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 -阿米莉亚,谢谢你的同意- Amelia, thank you for agreeing,来做这个面试。to do this interview.,-谢谢你的光临。- Thank you for coming.,-谢谢。- Thank you.,-我有点紧张。- I'm a little nervous.,-真的吗?- Really? How so?,——摄像机,人们在看,- Cameras, people watching,,感觉到了压力,你知道吗?kind of feeling the pressure, you know?,我的意思是有些人- What I actually mean is some people,你可能会问,这对你来说是可能的may be asking how it's possible for you,甚至在考虑你是什么时感到紧张。to even feel nervousness considering what you are.,当你意识到这一点时,你的感觉如何How did you feel when you realized,你不再是人了?that you were no longer human?,-我们正在做的- What we're working on,将会改变世界。is going to change the world.,——科学家们多年前就知道了。- Scientists have known for years,人类的大脑本质上就是一个电子设备。that the human brain is essentially an electrical device.,——10年开始数据流……- Beginning data stream in 10...,-7,6。- Seven, six.,-那是我们的记忆,关于我们的一切。- That's where our memories are, everything about us.,我们的希望、恐惧和梦想。Our hopes, fears, dreams.,-六,五,四。- Six, five, four.,——从大脑中传递神经冲动- Transmitting neural impulses from the brain,这不是什么新鲜事。is nothing new.,这是下一步。This, this is the next step.,包含这些联系。Containing those connections.,-我们不能把已经失去的生命还给我们。- We can't return life that's already lost.,但是,我们也许可以调解But, we might be able to intercede,在死亡之前before the moment of death,拯救一个人的意识and rescue a person's consciousness,在它永远消失之前。before it's lost forever.,如果我们能做到这一点,那就是关键If we can do that, then that is the key,要永远活下去,去拯救我们所爱的人。to living forever, to saving those we love.,拯救那些过早离开我们的人。To saving those who leave us too soon.,这就是我们想要做的。That's what we're trying to do.,——我们每天都在学习新方法。- Every day we learn new ways,征服人类的极限。to conquer the limits of the human body.,我们正在接近新的世界,新的前沿,We're approaching new worlds, new frontiers,,以及生命的新可能性。and new possibilities for life.,我要告诉你们,我们已经向前看了And I will tell you, we are already looking forward,对学生们,对先锋们,to the students, to the pioneers,,而这一突破还未到来。and the breakthroughs yet to come.,每天我们都听到新的想法,看到新的项目,Each day we hear new ideas, see new projects,,我们遇见了新的英雄。and we meet new heroes.,这是为了建设一个更美好的未来。Here's to building a better future.,这是为了培养更好的人。Here's to building better people.,-爸爸曾经说过,生活就像一个电灯开关。- Dad used to say that life was like a light switch.,你死了,你就被关了。You die and you're just turned off.,我认为他从来没有害怕过。I don't think he was ever afraid.,-你怎么看?- What do you think?,-还不习惯,你知道吗?- Still not used to it, you know?,-只是……- Just...,告诉我你需要我做什么。Tell me what you need me to do.,——在那里安全。- Stay safe out there.,-这是什么,阿达,- Here's the thing, adah,,世界上没有所谓的自然秩序。there's no such thing as the natural order of life.,-你在你的书中说过超生主义- You're saying in your book that transhumanism,是人类逃离了人类的界限,is humanity escaping the bounds of the human body,,但请记住,我们是在和所有人交谈but again, keep in mind we're talking to everyone,这就是人类的主要思想that has the main idea that humanity,是有血有肉的人,是人类本身is having flesh and bones, being human itself,拥有一个实体的身体。and having a physical body.,-所有我们设计的东西,- Everything that we engineer,,我们所做的一切everything that we do--,-午餐有芹菜。- for lunch there is celery.,你需要告诉你的另一半You need to tell that partner of yours,他对你的影响很坏。that he's a bad influence on you.,一定要让你看起来很好,先生。Gotta keep you lookin' good, mister.,-嗯。- Mm-hm.,也许我可以请病假来上班……Maybe I can just call in sick to work and...,你知道,有一天我要告诉艾米莉亚You know, one of these days I gotta tell Amelia,我需要的卡路里比火腿三明治还要多。I need more calories than a ham sandwich.,-享受它的持续。- Enjoy it while it lasts.,还有一些你不知道的事情。Still have things about each other you don't know.,-这不是真的,沃恩。- That's not true, Vaughan.,-卡特,我大学毕业后就结婚了。- Carter, I've been married since college.,你有五个月的时间,对,You got five months tops, right,,然后她不小心把浴室的门打开了and then she accidentally leaves the bathroom door open,或者忘了冲水。or forgets to flush.,接下来你要知道,七年过去了Next thing you know, seven years go by,你有抵押贷款。and you got a mortgage.,她开始谈论孩子。She starts talkin' about kids.,你们已经谈过了,对吧?You guys have talked about that, right?,-是啊。- Yeah.,我是说,不是最近。I mean, not recently.,这真是太好笑了。What the hell's so funny.,-哦,是comin。- Oh, it's comin'.,哦,欢迎来到前蜜月之友俱乐部。Oh, welcome to the club of former honeymooners.,你最好开始挑选孩子的名字。You better start picking out baby names.,在那之前,Until then,,享受这段时光吧。enjoy this time.,-我是。- I am.,你知道吗,我真的很期待And you know what, I'm actually looking forward,挑选婴儿的名字。to picking out baby names.,我是。I am.,-所有单位都要通知,- All units be advised,,关于莉莉大街上一个精神不稳定的男人的报道。reports of a mentally unstable man on Lily boulevard.,我能得到一个急救员吗?Can I get a responder?.
