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一些怪人 Some Freaks中英字幕

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电影:一些怪人(Some Freaks)




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 -嘿- Hey!,-对不起- Sorry.,嘿Hey!,拜托他妈的快给我Fucking give it to me,-让我们看看呗- Just let us see it.,-不要- No!,-拜托 就让我们看看吧- Come on,-把它给我- Give it to me!,-好好好- Okay okay okay,没有他们 只有我Not them,-哥们 拜托 关掉手机- Dude,-我发誓不会拍照的 好吧- I won't take a picture,-Jeremy- Jeremy!,-没有手机了 就让我们看一下吧- Phone's away,-每个人都会看到的- Everyone is gonna see.,-等等- Hold on.,那我们谈谈吧We're negotiating.,-我认真的 哥们 不要这么混蛋了- Seriously man,拜托 这很蠢Come on,-让他走吧- Let go!,一些怪人- Let go!,Classic字幕组,-不不不 我想到了- No no no,那人叫什么来着 那个韩国人Take what's-his-face,高光华什么鬼的fucking Kwong Wah Kow or one of those,反正差不多的鬼名字 -他父母horrible names or something. - Dude,那么阔绰 我会很幸运的loaded,他们可能会骑着个在热浴缸车They probably pick me up in a,把我带走的hot tub rollover or something.,体育课那个人- The kid in PE,-可能会撑爆胸衣- His would warp the corsage.,那可能是你的年度优秀事迹了- Oh come on,拉着Christine然后让Pull a Christine and have all the,全部人投他票成为舞会之王kids vote for him for prom king.,-拜托 那是电影《魔女嘉莉》 笨蛋- Dude,-不不 等等 我有主意了- No no no,你知道你会和谁一起去吗You know who you should go with?,-谁啊- Yeah,-独眼龙- Cyclops.,-我的天 你太欠打了- Oh my God,-看着他带着一个鹦鹉和一条假腿上场- Watch him show up with a parrot and a peg leg.,-他就在那儿呢- He's right there.,-那你去问他- So go ask him.,-不要- No!,-快啊 这是你的机会 快去- Come on,好好 我去Fine,嘿Hey.,说你呢Hey you.,他叫什么名字What's his name?,-Mike- Mike?,-嘿 Mike- Hey,-嘿Hey!,-闭嘴吧- Shut up!,-老天 拜托- Jesus,你要去哪Where are you going?,-这简直太荒谬了- This is ridiculous.,-我们真差劲- We're awful.,-嘿 独眼龙- Hey eyeball!,你右边有东西There's something to your right!,开玩笑的Just kidding.,小心 注意你的 没有 开玩笑的Careful,杀千刀的 Matt 你能不能停下别走了Goddammit Matt,上车Get in the goddamn car.,拜托 快点的Hurry up,哥们 我到手了这个新游戏Dude,开放世界 沙盒类的游戏Open world,我也不知道 它甚至I dunno,还没名字 所以算是新游戏了a name yet,我阿姨从洛杉矶拿到了My aunt grabbed this advanced,高等测试版的副本 哦对beta testing copy in LA,她也和我们待在一起she's staying with us by the way.,你会见到她 她挺好的You'll meet her,不论如何 这游戏简直厉害Anyway,你想去哪儿就去哪Anywhere you wanna go,你想干嘛就干嘛anything you wanna do,你还能偷喷射机You can steal jets.,-不 你不能这样 对 这就是为什么- No,他们有一个联合账户 讨厌鬼they got a joint account,因为这是我们俩的 你不能because it's both of ours,是 我是这么做了 每一份账单yes,对 如果周五前我看不到Yeah,你还我所有的钱returned by Friday I will stick my,我会立马找我的律师lawyer in your ass so fast it'll,他一定会打爆你的头make your fucking head explode!,嘿Hey!,嘿 你能去管管Hunter吗 他在婴儿床上Hey,等等等等 你等一下Wait wait wait wait wait,等我还戒指 你什么意思What do you mean until I give back the ring?,我已经还你戒指了I gave back the ring.,是Yes.,我还了 当你还在这儿的时候Yes I did,有我在呢- I got you.,-你嗑药了还是傻逼了- Are you high or just retarded?,好好好 都是我自己以为的 我自己想的Yeah,-Cahill老师请病假了 但他给我指示- Mr. Cahill is out sick,来让你们小组合作学习instructions to have you work on group projects.,今天你们要解剖胎猪Today you will be dissecting fetal pigs.,如果你觉得解剖真实的动物If you do not feel comfortable dissecting.
