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毒枭 第三季 Narcos Season 3(第10集)中英字幕

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 美女们Hey, ladies.,来这有什么事吗Are you looking for something?,我们只是兜兜风We're just taking a ride.,不能通过吗Can't we pass?,不行 亲爱的 你们得掉头No, sweetheart. You have to go back.,那个Listen...,等你们回城里 想不想出来玩玩Do you want to hang out later back in town?,-什么 -我说...- What? - I said--,不不不No, no, no!,-胡力欧 -巴丘 你这混账- Julio. - Pacho, you motherfucker.,该死的混蛋Motherfucking dog!,放我走Let me go!,放开我Let go of me!,放我走Let me go!,放开Let go--!,你You.,萨拉萨夫人Mrs. Salazar.,你知道什么事令我开心吗 巴丘Do you know what makes me happy, Pacho?,令我非常开心Makes me very happy?,我儿子没杀死你弟弟阿尔瓦罗That my sons didn't kill your brother Alvaro.,因为他的下半辈子Because he's going to live the rest of his life...,将活得像半个男人 半个...as half a man. Half man, half--,救命Help!,救救我Help!,...赫尔默·埃雷拉向哥伦比亚司法部...the great event of the surrender,投降的重大事件of Helmer Herrera, to Colombian justice.,此一事件标记了卡利集团的终结And this incident marked the end of the Cali cartel...,国际来源指出 卡利集团占有who were responsible, according to international sources,,全球可卡因贩毒市场的for more than 80% of the cocaine,百分之80以上trafficking in the world.,本人在竞选期间及总统任内Throughout my campaign and presidency,,承诺将解散I committed to dismantling ,所有贩毒组织all narcotrafficking networks,,我们说到做到and we're doing it.,哥伦比亚政府迅速宣布胜利The Colombian government was quick to claim victory.,米格尔·罗德里格斯的逮捕The arrest of Miguel Rodriguez,加上巴丘 ·埃雷拉and the surrenders of Pacho Herrera...,和查普·圣克鲁兹的投降and Chepe Santacruz...,这在毒品之战中看似一场大胜looked like big wins in The War on Drugs.,但那全是假象But they were bullshit.,真正的胜利属于卡利的教父们The only real victory belonged to the godfathers of Cali,,安全待在波哥大的监狱中safely ensconced in a Bogota jail...,放那边Leave that there.,依旧是亿万富翁...still billionaires,,屈服于他们早已用金钱买通的正义submitting to a justice that they had bought and paid for.,他们没必要自己修建监狱They didn't need to build their own prison.,你好 宝贝Hello, sweetie.,皮科塔宽松的安保一样舒适The minimum security wing of La Picota would do just fine.,他们也不会在里面待太久They wouldn't be there long.,吉尔伯托 你好吗Gilberto. How've you been?,很好 兄弟Good, brother.,咱们能团圆真好Grateful that we're all together.,我们投资的人脉终会开花结果The investment we made in our friends can bear fruit.,以后这事只会成为And then all this will pass away,模糊记忆中某件逗趣的往事like some old joke you can't quite remember.,因此 我向各位举杯For this, gentlemen, I propose a toast.,你当然了Of course you would.,去你的 查普Fucking Chepe.,吉尔伯托 我想说几句话Gilberto, I'd like to say a few words.,你们知道我本希望的不是这样You all know this wasn't what I wanted.,所以我不太想承认So it's very hard for me,这是最好的结果to admit that I know this is for the best.,托你的福 我们在那个叫什么的边缘And thanks to you, we're on the verge of, how do you call it?,"伟大的胜利""A great victory.",我们相信你We believe in you.,敬我兄弟 吉尔伯托 我们的领导To my brother, Gilberto. Our leader.,卡利绅士们 干杯Gentlemen of Cali... salud!,干杯Cheers!,中心国际酒店,没关系Don't worry about it.,潘那探员Agent Pena.,你好Hello.,-能谈谈吗 -好 稍等一下- Can we talk? - Yeah. Give me a second.,去找妈妈Go with your mom.,我向大使馆核实了 文件今天下午会完成Checked with the embassy, finishing up paperwork this afternoon.,你们明天一早就搭上飞机You're on a flight tomorrow. First thing.,吉列莫·帕罗马利Guillermo Pallomari.,你知道哪里能找到他吗You have any idea where we can find him?,不知道 你找他做什么No. Why do you need him?,吉尔伯托和米格尔·罗德里格斯Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez gave six million dollars,给桑佩的总统竞选捐了六百万元to Samper's presidential campaign.,所以除非我们能把So unless we get Pallomari,帕罗马利弄到美国去指证集团in the States testifying on the cartel,,提出新的指控...generating new indictments...,-什么意思 -教父们关不久的- What are you telling me? - The godfathers won't stay locked up.,如果这些人能保留所有的财力和势力What do you think's gonna happen to my family,你认为我家人会有什么下场if these men keep all their money, all their power?,证人保护计划Well, Witness Protection Services,将提供所需的安全保护will provide security for as long as you need.,帕罗马利的老婆在外面偷情Pallomari's wife is having an affair.,-跟谁 -她办公室的同事 弗雷迪·莫亚- With who? - Some guy at her office. Fredy Moya.,集团安全屋里的电话都被监听了Phones in the cartel safe house, they're tapped.,我窃听过他们的对话I overheard a conversation between them.,听上去不像谈公事It didn't sound like business.,他有能力将他们留在狱中吗And he can keep them in prison?,我们得找到帕罗马利 否则教父们将重获自由We find Pallomari or the godfathers walk.,没有我 你们找不到他的You're not gonna find him without me.,你说得对You're right..