    -午餐吃得太多了。- So much for lunch.,你还好吗,夏兰太太?- Are you okay, Mrs. summerland?,-你忘记什么了吗?- Did you forget something?,-对,我的平板电脑。- Yeah, my tablet.,-是的,没错。- Yeah, right.,-先生?- Sir?,-先生,我需要你帮我。- Sir, I need you to take your hands,从你的口袋里。out of your pockets.,-今天天气真好,你不觉得吗?- It's a beautiful day, don't ya think?,听着,放松点,好吗?Look, take it easy, okay?,-你为什么不枪毙我?- Why didn't you shoot me?,-没关系。- It's all right.,一切都好了,一切都结束了。It's all right, it's over.,你还好吧?You all right?,我需要你把手放在我的手上I'm gonna need you to put your hands,在你背后,好吗?behind your back, all right?,-阿米莉亚!- Amelia!,-卡特。- Carter.,-所以,安德鲁靠在吧台上,- So, Andrew's leaning up against the bar,,现在请记住,他现在真的喝醉了,对吧?now bear in mind he's really drunk right now, right?,这个女人,她在他身边And this woman, she saddles up next to him,她说,当一个女人问你and she says, "when a woman asks you,“你认为她多大了,你猜对了吧。”"how old you think she is, take your best guess,“然后再减去10。”"and subtract by 10.",安德鲁在这里说,“我做到了。”And Andrew here just goes, "i did.",嘿,卡特,我们今晚要去星光了。Hey, Carter, we're heading to the starlight tonight,如果你想来的话。if you wanna come.,-是的,我去看看。- Yeah, I'll see.,-告诉她我好不好?- Tell her hey for me, all right?,-你好漂亮。- Hey beautiful.,给你送花。Brought you flowers.,我想念你。I missed you.,今天有个大新闻。Got big news today.,这周正好是六个月It has been exactly six months this week,因为我停止了能量饮料since I stopped energy drinks,我一直在吃午饭。and I've been taking lunch to work.,主要是……Mostly.,我还以为那很好呢!I thought it was good!,-真的吗-我喜欢。- Really? - I liked it.,-你不可能,你睡着了。- You couldn't have, you fell asleep.,-是的,我……- It was, I...,但在那之前,在我睡着之前,But before that, before I fell asleep,,我觉得这很有趣。I thought it was fun.,-三分钟?- For three minutes?,-啊哈。- Uh-huh.,-那你还想做什么?- So, what else do you wanna do?,当你不去售票的时候When you're not ticketing adorable women,因为我要去五次。for going five over.,-可爱,是吧?- Adorable, huh?,-和聪明。- And smart.,-好的。- Okay.,-而且有趣。- And funny.,-嗯-是吗?- Uh-huh. - Yeah?,-啊哈。- Uh-huh.,-你是做什么的?- What do you do?,-我不知道。- I don't know.,-真的吗?- Really? Come on.,一定要有什么。There's gotta be somethin'.,也许是一架小街钢琴演奏?Maybe a little street piano playing?,-不,我可以- No, I could,永远不要把钢琴推到大街上。never really push a piano down the street.,-哈!- Ha!,它们很重。They are heavy.,-只是说说而已。- Just sayin'.,-好吧,好吧。- All right, okay.,所以你不是很强壮,我明白了。So you're not very strong, i got that.,你可以做些什么或者你喜欢做什么。How about something you can do or that you like to do.,任何事。Anything.,有什么事。Something.,-我给你看怎么样?- How 'bout I show you?,-好的。- Okay.,那是什么?What's that?,-耶稣。- Jesus.,谢谢你接电话。Thanks for answering your phone.,-我还以为你今晚有安排呢。- I thought you had plans tonight with the guys.,-是啊。- Yeah.,你好吗?How are you?,-我很好。- I'm great.,我又花了一笔钱。I paid off another installment.,我申请了韦斯利•格兰特。I applied for the Wesley Grant.,我正在用我的网站来筹集捐款。I'm using my site to raise donations.,-哦。- Oh.,你以为你说你比你晚了两个月。Thought you said you were two months behind on your house.,-是啊。- Yeah.,艾米莉亚可能还有几个月的时间。Amelia's got maybe a few more months, maybe.,但还有时间。But there's still time.,-你看,卡特。- Look, Carter.,我知道放手是很难的,我明白了。I know it's tough to let go, I get it.,如果你需要什么,请告诉我。If there's anything you need, let me know.,-我需要更多的时间。- I need more time.,——我们每天都在学习克服极限的新方法。- Every day we learn new ways to conquer the limits,人类的身体。of the human body.,我们正在接近新的世界,新的前沿,We're approaching new worlds, new frontiers,,以及生命的新可能性。and new possibilities for life.,所以,当我感谢你的奖项时,我会告诉你,So, while I thank you for this award I will tell you,,我们已经向前看了we are already looking forward,对学生们,对先锋们,to the students, to the pioneers,,到即将到来的新突破。to the breakthroughs yet to come.,每天我们都听到新的想法,看到新的项目,Each day we hear new ideas, see new projects,,我们遇见了新的英雄。and we meet new heroes.,这是为了建设一个更美好的未来。Here's to building a better future.,这是为了培养更好的人。Here's to building better people.......

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