    让你感到不舒服the actual animals,在教室旁边有电脑set up on the side of the room that,可以带你模拟实验过程will take you through the virtual process.,好的 分成两人一组Okay,你们可以在后面的桌子上拿到样本can find your specimens on the back table.,-好的 那么我们需要- Okay,切穿整个身体to insert the blade through the,从脐带的一端body on one side of the umbilical cord,向后一直切到腿的根部and cut posteriorly to the base of the leg.,你怎么想 你想来吗What do you say,那好吧 我来Okay,谁饿了Who's getting hungry?,这是个玩笑而已That was a joke.,好吧 我是说Well,我是素食主义者 但是这I'm a vegetarian,也是因为动物权利because of the whole animal rights,比我这个水桶腰的尺寸thing more than just 'cause I got a,更重要waistband the size of a low-flying blimp.,这也是一个玩笑That was a joke too.,算是吧Kinda.,好吧 没事Okay,沿着心室表面切Extend a single cut along the midline,一条口of the ventricular surface of the,动物距链条约两厘米animal to about two centimeters,完整的切下from the chain,穿过他们的这里 那里 等等through the yadda yadda yadda yadda,行吧 这是啥 航天器学okay,好吧All right.,-嘿 怎么了- Hey,我想给Justin Langsey口交- I wanna suck off Justin Langsey.,-谁- Who?,-六号- Number six.,他笨手笨脚的 我中意He's so clumsy,我真想直接扯下他的I just wanna yank down those little,黑色小短裤 然后吃鸡black shorts of his and suck his dick.,-行 随你- Okay,-他弟弟很小 你知道吗- But he's got a small dick,我知道你不会信我You don't believe me about this,但是 我一向对这种事but I've got a sixth sense about,有准确的第六感these kinds of things,-信你信你- I believe you.,-我敢打赌 它只有橡皮擦那么大- I bet it is the size of a dry erase marker.,-行了行了 你想离开这儿吗- Okay,-随便啊 反正我都会口他的- I don't care you know,或者比想像中容易Probably make it easier.,-喂- Hello?,-妈的 他太美了- God he's beautiful.,-嘿 你有完没完- Hey,-行- Yeah,-我们走吧- Let's go.,那小孩嘴口吹着口琴So the kid is just standing there,就站在那儿with his harmonica in his mouth.,-没错- Right.,-然后他爸爸站在他肩膀上- And his dad's on his shoulders,脖子上套着绞索with a noose around his neck...,-妈哒 我得把你介绍给Jill 等下我- Oh shit,JillJill!,-基本上他只是站着- Basically he's just left to stand,直到他去世here until,-Jill- Jill!,-他爸爸也绞死了 真是疯了- And his dad hangs to death,简直太厉害了it's such a great,有时间我给你看下I'll have to show it to you sometime.,-行- Yeah.,等下 他怎么吹口琴的如果他Wait,-他没有在吹口琴- He's not playing the harmonica.,-Jill- Jill!,-这就像一个简单的- It's like,-她应该出去了- She must've gone out.,你想打游戏吗You wanna play video games?,我去Fuck.,卧槽Shit.,-今天生物课上来了个新女孩- So there was this new girl in bio today.,-是吗- Oh yeah?,她可爱吗Is she cute?,你要约她出来吗Is she cute,你想尝一下情感挫折吗You gonna break some hearts?,-切- Pfft.,-切啥 你到底想说什么- What pfft,说吧Come on.,你挺帅的You are a handsome...,-我是指- I just mean...,-你是个帅小伙- You're a handsome goddamn dude,认真的 你把握的很好seriously,关于独眼侠这方面的事情this whole monocular man thing,像个总间谍一样going on,简直是Nick Fury(神盾局指挥官)total Nick Fury,漫画里的 不是电影里的except in the comic books,你并不是塞缪尔·杰克逊(饰演指挥官) 你不秃you're not Samuel L. Jackson,也不是黑人Or black.,-兄弟 她超胖的 像个房子- But dude,我是指她大可把我I mean she should save time and,直接推进垃圾桶里shove me in a trash compactor.,这女孩可以粉碎我This girl would crush me.,-不不不 她才没那么胖- No no no,-不 她有的- Yeah she is.,-她没有胖到那种程度- She's not that fat.,只是四肢短小而已 卧槽Just four feet too short,-啥- What?,-胖女人和电动车有什么相似之处呢- What do fat women and mopeds have in common?,-不知道- I don't know.,-他们都很好骑 但是你绝对不想- They're both to fun to ride......