    请进 先生Go ahead, sir.,典狱长Director.,米格尔先生Don Miguel.,请坐Please, go ahead.,-喂 -是我- Hello. - It's me.,帕罗马利找得怎么样了Where are we on Pallomari? ,让纳维根特去找了 爸爸We put Navegante on it, Dad.,我会找到他的 别担心I'll find him, don't worry about it.,还有该死的萨尔塞多 放心吧And fucking Salcedo too, you'll see.,大卫 盯防着艾纳尔David, don't take your eye off Henao.,那混蛋可能会把这当做是机会That motherfucker might see this as an opportunity. ,低调点Keep a low profile.,好的 不用担心Sure, don't worry. ,-玛丽亚怎么样 -我不知道- How's Maria? - I really don't know.,怎么会不知道 确保有人照顾她How come you don't know? Make sure she's taken care of.,你务必处理好帕罗马利It's very important you handle Pallomari.,那王八可以毁掉一切That motherfucker could ruin everything.,搞定后给我电话Call me when it's done.,-吉列莫 -我需要你的帮助 冈萨罗- Guillermo? - I need your help, Gonzalo.,你知道我不能牵扯进去You know I can't get involved.,你不会有事的Nothing is going to happen to you.,你什么时候有事过When has anything happened to you?,我是向你寻求法律意见 要快I'm asking you for legal advice, and quickly.,我决定摆脱这个境地的最好办法I've decided that the best way to get out of this situation,就是向当局自首is to turn myself in to the authorities.,是的 通常是这样 没错Yes, normally that would be the case. Yes.,但问题是他们已经签发了对你的逮捕令But the problem is you already have a warrant out for your arrest.,逮捕令An arrest warrant?,警察不会保护你 他们可能还会杀了你The police won't protect you. In fact, they'll probably kill you.,我是首席会计I'm the head accountant.,这个组织的每一分钱 每个秘密And every dollar in this organization, and every secret,,我都知道 全在这里has been through this head. It's all in here.,告诉他们我愿意谈判Tell whoever needs to know I'm willing to negotiate.,吉列莫 我建议你带上家人离开卡利Guillermo, my advice to you is to get your family and leave Cali.,我妻子很爱她的工作My wife's very attached to her work.,-什么 我不懂 -你了解她 她很固执- What? I don't understand. - You know her, she's stubborn.,她白手起家She built her business from the ground up.,我不能独自离开I can't leave without her.,听着 吉列莫Look, Guillermo... ,这不是我的法律意见 但作为你的朋友this is not my legal advice, but as your friend...,给你妻子讲讲道理 立刻talk some sense into your wife. Immediately.,能给我搞到一把枪吗Can you get me a gun?,下辈子我们都得提心吊胆了We'll have to look out for ourselves the rest of our lives,,但如果我帮他们but if I help them...,也许某天我们可以回到哥伦比亚maybe one day we can come back to Colombia.,你疯了吗 他们差点杀了我们Are you insane? They almost killed us.,他们差点杀了我们They almost killed us, ,现在你跟我说你想回卡利and now you're telling me you want to go back? To Cali?,你真觉得我们能回哥伦比亚吗Do you really think we can come back to Colombia?,我们一回去 他们就会杀了我们的女儿The moment we come back to Colombia, they'll kill our daughters.,你这么做Are you doing this to,是想补偿你过去四年的所作所为吗make up for the last four years of your life?,我是好人I'm a good man.,我曾是好人I was a good man.,我明天会带着女儿离开I'll leave with the girls tomorrow.,我不会等你I'm not waiting for you.,等我 好吗 谢谢Wait for me, okay? Thanks.,那边走That way.,继续找他 别再找理由Keep looking for him. No more fucking excuses.,好Okay.,什么事Yeah?,你有你爸的消息吗Have you heard from your father?,是的Yes.,大卫 我在想David, I've been wondering,我为我儿子做的安排about the arrangement I had for my son and- - ,安排Arrangement?,我以为你们是真爱I thought it was true love.,你爸爸知道我在乎他Your father knows I care about him.,感人 真的That's beautiful. Seriously.,但问题是But here's the thing...,你对我来说什么都不是You don't mean anything to me.,你不是我妈You're not my mother.,你不是我的问题You're not my fucking problem.,-大卫 -干什么- David- - - What?,我欠你什么What the fuck do I owe you?,玛丽亚Maria.,把你的逼献给别人吧 你很拿手Open your legs for someone else. You're good at that.,好吗Okay?,我们一下飞机 不管发生什么都由我扛Once we step off this plane, whatever goes down is on me.,我们早就脱离光明大道了We are way off the well-lit path.,荷西Jorge.,下午好 萨尔塞多先生Good afternoon, Mr. Salcedo.,埃斯皮诺萨先生在吃午饭 应该很快就会回来Mr. Espinosa's still at lunch. He should be back soon.,-我们在里面等他 -好的- We'll wait for him inside. - Okay, sir.,还喝吗Another drink?,我得走了 下周见I need to go. See you next week.,打扰下 这里的姑娘怎么样Excuse me. How are the girls here?,卡利最好的The best of Cali.,打开Open it!,进去Get in.,进去 混蛋Get in, motherfucker!,好的Okay.,访问受限 请输入密码,-下午好 -下午好- Good afternoon. - Good afternoon.,-我找弗雷迪·莫亚 -好的- I'm looking for Fredy Moya. - Yes.,-穿紫色衣服的 -谢谢- The one wearing purple. - Thanks.,别耍我Don't pull my chain.,我看着数字呢I'm looking at the numbers.,打扰下 你和帕翠莎·帕罗马利共事吗Excuse me. You work with Patricia Pallomari?,我是哈维尔·潘那 缉毒局的Javier Pena, DEA.,我再打给你I'll call you back.,帕翠莎临时休假Patricia's taken a temporary leave of absence.......

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