起去买吃的吗?Would you like to come with me and get food?,——食物 是的- Food. Yeah.,我们,我们去给你弄点吃的Let's--let's-- let's go get you some food.,——是吗?-是的 是的- Yeah? - Yeah. Yeah.,——好的 ——好的- Okay. - All right.,——好的 再见,菲尔- Okay. Bye, Phil.,我注意到你并不是在看比赛I noticed you weren't really watching the game in there.,那么你为什么反对电视转播体育呢?So what do you have against televised sports?,是橄榄球杀了你爷爷还是怎么的?Did, like, a football kill your grandpa or something?,-是啊,确实是这样- Yeah, actually, it did.,爱你,爷爷Love you, Grandpa.,-不- - No.,我并不是在一个喜欢运动的家庭长大的I didn't really grow up in a sports-friendly household.,我爸爸从来不在家You know, my dad was never home.,他就像个旅行教授He was, like, a traveling professor.,我们从没玩过接球之类的游戏And yeah, we never played catch or anything like that.,所以我就待在家里看电影So I just, like, stayed inside and watched movies.,我还没反应过来,他就死了And you know, before I knew it, he was dead.,——我很抱歉 ——不要- I'm sorry. - Don't be.,你打算怎么办?你知道吗?What are you gonna do? You know?,-我爸爸也死了- My dad's dead too.,——哦- Oh.,-我不知道为什么……-I don't know why...,他还是个旅行酒鬼,更甚Uh, he was a--also a traveling alcoholic, more so.,从一个酒吧到另一个酒吧?Traveled from bar to bar, you know?,最后,他被杀了And then eventually it just--it killed him.,——我很抱歉- I'm sorry.,——没关系- That's okay.,-很明显,这没把我们俩都搞砸- Well, clearly, it didn't fuck either one of us up.,——没有 非常正常的人 -是的- No. Very normal people. - Yeah.,我们很正常 ——嗯We're so normal. - Mm-hmm.,-我们一点问题都没有 ——没有- Nothing wrong with us at all. - No.,我是说,除了I mean, other than the fact that,我要毁了你的生活 ——是吗?I'm about to ruin your life. - Yeah?,我有一种感觉I had a feeling.,女士们,来免费喝一杯吧!- Ladies, come drink for free!,——好的 我们在这里- Okay. We're here.,我们应该选择什么?What should we choose?,-这是真正的《苏菲的选择》- Well, it's a real "Sophie's Choice",这已经是决定了,不是吗?kind of decision now, isn't it?,-我喜欢你开这个玩笑- I love it when you make that joke.,——什么?——什么?- What? - What?,-城里最好的文达卢!- Best vindaloo in town!,大众点评网上有8颗星Eight stars on the Yelp.,- 大众点评网上8颗星!- Eight stars on Yelp!,我们必须去那个地方We have to go to that one.,-杰夫·梅多拉先生- Mr. Jeff Medolla,《单身女郎》里的演员在这里吃饭from "The Bachelorette" eat here.,——哦 ——是的- Oh. - Yes.,-你在玩躲猫猫吗?- Are you playing peekaboo or something?,-没有,只是看看菜单 ——好的- No, just looking at the menu. - Okay.,我想尽快见到你的脸Well, I would like to see your face as soon as possible.,——真的吗?-如果可能的话,是的- Really? - If that's possible, yeah.,——真的吗?——嗯- Really? - Mm-hmm.,我想看看你的脸 ——好的I wanna see your face. - Okay.,我们点菜吧,这样我们就能把生意搞定了,Let's just order so we can get the business out of the way,,你知道,从一个强迫症患者到另一个强迫症患者you know, and get to pleasure, from one OCD person to another.,你懂的,对吧?我马上回来You understand that, right? I'll be right back.,-是的,当然 ——坚持- Yeah, for sure. - Hold on.,——好的 -只是看看菜单- Okay. - Just looking at the menu.,-希拉去哪了?我看不到她- Where'd Sheila go? I can't see her.,——红咖喱鸡- Chicken korma.,-她来了 ——繁荣- There she is. - Boom.,你问我什么?What were you asking me?,-时间旅行的事?- The time travel thing?,-哦,是的 ——比如,是的- Oh, yes. - Like, yeah.,你在哪,你是哪一年的?Where are you-- what year are you from?,-是这样的,盖里- Oh, here's the thing, Gary.,我必须向你坦白I have got to come clean with you.,-你不是来自未来,对吧?- You're not from the future, are you?,我是说,我想过,但是…-不,我是I mean, I kinda figured, but... - No, I am.,事实上,我是 非常感谢I am, actually. Very much.,我不会撒谎的I wouldn't lie about that.,但我不是来自遥远的未来But I'm just not from very far in the future.,我来自…… 24小时后I'm from... 24 hours in the future.,- 24小时后?- 24 hours in the future?,你能做到吗?-是的You can do that? - Yeah.,——这是不可思议的 -太酷了- That's incredible. - It's so cool.,-他们有这样的技术吗?- They have the technology to do that?,——他们所做的 -现在还存在吗?- They do. - It exists now?,——嗯 ——哇- Mm-hmm. - Wow.,——我知道 -嗯,它位于哪里?- I know. - Well, where is it located?,-在美甲沙龙 -嗯- At a nail salon. - Mm.,-打扰一下,能给我来份咖喱鸡吗?- Excuse me, can I get the chicken korma?,—红咖喱鸡 ——谢谢 这是很好- Chicken korma. - Thank you. It's so good.,再来两杯出租车And maybe two glasses of the cab.,这样可以吗?——嗯Is that okay with you? - Mm-hmm.,-你要点菜吗?- Are you gonna order?,-我要一份鸡肉牛排- I'll have the chicken vin--vindaloo.,-哦,你不会后悔的- Oh, you won't regret it.,大众点评网上有九颗星 - 大众点评网上九颗星Nine stars on the Yelp. - Nine stars on Yelp.,——嗯 -我看了很多评论- Huh. - I read a lot of reviews.,-是的 -是的- Yeah. - Yeah.,——谢谢你,小伙子- Thanks, man.,-盖里,你的工作是什么?- Gary, what do you do for work?,-我是自由平面设计师- I'm a freelance graphic designer,主要是为非营利组织服务for, like, nonprofits, mostly.,我在家工作 ——哦I work from home. - Oh.,孤独的男孩变成了孤独的男人So the lonely boy becomes the lonely man.......